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Seems like I started collecting antiques & sentimental keepsakes when I was 18. My furniture seems to always lean toward oak, and I have all my paternal grandmotherSeems like I started collecting antiques & sentimental keepsakes when I was 18. My furniture seems to always lean toward oak, and I have all my paternal grandmothers oak furniture, and I have refinished it all myself. I have spent many hours stripping, sanding, and getting it to perfection. I collect old bottles, blue cobalt glass, jewelry, old kitchen utensils, dishes, carnival glass, any type glass that strikes my fancy. I love God, gospel music, arts & crafts, antiques, animals, and nature. I also play piano and organ as a church accompanist. (Read more)


  1. Thanks Jeanna, I would love to see your chair!!
  2. Hi TallCakes, I've been busy, but I researched the plate some more. It is called a sandwich plate. I still believe you are more correct. I appreciate your knowledge. I just know it's a very good ...
  3. Thanks Fhrjr2, From Fingerhut?!? lol....surely not. They don't have anything that pretty, maybe in their past though, way back...:)
  4. I appreciate the love ....aghcollect !
  5. Thanks for loving my platter, racer4four l
  6. Hi TallCakes, thanks for the reply. I found this same plate on Ebay and they called it Daisy and Button's, said it came out in the 50's or 60's. The emblem of CI is in the middle of course for Cambr...
  7. Thanks Manikin, I am not sure if you are referring to the small gold picture frame I am weighting down the case with to stay open, but if so , that's what it is. LOL!! They are pretty old then. I ...
  8. Thanks for the comments Fortapache!!
  9. Nice school desk! I sat in those solid wood desk like this one back in the late 60's. I live in Texas!
  10. I love antique organs, but I have not sat down to play one that still works. I played electric organs years for church. I think the old ones like yours have so much more artistic personality in the ...
  11. Beautiful!! I would go with the age scottvez suggested above. I have bought furniture from an antique auctions that runs every month or used to, and they refinish most of the sideboards, dressers. ...
  12. Beautiful detail carving on this table!! I suspect the table I have is that old also. My table belonged to my late grandparents who were born in the early 1900's. Grandmother had many pieces of fur...
  13. What a beautiful cat!! I love cats and had had many during my lifetime. I can't turn a stray away or at least find it the proper home. My 20 year old cat, Silverbell recently died, about a month ag...
  14. Thanks Eisenbach, it very well may not be mission oak. I wish I could find out as it has been in our family at least a century. I think I should replace the mirror.
  15. It could be a piano bench that stores music. Not sure if it is that sturdy however. Interesting piece !
  16. "If I fall I won't make all that money promised to me" !
  17. Love the photos !!! I imagine the wife had packed their lunch, and spread out a quilt or blanket to eat on. They could not call for help back then.
  18. Thanks Pickergirl, I think you're right about the butter dish. Granny was 103 when she passed away in 2005.
  19. Thanks Peavie, it's inherited from someone, but I can't remember which someone. The older I get and receiving relative glassware and jewelry I am forgetting who gave me what.
  20. Thanks Freiheit ! I know you are right because this came from my mother in laws family who must have been living in Germany at some point. I have many items given to me from Germany. It is really m...
  21. Wow, Wayne, quite a carnival ware collection !! Beautiful !
  22. Some of the glassware on the buffet is antique however.
  23. Thank you for the compliments on the buffet. Oh, that rooster is new from Hobby Lobby. Not an antique, something I love!
  24. Beautiful piano ! If they would only combine new piano's with intricate carving design like they used to that would be good & quality wood !
  25. Theses are so beautiful, love the colors !
  26. Thanks Ren !
  27. I'm not sure, but it reminds me of an iron log holder that goes in a fireplace or stove. Maybe she made a table from one because it's so ornamental. It's low is the reason I think this also.
  28. Thanks everyone for loving this old platter !
  29. Thanks for loving my tins Blunderbuss and Mustangtony !
  30. I have one like this that still works perfectly. I don't use it but it's here.
  31. So BEAUTIFUL ! Walnut is very strong for sure!
  32. Thank you, thank you Renoir !
  33. Thank you Renoir! I saw a red one I really liked on Tall Cakes link.
  34. Pretty!! I have some of my mother in laws hanging in my dining room similar.
  35. What a bargain from Turkey! Beautiful!
  36. Oooh!! These are all really beautiful ! I can see a Genie popping out of one of those. There could be something really special in the 3rd one you can't open...:)
  37. Thank you Epson ! I started to say it was frosty !
  38. Thanks TallCakes once again for identifying my pieces ! From what you shared to me, it's pretty old.
  39. Those medals look very special, and as old as they are you are very fortunate to still have them. Very nice !
  40. WOW !! Nice find. I'm sure they made them much better..back then.
  41. I will try to get another photo placed here shortly. Thanks so much for the interest, and this may have belonged to my great grandmother also. So it would be old.
  42. Thank you Ren! I just stored them away again, they are very large.
  43. Thanks Ren, but I don't know how my aunt purchased them, whether as a set or seperate. She has been deceased around 20 years .
  44. Thank you Paul, I really appreciate your help ! Paul helps me quite often. Thanks Ren! There are some very informative people here.
  45. Thanks Ren!
  46. However, that is the most durable hard oak I have in this house...solid and heavy.
  47. Epson...Thank you so much. I believe I used a satin polyurethane varnish. The stain and finish was the easy part after most of the old glue had fallen apart and I like to have never found someone th...
  48. I love these old pictures the way they dressed back then, and the hairstyles !
  49. Too funny! and yes, what did the "partly white" mean??
  50. I'm sure she will love your gift!! I think my mom used to have some of this, but I don't see it in her house anymore. Mom sales her things in garage sales and has not a clue what she is "giving" away.
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