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New Plymouth NZ

I like glass and have rather a lot (or too much depending on who you talk to) Victorian, Uranium, Mid Century be it Japanese or European and NZ Art Glass.


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Tall Elegant Victorian Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Chinese Cloisonné Vase - Asianin Asian
Old School Athearn Diesel Electric Locomotives - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Art Deco Glass Dresser Set - Art Decoin Art Deco
Victorian Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Glass bowl by Josef Inwald - Art Glassin Art Glass
A nice new bowl!?? - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Japanese Glass Basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Neodymium Glass!! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. You look at these and some of the more colourful ones pop out initially and then you start looking at the one with the grapes.....mmm needs it's own post with better pickys!
  2. With all that faceting in the glass would be very interesting to see what it does in the sunlight, I'm picking it would be fantastic!
  3. Fantastic luck, love all 3 of them but this is the best!
  4. Gee BB2 your looking like the "Rebel" without a cause there, just need the leather jacket. :)
  5. Beautiful, love the contrast in the colours.
  6. I'm no expert but I love it and looking at the beautiful carving of the base it can't be just a cheap piece surely.
  7. Mate the day we stop playing is the day we step one foot in the grave!! Keep Playing :)
  8. Hi Karen how is the picture done is it done by sandblasting layers?
  9. Definitely different for a Japanese piece. But I like it!
  10. Gee I wish I had that problem 2.99 pounds is a steal :)
  11. Love it! I like Neodymium glass the colour changes fascinate me.
  12. Interesting to know where these came from I have all the 3 different patterns in the same shape in green and an amber one in the 317 pattern that I have on the kitchen table to use as a place to drop ...
  13. Hi Charlessi, if you check my profile you'll see we share the same bit of dirt. Is this the one on TM? Sorry as I mentioned above it was my grandfathers and I don't know how old it is, he died in 6...
  14. Athearn where great as you could buy everything separately and I'm sure somewhere I have 3 or 4 bodies of different railroads for the PA1, I just have to find them......
  15. Wow beautiful Vase and Basket, which do you choose as a favorite?..... Maybe the Vase.
  16. Beautiful, shame you have them hidden in the Attic.
  17. He's nice. Trunk up is much better. :)
  18. I'm no expert but the lack of a full polish to the base..... But then again it's a lovely vase and seems to have depth to it. I have a couple of vases myself that I mean to show that I suspect are Chi...
  19. Good spotting Marin that is a Fantastic piece. Happy Birthday!
  20. There are people making Horror Movies looking just for this sort off device to use as props for the bad guy!
  21. Sorry Tailgators are very common in NZ. Oh hold it the ones here are 1/1 scale :) love it, it's a crazy vehicle.
  22. Thanks for the links esp to the picture of boat with stand, I had found a blue one but not the same colour!
  23. thanks Kevin and Karen!
  24. Stopped counting pieces at 200.....
  25. Blast I hoped you would know, never mind thanks for the information here and elsewhere. I thought with all the Japanese glass I have posted especially today I would flush you out sooner or later :)
  26. Hi Karen, it's an 86 got it about 10 years ago, paint was OK but spent heaps of time striping the running gear, cleaning and resurfacing everything else until in the picky it was looking good! And the...
  27. Thanks Celiene! That pretty much covers it :)
  28. The majority of them are "Engineers Taps" for tapping threads into a hole drilled into metal that you screw machine screws or bolts into.
  29. Beautiful things and I find myself better informed now if I ever see one :) Is there any uranium content to the green glass?
  30. Like this one Marin but then you have an absolutely amazing collection!!! I have a similar one in green I will need to share soon. I have been looking at your posts and like how you use the garden a...
  31. Thanks for the comments and information on the maker.
  32. Thanks for the Info. Love your helper, must be very well trained!
  33. I have some of these in the Texaco livery (silver with black writing) made by Athearn I have studied the picture and I'm sure these are Athearn too, they came as a simple kitset that needed to be ass...
  34. Thanks for having a look Marin. I must admit the label on the seal is a bit fuzzy but I looked at it again and the one on the bird which being on it's belly doesn't seem to be as deteriorated with a m...
  35. Thanks kwqd for the nice comments and clarification , I read the post and comments on your vase and got the impression they were different companies. I also don't use FB so I'll miss any of that.
  36. Good old Pepe le Pew, just what I thought of when I saw them :)
  37. Thanks for your comment Marin, there is more of this to come. Unfortunately with my first few posts I cut the resolution of the photos back thinking the website might not like a high bit count but aft...
  38. Wow very nice, and yes like you say "so it's damaged a little find me another one!!"
  39. I have one very similar to the one on the far left in photo 4 but the colours are much darker. Interesting to see all the different shapes! :)
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