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Liverpool, UK

A collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme KönigA collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme König, Weltz, Harrach etc etc... (Read more)


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Harrach Etruscan/Horistmus vase C1860? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Iris vase with red, yellow, green spatter and pulls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Bambus - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Candy or Lidded Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Baccarat Japonisme Birds, Moon and Cherry blossom Glass Vases - 1880 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Green Webbed on Amber Candy Dish / Powder Bowl - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Pink and Green Powder/Candy bowl with blue and red canes - Art Decoin Art Deco
Bohemian yellow powder vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik Cane Light Shades - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Cameo signed Carpé - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Me neither Sylvie - waiting for someone to let me know. But here's an interesting link that Brian (Project_Harrach) provided me:
  2. I got that Zoom nailed!!
  3. Thank you Peggy and Glasstronaut!
  4. I'm so pleased you like it Sylvia, thank you!
  5. Thanks Lesley!
  6. Thanks Bambus
  7. I think I have a long way to go Rose - we're always learning.
  8. Your very welcome LOUMANAL
  9. Thanks again Rose
  10. ...only for that one second.....and then only maybe..... Thanks Rose!
  11. Super vase Bambus - not ugly to me. Craig is the go to expert on Welz, he will only give an absolute attribution based on his extensive knowledge of Welz research. If he says it's Welz it's Welz. ...
  12. Small, same shape - Ruckl decor?
  13. Just adore the two in pic 1 and the two in pic 4!
  14. Nice post Craig.... ; ) Seriously, Art Glass, however we refer to it or indeed recognise it as; size is utterly irrelevant. This is a welcome post from the dull series of effective re-postings of the...
  15. Simply stunnng!
  16. You're right, I could have kept them - although I really appreciate them, they're just not my thing really.
  17. No marks on these at all.
  18. Hey - look at this:
  19. Description and title of this piece has been updated.
  20. Strange how this happens sometimes...
  21. Thank you Rose ... yeah they are a bit special.
  22. Thanks J
  23. 100% Kralik for me Cornhusker. I've sort of lost my UV/Black light - it's somewhere in my study, really gotta sort my s**t out and get tidy. As soon as I find it I'll let you know, although even witho...
  24. Thanks J
  25. Just you wait.......and wait........
  26. PIC 4 décor - it's been tentatively suggested in that past that it might be Scailmont - not by me, I hasten to add. Love the weave décor in pic 3
  27. Thanks for your comments Kevin. Glass shades of early periods seem generally harder to find than vases or bowls and possibly considered less as 'objet d'art' and more a fashion/fad that was replaced ...
  28. Thanks to everyone for their 'love its' and comments!!
  29. Small, but perfectly formed - well done Malkey!!
  30. Hahaha!
  31. New site shows this as Kralik Koral.... interesting.
  32. Hey - put it in 'Bohemian Art Glass' category buddy - some of us are missing this!
  33. Shot in the dark...but I've seen pieces similar to this attributed to Carl Goldberg.
  34. When I saw these I just knew where they were going.... Great Welz!!!
  35. Thanks Kevin....well it was in a box with 9 other pieces so there was some risk, but my partner in Glass on the other side of the pond packed them all like a pro and all arrived safely..... as expecte...
  36. Most of us 'secretly' have baskets Harry... there's no shame...
  37. Thanks Craig!
  38. I'm just a bargain blood hound Lesley... I love sniffing these things out; and although the chase can sometimes be more exciting than the actual piece once I actually get my paws on it, this one doe...
  39. Thanks Peggy.... I was holding my breath til the last second on this one - genuinely really surprised that it wasn't picked up by others.
  40. Thank you Malkey!
  41. Long time since we've seen one of these on here. How these things survive the ravages of time is beyond me!
  42. Something of a rarity this décor, doesn't show up that often - very nice thing!
  43. I agree with Karen, I think the proportions on the taller one make it a very elegant piece - love it!
  44. Wow... love this one Craig - stunning!!
  45. I believe this is Kralik.
  46. Thanks for the link Jericho.... But for now I remain unconvinced of the Ruckl attrib. My obersvation of the pic in the post above (and similar ones in previous posts) has a vertical physical ribbin...
  47. Thanks Penny....
  48. Very nice grouping Ivonne!!
  49. Love these Harry.... about as contemporary as you can get!
  50. Thank you as always Malkey!
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