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I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


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Rindskopf Vase Featured in an Antique Oil Painting - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Snakeskin Vase with English Silver Rim - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Teal Pulled Loop Vase, c. 1905 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Trio c.1898-1903 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Rose Bowl in 'Rosa'  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Twisted Pink Marbled Vase, c.1905 - Art Glassin Art Glass
St. Louis Enameled Opaline Vase with Birds and Prunus, c. 1880 - Art Glassin Art Glass
St. Louis Enameled Opaline Peony Vases, c. 1880 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue, White & Red Marbled Rindskopf Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Pepita Pleated Fan Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wonderful vase, Phil - your patience really did pay off! :)
  2. Thanks so much, Malkey! :)
  3. Thanks so much, Wow; I am so glad to hear that. And thanks for reminding me about Jericho's post, too - that is an amazing Kralik! :)
  4. Thank you Alain & sklo; yes, a pity to lose, but the shipping from the UK was very expensive, and I try to be careful with my spending. I still wanted to share the wonderful painting, though! :)
  5. Thanks so much, Malkey! :)
  6. Thanks, sklo! This is actually a bit of a variation of their snakeskin decor; it has 'bumps' going vertically up the vase (some people call it 'zipper'.) I have another vase that is a more traditional...
  7. A lovely pair, and terrific history piece - thanks for sharing it!
  8. Very interesting! I have never seen this shape before in Welz, either - always great to have a pair, too! :)
  9. Thank you, sklo! I do like these three together. :)
  10. Beautiful vase and pictures, Malkey! Great to see this post from you, too! :)
  11. Thanks so much, Deb! :)
  12. Thank you, Sammyz - I am glad you think so! :)
  13. Wow - a beauty indeed! Just gorgeous, Sammy!
  14. I love this square shape!! As always, Welz is full of surprises!
  15. This is absolutely incredible, Kai. The enameling is so fine and beautiful - how neat to have both a four and a five footed version!
  16. Yay! Another hex vase for your collection! Love the colors! I do keep an eye out for these for you, Peggy! :)
  17. Wonderful to see these all together, Jericho. You have an amazing collection!
  18. Malkey, thank you! Glad you like it! :)
  19. Thanks so much, Sammyz! :)
  20. Great to hear from you, Malkey! Love your photos, especially the night scene and your bunny! :)
  21. Thank you, Peggy! It almost appears to glow in the right light! :)
  22. Very pretty, sklo - I really like how the glass transitions from green to white (frosted clear) - it is the perfect background for a flower!
  23. Wow, Alan, that really is a monumental size! What a beautiful vase - congratulations on adding it to your collection!
  24. Thanks so much, Karen! :)
  25. Thanks so much, kivatinitz! I really enjoyed seeing your pieces, too! I love birds as a subject, as well! :)
  26. Thank you, kivatinitz!
  27. Wow, Peggy, you usually see these in solid colors, and it is great to see it in a spatter. Very nice!
  28. Good for you, Peggy - so glad you were able to get this lovely pair!
  29. Yes, I agree that it Legras. They are so often mis-identified as being Bohemian (or Murano!) I have a similar decor posted here in an egg shape. They made SO many great shapes, in so many different sp...
  30. Thank you, Scott - I am so glad you like it!
  31. Thanks so much, Peggy!
  32. Hi Malkey, thanks so much! 'candy floss pink' is perfect for this one! :)
  33. Oh, another one! I think you are making me a huge fan of Pierre Chenet's work, Scott. Thanks for introducing him to me. The patinas on his pieces are so beautiful!
  34. This is a beauty, Moonhill! Don't these large Rindskopfs have such a presence? I really like your photos, too. :)
  35. Love the pictures, Malkey! Great to see you having a fun climb! Wishing you all the best! :)
  36. Gorgeous, Malkey!! And the sunset behind it echos its colors so beautifully - thanks for sharing it! :)
  37. Wow, what a stunning piece, Kai!!
  38. This is so pretty - I love the flat, wide rim of pink!
  39. This is a really nice one, Peggy - I love the shape!
  40. What a beautiful vase! Also terrific research and information, Craig; very well explained. Thank you!
  41. Thank you, Mackey! I am so glad you like them!
  42. Thanks so much, Brian!
  43. Oh, this is a beauty, Warren!
  44. What beautiful pieces, Moonhill!! (I agree with Craig on their attribution, too.)
  45. I just found your post here, Penny - it is great to learn how few pieces were made! That her delicate neck and wings have survived all this time is amazing. And knowing how much you love animals, and...
  46. Wow! That sounds like it was an ideal way to get some beautiful glass! This is a really nice one, and big, too. Terrific!
  47. Terrific piece, Phil! I love the colors of this against the metal.
  48. Thanks so much, inky!! :)
  49. By the way, could you please tell me how tall they are? And isn't it hilarious that the cupids are playing tennis? ;)
  50. Yes, your vases were made by in France Baccarat, c. 1880. The shape is a classic form that they used. They are made of a very high quality opaline glass, and the decoration has been hand enameled. I h...
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