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San Francisco Bay Area, California

I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Loetz, and Heckert, for well over twenty years now. I also collect old Baccarat enameled opaline pieces. I fI have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Loetz, and Heckert, for well over twenty years now. I also collect old Baccarat enameled opaline pieces. I find glass so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


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Riedel Pale Blue Air Trap Vase with Enameling, c. 1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Iridescent Schaumglas mit Candia Silberiris, Eduard Prochaska, c.1920 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Baccarat Enameled Opaline Vase with Bird and Roses, dated 7th of August, 1879 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Heckert Red 'Changeant' Vase, c.1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert Enameled Vase with Lady, c.1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz gelbgrun DEK I/439 Jardiniere - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tischer, Karlsbad Enameled Pitcher with Peonies, c. 1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Loetz Cobalt Papillon Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Petite Baccarat Enameled Opaline Vase with Birds, c. 1875 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ruffled Bowl with Enameled Flowers, DEK III/26 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Marin, I look forward to seeing it! :)
  2. I really like your thoughts on these pieces, Marin. The name ‘Anxious Objects’ is really perfect for them. Love the hammer!
  3. What a great vase! I love the photo of the three of them together. They have such a wonderful shape!
  4. Marin, you are too kind; thank you. You know, the single photograph of the seller's was very fuzzy, but the shapes of the enameled flowers stood out to me as being quite unusual. I was very happy when...
  5. Thanks so much Peggy! I am so glad you think so! :)
  6. Thank you Loetzforever I really appreciate it!
  7. Thanks so much Ales; that is great to know. I have only seen one other example of this decor myself, and that was an example on Pinterest that I believe was in Europe.
  8. What a beautiful piece. The close-up shows how finely the details were done. What a special piece for your collection!
  9. Thanks so much Sammyz, I am glad to hear that! :)
  10. Thank you, justlooken12!
  11. Peggy, I could eat Cornish cream teas all day! :)
  12. Wonderful Peggy! I really like the hanging spoon. I wonder what would have been served this? :)
  13. Thanks so much, Loetzforever! I really appreciate your help! :)
  14. What a fantastic collection of Ausf 166. Your examples are beautiful, and your information very interesting, Thanks for another great post!
  15. Fantastic! What a great second part of the story! This is a wonderful piece Marin. I haven’t seen one with strawberries before, and I am so glad you were finally able to make it yours! :)
  16. The shape and color are gorgeous, Ales!
  17. Hi kivatinitz, I love your description of a forest. The greens are very cooling in this vase, and are one of the reasons I like it so much - and the bird, of course! :)
  18. Your vase is stunning Marin! I think you know how much I love Rindskopf. Your story was wonderful; I am so glad it worked out the way it did! :)
  19. Terrific information, thank you! And your collection of this decor is beautiful!
  20. These are wonderful, penny. I want to touch all the bumpy little seeds! And the color is great, too! :)
  21. Scott, thank you! I agree; it was well taken care of. :)
  22. Thanks Kevin; I think the date is wonderful - an exact day, long ago. I love that Baccarat dated their pieces like this; I have a file of dates like this one going back to 1869 so far.
  23. Thanks so much Penny! I am so happy to have it! :)
  24. These are so sweet! The way the scene is depicted and the colors make these feel so dainty, too. And I love vases in pairs! :)
  25. Thank you, Penny! :)
  26. Thank you very much Peggy - that means a lot! :)
  27. I love that you have a shoe and boot in the same decor - terrific!
  28. Wonderful color! I have not seen this decor on a bowl before, either!
  29. Thank you so much, kivatinitz!
  30. Thank you, EZa - he is! :)
  31. These are very pretty, Peggy. I think the pale blue bands with white dots are so sweet! I agree with you that they are most likely Bohemian. :)
  32. Thank you so much Kai; I appreciate it! I should have mentioned Max Rade in my post, too! :)
  33. Oh, what a terrific find!! I love these punched handle pieces, and yours is a beauty! Isn't it wonderful to find a sleeper? This will be beautiful in your collection, Marin!
  34. I have always loved this form and color - it is beautiful, Kai!
  35. Thanks so much for your post! You have some beautiful forms of Pampas; they all go very well together.
  36. What a beautiful collection!!
  37. This is so pretty, Peggy! A lovely find!
  38. Lovely! What a fun decor to see on a basket!! :)
  39. What a wonderful piece! Congratulations, Kai! And thank you for showing the difference in the Kaiser-rot in the two last pieces, too.
  40. Thank you Marin! He was a lovely person, and I do think of him whenever I see this one.
  41. Thanks so much Ales! I’ll definitely take a look at the pieces in your collection, :)
  42. Beautiful! Such a lovely deep red.
  43. Thank you kivatinitz, I am glad you think so.
  44. I love your idea, kivatinitz! Thank you! :)
  45. Thanks so much Scott! I feel very lucky to have it. :)
  46. Thank you! I love this size. I just had a massive almost 15" tall Baccarat arrive a few days ago - not an easy piece to place. I think it will need it's own plinth! ;)
  47. Beautiful pieces - I love this bold color combination!
  48. Walkingthefloor, thanks so much! :)
  49. Beautiful!! What a special piece for your collection! :)
  50. Gorgeous, all of them! What an amazing grouping. Thank you for sharing these!
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