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New Plymouth NZ

I like glass and have rather a lot (or too much depending on who you talk to) Victorian, Uranium, Mid Century be it Japanese or European and NZ Art Glass.


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Hineri Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Condiment Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Peter Viesnik Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Pair of Kralik Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Huart Glass Bird - Animalsin Animals
Swirly Green iridescent Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steven and Williams Peach Blow Glass Jug - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for the info Marin!
  2. Wow that is big!!
  3. Got a photocopier I need some of these to prove it's a medical condition I suffer from :)
  4. Yes wonder if Marin will post that? :)
  5. Great Story about being "Nose Artist"!!!
  6. Wow that is fantastic!
  7. great to hear some history of Athearn!
  8. Interesting your 2 iridescent vases look very much like the one in my posting below.
  9. Very Nice......did you forget to mention the sleepless nights waiting??! :)
  10. yes he looks a bit sad
  11. I'll have to remember that restoration technique as it worked well! :)
  12. yes not just two of them but a "pair"!!
  13. thanks that's a great comparison!
  14. Neodymium is one of my favorite types of glass!
  15. Hi Karen, did you see that I found out the swan was by Viartec as well?
  16. Lovely piece of wood alright, some oils would make it look fantastic.
  17. Did a bit of Googling today and courtesy of "20th CenturyGlass" discovered it seems this is a 70s piece from Viartec THF Spain. He had found several with "Viartec Hand Made in Spain" on them. The o...
  18. Found out from a friend that has corresponded with Tony that the swirls of colour are from putting drops of silver nitrate on the glass and then another layer of glass.
  19. Thanks Karen I hoped you would see it and be able to use your great knowledge of Japanese Glass! :)
  20. There is some great songs on here alright! My favourite is Live and Let Die :)
  21. Fantastic Trunk and a wonderful restoration!
  22. Love how it curls in at the top!!
  23. That is beautiful, lovely colour too!
  24. Never liked Pepsi but I would hang that on my wall the neon colour is fantastic!!
  25. Lovely, I would have had sleepless nights someone would get to it first!! :)
  26. Yes it is Hokitika, they tend to pop up over here a tad more often! :)
  27. Nice to see you're back :)
  28. There were no more glass ones left in Aussie so you had to start chasing porcelain ones??!! :)
  29. Not for much longer the NZ Govt sold off Bonus Bonds to the ANZ bank years ago and they recently closed BB and are in the final processes of paying them out. The ANZ bank although including the NZ b...
  30. Nice watch to have, the family history just makes it fantastic!
  31. Very nice, I love the spiky handles and in uranium green it just looks even better.
  32. Fantastic colours almost like a tigers eye but better with the gold. A special piece, well done finding it Marin!! :)
  33. Blue is a beautiful cat unfortunately she is young and a jumper, doesn't go well with a glass collection!! My other Puss is Bonnies daughter and although in good heath at 15 years a tad more relaxed,...
  34. Thanks Peggy I have updated the listing.
  35. Thanks Marin, after your recent posts I thought you would like the colour :)
  36. thing was I paid $3NZ + freight (full cost) for the first one a real bargain. Paid a lot more for the second :)
  37. Are any of them still alive?
  38. Hope you don't sleep with it under your pillow :)
  39. A beauty, love the pieces in photo 4 as well. :)
  40. LOL yes I've sen you say that :)
  42. A beautiful thing! The Kralik name immediately made me wonder if any relation too..... and Vetraio has answered it.
  43. He will be from Hokitika Glass, I have one in clear with blue and white spots but I think his beak may have had an accident, it's missing the small blob on the end.
  44. Must be a lot of people around here with them judging by how they drive! :)
  45. Darts, the bit on the end with the slots is for the flights.
  46. Oh dear and with a Murano Italy label
  47. The "bull with horns" is very apt. Lovely piece.
  48. Perhaps hand made judging by the lack of uniformity of the cones below the ball from one piece to another. Still they had a lot more skill on the lathe than this kid!! :)
  49. try this
  50. Further to Dave's comment I just hope you have a nice solid floor!! :)
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