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Ross-on-Wye, England

I collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my BeI collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my Bell!!! lesleysumner135@btinternet.com (Read more)


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Fritz Heckert Goblet and Tumbler 1879 Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Open Salts 1880-1900 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Kralik Aquagold 10” Tall - Art Glassin Art Glass
Josef Riedel 4” Posy Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Reptilian? Help Needed!! - Bagsin Bags
Bohemian Vase! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vaseline Glass Salt? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Crackle Glaze Tableware? - Glasswarein Glassware
Bohemian Pink/ Silver Mica Tri-Lobed Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I know you have your eye on it!!! It will be in my Will for you Penny! ;). Unless I drop it when I’ve had too much red wine! Lol! Yeah! Like I use it to drink from!! Too precious!! :)
  2. You have some great pieces Alan!!
  3. Thanks for the loves mikelv85, shareurpassion, Yvonne, truthordare, AdeleC and Alan, I appreciate it!
  4. Hello Peggy! The Goblet is gorgeous and is quite a weighty piece and I am quite taken with the little tumbler too! Love the ‘claws’ and prunts! Thank you for the appreciation and comment.
  5. Yes Newfld, it is a bit of a problem as you cannot ‘vet’ your photographs to pick and choose the best ones. I deleted the previous post as I felt the photographs let the Goblet down. Hopefully CW wil...
  6. Wow!!! What a big beauty!! Fantastic find Alan! Would not mind one coming my way. :). Can live in hope!!
  7. Truly a fabulous selection of baskets IronLace!! Some exceptional examples in there too! :). Love the Harrach uranium basket in particular!
  8. These are just lovely Peggy!! :)
  9. Me too!!! Wonderful love them all!
  10. Lovely piccies Malkey! Love the sunrise in particular! :)
  11. A good place to end up on your forced walk though Malkey! Was a worthwhile convalescing walk and you found things that pleased you too, all in all, great all round! Love the photographs, especiall...
  12. Thank you dlpeterson for taking the time to look and love! :)
  13. Thank you for the ‘love’ Michelle!! Appreciate it!
  14. Thank you Michelle!! Very pleased you like them! :)
  15. Thank you Welzbub for the love!!! :)
  16. Running out of windowsill IronLace!!! :(
  17. Thanks for stopping by Welzbub!
  18. Thank you Welzbub! Hope Zz Top are still rocking!! :)
  19. I think this could snowball again!! Beautiful! :)
  20. I get you IronLace! :) Will keep an eye out for metal salt holders, you never know! Kind regards! Lesley
  21. Kind regards vetraio for the love! :)
  22. Thank you fortapatche and aura for taking the time to love these lovely little salts.:)
  23. Beautiful Alan, I have a couple of Fritz Heckert’s to post, one of very tall proportions! Just waiting for good light here for photographing! If you are a FH fan you will love these! :)
  24. Thank you AdeleC! I do think Davidson Cloud Glass is under appreciated! It is very beautiful!
  25. Thank you for your very complimentary comment Mrstyndall, they are much nicer in hand. They have a mirror like reflection which makes one wonder if they are really glass! :)
  26. Thank you for the ‘love’ click AdeleC. :)
  27. I used to have a set of this Davidson Cloud Glass in blue! See https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/71701-davidson-blue-cloud-glass It surely is beautiful with the light behind it!!
  28. Wishing you well Malkey, hope I didn’t overstep the mark with my previous opinion? I apologise if I did!! Take care!
  29. I have two similar small glass flower shaped open ‘salts’ which sit in their own metal armature, more cup shaped than these. I will see if I can dig them out to show you. I believe they belong on a t...
  30. I had to go and look pulchritudinous up!!! Lol!! But Yes! Perfect description!!
  31. Thank you Melanie for the love click on these lovely Riedels! :)
  32. Thank you Alan, I have continued to collect and hopefully will post some interesting and beautiful glass in the coming months. Thank you for your love click too! :)
  33. Seconded IronLace! Life is too short to be led by what is inappropriate to the Lord!! Personally, as an older woman who has seen a bit of life I do not find piccy 2 offensive, it is a mere joke abou...
  34. First photo, Beautiful! love it! 2nd photo, bloody hilarious lol!!! 3rd photo, almost translucent with the light behind and hilighting the wonderful detail so well! 4th photo - amazing! Great find ...
  35. Thank you philmac51 and Glassie for stopping by to look and love! :)
  36. Oh! Thank you Bill, I have to snap them as I post because they do not load the right way up from the iPad! This does not let me pick the best from the photographs on the iPad. So your comment is ver...
  37. Many thanks for the loves artfoot, vetraio, fortapache and IronLace for the loves! :)
  38. Thank you Peggy!! It is nicer in hand and I lack your photography skills to show it at its best! :( Thank you for stopping by to love Anik and jimtim too! :)
  39. Thank you for the ‘love’ ballisticmelissa. :)
  40. Thank you Malkey! I love your wonderfully descriptive view of not just this piece but all that you comment on! To use one of your words it’s fabilus!!! :)
  41. Thank you Mikelv85 and Mrstyndall and of course LovelyPat for the loves! Much appreciated! :)
  42. Very eclectic Malkey, from different eras too! Jimmy Hendrix to Taylor Swift, with totally different genres! I need music on most of the time especially whilst driving, trouble is, Red Hot Chili Pep...
  43. Thank you aura and artfoot for stopping by with the love! :)
  44. Before I enlarged photograph 3, I thought it was a catapillar!! Lol!! ;). Beautiful Loetz base and the marriage of an equally beautiful shade! Brilliant photograph of your River Tyne! Hope you fee...
  45. Thank you Peggy! I had a previous post with a beautiful Fritz Heckert piece but all photographs were lying down so I deleted it. There is a problem with CW and the iPad apparently and I have to take...
  46. Thank you Ivonne, Blazonbk, racer4four, jscott, ttomtucker for taking the time to stop, look and love! :)
  47. What music Malkey? What do you listen to?? :)
  48. Wonderful find Peggy! :)
  49. Oh! What was it like to be young out partying! Brilliant! Just memories now, but good ones! Great piccies again too Malkey!
  50. Love horses! Ask Craig to post a piccy of his bike, he has travelled across a lot of the US on it! He is quite the ‘Biker’!
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Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Ewer & Previously Identified Ruckl Decor stained glass piece My Crazy Cat Marble Paperweight with blue background and yellow duck . irridescent czechoslovakian lotus bowl and plate Just a pretty little thing Mystery vase with sgraffito looks early Popcorn popper vintage Kralik Web vase Girl on Snowball Skipping Rope, Antique? American Candle Holder, "Snowball Santa" Very odd and cool bisque cat-person - handmade/unsigned Jug model Chicago Etched Stemware German Unknown label??? Purple Platter dish ZELEZNY BROD SKLO glass figurine #2 ZELEZNY BROD SKLO glass figurine


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