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New Jersey Seashore, USA


  1. What a sweet little thing! Small enough to squeeze into an already filled curio cabinet :). I'm also loving the catalogue page as a 'go-with'. This makes my heart beat faster ...Congrats on a great pi...
  2. Wow Michelle! Your display couldn't be more beautiful, and fitting. Well done :)
  3. Penny!! You know how much I LOVE the glass in beautiful metal mounts. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. Outstanding Kai. The detail is so great, thank you for sharing :)
  5. So wonderful to enlighten us all...novice and pros ! Thank you for a very well presented research article.
  6. Congrats Kai !
  7. One more beauty in that great collection! Fabulous!! Dandelions are my favorite weed :)
  8. You are always finding the un-findable missy! You still holding the cabin for ME?? I saw another guest confirm a reservation..hhmmm..
  9. So beautiful Michelle. You know I'm loving the beautiful birds, and the soft background color. Congrats on a great pair :)
  10. Always there with a surprize inky :). It is beautiful for displaying those 'short stemmed ones'.
  11. What a beautiful find! Totally unexpected as 120 years old.
  12. I love oval hand blown and decorated art glass: It adds another dimension to the artistic value, IMHO. Beautiful.
  13. Leah, you never disappoint with the beautiful and unique glass you find! Happy to admire this, thank you :)
  14. I'm loving this pretty pocketbook! Luscious enough to take shopping. Lots of nice balance in the details for such an unusual shape. Great find!
  15. Kai..thanks for the 'notice, along with Penny...I just saw this post today...So glad you posted...from my house to yours...a loving home!
  16. Thank you for that research! I've owned this bowl in the past and absolutely love that soft rim and wonderful color.Nice to know it's birthplace, thank you!
  17. the ultimate researcher! Congrats Leah:)
  18. What an outstanding collection of nearly or perfectly matching yet rare items. Lots of friends wishing you well on your forever quest to find the awesome and unusual. Stunning!
  19. Just beautiful ! Imagine when a candle is inside? Has to be dreamy:)
  20. How extraordinary, and beautiful. Quite the masterpiece of design and execution: Simple and lovely. Delicate.
  21. Nice! Great attribution, and a beauty too:)
  22. So stunning Penny! "Especially all that Geometry in Glass" said the Retired Geometry teacher ( and art glass enthusiast:)
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