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Ross-on-Wye, England

I collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my BeI collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my Bell!!! lesleysumner135@btinternet.com (Read more)


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Loetz Marmoriertes ‘Carneol’ On Brass Stand - Art Glassin Art Glass
WMF Ikora Glass Vases 1930’s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert Goblet and Tumbler 1879 Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Open Salts 1880-1900 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Kralik Aquagold 10” Tall - Art Glassin Art Glass
Josef Riedel 4” Posy Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Reptilian? Help Needed!! - Bagsin Bags
Bohemian Vase! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vaseline Glass Salt? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Crackle Glaze Tableware? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Completely agree with Peggy on this one, almost an optical illusion! Love it!
  2. Love it! Fab shape! Fab decor!
  3. I have been wondering how you were doing as the days mounted up and no posting or comments from you!! So good to find you here today!! Hope you are going on ok! Love the colours on this one Malkey!...
  4. Love the pink with cobalt blue!!! :)
  5. No help from me either Peggy!!! But as Phil has already said, a great find and IronLace’s, a great buy! You did good!! :). I am sure someone will come up with an answer on the unusual decor!
  6. I can see why you love them Peggy! Beautiful decor!! :)
  7. You certainly have a wonderful collection Alan, these are stunning pieces!
  8. This is certainly ‘one big beauty’!!! Love it Alan!!
  9. Where do you find all of your exquisite beauties Malkey? This one is quite stunning!! Love it! What size is it? Not in the UK at the moment but not missing your posts!! :). Another belter!! Take ...
  10. Lovely grouping!!
  11. Nice one Peggy!!! Love it!!
  12. Beautiful light! Beautiful glass! Beautiful photography! Beautiful words! Beautiful character are you Malkey! Wishing you a speedy return to good health! Xx :)
  13. Love these Peggy! Just Lovely!! :)
  14. Definitely look like you are making a quick getaway in pic 4 Malkey! How is it all going? Good we all hope!! Take care of yourself! Xxx
  15. Phil! I am from Liverpool, but no Irish, but a bit of Wales! :)
  16. Love a Fritz Heckert! I only have a few but hopefully more will come my way! Well done Alan! :)
  17. You have got to be Irish Phil, cos you have the luck!!! ;). A beauty!
  18. IronLace! You were obviously a much loved and wonderful Son!! What you did for your Mother was your greatest gift, don’t let the other family members get you down, they are just not worth it!! Maybe...
  19. Also sorry to hear of your loss, I too have lost my Mother, a year ago this month, she was a little older at 93! I think collecting must run in the family, your Mum’s collection of wall pocket vases ...
  20. Beautiful Penny! Another wonderful find! You certainly have the ‘eye’! :)
  21. Nice one Malkey! Lovely location, blue skies, an opportunist fern (get in where it can!;). AND!! a gorgeous Fritz Heckert to boot!! Was waiting for your next promised post, it did not fail to plea...
  22. Just GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful find! :)
  23. Quite beautiful IronLace! Great size too!
  24. Don’t much fancy curry in me rock buns!” But you are looking good there Malkey. Stay strong! :). Best wishes as always! Xx
  25. Thanks for the ‘loves’ Steve, Glassie, LovelyPat! :)
  26. Try Murano Glass Foil Beads! There are lots of different Foil, fire foil, red foil, gold, silver etc. They look like a Foil to me. Worth a try anyway! :)
  27. Love your vase and love your scenic shots too! Xx
  28. What a beauty!!! Without a doubt it is a wonderful piece of eye candy! :) Worth the wait I would say!
  29. Use Google Translate to understand what information is printed on the glasses, put in Google ‘French to English’ and put in the text from the glass.
  30. Love an interesting loo!! Sit and be entertained! :) There was a brilliant set of loos in a club in my home town of Liverpool that I used to frequent when I was young!!!:). The hilarious graffiti woul...
  31. Do like this combination of colour! :)
  32. Love the hanging basket vase in particular, although all very desirable! Maker?
  33. Thank you Michelle, very kind of you to say! Also many thanks to Everyone who took the time to hit the ‘love’ button! Much appreciated! :)
  34. Just lovely Peggy! Nice find!
  35. Beautiful! Penny! Love it!! :)
  36. Love it! Peggy!! :)
  37. Missed this one! Would never have guessed Welz! Beautiful!
  38. Love it!! What a beaut!! :)
  39. Jscott0363 - Thank you so much!! :)
  40. What a wonderful find!! Well done you! :)
  41. Thank you inky, it really is a beauty, very pleased that it came home with me! :)
  42. Thank you to everyone that has hit the lot button! Much appreciate your admiration of this beautiful vase!
  43. Thank you Peggy! Yes! I do love an auction, especially those not yet with the online bidding as gems do turn up from time to time!:)
  44. IronLace, I think I want it shiny!! Removed the question now as I am about to polish it!!! Lol!!
  45. Beautiful!!
  46. Thanks Malkey! Hope your doing well!!! Xx
  47. Love these too but I only have the little inkwell! Great bargain! :). Can’t wait to see what else you have acquired whilst away!
  48. Thank you fortapache and aura for stopping to love! :)
  49. Exquisite! Love the detail!
  50. Lol!!! Peggy, Good point! :)
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Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Ewer & Previously Identified Ruckl Decor stained glass piece My Crazy Cat Marble Paperweight with blue background and yellow duck . irridescent czechoslovakian lotus bowl and plate Just a pretty little thing Mystery vase with sgraffito looks early Popcorn popper vintage Kralik Web vase


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