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Ross-on-Wye, England

I collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my BeI collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my Bell!!! lesleysumner135@btinternet.com (Read more)


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  1. Such a little beauty inky! Fabulous find! :)
  2. Thank you Trey!!
  3. These really are lovely Sklo!! Love them!
  4. Great collection Sklo!
  5. :( I feel your grief!! Been there too! All good advice above so nothing more to add! Just sorry to see your photographs!
  6. B********l!!!!!!! £9!!!!!!! Someone is smiling down on you!!! Beautiful piece! Wonderful find :)
  7. Perfectly described by Malkey!! Can't top that!! :)
  8. Wish I would stumble!!! A beaut!! :)
  9. Wow!!! What else to say!!!!?
  10. Another Beaut inky!!! You have got to be running out of shelf space by now!!!!
  11. Wow!! What a size!!!! Love it!! Another great find! Well done you!! Also admired your stance on Brexit!!
  12. Bloody Fantastic Inky!!!!!!!
  13. Love this one sklo!!!:)
  14. Malkey!! You are unique!! As are your collections!! I did not see what was posted as only just viewed your post! But whatever it was please don't stop posting! I love to see where you are photogr...
  15. Exquisite!!!!
  16. Beautiful inky!!! Another 'Class Glass' find!!:).
  17. I have just gone through your posts! Love the fact that you take your glass out and about and capture some wonderful backdrops!!! Have enjoyed looking at all of your glass and many of the views too!...
  18. Inky!!! You really don't mess about do you? When you post - the glass is always stunning and rare!!! Well done you! (Yet again!!!!:)
  19. Wonderful find inky!!! It is beautiful! :)
  20. Yes Sklo it is the very same, but larger!
  21. What size is it Sklo? I have one too, but on the large size!! Steady Nevadablades!!!!:)
  22. Great photographs!!! Shows it off beautifully!! :)
  23. I think it looks like an Anemone blanda! But whatever, very pretty!!
  24. Thank you!! Still own it!! :)
  25. Hello ruckleglass, you did indeed purchase this piece, I am slowly parting with a lot of my glass pieces and refining down to a few select pieces as I had become overwhelmed in numbers!!!! Can so eas...
  26. Prosím, pošlete tak used to vidèt!
  27. Love it!!! Have a great Christmas!! Can't help with the maker though!
  28. Season's Greetings and Best Wishes to both of you! So, these baubles are Czech?! See, I am always learning from you!!???? Thank you!!
  29. Lovely shape too!!
  30. Can't help inky, but just a beautiful work of art!! No wonder you keep looking at it!:)
  31. Always a great write up from vetraio!!!!
  32. Thank you inky!!!!:)
  33. Looks great with the frog!!!!:)
  34. Another great find inky!! Congrats!! :)
  35. Thank you so much for your reply and very helpful advice!!:). I am off to get some Vaseline!!
  36. Thank you both for your interest and comments!! Rucklczglass any idea on age?? I have always thought late 1800's - early 1900's! Many thanks!
  37. Yes Sklo, know the dance!!! Lol!!
  38. Great grouping, they look Fab!!:)
  39. Lovely grouping!! Love the latest one's shape!
  40. Yes!! Thank you TallCakes! I can confirm that it is indeed a Davidson basket! Many thanks for your comment, it is good to know that other collectors are still eager to help out even after such a lon...
  41. Help will be along shortly inky!!!
  42. Another wonderful find inky!!!! And a rare one too!!
  43. Love the girly pink!!!!
  44. Really pleased you found it informative!! Thank you Fran!
  45. Thank you so much Papas-GEMS for stopping by and taking the time to part with your very interesting information!! I am sure this 14" perfume bottle is something to behold but I think I would still pr...
  46. Thank you anyway vetraio!!!! I still look in from time to time!!!
  47. Beautiful inky!! I would be pleased that they were different, you have the pleasure of two collections of lovely flowers and two exquisite birds!!
  48. They are Lovely Peggy!!
  49. Oh! Now these are lovely!!
  50. I have three 'lens' vases as here, two small and one large! Do not have any of the 'waisted' vases though! Nice bit of stone walling too Peggy!!!
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Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Ewer & Previously Identified Ruckl Decor stained glass piece My Crazy Cat Marble Paperweight with blue background and yellow duck . irridescent czechoslovakian lotus bowl and plate Just a pretty little thing Mystery vase with sgraffito looks early Popcorn popper vintage Kralik Web vase Girl on Snowball Skipping Rope, Antique? American Candle Holder, "Snowball Santa" Very odd and cool bisque cat-person - handmade/unsigned Jug model Chicago Etched Stemware German Unknown label??? Purple Platter dish ZELEZNY BROD SKLO glass figurine #2 ZELEZNY BROD SKLO glass figurine


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