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Liverpool, UK

A collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme KönigA collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme König, Weltz, Harrach etc etc... Email: (Read more)


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Loetz Cut Glass Bowl (Blumenschnitt #333 décor) 1927 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik/Steinwald Glass Vases - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik or Steinwald Channelling Schneider - Art Glassin Art Glass
Knizek enamelled rose water spinkler - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian (Kralik?) Amber Vase, swirls and silver metallic inclusions - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Luna Bakalowits Glass Vase C1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very Large Kralik Aquagold Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach enameled 'martele' vase C1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach bird vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riedel Large Japonisme Bird Vases 14" - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. OK - Karen literally stole my words
  2. Hi Sylvie, I don't really buy into the Loetz connection. Not sure why, possibly the utilitarian nature of these things, but really, did anyone use them, and for what?. I still think Harrach is a goo...
  3. Well done Ivonne - great to get the label!!!
  4. Wonderful, watched this all the way from to ebay and now to you ... well done Peggy .. it's FAB!
  5. Thanks for all the comments and likes everyone - always appreciated : )
  6. Hey Peggy, any chance of doing a 'basket' group shot, would love to see them all together.
  7. Haha ... yeah, if only our coutry wasn't run by morons..... Oh, I forgot... you got a similar problem haven't you?
  8. Stunning Ales, a very special piece!
  9. Fantastic - just love the subject matter/illustration and the size
  10. luverly jubberly!!!
  11. Outstanding piece!
  12. I love those Murano attributions - maybe you got it for a song Michelle? I often wonder how things like this survive over many years without damage. Still - a very special piece indeed.
  13. Fantastic, we don't see enough of this interesting maker - great group shot too.
  14. Hi Ivonne - what a superb piece to add to your collection - I love it!
  15. Thank you Michelle, I always appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments ; )
  16. Fabulous piece!
  17. Hi Peggy - yeah, so I'm in the process of letting some items go. I've become less focussed on specific makers and I'm just ending up with too much of an eclectic collection - shelves are packed and I'...
  18. Amazing bowl of pebbles!
  19. Wow - great first post and I agree, potentially Kralik, however it's quite unusual.
  20. This décor is special indeed - great catch!!
  21. Amazing!!
  22. Nice sill display Peggy : )
  23. Lovely.... Over the years, I've learnt to really appreciate many of these fine Welz 'Baskets'
  24. Hi Peggy, yeah, nice to have one of these designs in the collection
  25. Hi Peggy - I think Riedel's are the most fearsome of all Bohemian birds!
  26. Hi Michelle, when it arrived I was amazed how much better it was - seller's pics were awful.
  27. You're right Alfred, I have been on a roll, got lucky on some of these pieces. Gotta stop now, and spend money on my wife and kids - Christmas and all that!!
  28. Thanks for your comment Michelle - I always appreciate them ; )
  29. Thanks Michelle, I was lucky to see this and get my offer in before anyone else spotted it!
  30. Thanks Michells - I was so surprised that A. He didn't use the information I gave him in the main description and B. that he listed it again with postage. It's been a long time since I bought any earl...
  31. I love lampshades and this is spectacular. Those blue bands are reminiscint in form of those seen on PG829.
  32. I think so too!
  33. Hi Wow - yeah I saw that one, but I've not seen another and yes same style on that one also. Well found.
  34. Hahaha..... so true!
  35. @4 Thanks again Marin, I always appreciate your comments
  36. @3 Thanks Sylvie
  37. @6 Thanks Alfred, yeah, I got quite lucky over the last couple of weeks!
  38. @4 Thanks Sylvie
  39. Thanks Marin.... this guilty obsession pays off big time sometimes!
  40. Thank you Sylvie - more luck than brains, I can assure you.. : )
  41. I just added that to the description.
  42. Ohh - I'm sorry - completely forgot to mention that - It's 14"
  43. Thanks Alfred - yes, I'm really please with this one
  44. Yeah - as I say, the shape is most often regarded as Rindskpof - interesting!
  45. Hey, thanks for the comment apostata, and yes it is in very good condition - so much better than the seller's terrible pics.
  46. Thanks Ales, happy you agree with me on attribution.
  47. Hi Pen - The seller dropped the price by £10 every other day - so it seemed to me they wanted sell quick - I offered £70 below the buyitnow price!
  48. Very nice find Michelle... I got a Bakalowits Luna with enameling to show soon..... not that we're having a competition or anything : )
  49. only just come across this... amazing piece and stunning workmanship!
  50. ...quilty here too.... good hunting and great find as usual : )
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