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eXperimental Tiffany Favrile Iridescent Decorated Opal Glass  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiffany Favrile Blue's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiffany Studios Favrile Reactive Glass Paperweight Vase Special Order - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiffany Studios Opalescent and Favrile Trumpet Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wonderful and rare Walther & Sohne Art Nouveau / Art Deco lamp - Art Decoin Art Deco
Alton Trevaise Tiffany Style Art Nouveau Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian British glass with a Mystery - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Orpheus c.1904 PN 1027 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Adventures in Early Tiffany Favrile Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. @apostata don't really understand your comments/questions? Blastule=bubble? There's a tiny, as made open bubble, very common on Tiffany's blown Favrile glass, insignificant really, but if I we're sel...
  2. Stunning find Warren!!
  3. Thanks Shuzbut. Frank was an avid collector and fan of Trevaise glass. My commentary on the article was straight from Phil's post. Unfortunately there's not much info on Trevaise, bits and pieces w...
  4. Thanks Shuzbut I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also found a third example in the MET, and have updated the article to reflect that. Love their early work, it's funky, mysterious, and very much undocument...
  5. Thanks so much Peggy, that'll be great to have your set as an example of their work!
  6. @sklo42 - I'm doing a presentation this Friday on 100 years of Harrach perfumes for the IPBA Convention. Would you mind if I used a photo of your wonderful Harrach Peloton perfumes? Thanks! Brian
  7. Super piece, congratulations!!
  8. Great find, super piece!
  9. This is definitely Harrach. I wrote an article on my now defunct website about the matter, but Warren also posted an article about it here. Here's a cut & past from his article: Wilhelm Kralik, a...
  10. Those are great, I've never seen Peloton perfume bottles! Peloton was first invented by and patented by Harrach. At the time, the factory was managed by a Kralik, and he later went on to work at t...
  11. Thank you Deb!
  12. Thanks Kevin!
  13. Hi Kai, Thanks for taking a read. Hajdamach does show the detailed description of the 'Design Registration Marks' it's also now on the Internet :)
  14. Beautiful piece of Heckert, Thamm, Rade work!
  15. Hi Cogito, Thanks, it was a bit of a sleeper. Be honest, did you know it was Tiffany before? I'm still researching the other larger piece (don't have them in hand yet, soon). I posted it on a...
  16. Thank you Shuzbut, I'm glad you enjoyed it (actually glad someone read it :)
  17. Thank you vertraio50!
  18. Thanks Sean!
  19. I finally added the same vase to my collection, it's a monster, it's HUGE, and wonderfully decorated.
  20. Beautiful little vase, love the bug!
  21. Beautiful example! I have a Lötz Eduard Prochaska decorated handled pensée Markasit basket, would love to find that PN.
  22. To add to my comment above, here's just a couple of the glassworks that I uncovered Harrach doing contract work for (outsourcing is nothing new is it?): Legras, France and F.& C. Osler, England
  23. Ales why couldn't the glass shown in the catalogs be from multiple manufacturers, and potentially from Teplitz as well as other areas ? When I spent two summers at the Harrach Glassworks digital...
  24. Now I know why the seller didn't respond to my PM :) Congrats, it's a beauty!
  25. Johnolyth glass is so rare to find in the U.S., and I suspect they didn't make a lot of it to begin with. I've been after an example for a long time, especially the example with the dragon fly :) ...
  26. Beautiful piece Ales. I'm curious why you wouldn't consider it either a glass school piece or even perhaps made by Harrach. Harrach did make a fair bit of similar cameo, but it's not found in the wi...
  27. What's not to love about it! Great find!
  28. Ales I really enjoy the diversity in your Bohemian glass tastes, you and are are peas of the same pod :) Love you're Harrach Formosa vase! I have a Harrach Formosa covered box coming someday (thin...
  29. Stunning piece of glass, nice find! The shape is a well known Harrach shape, but not surprised Don things it's Josephinenhutte. He seems quite convinced that everything is :)
  30. Ales I could probably go through the Harrach design books and look for this when I get a chance. The books from the 1860's are pretty spectacular as many of the pieces are hand painted/colored.
  31. Well you don't see those every day that's for sure, congrats on the find!
  32. All beautiful Loetz, I particularly like the trumpet vase.
  33. Beautiful work, nice find Michelle!
  34. Nice snag, I knew that was going to be something good when I saw it, good on you.
  35. Nice one Warren! Reminds me of the Loetz feather vase I just picked up.
  36. I have the same one as the small one in the second photo. I always thought it was Harrach, glad to know it's in fact Loetz!!
  37. That's a beauty Warren. You almost have to see that decor in person to really appreciate all that's going on. Congrats!
  38. Glad to see it is identified in the 1893 Worlds Fair photo as proof positive Loetz.
  39. I have a couple examples of this, it's lovely work, very underrated IMO. I'm sure if it were Loetz, it'd go for substantially more :)
  40. Beautiful and rare, congratulations on your find!
  41. Museum quality is a misnomer, as they have many broken, chipped, repaired, restored pieces in their collections. Warren you've been a busy boy!! Always amazed what turns up in a DIY lamp.
  42. If I count the art nouveau decanter set, I'm up to about a dozen pieces of Schlevogt Ingrid glass, this is the first piece of black glass from that genera of glass. The real McCoy was nice quality wo...
  43. Super piece Warren, nice find!!
  44. Beautiful pair!! Amazing their signed, that's great!
  45. Thanks gents! It's amazing what comes up and the history and research are all part of the passion. Love this hobby!
  46. Nice find, those "M" crimps strike again :)
  47. Nice paperweight! Warren are you collecting Lundberg now?
  48. Nice write-up Volkmar. Probably the most expensive piece of Tango glass ever sold eh? Is it your piece?
  49. Warren I was thinking perhaps these were made by Schliersee?
  50. One of my favorite Loetz decors, what's not to love!
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