Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors Hi, my name is Judy and I am a Glassaholic. I love art glass and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a handmade piece. I especially love all the colors and designs. Right now my focus is collecting perfume bottles/atomizers. (Read more)


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Fenton Art Glass made for DeVilbiss Atomizers - Bottlesin Bottles
Fenton Dot Optic Ivy Ball Footed Vases #1021 - Art Glassin Art Glass
DeVilbiss Atomizers Made by Fenton Art Glass - 1941-1947 - Art Glassin Art Glass
DeVilbiss “Perfumizer” Cat #1227 –Fostoria Glass Dandelion Pattern-  1908 - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss – 1912 - Cat. # E-5 – Cambridge Glass – Mt. Vernon Pattern - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizer– Cat #S750-46 - Glass maker unknown - Bottlesin Bottles
DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizer – Cat #S1250-7-bottle made by Fuger-Taube Glass of West Germany-1953 - Bottlesin Bottles
Large Muted Rose Hand Painted Perfume/Cologne Decanter  - Bottlesin Bottles
Green and Gold Paneled Glass Perfume Bottle aka Slat aka Listovane aka Listovacka - Bottlesin Bottles
Green and Gold Paneled Glass Perfume Bottle aka Slat aka Listovane aka Listovacka - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Possibly, Nason & C. black Murano glass vase with copper Aventurine inclusions, from their 'Avventurina' range, labelled.
  2. I suspect it is Imported from China. Google Murano Glass Parrot (that is what the internet calls them). Yours does not have the fine hand blown detail and lines as Murano glass. And don't forget, M...
  3. This answers a question that I have had about some vanity pieces I have that I believe were imported by IRice. This Japan link has opened up a whole new realm for m. Thanks.
  4. WOW! This is awesome. Judy P
  5. Hi, TimeTraveller. Thanks for the note. Yes, I am a Fentonaholic! LOL. I can't tell from the lighting, but are your bottles Turquoise or Pastel Green? Either way they are lovely. I have had my eye o...
  6. Thanks, Warren, for this information. I always learn something from your posts. I believe this has helped me ID a perfume atomizer that has a silhouette.
  7. Here is a little more info. Looks like Bruder Rachmann was the atomizer maker, like DeVilbiss.
  8. Oh, and your bottle appears to be 1920s-30s.
  9. What a wonderful find, LOUMANAL!! I collect, research, study and obcess perfume bottles and atomizers. If you don't mind I am sharing your post on our IPBA (International Perfume Bottle Association) F...
  10. Thanks, agram.m.
  11. Thanks again, agram.m!
  12. Thank you, agram.m
  13. Hi, sklo42! Yes, it is the black and orange. I am beginning to find that out. LOL. I am just trying to start with a maker that used this technique on anything. It's the only starting point I can think...
  14. Thanks, sklo42!
  15. TimeTraveller. Cool. I know which ones they are.
  16. Thanks, fortapache!
  17. TimeTraveller, are they hobnail? Thanks!
  18. I just acquired a perfume bottle with the "see through" spatter. Hoping to find someone who knows who made these? My bottle is clear casing over black and orange. I do like the colors in yours. Go...
  19. Thanks, Mrstyndall! Thanks, Elisabethan!
  20. Thanks, ozmarty!!!
  21. Thanks, nutsabotas6!
  22. I am a huge lover of colored glass. These displays are wonderful. Hope you don't live in earthquake territory. :)
  23. Beautiful. Love it!
  24. Possibly Whiting Davis Co. Open the hinge and look inside along the metal band that closes. May just be marked Germany. Circa 1920-1930.
  25. I love the comparisons. I collect perfume bottles and run into similar nuances. There can be something very minuscule about the differences, and the novice collector can't see it. I can only speak for...
  26. Thank you for sharing the photo and information. The colors are luscious.
  27. btw, it is spelled Boulton & Mills. Cheers. Audnam Glassworks – Boulton and Mills, 1861 to 1926 William Webb Boulton, son ...
  28. Thanks, sklo42. :)
  29. Love the colors, and the shape of the atomizer and the powder wonderful. Beautiful example.
  30. Hello, OzMarty. I thought we decided this was Ruckl. I have the perfume atomizer bottle with the same design and was told it was Ruckl.
  31. How precious! I have not seen this set before. Very 60s for sure.
  32. OK, it was just the angle of one photo that looked like it had "windows". :) It is still a Cambridge blank. Nice find.
  33. Oops. I just now see that the bottle has speckles on it. Are there also "windows" in the glass? Can you show it from the side?
  34. You can google and find the matching dauber bottle that came with this gift set.
  35. Bill, I am assuming the metal is gold? It also came with at silver chromium fitting. Here is some info for you: DeVilbiss/Cambridge - Cat# FB-20 – Perfumizer - Black - 1925 Cambridge Glass Compa...
  36. Thanks, Malkey!
  37. mikelv85 I just posted a photo of my "Fenton Lollipops".
  38. mikelv85 These are beautiful. I have the set in multiple colors. I call them my Fenton Lollipops! :) Not to belabor your post, but can you please tell me where you found that they were made for FTD?...
  39. Beautiful!! No matter when it was made, it is a very nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing.
  40. UPDATE: I took this vase to the Antique Roadshow in 2015 and showed it to Kathleen Bailey. I showed her both my vase and a photo of the vase marked Sevres for comparison. She did not confirm nor deny...
  41. Thanks for the comment, katherinescollections. Fenton did not begin their relationship with Wrisley until 1939 and it ended in 1940. Fenton made the well known hobnail cologne bottle for the one year...
  42. Same to you. I have most of the Fenton books, so if I can ever help or look something up I will be glad too. I don't get on here a lot, but if you make a comment on one of my photos, I will get an ema...
  43. Love that yellow. Good deal!
  44. OneGoodFind Thanks. My pleasure. I am a strong believer in sharing the knowledge. I wish I had had it years ago! LOL. I have verified all of this in at least two books and the catalogs.
  45. Hi, jmusg20, Yes, as a matter of fact, I am familiar with Holmspray. Which one/ones do you have? I have some information on a couple of them. I would need a way to send you the .jpg and text though.
  46. Thank you, racer4four. I still have several bottles to collect in the Fenton line. I also collect other DeVilbiss atomizers, but will never have all of them. Too many and too expensive. Cheers.
  47. I LOVE FENTON! Nice dish.
  48. Thanks, TassieDevil and Manikin
  49. Thanks, vetraio50 Thanks, aura
  50. Thanks, racer4four
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"Fenton" FTD # 1021 Green "Coin" Dot Optic and Milk Glass Base Ivy Balls /Circa 196o's Sheaffer's Skrip Writing Fluid Contour Lounge Chair 1937-1939 Chevrolet fender parking light