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New Plymouth NZ

I like glass and have rather a lot (or too much depending on who you talk to) Victorian, Uranium, Mid Century be it Japanese or European and NZ Art Glass.


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Grandad's Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Murano Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Painted Drinking Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
colourful mirror finish glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stephen & Williams ? Glass Vases with applied Lizards - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Grape Vine Lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Green Murano Bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fenton Burmese Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Hi Peggy wasn't at all upset about your thoughts please keep commenting on my posts the more opinions from everyone the better chances of getting things right. It was more a case of a bit of doubt cr...
  2. Next thing you are going to tell me is that Franklin Mint is not the best!!
  3. I labeled it as S&W as I came across this one on Mr Google and it has Stourbridge acid stamped on the bottom.
  4. Well done Watchsearcher that is what the lady at the Sallies said too. The memory kicks in with some prodding. Thankyou.
  5. Thanks for the flower ID Watchsearcher!
  6. It's a Beauty!
  7. In those colours and with the flag must be with the Royal Navy :)
  8. Thanks for your comments I have now looked around at Welz Maze decor and yes the patterns look the same and your picture of the two vases show the very same shape and with that colour being a Welz spe...
  9. Ah another excuse to go back through Marin's amazing posts/collection.... problem is I get so distracted I forget what I was looking for! :)
  10. Love photo 4!
  11. I don't think so, with all the flower mouldings in the bowl it wouldn't be very easy to clean. As you'll know looking at my posts I'm not against adding an ashtray to my collection even though I don...
  12. Thanks Marin.
  13. Could they have had a board across them for a garden seat? A flash one of course!
  14. Must be great having a bird enhancing the garden. Mine just gets wrecked by the b*****y Pukeko's ripping all my plants out or pecking off the flowers. Lovely vases!
  15. I probably speak for many in saying we have all enjoyed them! Just need to keep Oreo away from the Pitt/Rotty now! :)
  16. Yeah Bright and Sunny all right :) As opposed to how its been round these neck of the woods lately eh inky.
  17. check this out
  18. Thanks Manikin, had a bit of a look at Jasper on Mr Google and it does come in those colours!
  19. Thanks keramikos!
  20. Yes neodymium glass is similar to Alexandrite in that they change colour. The first 2 photos are in natural sunlight boosted with some LED lights and the last is under fluorescent light. Check out one...
  21. I love the way they do these feet!
  22. Yes the colours are the same and in the shot of the bases the pattern is very similar, thanks Marin.
  23. I was a bit worried.... fantastic job your finished critter is a beautiful thing now!!
  24. so pic 4 is the one on the far left?
  25. Yes the applied leaves and cherries are are common to both of our collections but the top is different, brings lots of extra and contrasting colour. Love it!
  26. I have one the same shape but in clear glass, they are well made with a polished base. Nice to know were it is from. :)
  27. Beautiful, the footed stand is rather nice too!!
  28. Daddy!! At least the pups will know now :)
  29. Thanks also Marin nice to have a few expert eyes giving me some feedback. :)
  30. Some interesting furniture in the last photo, love the table behind your right foot!
  31. Shivering with fright from the Cat! :)
  32. Oh some more. They are beautiful. Yes they seem to fetch amazing prices here even with some damage. I keep my nose to the ground and occasionally get a bargain. I have a similar one to the green one b...
  33. Hi Karen, thanks your opinion on its origin is appreciated. Also everyone else for the love and comments on this and my other recent posts! :)
  34. An amazing interior colour!
  35. A picture of your outboard could be interesting BB, something with 12 cylinders? :)
  36. The Clock has fantastic colour!
  37. Fantastic! I've been waiting after the hint something else was about to appear, a worthy addition to the collection. Well spotted Marin!
  38. Love what you have done to it and the fact it is still being used is fantastic!
  39. Amazing models used to be big into naval models years ago these are great but reading the naval history from WW2 which I am still into the actual day to day reality could be very brutal. The men that ...
  40. Yes Mandruzatto, but not a geode that's more for the ones with a smooth outside that look like someone cut a rock in half, like the gemstone rocks you see opened up at shows. These are referred to as ...
  41. Now there's a Man Cave got to have!
  42. Definitely don't polish it you will decrease it's value for other collectors if you ever want to move it on.
  43. It certainly is and the new piece is wonderful too. :)
  44. Beautiful, so much pink in it.
  45. Is Puss on strike?
  46. Yes they have to useful for something, still looking for one for mine apart from emptying my wallet at the Vets!
  47. At least 3 of them!
  48. Is that an eye in the top left corner of photo 3?
  49. Thanks for your thoughts on this one Marin. Yes I think you are right I was probably wrong in thinking it was for the same purpose as the others, after all it wouldn't be the easiest to wash out after...
  50. Does he bite?
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