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Ross-on-Wye, England

I collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my BeI collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my Bell!!! lesleysumner135@btinternet.com (Read more)


  1. Thank you so much Scarfaced69 for sharing your knowledge with me, it is very much appreciated. It is wonderful to know who it is made by. I hope you will post yours. I have not looked at collectors ...
  2. Hello there kwqd, thank you for your question. I have taken a photograph of the reverse of this pastel (not watercolour). It was done by James Kidwell Popham 1884-1966 and exhibited at the Pastel Soc...
  3. Beautiful!!
  4. Wow!! Love these!
  5. Good to see a post from you Malkey! Pleased you are fighting on! Take care of yourself as we want to see you posts for a long time to come! :)
  6. I like these too Peggy, but have never come across one here as you say!
  7. Love the shape!!!
  8. All beautiful Peggy!
  9. Just Beautiful!!
  10. Thank you for your information Welzbub! We are all still learning even 7 years later! :)
  11. Missed this one IronLace! Most peculiar! But mesmerising at the same time!
  12. Thank you Vintagefran! It is a lovely thing! I’m very pleased that you love it! :)
  13. Well said and shown Peggy! Great displays too!!
  14. Love it!!!
  15. Such beautiful vibrant colours Malkey! A great piece! Hope you are doing well!! :)
  16. Thank you aura, Radegunder, fortapache for stopping by to ‘love’!
  17. What a Beauty! Love it!
  18. Back with a Beauty Malkey! Great photography as usual. Best Wishes, hope all good with you too! :)
  19. I had added a heart to the end of Beautiful, not regonised unfortunately! But Love it!
  20. Another Fab find Phil! Very Beautiful! ??
  21. Thank you Newfld and vetraio for such complimentary comments! Also to AdeleC, Blunderbuss, Hunterqlee and Vinyl33rpm for the Loves!! Much appreciated!
  22. Well done IronLace! Good find!
  23. I agree with AdeleC!! Beautiful!
  24. Thank you!!
  25. She is certainly a beauty Malkey and compliments your beautiful glass so perfectly! It is good to see you back here posting, have missed you of late! I can only wish you great strength of mind to see...
  26. Very ‘zingy’ Peggy! Lovely vibrant colours! Good find! :)
  27. Hello no name! Well I have looked at ‘Czech glass looks like Monart’, which took me to a straight sided vase with my vase’s decor. This site does say that this vase is Czech and not Monart. Then th...
  28. Will do noname! 72 is not too old to find local computer lessons, or a kind friend! It is good you have embraced the technology! I’m not a youngster myself!! Lol!! :) I will link out for it, no hu...
  29. Hi noname (you should give yourself one!!:). Can you post yours? I would like to see it! Also I have one other that I think is a Monart, but that has a button pontil which I was led to believe was a...
  30. Well thank you so much for your advice here! I bought these at a local (off line) auction a while back. I could kick myself now as there was a third one but a different shape! That one came up firs...
  31. A stunning piece of glass! What workmanship!! Beautiful!!!
  32. It really is quite beautiful! Love it!
  33. Thank you so much noname! I have looked at the possibility of Monart but could not find the exact same shape. I will research again! To be honest, when I bought them I had hoped that they were a pa...
  34. Quite beautiful Peggy!
  35. Not seen one on legs before Peggy! Love it!
  36. Phil! You find such great glass pieces!! I’m always envious! I’m coming round for ‘how to’ lessons as well as the photography ones!!! Lol!! :). Keep them coming!
  37. Beautiful glass! But I cannot bear to think about your last sentence! A terribly sad fact unfortunately!
  38. Check out Catherine Popesco brooches, not saying it is, but certain similarities! :)
  39. And Gorgeous to add to inky’s comment! Love!!!
  40. I do love this one Philmac! So beautiful!
  41. Beautiful! Almost living!! Nice find IronLace!
  42. Certainly has the ‘WOW!!!’ Factor Phil!! Dazzling!!! Nice one!!
  43. Your so good at finding the elusive!!! Another wonderful and very early piece of Loetz Penny! Well done that girl!!! ;)))).
  44. Love this one Peggy! :)
  45. What an exquisite piece, stunningly beautiful! Love it!
  46. Wow!!! :)
  47. Thank you for the comments and ‘love’ PhilDMorris, Malkey and Peggy!! Also all who stopped, admired and hit the ‘love’ button! Much appreciated! :)
  48. Such a wonderful comparison of the living flora and the created copy so very well crafted by an talented artisan, another special find Malkey! I hope you are making good progress back to good health!...
  49. Missed this one Malkey!! How are you doing? Good hopefully! :)
  50. Beautifully detailed!!
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Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Spatter Glass Ewer Pitcher stained glass piece My Crazy Cat Marble


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