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Liverpool, UK

A collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme KönigA collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme König, Weltz, Harrach etc etc... (Read more)


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Kralik Green Iris with canes - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Bambus Ball Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Loetz Ausfuehrung 129 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Honeycomb vase with handles - Art Decoin Art Deco
Large Kralik vase with amber handles - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Wave Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Orange Webbed Glass Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Riedel Green Uranium Glass Vase c1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausfuehrung 139 Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Leveille Rouseau Vase/Bowl c1890? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks J - 'aquatic' - that sums it up nicely : )
  2. Hey Michelle - thanks for your comment.
  3. Thanks Craig - looking forward to the exposé ; )
  4. Thanks Lesley - it really is a beauty!
  5. Sammyz - Handles are amazing - you're right, but so much more about the Ausf décors are amazing and many missed IDd as Loetz by sellers: Makes hunting for them fun!
  6. artfoot - Thank you Harry - I always appreciate your comments, short, sweet and true : )
  7. MALKEY - you're on the mark again!
  8. Thanks Alan - yeah, it's a really good one - had to pay a premium, but I'm on a quest to 'try' to get all Kralik decors on ball vases - a bit of a challenge - and it will take a lot more time and inve...
  9. Yes! - Mackintosh style - you never miss a trick Malkey - Thanks!
  10. Of course you did! -Fabulous!!
  11. twentiethc - yeah just seen yours - Wow, fabulous piece!:
  12. just so good!!!
  13. Nice one Craig - Stunning!!!
  14. Never seen anything like it - just wonderful!
  15. Glad you like it guys - pretty rare piece of Kralik actually - and getting rarer by the day!
  16. Thanks Glasstronaut!
  17. Hi Penny - happy you like it.
  18. Glad you like it larksel!
  19. Haha....very true
  20. Agreed - certainly not an uncommon shape for the period.
  21. Hi Peggy - no they're not hollow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are a kind of dense soft mix spatter - clearly not solid in colour more light and frothy. I bet that doesn't help does it?
  22. Similar shapes here: And in my post:
  23. Yep.... it's that blue foot that does it for me.
  24. Thanks Michelle - yeah it's the best Riedel I've managed to get my hands on.
  25. It's had a hard life Fran - Kralik for me.
  26. Ahh... the rarely seen flos kralikus
  27. You guys..... you're just charged this evening ! Thanks for the comments Craig, Penny and Malkey
  28. Thank you Deano!
  29. WOW Penny that is really something else - great find!
  30. Wonderful colour combination
  31. What a statement piece - amazing!
  32. Obsessed I think - great show Ivonne!
  33. Oh my word - these are simply stunning - thank you for posting them!!!!
  34. I love that knob Peggy!
  35. I have a secret love for Riedel pieces, the illustrations and enamelling are exquisite. This is a very fine piece Michelle - and by coincidence I just grabbed myself a Riedel today, first time for a l...
  36. Yep common Kralik shapes, presumably out-sourced and with very specific signatures where applied with a gold leaf (forgive me I'm not sure if it was actual real gold - I suspect not). Ball vases, and ...
  37. Yeah... but he'll still want it!
  38. It says - ICH BIN SCHÖN - I jest, but if it did say anything, that's what it should say!
  39. Great piece Sean - I need it for my Kralik ball collection! These Kralik oxblood pieces are more commonly seen with applied gold - as in the above link, a little unusual to see one 'naked' as it were!
  40. Lovely thing Peggy - wait 'til Jericho sees it!!
  41. What is really interesting beyond this is a great post by Ian Brighton a couple of years ago: He actually posted one of these compl...
  42. Hi Courtenay It was interesting that when this thread of just two posts was published, did have this item on their site, it was removed for some reason but was later added again. So I would...
  43. Thanks for your comment Tex!
  44. My best guess - and it is just that - on shape, specifically that broad foot; Rindskopf
  45. Hi Sammy - yeah isn't it. I meant to make a comment about that in the post.
  46. Stunning piece and what a SIZE!!
  47. Amazing - I've been looking for one of these for ages....!
  48. Wonderful show Alan - thanks!
  49. Love what you guys are doing with these shape/decor comparisons. Great work!
  50. Thanks had me a little worried for a second there....haha : )
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