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San Francisco Bay Area, California

I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Loetz, and Heckert, for well over twenty years now. I also collect old Baccarat enameled opaline pieces. I fI have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Loetz, and Heckert, for well over twenty years now. I also collect old Baccarat enameled opaline pieces. I find glass so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


  1. Hi rzwolinski, that is great to know, thank you! I hope you enjoy the painting!
  2. Hi Blueyecon, Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad that my post was interesting to you, and it is nice to hear your connections to the area, too.
  3. I love these Kevin!
  4. Thank you, Warren, I appreciate it!
  5. Wow - your basket collection has grown! It is really is a wonderful assortment of colors and shapes! :)
  6. I love this grouping, Peggy! To me, all of your pieces are tango glass. They are all of the same period and style, and in my opinion, intention - strongly contrasting colors on rims and trim or handle...
  7. I love the frilled Welz pieces! I had a pair of candlesticks with the same frills. This is so pretty with the spiral, too - a terrific piece, Marin! :)
  8. This is my favorite Loetz cameo, Penny - the shape, color - everything! Congratulations!
  9. Jericho, even though these are by color and not your preferred choice of display, the diversity of forms you show is wonderful, as is seeing the range of different shades. These are great examples!
  10. Peggy, I agree with Scott - what a great photo! The Harrach set is very interesting, and I always like the painted tangos, by those unknown. Thanks for a great post! :)
  11. kivatinitiz, thank you! I really appreciate it!
  12. Thanks so much JimTim! It is great to see your example, too - thank you for pointing it out. It is also very interesting that Harrach and Welz made versions very similar to this, too. I am going to go...
  13. Thank you Wow22, I agree - it reminds me of Welz, too. But I think the enamel work is quite different, and points to Loetz in this case. :)
  14. Beautiful, and your photos, too! Happy spring, Marin! :)
  15. Amazing, Penny! No other word for it!
  16. Beautiful piece, Tony!
  17. Oh, what a beauty! This is a terrific shape, and such a beautiful shade of pink, too. I love it! :)
  18. This is a beauty, Peggy! Lovely enameling - I love the details on the back, too! :)
  19. Thanks so much Deb, that's great to know! It looks like it fits in with the period when they were making glass in stone-like decors, such as the Carneol and Marmoriertes type of glass.
  20. Hi Marin, thank you! That is very interesting about your fairy lamp; I know that Loetz made them, as I have seen a few, but not in those colors. Thanks for pointing it out to me!
  21. Thank you, Penny! perfect for the coming autumn here! :)
  22. Hi kyratango, I asked the person who made the photo collage for his permission to post it but haven't heard back from him yet. I think a post for malkey would be a nice idea!
  23. Hi all, I have some very sad news to confirm; a friend of Malkey's let me know via email that he died on December 12, 2020. He was, in addition to being an art glass collector, an avid bottle digger a...
  24. Wow! What iridescence! It is really a beauty, Marin. I agree with Peggy that I'd call it martelé, and I'd probably also go with Kralik on this one. :)
  25. I completely agree with Deb; you have a fabulous collection of this decor. Seeing all the colors that you have together is really wonderful!
  26. Laura, Moonstonelover21 is fine, from what I have heard. I believe she sold her glass collection and she is no longer collecting glass, and is not active in any glass groups that I know of.
  27. This is a beautiful piece! The raised enamel work is amazing, especially on the dragonflies! I think about Malkey quite often, and would love to know if he is all right. I know he was often in a ho...
  28. Thanks so much Peggy!
  29. Beautiful photos of a stunning vase! :)
  30. Thanks for posting the book page, Marin. I am so glad you were able to confirm your hunch! :)
  31. Marin, that is great! Don't you just love it when you can find a similar example? Terrific it is Richardson, too! :)
  32. Kivatinitz; it does exist, and it is so kind of you to say - thank you!
  33. I have never seen a piece like this before - yes, very fancy! So glad you were able to add to your wonderful collection!
  34. Thanks so much Marin!
  35. Thank you Kevin! I agree! :)
  36. Thanks so much Penny. I really love this one; I am glad you do, too! :)
  37. What a great shape, Angus! I love it!
  38. Thank you, Penny! :)
  39. I believe this is actually English - Webb’s bronze. The slightly rounded rim, wide polished pontil, and shape all look right to me for Webb, too. I have seen enameled examples, as well. You have a lov...
  40. Marin, I look forward to seeing it! :)
  41. I really like your thoughts on these pieces, Marin. The name ‘Anxious Objects’ is really perfect for them. Love the hammer!
  42. What a great vase! I love the photo of the three of them together. They have such a wonderful shape!
  43. Marin, you are too kind; thank you. You know, the single photograph of the seller's was very fuzzy, but the shapes of the enameled flowers stood out to me as being quite unusual. I was very happy when...
  44. Thanks so much Peggy! I am so glad you think so! :)
  45. Thank you Loetzforever I really appreciate it!
  46. Thanks so much Ales; that is great to know. I have only seen one other example of this decor myself, and that was an example on Pinterest that I believe was in Europe.
  47. What a beautiful piece. The close-up shows how finely the details were done. What a special piece for your collection!
  48. Thanks so much Sammyz, I am glad to hear that! :)
  49. Thank you, justlooken12!
  50. Peggy, I could eat Cornish cream teas all day! :)
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