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This is for Gumption My Twenty Year Old Cat

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    Posted 9 years ago

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    this posting is for gumption -- abby for short or abaigail bleecher my history teacher -- she was born in 1993 i was doing research in romania at the time for masters in business -- i needed to catch a plane and told my very dearest friend to save her and so donna did -- when i got back home to the states my first husband was so upset as i had placed her in my purse to bring her back home from hastings nebraska to lincoln nebraska -- she cried and he was so upset with me after 2 miles on the stormy road home -- we stopped at mc donalds -- had a cup of coffee and when we got back in the car -- he was totally in love with her

    and i am so blessed to still have her with me to this very day -- so nldionne this is why gumption is so close to my heart and i will place this one on your site -- sure i am always with you at your feeding with gumption

    so here goes

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    1. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      OMG what a story!!! I was at my horse barn in Chatsworth California and I found a kitten under my car and saved him from being crushed. I drove home with him on my shoulder and head. He was one of the most amazing cats I have ever met. My sister took him. He lived in a loving home for the rest of his life! I have rescued horses, a snapping turtle crossing a highway, 2 dogs on the highway in Florida, 4 dogs on the streets of LA, 3 in Houston. I think you are both amazing Women!!! And I applaud you for your generosity and heart!!! I wish there were more like US!! When I move I told my daughters that we are going to the shelter to rescue a kitten! They cannot wait to move:)
    2. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      thanks moonstone -- i always know when i meet a special spirit such as yourself -- it just comes across -- the longest cat life that i had with me was shelly belly a yellow tabby he was 37 years -- in fact shelly taught all my cats how to mouse and communicate with us humans -- i am most sure i will meet with him on the other side -- am sure he had many lives and just not in the cat world -- such an intelligent spirit he was -- always love your jewelry postings as i love jewelry also -- just do not have the time to post except for those that really capture my spirit -- this one captures me and has been a real brain tease
    3. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      thanks brat -- are not animals totally amazing -- i remember in 8th grade my teacher who i so respected use to have many debates on animals and if they could reason -- from the current studies -- i would win -- be they reptiles or mammals they are all amazing and after 20 years with abby she still teaches me -- i can let my brain go dead and get inside their minds but i am not a whisper -- have no clue on that one -- have been in many close calls and have asked people just leave and let me rescue the animal -- of course those around get most concerned -- but one has to bounce their butts out of the way -- that is why i so love ted -- he knows me and what i can do if left alone to help an animals -- not matter how big small or poisonous -- he just tells others around leave her alone and they will all be fine
    4. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      Wow, reading your comment back to me brought tears to my eyes and ...yes we are kindred spirits. I am a little psychic and I saw into shelly belly's spirit. She is indeed waiting for you....on the other side. She is happy but missing you.....
      I do not know if you ever have been told...but you can call her back to you into another form. In this do not have to wait....that's old wives tail! If you want to know me xoxoxoxo
    5. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      Have a good night :)
    6. inky inky, 9 years ago
      She is beautiful!...:-)
    7. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      Good morning Epson. She is beautiful. Just imagine what the world would be like if there were more people in it that would stop for just minute to pet a kitten. My yellow cat Good Boy isn't real happy to have him around yet but he will learn to love him too. My husband calls him G. Thanks for all the love, your heart has to be made of gold.
    8. toolate2 toolate2, 9 years ago
      OK...So I was never a cat person. I was brought up with dogs and cats never seemed anything but a nuisance. I'm not saying I've never had a cat. As a matter of fact my wife has always been a cat person and we're never been without at least one or two roaming around the house. I just never liked them much. I'm sure the feeling was mutual. Three of four years ago we had to have our 18 yr old Lab/Shepherd mix put down. It broke our hearts... The dog had been a part of our family for so long. She'd practically grown up with my daughter. Anyway...No more dogs. That's what we've decided. An interesting thing has now happened to me in the years we've been dogless... I've noticed for the first time in my life that cats are actually pretty good pets. We even have one now that everyone in the family says belongs to me. Or should I say I belong to him. He's a very dog like cat and just likes to hang out with me. He came to us as a near death rescue dumped in our neighborhood as a kitten. My wife feed him with an eye dropper for the first couple weeks. His eyes were seamed shut with goop and all he did was shiver but for so reason I was drawn to the little guy. Anyway, his name is Tigger but I call him Rat. I think he's the spirit of our beloved lost dog returned to us as a cat just to open my eyes and change my mind...
    9. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      toolate2, what a beautiful story:) That is a very touching one...and I do believe that your dog did come back to you. Sometimes when our pets are so close to us...they find us again. Its the wonder of the Universe and gift to us for being so loving and kind. You have put a smile on my face that was not there today. I had one of the roughest mornings in my life and you have given me hope :) Thank you.
    10. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      hi toolate2

      yes animals break our hearts -- ted and i say abby will be the last but i can still continue to be the rescue person -- some say i am a whisper -- that i do not understand -- i just get a feeling way down in my soul and that is what protects me when i try to help an animal or snake or any living thing -- also have had so many dogs in my life -- loved the rottweilers -- and all of the breeds -- guess it was a gift from my father
    11. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      hi nlddionne -- will check your site to see how gumption is doing -- abby is creating quite stir -- she got a very nice comb job this morning as ted and i always do with her mink coat -- though she look like a skunk and that was what captured my heart -- ya i have even rescued skunks

      thanks inky and brat -- you are all special members as we try and help other members to do their research
    12. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      Thanks for sharing Toolate. Cats are funny creatures, they do exactly what they want when they want to do it. I just lost a couple of mine. I live in the country so there's plenty of room for whoever wants to reside here. They just disappeared. Maybe they just wanted to move on.

      Epson your Abby reminds me of a few of my guests. Her hair is longer though, mine are all shorthairs. All of my cats are black or black and white except my Good Boy. When he showed I thought he was a girl so took him to be spayed. half way home i got the call that he was a nutered male. i was almost too embarresed to go get him. I have one named Bozio because he has a black circle right on the end of his nose. He was Bozo but I felt guilty teasing him with that name.
    13. valentino97 valentino97, 9 years ago
      I love all the posts about your vintage treasure Gumption and other members beloved furry companions. I only have feathered ones but I love them too. Pets remind us that there is some thought and order to the universe and not just because they love us and calm us down by being. When I hold my little Theo and breathe him in - I always think to myself "this little bird smells like pure life". Sappy - sorry but true to me. I can't post Theodor Frankenstein or Cumilous Cloud because they aren't technically vintage - only 8 years old. Oh boy - should Hunter start a vintage pet category? Would that lead to a vintage person category?
    14. toolate2 toolate2, 9 years ago
      Vintage person I think it all ready exists. It's called "The Collectors of Collector's Weekly Show and Tell!!!"
    15. kerry10456 kerry10456, 9 years ago
      LOL toolate2. epson233 very nice story and good looking cat, thanks for sharing.
    16. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      There would be a big following on the vintage person category.
    17. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      Good Morning Epson. Haven't heard from you hope all is well,
    18. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 9 years ago
    19. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      thanks songwriter53 for the loves and comment
    20. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      Hi Epson. I now have a little Abby. Hope you don't mind. I have do many kittens come and go I'm running out of names. She reminded me of your Abby.
    21. mikelv85 mikelv85, 9 years ago
      All my cats have been foundlings or adopted from a shelter. From just finding two abandoned kittens under the front porch to saving my one cat that had been hit by a car and left to die. They are the ones that make the best pets, their gratitude is boundless. Even my Scottish Terrier was a rescue from an Amish puppy mill believe it or not. She was three when I go her so they must have been breeding her. She'll be 9 years old tomorrow June 1 ! I'd take her to work with me everyday when I had my business (damn recession) and everyone loved coming in to see her. Pets do have a way of keeping you sane when the rest of your world is in chaos. :)
    22. mikelv85 mikelv85, 9 years ago
      I forgot to mention my Benji (long hair too Maine Coon maybe)and Gumption are probably close to the same age. He belonged to my sister and she couldn't keep him after her divorce. No one knows for sure how old he is ,but it could be over twenty years old. I remember her having him from 1991,but not how old he was at the time.
    23. Roycroftbooksfromme1, 9 years ago
      I got a long hair Maine Coon cat as well ..aka.. hobo ..hes up, there's no fangs ,so when I tic him off and he bites me I can laugh ,... but 10 or so years ago it wernt so funny
      he's a bear and a handfull when we try to cut his fur nots of his chest...but he's my buddy ,what ever i eat is good enough for him ...smiling
    24. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      hi nldionne -- told abby she has a new namesake -- she was so honored -- you will have to post pics of the new kitties you have coming -- there is one little siamese mix here that i am sure is a stray -- i place food out on the patio for him -- each day he gets a little more trusting -- he now just watches and does not run away when i open the door -- have a great weekend
    25. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      hi mikelv85 and roycroftbooksfromme -- well i am envious -- in my opinion that breed of cats are total brainiacs along with the manxs -- i had one that was a cross -- he lived to be twenty seven -- he taught all my other cats to mouse and acceptable house manners etc etc -- would help me sew by sitting on the sewing table and pull the pins out as fast as the serger could sew the pieces together -- boy do i miss that cat -- i keep hoping he will be reincarnated and i will be lucky enough to have him in my life again -- have a great weekend and thanks for the loves and comments
    26. epson233 epson233, 9 years ago
      hi jay my special friend -- all is well here and progressing nicely -- met with the insurance inventory agent yesterday from 9am to 5pm -- boy was i beat -- trying to remember what we had and what we paid -- ted and i had worked for a week obtaining prices, making list and finding receipts -- found one of my florence ceramic figurines today and posted her -- best present i could have received when i saw her and was able get her down from her predicament and out of harms way today

      well kido -- you have a great weekend and hugs to the family -- how did prom go?? catch ya on the flip flop
    27. nldionne nldionne, 9 years ago
      I'll post her for you to see.
    28. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks phil for the love on abby -- i know some cats have done some nasty's on some of your items -- abby is so special as she has been in my life since she was 5 weeks old -- she is now 23 in human years and well over a hundred in cat years -- she travels back and forth with us to the house -- she does not see so well nor hear -- but her nose is terrific -- she can smell the columbia river which we live near and knows exactly where we need to turn to enter steamboat landing -- in fact the other day it seemed she was saying "here" -- sometimes she jumps in ted's lap and helps him steer the car -- threw the gate -- well a b-b-q is planned at the inn where we are staying so i am signing out for now
    29. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      beautiful cat!!!! love:)
    30. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks sean68 -- yes she is -- full name is abigail bleacher my history teacher -- and she has certainly been that in regards to what is important in life -- sweat bullets most the time as she is 23 and i so do not want to lose her -- but her health is strong and she is my dameon for strength -- guess we feed off one another -- i am sure nldionne's cat "gumption" posted on cw will be a very special spirit for her
    31. Greatsnowyowl Greatsnowyowl, 8 years ago
      she's gorgeous
    32. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks greatsnowyowl -- yes she is my dolly girl -- i always love looking at your kittys when you post as they have such intelligent eyes -- thank goodness for animals to keep us in the right frame of mind
    33. Justanovice Justanovice, 8 years ago
      How did I miss this little beauty?? I have seven rescued cats and had lots of rescued dogs pass my way too, just lost my last one - a German Shepherd - a dear old lady pushing 14 years - a good innings for a big dog! Lets all keep up such rewarding work!!
    34. nldionne nldionne, 8 years ago
      She is a beauty. One of my little ones is named after her.

    35. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks nldionne -- going to the columbia gorge today -- 40 acres -- no phone service no nothing and sometimes we get to see the bears -- of course abby will stay at the house -- but she has seen them and how intelligent the bears are -- of course one has to be smart to see if they have young -- all god's creatures totally amaze -- hope you had a great 4th
    36. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      hi justanovice -- thanks for the comments -- yes she is my little 23 year old amazing cat -- has personality plus -- usually take her with us -- pending on heat -- but today she gets to visit her fire home -- have to keep her brain activity -- she get's really bored here at the inn -- have a great weekend
    37. nldionne nldionne, 8 years ago
      Enjoy and watch out for those mama bears, you know how we can be;)
    38. debbiepike54 debbiepike54, 8 years ago
      What a beautiful cat!! I love cats and had had many during my lifetime. I can't turn a stray away or at least find it the proper home. My 20 year old cat, Silverbell recently died, about a month ago. He was the only kitten born to a stray alley cat out on our old farm. We moved and took both with us, Silverbell's eyes were not yet open. He developed hyperthyroid about a year ago as did his mother when she was living. Then he continued downhill until I had to start feeding him my hand with a dropper. This is the longest living cat I have had. He was a long hair soft grey with one white heart shape on his chest.
    39. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks debbi -- love all animals great and small -- cute story on silverbell -- it was the same with abby she was born in a silo -- i was on my way to romania for business and my girl friend kept her for me till i got back -- she was 5 weeks old -- i just finished feeding a family of 8 racoons -- they are so cute -- of course abby is soooooooooo jealous -- my oldest cat -- shelly belly lived to be 27 -- so am keeping my fingers crossed for ab - sh - marb -- she will be 24 this coming may -- thanks for the loves -- abby sends her regards

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