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I collect Open Salts, Salt Spoons, a bit of Carnival Glass, Burtles & Tate Opalescent Glass and various other British Glass. I like Custard glass, Mary Gregory andI collect Open Salts, Salt Spoons, a bit of Carnival Glass, Burtles & Tate Opalescent Glass and various other British Glass. I like Custard glass, Mary Gregory and Like all collectors I have ended up with various other bits and pieces. I live on the East Coast of Australia. (Read more)


  1. Thank you davyd286, I have posted a couple og photos of the back, the pendant setting is definitely different to the oval settings.
  2. Thank you Sightseer, It is a lovely piece and you could be right about the links mending the chain. It does deserve to be repaired and I am sure it must of been inherited.
  3. Thank you all for the love. I have been going going over some of the jewellery shown and have seen some amazing pieces.
  4. Thank you Efesgirl, it is possible but I just had a look at the necklace, I think if anything was attached it would sit far too high on the throat also the rings are very small and I took them as ju...
  5. Thank you Pennicollectables, I think that because it looks like a couple of other patterns and is not an outstanding design, it is dismissed or overlooked.
  6. Hello Anne, Peachblow is a term more often associated with American Glass. Webb learnt the process in America and when he started producing it back in England It was named Queens Burmese ware as th...
  7. Vintagelamp, to me it looks like Bimini. This is extremely thin fragile glass by Fritz Lampl circa 1930, if you google Bimini Cocktail Glasses and look at images you will see what I mean. I hope...
  8. HelloDolly, If you cannot post a photo, it should have the oak & leaf pattern in it, it will have the registered number on the glass, you have to run your finger around to feel it And it not a big...
  9. Hi Vintagefran, this would certainly turn up as a salt in many collectors cabinets and I Would buy it as such. The size looks to be Master Salt size rather than as a small individual salt. I love th...
  10. Interesting find Perfumer. You have a knack of finding the unusual.
  11. Thank you for the love weirdpuckett, ozmarty and sean68
  12. Thank you Vintagefran, I wish some of the pieces we have could talk.
  13. Thank you Dana,Racer, Jewels,Virginia. It is simple but oh so pretty.
  14. Jim, I have been admiring your beautiful collection of Fairy Lamps. Please feel free to use any photo you want. Glad to be of help in your research.
  15. Thank you Perfumer. Glass is such a great medium. Love it.
  16. Thank you, Moonstone21lover, aghcollect, vetraio50, My first piece of Burmese Glass and I love it.
  17. 958 is higher grade of silver, Baden Baden a town in Germany. If you google the jewellers name you may find out a bit more. A jeweller would advise what the stones are.
  18. Sorry meant to say 935 which was a mark used mainly in Germany And Austria around the 1920's.
  19. The xx mark looks the makers mark for Wilhelm Muller, a German Jeweller active from 1880 to about 1940. The 925 is the purity of the silver 92.5 pure. Hope this helps a bit.
  20. Thanks perfumer, I like to think the gentleman who owned these items would like that they are still appreciated.
  21. Thank you BHock45, they are a favourite of mine.
  22. Thank you idcloisonne, racer4four and aghcollect. I think we all are just keepers of the past, holding it safe for the future and enjoying it along the way.
  23. Thank you moonstone. You have some lovely items.
  24. Perfumer, Got to love your beautiful bottles and salts.
  25. Very Nice Inky, like the shape and colours. You do know your glass.
  26. Gorgeous opalescence on this.
  27. Very pretty Perfumer, nice to have six.
  28. It is hard to tell from photos inky, from what I gather Webb marked a lot if his pieces. It is a shame we do not have more catalogues or more glass makers did not sign their work. It would make it ...
  29. Thank you everyone for the love and stopping by for a look.
  30. Thank you everyone. It is appreciated.
  31. Thank you racer, the colour is even better in the flesh and luckily the feet do not even have any nibbles. Maybe living in the stand has protected it from damage over the years. Thanks also vetraio50
  32. An impressive piece. I do like.
  33. Thanks Lisa
  34. Sorry Ian for the question marks. should have been a thumbs up
  35. Hi Peterdrury, It is possible the 4 is a journeyman's mark. A journeyman was a qualified craftsman who worked for a master. They were often assigned a mark or a number in order to have a count if h...
  36. Thank you Tallcakes. Must admit it is one of my favourite pieces. I was admiring your cake stands. I have an emerald green one that glows under black light and a clear glass one. I will eventually p...
  37. Thanks Tallcakes, that is my flower trough or posy boat. It was posted on the site as a reference to the shape.
  38. Thanks Ian, it looks like a nice site, and you are right. So much knowledge ????
  39. Thanks Inky, tis a favourite of mine
  40. Hello freiheit, Good find. Yes it is British Sterling Silver The M stands for 1939 and you were right it is Birmingham. The B&B has been seen on bracelets 1935-1939 but the maker has not been defi...
  41. Hi jearve, These were made by Stokes & Son from Melbourne . 1896-1980's. EP NS is electroplated nickel silver. They are quite collectible as anything from this maker is.
  42. Sorry, should have checked my spelling . iPad does insert some words.
  43. Hello antiquerose. Could one of the marks by an R is script. I have a salt with the Lion Passant, 925 and Sterling with an R. This was the makers mark for Roden Bros Ltd from Canada. My salt ...
  44. Thank you racer, it is nice when you find something that bit different. J
  45. Very nice spoon. It looks like a sugar sifter with the cut outs. (Used to sprinkle powered sugar over desserts etc) I have a ladle with the date 1802 and name engraved on it. I know it was made in...
  46. Thank you Parkerhouse, it is hard to take photos sometimes to get a clear shot or no reflections. Will have to practice.
  47. Thanks again Inky, it did not want to drag and replace, maybe because I am on an iPad. But found deleting and adding again replaced it. Any tips on protocol and using etc always welcome.
  48. Too easy when you know how, thank you Inky, love some of your postings. Thanks for the welcome Manikin. Looks like I am going to enjoy this site. Sooooo much eye candy.
  49. Thank you everyone. Still working my way around this site. Inky, I can see edit but not sure how to replace one of the photos with one of the base.
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