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Berkshire, England.


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Fenton "Rustic" Vase. - Glasswarein Glassware
Richardson Stourbridge Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sowerby Glass 2118 Celery Vase. - Glasswarein Glassware
Baccarat Glass Tray. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opalescent and Cranberry Glass Dish. - Glasswarein Glassware
Loetz "Cephalonia" Vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Caithness Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Ribbed Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Cambridge Imperial Hunt Scene Plates. - Glasswarein Glassware
Harrach? Frosted Opaline/Alabaster Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks IronLace, on this linked site the thumbnail photo to the H.G. Richardson section shows a light with a similar decor.
  2. Thanks sklo42 and racer4four, it has a couple of chips to the frilled rim but that's ok, it also rings like a bell.
  3. Thanks IronLace, I've now got fourteen in various shapes and colours!
  4. Thanks Searching1
  5. Shown here on Mike Tomlin's excellent site, P.13.
  6. Thanks Searching1, a lovely shade of pale yellow, I think called "citrine".
  7. Design shown here as the T45 pattern.
  8. kivatinitz, I hadn't seen one like it before but I found the site in this link which has similar ones in showing how they would be used.
  9. Thanks dav2no1, I think it's possibly by Richardson and is a preserve dish.
  10. Thanks kisslikeether, I know it can be faked but the wear on the bottom looks genuine to me and indicates it has got some age and is not modern. Chinese glass pontil marks are often ground but not pol...
  11. Excitement over, it's actually Scottish, made by Caithness but still a nice vase, oh well :(
  12. Thanks sklo42, here's a link to a Loetz site which shows some of the miniature vases, there are also quite a few others viewable on line. As you can see, ...
  13. Thanks again, kivatinitz
  14. It's an etch on the back of the plates.
  15. Thanks IronLace.
  16. Thanks IronLace, do you think it's by Harrach?, I think it probably is. I've added a photo to give a better impression of the colour.
  17. I found another one so now have a pair :)
  18. Thanks Newfld and PhilDMorris, I've changed the last photo to show the glow even better.
  19. Thanks kivatinitz, I'm beginning to think it's actually made by a Bohemian or German maker, there's some research to be done.
  20. It certainly is BHIFOS, I've just got to work out where to put it!
  21. Thanks again TallCakes, they are actually two slightly different colours, one has a silvery iridescence which I think is Helios, the other is more of a gold but I think it's probably Helios too.
  22. Thanks TallCakes, I did think they might be Helios but the colour didn't seem to match the pieces I've seen but it still might be, I'll have another look. The marigold colour doesn't really show up in...
  23. Thanks Watchsearcher, it's certainly a little sweetie.
  24. Thanks again TallCakes that looks very similar. I forgot about that site but have saved it for future reference.
  25. Thanks kivatinitz, this type of thing is often described as "etched depression glass" or similar but it is actually very well done wheel engraving. I found this with very similar decoration attributed...
  26. Thanks TallCakes, I'll have to keep looking, I can't view your second link but I think I saw it online anyway.
  27. Thankyou TallCakes
  28. And a link to a catalogue, fifth row down,
  29. A link to the EAPGS site.
  30. Thanks fortapache, I was very happy to find it was by Fostoria, unusual in England. There doesn't seem to be an EAPG category
  31. And the catalogue images.
  32. You are welcome Phil, it is known as "lovebirds" pattern but to me looks more like "parrot and owl" :-)
  33. I now know these are Sowerby No. 692 "Chamber Candlesticks" shown here on P.15 of the 1874 catalogue.
  34. I now know this is the Sowerby No. 689 candlestick, it is shown in the 1874 catalogue here, part of a wonderful new archive.
  35. Thanks again TallCakes that's an enlightening article, I don't think mine are Iittala. Interestingly the design goes way back to 19thC. Sowerby glass No.1029 P56. http://www.victorianpressedglass.c...
  36. I think now there is some doubt they are by Iittala, the shape doesn't quite fit, apparently several companies made similar ones, I'll keep looking.
  37. Thanks very much TallCakes, no wonder I couldn't find anything about Mettamec!
  38. This is a link to the website which supplied the new information.
  39. Thanks kivatinitz, the bird decoration is beautifully done . one has a damaged foot but it doesn't detract too much from its appearance.
  40. Thanks Newfld, it was new to me too and it shows Karma was recognised back then.
  41. Thanks Phil, I can't find one like it but I did post a small jug a while ago which has similarities.
  42. Thanks Phil, it is pretty spectacular!
  43. Thanks TallCakes, I think it probably is an early one but, if not, it's a nice piece anyway.
  44. Thanks vetraio50, I bought it as I liked it and with view to selling it on but I think for now it's a keeper.
  45. A link to the excellent
  46. Thanks Newfld, and very dinky.
  47. I've just found one of these although mine was expensive at £2. The colour is probably due to "sun purpling" from prolonged exposure to sunlight of the manganese oxide in the glass, mine has a faint ...
  48. Thanks Newfld, it is a lovely and unusual design, I can't find anything quite like it. It does have a bit of wear on the decoration but that's OK.
  49. I see there's a plinth to go with it, I'll start looking!
  50. Thanks sklo42, I've got a lot of glass from the period but this is the only full centrepiece set. The bowls don't appear very often. Here's a new link, I hope it works. https://www.pressglas-korres...
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