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Marietta, GA

Hi, Glads and Glassies! I'm Scott Langer, 67, currently living in Marietta GA. I'm wheelchair-bound, so I don't get to the glass events, museums, or gatherings. I buHi, Glads and Glassies! I'm Scott Langer, 67, currently living in Marietta GA. I'm wheelchair-bound, so I don't get to the glass events, museums, or gatherings. I buy & sell some, as Scotty's Glass 101 on eBay (where I list a few of the items I have posted here). Glass fascinates me, particularly the art glass of Fin de Siecle Bohemia, which makes up most of my modest collection. I also collect/trade antique electric lamps, and I have a fondness for Chinese Jade trees. (Read more)


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Lovely mysterious watermelon glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Vase a la Alphonse Mucha - Art Glassin Art Glass
Estate Sale Score - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian 3-part Window - Art Glassin Art Glass
Shiny Brass, Mottled Glass, Vintage Class! - Lampsin Lamps
Lovely Garniture Set - Potteryin Pottery
Candleholders Starter Collection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Ruby 2 Clear Table Lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I have a lamp that has GIM 397 stamped on the inside of the cluster cover, and it doesn't look anything like this.
  2. Rockbat - let's stay in touch! Facebook: Scott Langer
  3. Way to go, Marty! The consensus was Fritz Heckert, but your link to the Passauer Glasmuseum exhibit nails it! I thank all of you for your wonderful comments and invaluable assistance. Vielen Danke! ...
  4. Nice Score! Congratulations!
  5. You could be right, Phil. I'll have to take another look... it's wrapped and in storage right now. The shape and the panel cuts - top & bottom both - sure look the same (IIRC).
  6. These are so much like the light purple vase I posted about many moons ago that was tentatively ID'd as Val St. L... I think I need to do some more Kralik research.
  7. That is a beautiful piece.
  8. I think I have a pic of this vase taken under UV light; if I find it, I'll be happy to send it to you.
  9. Ironically, I was on your website less than four hours ago. Peachtree & Bennett here in ATL are having an auction in two weeks, and I'm trying to figure out exactly what all the "Loetz" vases really ...
  10. @Welz - how do they get "honeycomb"? I sorta kinda can see it, but it looks more like a tree trunk to me.
  11. Gillian - there are rustic country houses and scenery depicted. Dave - indeed, there are impressions on the vases, but I can't tell what they are. My vision isn't up to the task. My guess is Mid...
  13. That is some fantastisch Information, Welz-devil! I have a "Glass Notes" notepad file on my desktop, and this is going straight into it! Seems it's the Chromium (III) Oxide crystals which precipita...
  14. I was having a flashback... 8)
  15. Lou - out of all the candleholders I have, those are my favorites. Marty - thanks, mate! TY for the LOVE, y'all!
  16. GROOVY!
  17. TY, Rose! Al, this was ID'd as Harrach. Another vase in the lot was identified as von Poschinger (I'll post it shortly). I understand that green Aventurine is not all that common... is that your expe...
  18. F-A-B!!! About 45 or so years ago, I had my first mescaline experience in Arizona. Very Spiritual (ty Quicksilver Messenger Service & It's a Beautiful Day)... I encountered, for want of a better word...
  19. That is a lovely green. I note that the Fischer vase lacks the tall handle, and has only the two smaller ones. Which is the variant? Or perhaps neither? Now that I'm aware of the twin, I'll have to tr...
  20. Indeed, this is the vase from the Julia auction. They don't typically fail to identify something like this. I'll look at the Fischer piece. The handles just seem so out of place. Thanks for your i...
  21. TY, Katherine. My local library doesn't have that particular book. I'll have to search out which library nearest to me at which I have borrowing pyiveleges has it. I posted a pic of a pair of Moser v...
  22. I know this is old, but: I was led to believe that these lamps were French circa 1930. I actually have four of these, and two have shades identical to the one depicted. One of the shades needs repair....
  23. OH WOW! (when's the last time y'all heard THAT?) Like Alfredo, I'm an Orangie too! About 10% of my glass collection is all or part orange. In fact... maybe it's a false memory... but I THINK my very ...
  24. Thank You so very much, Vetraio! Exactly the info I was seeking! And you are right, I absolutely need to get a copy of the Truitt book. I have it on my wishlist on Amazon. Gotta sell some stuff first...
  25. Greetings, Project_Harrach. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of eBay. It's a flea market with cheap Chinese commodity goods, counterfeits, and closet cleanout "collectibles". I follow, and o...
  26. TY, guys. It's one of my faves. I need to sell it, though (Healthcare Marketplace screwup) Ruby Lane was mean to me, and y'all know PayBay... folks gripe in the Sellers Forum if they don't get top ...
  27. I got it at auction about a year ago. "Attributed to Lötz" About 5 mouse clicks would've revealed the truth. So I'm lucky in that respect. (especially since I'm clueless...) $190 + Buyer's Premium....
  28. Hi Michelle, I've visited most of those sites, hence my hesitancy in ascribing a maker to these. I have some other Lötz pieces which I will post pics of, by and by. B)
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Shiny Brass, Mottled Glass, Vintage Class! JIRÍ ŠUHÁJEK - KARLOVARSKÉ SKLO MOSER GLASSWORKS 1973 Tango pair - Kralik and possible Kralik Large Bohemian/Czech Vase Art Deco Mica Lamp


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