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 Ingrid Glass Buddah Statue by Curt Schlevogt and signed Hoffman Jewelry Box  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
RARE Harrach Shape Shifters - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Beranek Pompeian Glass Discovered! - Art Decoin Art Deco
Pair of Ultra Rare Harrach Copper Glass Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN II-4522 PG 566/294 & H.G. McFaddin & CO. Lamps - Art Glassin Art Glass
Muller Fres Cameo Glass Vase Meets Greek Mythology - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausfuehrung 136 - 1910 - PN II-7506 - Art Glassin Art Glass
1900 Paris Exhibition piece designed by none other then Franz Hofstätter, PN II-375 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Harrach Art Nouveau Enameled Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
The tale of two sisters.....or two Rare Pieces of Harrach Art Glass, Copern & Platin - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nice snag, I knew that was going to be something good when I saw it, good on you.
  2. Nice one Warren! Reminds me of the Loetz feather vase I just picked up.
  3. I have the same one as the small one in the second photo. I always thought it was Harrach, glad to know it's in fact Loetz!!
  4. That's a beauty Warren. You almost have to see that decor in person to really appreciate all that's going on. Congrats!
  5. Glad to see it is identified in the 1893 Worlds Fair photo as proof positive Loetz.
  6. I have a couple examples of this, it's lovely work, very underrated IMO. I'm sure if it were Loetz, it'd go for substantially more :)
  7. Beautiful and rare, congratulations on your find!
  8. Museum quality is a misnomer, as they have many broken, chipped, repaired, restored pieces in their collections. Warren you've been a busy boy!! Always amazed what turns up in a DIY lamp.
  9. If I count the art nouveau decanter set, I'm up to about a dozen pieces of Schlevogt Ingrid glass, this is the first piece of black glass from that genera of glass. The real McCoy was nice quality wo...
  10. Super piece Warren, nice find!!
  11. Beautiful pair!! Amazing their signed, that's great!
  12. Thanks gents! It's amazing what comes up and the history and research are all part of the passion. Love this hobby!
  13. Nice find, those "M" crimps strike again :)
  14. Nice paperweight! Warren are you collecting Lundberg now?
  15. Nice write-up Volkmar. Probably the most expensive piece of Tango glass ever sold eh? Is it your piece?
  16. Warren I was thinking perhaps these were made by Schliersee?
  17. One of my favorite Loetz decors, what's not to love!
  18. That's a stunner Warren, glad you were able to acquire it.
  19. Interesting, I have a similarly sized Loetz platter as well, done in something similar to Titania Genre 2516 Perl glass, and it's footed.
  20. Incredible find, congrats!!
  21. You can scratch Lundberg, Orient & Flume off the list.
  22. Stunners, congrats on the great catch!
  23. That WAS a fantastic buy, but wow, unbelievable the seller would ship it so poorly packed :( I purchased a VERY rare Harrach bear in a forest fire scene cameo glass lamp shade, and the seller did a...
  24. I have one of these uber rare Harrach "Tiffany" Art Nouveau vases, it's a JIP:
  25. This is an easy one, lovely pair of Art Nouveau Poschinger vases!
  26. Warren nice find and thanks for posting this. I know I've read of these AKA signatures on Kralik cameo glass, but not sure if I've seen one come up in the wild (I should, I usually keep an eye on cam...
  27. Apparently I need some glass spies too :) Great late piece, the controlled bubbles really make this piece!
  28. Stunner!!
  29. Nice one, signed LOETZ cameo glass is getting tough to find.
  30. Deb that was the impression I got when discussing the additional volumes with Jitka. Such a shame, I'd love to see anything else they have on the pre-1900 work.
  31. Thanks Lisa. I'm referring to the Loetz pattern book Jitka published in 2012. It covers most of 1900-1914, there are holes, but there's a wealth of new information. IIRC Jitka was going to pub...
  32. Thanks for the loves and comments. Kai thanks for the auction info, I'll take a look. Deb you're welcome to use the photos.
  33. Nice piece, and that was a great price. I was set to bid on it and got tied up with work. It does seem to open a can of worms.
  34. I have a matching large footed console bowl, also signed Ca. Loetz, and the workmanship is beautiful.
  35. Beautiful vase, hard to be positive it's Harrach, but there's a good chance.
  36. Very nice, not so sure on the Loetz attribution, but very nice piece.
  37. I wondered where that piece went :) Your photos sure make it look much nicer then the original sellers did, as I probably would've went for it with your photos. Very nice buy, and great photos!
  38. Couple of interesting observations: - I've been to dozens of glass centric museums in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. I've seen many types of obscure glass makers represented, yet never ...
  39. Michelle I think their work is pretty interesting too. They were seemingly attempting to make glass imitate pottery and porcelain in many of their efforts. I have a few pieces of their work, but t...
  40. That's a beauty! I have the same vase, but with the Vulkan finish, absolutely love it and it would be fun to have a collection of this shape in the various finishes they made them with.
  41. Very nice Harrach air-trap / Atlas glass vase!
  42. I should post a photo of mine to compare, interesting that they did one in what amounts to black Hyalith, and yours in Amberina style glass as well.
  43. Sadly all of my JWW glass is packed away. I have some miniature vases, a creamer and sugar set in air trap, rose bowls, and a lovely signed salt in a silver plated holder. It doesn't come up a lot, a...
  44. This is by Harrach. I have the identical vase in black glass, with enamel decoration. There is an American company that did pressed glass and made a line in this same pattern (I forget the name)...
  45. This is by Harrach. I have the identical vase in black glass, with enamel decoration. There is an American company that did pressed glass and made a line in this same pattern (I forget the name)...
  46. I believe the glass is by English maker John Walsh Walsh. I have a small collection of air trap glass that is from JWW and one of them is a miniature white footed air trap vase with the same decorati...
  47. Love this glass!
  48. Thanks MALKEY !!
  49. Fantastic PG Warren, congrats landing that one!
  50. Love these!
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