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New Plymouth NZ

I like glass and have rather a lot (or too much depending on who you talk to) Victorian, Uranium, Mid Century be it Japanese or European and NZ Art Glass.


  1. Are the handrails original? Look different to the ones I got in the late 70s
  2. But I'd love it just to put tools in :)
  3. Porta power makes me think of those hydraulic sets for bending things back into shape and sure enough when searching on eBay is the hydraulic pump for sale!
  4. I think Marin like a lot of us needs a bigger house! Only problem is then there is more to look after and clean. Nice cabinet!
  5. The early Centurion tanks that Denmark used had 20pd guns.
  6. no where as cute as the squirrel though :)
  7. I have been looking but better photos of the hallmarks would be helpful. it's hard to tell but the makers mark (the first one) looks like Edward Barnard and Sons from 1934-1990 the date mark (the las...
  8. Rampant Lion so it should be try this link I have found it very useful.
  9. especially like the insulators, so many colours.
  10. it's definitely a beauty!!
  11. That is a fantastic piece Marin!
  12. damm Weltz!
  13. could be Welz
  14. Beautiful, but more pictures please. You are allowed 4.
  15. Yes shotgun cartridge extractor for when the brass rim pulls off and leaves the paper cylinder behind.
  16. a link I came across (also very brief) said he was active/lived in France.
  17. Is the space patroller Marvin's or are they searching for him?
  18. They are lovely, the Lalique is just a bonus!
  19. I thought SK was brought out by Wayne in the 1960s. Then subsequently brought by Dresser in the late 60s who dropped the Wayne.
  20. I thought maybe you had got them all!! :)
  21. Especially like the light red one with the dragon scales!!
  22. Wow that is a nice piece!
  23. Thanks Karen!
  24. A couple of "likely lads" I used to know here were ex NZ Navy. When word got out there was a navy boat in port they would be down asap to get into the rum and story would have it usually carried off ...
  25. I was wondering too, always good for a funny story or comment.
  26. thanks Mike I know this trick you will notice there is lead dust in the grooves but I still can't make out what it is :)
  27. Watch out that Wolf guy doesn't try to buy it, will tell you it's worth $5 and sell it for $50 :)
  28. Dalian Chinese make 60/70s, it's nice stuff I have a few lurking around the place.
  29. whoops I should read the whole description :)
  30. I can see birds in it or is it just me?
  31. lovely combination of glass and silver!
  32. Thanks TallCakes. I was anticipating a comment from yourself, your knowledge on US glass is much appreciated.
  33. Thanks for looking Kevin, the Iwata has a similar style. I was thinking it was more a local piece but Kiwis do travel.
  34. I've clicked the "love button" but it should be in this case the "Respect Button"!
  35. It's called a "sensitive drill press". Jewellers, clock makers and Model Engineers used them to drill small accurately placed holes. The old Model Engineer magazines (from the UK) used to regularly sh...
  36. It's their Maraka for when they do the Copacabana song and dance!
  37. and of course it's Pink! :)
  38. A lovely puss!
  39. Brightened up the photos a bit, the sun had disappeared and the first 3 originals were a bit dull, not what it looks like in the flesh.
  40. Very nice haven't seen a cut to clear Uranium piece before.
  41. Love how the spiky bits are Yellow, makes them stand out a bit more than the usual clear. As you know I like spiky bits :)
  42. Thanks for the opinions on origin Peggy, Marin If you all think Kralik then I'll go with that.
  43. agree with FP those rocket launchers on the front look neat!
  44. Lovely piece. Haven't seen much of Amanda lately is she in the dog box?
  45. Be interested to hear about the Canuck origin. Her indoors likes BMP and has a lot from my mother and various I come across. Lately a lady at the local car boot sale has been moving on her collection ...
  46. Nice how you have all the small flat weights these seem to be always missing from these sets. Is it TASCO Japan?
  47. Yes the blue is a bit different and I love it!
  48. Been looking around at old posts today it seems the fish bowl while made in England is the work of Aurora Glass as the one below is similar in so many ways it must be his work. https://www.collectors...
  49. great story.
  50. Glad you showed the base of this one and the last as they are quite neat and wouldn't normally be seen!
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