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Berkshire, England.


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Victorian Port/Sherry Glass - Glasswarein Glassware
"Die Sterntaler" Glass Figurine - Art Decoin Art Deco
Franz Welz? Uranium Glass Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Walther & Söhne(Sons) Greta Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Davidson Hobnail Pattern Pearline  Dish. - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
George Duncan and Sons? Slipper - Glasswarein Glassware
Legras 3219 Russe 20cm. Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Uranium Glass Dish - Glasswarein Glassware
Dugan/Diamond Carnival Glass Vases. - Glasswarein Glassware
Webb "Old English Bullseye" Glasses. - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks Newfld, it was new to me too and it shows Karma was recognised back then.
  2. Thanks Phil, I can't find one like it but I did post a small jug a while ago which has similarities.
  3. Thanks Phil, it is pretty spectacular!
  4. Thanks TallCakes, I think it probably is an early one but, if not, it's a nice piece anyway.
  5. Thanks vetraio50, I bought it as I liked it and with view to selling it on but I think for now it's a keeper.
  6. A link to the excellent
  7. Thanks Newfld, and very dinky.
  8. I've just found one of these although mine was expensive at £2. The colour is probably due to "sun purpling" from prolonged exposure to sunlight of the manganese oxide in the glass, mine has a faint ...
  9. Thanks Newfld, it is a lovely and unusual design, I can't find anything quite like it. It does have a bit of wear on the decoration but that's OK.
  10. I see there's a plinth to go with it, I'll start looking!
  11. Thanks sklo42, I've got a lot of glass from the period but this is the only full centrepiece set. The bowls don't appear very often. Here's a new link, I hope it works. https://www.pressglas-korres...
  12. Hello, to reply to tour comment on my post, my vases have ground pontils, not large, only 1/2" across. I think Bohemian glassmakers often left a rough snapped pontil, but not always. Pieces of this ty...
  13. Hello Iamblessed, I don't think it is but it's notoriously difficult to pin down makers of Murano glass. This link might help you.
  14. I found your post while researching a creamer I have with the same pink feet and uranium glass. I've come to the conclusion it is, like yours, made by Franz Welz. in his Welz section...
  15. Thanks vetraio50, it wasn't identified when I bought it online but I thought it was special. It really shines on a stand on a window sill.
  16. Sadly she died at the age of only 27. Further research has revealed that the design for this boat was inspired, shall I say, by a celery dish made by the American company Hobbs Brockunier.
  17. Thanks IVAN49, yes Bohemian glass is a minefield. I've also seen an inkwell on Ebay with similar decoration which apparently has but doesn't show a Josephinen signature. But like you say this could ha...
  18. Now identified as Jan Broz.
  19. Just had a look Adele, I think you mean the one with "grape and cable" pattern.
  20. Thanks again TallCakes, I'll investigate further.
  21. Thanks very much TallCakes, I've added another photo of the dish, as you can see the base colour and indeed the colour of the base is a deep emerald green and the added colour is a pale amber/marigold.
  22. You are most welcome truthordare. Yes it is a lovely looking bowl which I bought from what we call in England a "car boot sale", an outdoor table-top sale. It amazes me things like this still turn up,...
  23. Thanks racer4four, most of this type of jug are said to 1/12th. scale which would make it 15" tall full size, which doesn't seem correct. It weighs just 7gms. or 0.2 of an ounce. I've seen a few clear...
  24. Thanks fortapache, this is a good example of "two nations divided by a common language". In England we generally just call it "uranium glass" no matter what colour it is and only use "vaseline glass"...
  25. Hello Dave_Sandra. I'm no expert but your compote doesn't look typically Davidson or indeed British and I don't recognise the pattern although someone else might. It's more likely to be continental, C...
  26. Thanks Adele, I was very happy to find these in a small antiques centre being sold by Cats Protection so I gave a bit extra for them but they were still very reasonable(cheap!).
  27. Definitely Murano but pinning down a maker might be difficult
  28. There are lots of pieces there, some with labels, but still no maker. Frustrating!
  29. "lidded pots" should have been "covered dishes".
  30. There are some similar pots to yours on the pressglas-pavillon website under the trinket sets heading but unfortunately they're on lines 4 and 5 of the mysteries section. The only pieces I've found in...
  31. Thanks for the photos freiheit. Yes it looks like your pots are by the same maker as mine but not being uranium glass they are probably later. Some designs were produced from the 1920's to the 1950's....
  32. The rummer in the third photo is one I acquired a while ago. It seems to have a cut pontil and has lots of faults and bubbles one of which on the base has been chipped open. All this adds to its chara...
  33. freiheit, a black light bulb should be ok but I use a 21 LED UV torch which can be bought online very cheaply and will pick out uranium glass from about 20ft away! It needs to be used with care though...
  34. Thanks Adele, I'm sure the candlesticks will turn up one day.
  35. Thanks racer4four, if I see a piece of uranium glass I have to buy it, especially if it's cheap!
  36. Thanks freiheit, I don't like to ask but did you use an Ultra Violet light on your pieces?
  37. Perhaps Marcus Newhall's book/cd on the Sklo Union might help.
  38. Thanks truthordare and welzebub, having looked at agnaar's post and to be fair to the museum they have only said that the vase was made in Poland about 1935 and have not put a definite attribution to ...
  39. Hello, I do not want to seem negative but until someone finds this exact vase in a catalogue from the 1930's, Polish or Czech, I don't think it can be attributed to a specific company. Let's hope some...
  40. I posted a similar Art Deco vase about nine months ago and it too was identified as "probably" by Rosice. I collect uranium/Vaseline glass (mostly green) and I now have over 300 individual pieces.
  41. Hello Agnaart, thanks for the information. Can the vase in the museum definitely be identified as being made in Poland ? It may have been imported. There are many similar vases online and they are mos...
  42. Thanks TallCakes, I've found some Adams pieces with this pattern online and also some by Wright Glass.
  43. I now think this may be quite modern. I've just posted a piece of Boyd uranium glass from 1998-2003. Yours may be by them but they did mark their pieces, it could be the earlier Degenhart or another U...
  44. Thanks keramikos, Eddie the cat is also nosy but here he's drinking out of the "bird" bath! We don't use the term tuxedo in England, "dinner jacket cat" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  45. This doesn't help but I think they are No. 101 in the GTS mysteries section.
  46. I believe there were two types of lozenge, yours with a letter in the left corner indicates the one covering 1842-67. I think it's the month letter K for November. From the top the mark in the circle ...
  47. TallCakes, I posted this glass on the forum page and Suzanne did some searching and came to the same conclusions that we did. I'll just wait and see if anyone else comes up with something.
  48. There is a blue one of these listed on Ebay under Walther & Sohne glass but as you know you can't believe every attribution you see there.
  49. Thanks TallCakes.
  50. I'm thinking this may be Hazel Atlas as the only similar glass I have seen is a flat tumbler in their Florentine pattern with this slightly ogee shape. Apparently they did also make the Hex Optic patt...
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