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Heinrich Hoffman/ Schlevogt Salt. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Murano Sommerso Uranium Fish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Uranium Glass Thorn Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Uranium Jadeite Glass Ashtray - Glasswarein Glassware
 Ruckl? Welz? Kralik? vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Yellow Glass Vase with Swallow Decoration. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hermanova Stolzle Winged Bowl. - Glasswarein Glassware
Mica/Aventurine/Spangle Uranium Glass Vase. - Glasswarein Glassware
Sowerby Frog And Bulrush Dish. - Glasswarein Glassware
Uranium glass vase - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Possibly Formia, I have seen another labelled fish of a different design but with the same method of producing the eye which is just pushed into the glass.
  2. Thanks Nathaniel.J, small is beautiful! I'm having doubts about the age as a lot of the earlier pieces bore the Hoffman butterfly mark.
  3. Thanks renedijkstra, I can't find anything really close to it but it might be Cenedese or Vetro Artistico.
  4. Thanks Newfld, being an angler (lapsed) and a uranium glass collector it ticks all the boxes. Also it's more natural and less stylised than a most of glass fish I've seen.
  5. Thanks IronLace, I think I've seen a similar one in pink but with no attribution.
  6. Thanks SunshineGlass, I have previously posted a pair of larger ones of this design and I thought they might be Franz Welz but there is little documented evidence of this. I do know they are from the ...
  7. Thanks Adele, yes you're right the bowl you posted was the right one but this one will do until I find one.
  8. Thanks again kairomalte, I agreed with your thoughts on the mark however as you say it needs a new Dek to appear. I did look up thegildedcurio website and it showed a frosted blue Riedel vase with a v...
  9. Thanks truthordare, that was me, as CW advises, "Please keep comments on topic".
  10. Thanks glassiegirl, I've just got a message back from the website and she says it's not Loetz but probably Harrach, but as you say Harrach don't use the slash symbol, so I'll keep looking.
  11. Many thanks kairomalte, I love the idea that it might be a Loetz piece, I've had a look on the website and the mark does seem similar but I can't find this pattern. I'll keep looking.
  12. glassiegirl, yes it has an alpha-numeric mark but it looks different from the usual Riedel marks. I can't decide what the first character is, an f or a decorator's mark?
  13. Thanks IronLace, I'm still sceptical that it's by Riedel, there are French opaline glass vases online which are a better match with very similar marks. Regards NevB.
  14. Thanks glassiegirl, have you any specific evidence that it's by Josef Riedel? I've looked online and I can't find anything by Riedel that resembles it, I did think that if it was Bohemian it was proba...
  15. Thanks welzebub, I've added the extra photo which I hope is ok, the dealer I bought it from was asking £38 for it but had had it for some time so I got it for £25 which I thought was pretty good.
  16. Thanks welzebub, yes the feet look more like something from a 1930's piece by someone like Stolzle. I was going by the overall design of the other vases but it's always difficult because the attributi...
  17. After a lot of searching I have an idea that these may be by Franz Welz. On Google under 1920's Czech glass vases there is a thumbnail picture for the Dealvue website of a similar vase but I can't fin...
  18. Thanks Broochman and welzebub. Yes I thought they were probably Czech but couldn't find anything like them. I also have some amber uranium dishes I'll post.
  19. Hello, no, if you click on the link in my last comment and then on Identifying Georgian Drinking Glasses you should get the right page. Regards Nev.
  20. I did read an article on www.antique-marks-georgian-glass which lists several similarities to these glasses but does say there should be some wear around the bases.
  21. Thanks TreasureTex, yes I would expect to see a lot more wear around the bases but there isn't any wear on them anywhere, even around the rims, so I just think they haven't been used much.
  22. Thanks TallCakes, the one I saw online was on Etsy and having had another look I think the label says Made in Czechoslovakia.
  23. Thanks Broochman, I've added a photo of another rummer I've just bought. It has a hexagonal design similar to the one on some early pint beer glasses.
  24. Possibly John Derbyshire, Henry Greener or Davidson.
  25. From the colour probably late Victorian and maybe a spill vase?
  26. Thanks Broochman, at the last count it was 214 individual pieces of uranium glass, now plus a few more!
  27. Thanks Broochman. it's a pity the lids are missing because they have mermaid and shell finials.
  28. Thanks antiquerose, I have used glasstrinketsets, pressglas-pavillon and glas-musterbuch a lot to identify pieces. They were very useful recently to help to identify the correct tray to go with my Lib...
  29. Thanks Broochman, I've changed one photo to show the colour better.
  30. I'm just a teensy bit jealous. I had a look online and someone's got some amber ones like this with a matching jug, but no ID.
  31. Thanks Broochman, this really stood out on a stand at a small local antiques fair and cost me £5, well worth it. It's the same pattern range as the frosted cake stand I have.
  32. Thanks Broochman, it's amazing how it has survived as the handle is very vulnerable. The only damage it has is a bit of roughness around the edges from the moulding.
  33. Hello Gillian, I hope this doesn't seem patronising but yes August Walther & Sohne ( & Sons) were a German company who in the 1930's/ 40's made several patterns of trinket sets/pots. I have a few indi...
  34. Just found it in the Glass Trinket Sets mystery section so none the wiser.
  35. Thanks Gillian and Broochman. Gillian, having compared the two pots I don't think they're the same pattern, the finials are very different. I've looked all through Glass Trinket Sets and Pressglas-pav...
  36. It's on the bottom, curved round, by the ridge around the edge. I've added a photo which I hope shows it. I picked this up from a fair for a few pounds.
  37. Yes yours look to be by the same maker, the France on the bottom matches exactly. There seems to be a shortage of information about French glass online but I'll keep looking. The blue ones I saw were ...
  38. I've now seen some similar blue ones online which are attributed to Luminarc, who are a strong possibility.
  39. Hello Adele, yes mine seems to be the same. I do think it's clear uranium glass, which shows best if you shine a UV light up through the stem, and it has then been frosted. Apparently this is done by ...
  40. I don't think it's a Columbia one because it does not have the ridge where the sole edge extends beyond the upper. It has none of the Fenton, Boyd or later Degenhart marks so that just leaves it as an...
  41. I'm doubtful about the 1.25" width quoted in the Sanford link as it seems very narrow, mine varies from 1.625-1.75" , and also about some of the attributions given to other ones.
  42. Thanks keramikos, I've looked at the links and I'm none the wiser!
  43. It would be marvellous if it was a Columbia glass shoe, it certainly matches the photo of the blue one in the link.
  44. This one's raised a few questions. As we say in England "my brain hurts"!
  45. Thanks both of you, it's actually about 6" across and to have a registration number is what all we glass collectors dream of. I just need to find a flower frog to go with it.
  46. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip, it goes nicely with some cups I already had.
  47. Also the design is usually called a cat but the ears are rounded more like a puma / cougar.
  48. Thanks flashlarue and keramikos. I identified it from online photos as Fenton but I see now it's probably Boyd, but the designs seem identical. It has no marks.
  49. Also known as "Wee Willy Winkie" candlesticks.
  50. I've got the 6" version of this. I saw one online and wanted to get one and then found one the next day in a charity shop for £1. By the way the pressglas website says "vor 1958" which is "before 1958".
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