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Liverpool, UK

A collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme KönigA collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme König, Weltz, Harrach etc etc... (Read more)


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Loetz Cephalonia mit Patinadekor bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Green Iris with canes - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Bambus Ball Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Loetz Ausfuehrung 129 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Honeycomb vase with handles - Art Decoin Art Deco
Large Kralik vase with amber handles - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Wave Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Orange Webbed Glass Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Riedel Green Uranium Glass Vase c1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausfuehrung 139 Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. The reason I ask is because this spatter design, assuming we both got good light and representative colours correct, is very similar to something I posted about 3 years ago: https://www.collectorswee...
  2. Hey Craig, is this blue on the inside?
  3. Great glass and composition!
  4. One big WOW!
  5. I think we can safely say that some on this forum believe in 'alternative facts.' A bit like saying "I have identified this signature to be Ruckl" then posts a piece with the same signature and refer...
  6. Thanks for the comments guys : )
  7. Hahahaha! great idea !
  8. fascinating shape study - thanks for these posts Larksel!
  9. Lovely display Peggy - this is what collecting is all about for me ; )
  10. Craig sums this one up with a great description - it's an ugly beauty for sure - love it all the same.
  11. Yeah - looks like a daisy to me too - stunning daisy or sunflower - love it!
  12. Wow mate - that's awesome, thanks so much for this info, very much appreciated
  13. Wow - I saw this too - but I thought it was most likely a Harrach piece. Stunning either way!
  14. Spoiling us all with these pieces - great posts!
  15. Thanks J - 'aquatic' - that sums it up nicely : )
  16. Hey Michelle - thanks for your comment.
  17. Thanks Craig - looking forward to the exposé ; )
  18. Thanks Lesley - it really is a beauty!
  19. Sammyz - Handles are amazing - you're right, but so much more about the Ausf décors are amazing and many missed IDd as Loetz by sellers: Makes hunting for them fun!
  20. artfoot - Thank you Harry - I always appreciate your comments, short, sweet and true : )
  21. MALKEY - you're on the mark again!
  22. Thanks Alan - yeah, it's a really good one - had to pay a premium, but I'm on a quest to 'try' to get all Kralik decors on ball vases - a bit of a challenge - and it will take a lot more time and inve...
  23. Yes! - Mackintosh style - you never miss a trick Malkey - Thanks!
  24. Of course you did! -Fabulous!!
  25. twentiethc - yeah just seen yours - Wow, fabulous piece!:
  26. just so good!!!
  27. Nice one Craig - Stunning!!!
  28. Never seen anything like it - just wonderful!
  29. Glad you like it guys - pretty rare piece of Kralik actually - and getting rarer by the day!
  30. Thanks Glasstronaut!
  31. Hi Penny - happy you like it.
  32. Glad you like it larksel!
  33. Haha....very true
  34. Agreed - certainly not an uncommon shape for the period.
  35. Hi Peggy - no they're not hollow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are a kind of dense soft mix spatter - clearly not solid in colour more light and frothy. I bet that doesn't help does it?
  36. Similar shapes here: And in my post:
  37. Yep.... it's that blue foot that does it for me.
  38. Thanks Michelle - yeah it's the best Riedel I've managed to get my hands on.
  39. It's had a hard life Fran - Kralik for me.
  40. Ahh... the rarely seen flos kralikus
  41. You guys..... you're just charged this evening ! Thanks for the comments Craig, Penny and Malkey
  42. Thank you Deano!
  43. WOW Penny that is really something else - great find!
  44. Wonderful colour combination
  45. What a statement piece - amazing!
  46. Obsessed I think - great show Ivonne!
  47. Oh my word - these are simply stunning - thank you for posting them!!!!
  48. I love that knob Peggy!
  49. I have a secret love for Riedel pieces, the illustrations and enamelling are exquisite. This is a very fine piece Michelle - and by coincidence I just grabbed myself a Riedel today, first time for a l...
  50. Yeah... but he'll still want it!
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