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Edward Moore Glass Sucre - Rd 58275 - 1886 - Glasswarein Glassware
Dugan Carnival  Glass Bowl - Double Stem Rose Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
Georgian Bat Printed Porcelain Cups and Saucers and Creamer - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Murano Glass Fish Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Davidson Glass Cake Stand - Glasswarein Glassware
Ceramic Cognac Decanter / Bottle with Sailing Ships - Bottlesin Bottles
Japanese Egg Shell Tea Set - Asianin Asian
Ceramic Ginger Jar - Koi Carp Design - Asianin Asian
Collection of Ginger Jars - Asianin Asian
Fenton Carnival Glass Peacock Tails Amethyst Compote - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thank you Eileen, I am lucky that there are so many interesting Charity shops about.
  2. It's lovely. I thought it looked a bit like Moorcroft, but I expect they mark there work.
  3. I was amazed too. They do check things out, but you do need to know something about ceramics, as it’s not the prettiest set, and there is the odd hairline and chip. I did do a course on Georgian tea c...
  4. The number is a design registration mark, and I’ve found my little Miller’s Antiques fact file. It says this design was first registered in 1904-1905.
  5. Looks like it’s from the beginning of the 20th century.
  6. The registration number should help you date it! Designs were registered and you should be able to look it up. I’ll see if I can google it!
  7. You could try Walther Glass. They often make this sort of glass?
  8. Thanks Lauren and Jscott, I think it's lovely too, though I am not sure if it is a Decanter or Bottle.
  9. I think these will be Chinese, and have been made for ages!. I remember we had a pair of them when we lived in Malaysia in the 1960’s, and I brought a coloured pair in Penang, when we had a holiday th...
  10. The blue bowl looks a bit like Davidson Pearline Glass.
  11. Very nice, and as people keep saying on here, there is no such thing as black glass!
  12. I've found a nice red one since I did this post!
  13. I have finally got round to updating this post. Thanks to Canna77, who has identified it as being Walther Glass, Tosca in the 1934 Catalogue. I have tried finding the 1934 catalogue online, but so far...
  14. Thanks NevB. I didn't look at Victorian glass, as I thought it looked newer! I think it's too small to be a spill vase.
  15. Hi there Shrky, it has 4 mould lines, and no reaction to uv light. I did see a similar one on the Presglas site, under Reich centrepieces, it was clear glass but the foot pattern didn’t look the same.
  16. My first thought was German. It looks very Christmassy. It does look to have some age to it, but as you say, a bit messy on the base. It would be so much easier if everyone marked their bases!
  17. Fantastic.
  18. Honi soit qui mal y pense is a French phrase used as the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter. It is translated as "May he be shamed who thinks badly of it". It could be connected to so...
  19. Thank you Tallcakes for the link. This does look like Wreath of roses.
  20. I think the costume looks more like Charles 2nd time, Roundheads and Cavaliers time!
  21. It’s called an expergne, and used for a centrepiece with flowers in, I think.
  22. He's gorgeous.
  23. It’s beautiful.
  24. I’m impressed you found some amber ones! I only came up with the one on 20th century glass,
  25. It's very pretty.
  26. It’s a Sowerby Glass biscuit Jar, pattern Pandora Box, 2544. I have one, but don’t have the lid! Very nice.
  27. Thank you so much for that information Truthordare, it helps a lot. I’ll change it to solved.
  28. I've been looking on the Replacements, Ltd website. There are 27 pages of patterns for Johnson Bros! I got to page 11 and found one called Dolores, which looks like yours but a different colour!
  29. In the UK, an extra big Cup and Saucer would be known as a Breakfast Cup. Or maybe a Cabinet Cup for display only.
  30. Maybe something to do with shaving?
  31. It is a beautiful place, and I am lucky to have family living on the coast nearby, and only a couple of hours drive away.
  32. Poole pottery is pretty well known here in the Uk. I think your vase is possibly the1970’s, but I’m not sure how long they were made for.
  33. I found a couple of bears 6 months ago, with felt bottoms and floral design. I think they are made by Global Studios in Cornwall, but I couldn’t find out much about the maker. If you look at my posts ...
  34. I love the pattern. Very pretty.
  35. I went to Vienna recently, and loved the flea market there ( on a Sunday). Unfortunately it rained, which made it difficult to see things properly.
  36. Thanks Arranlassie, that’s 2 comments thinking it’s Spode, so that’s great, and the registration date matches the date of your grandmothers wedding pretty well.
  37. Thank you for your kind comments. and do't worry Valentino, I deleted a couple of your repeat comments. I actually got this idea from a fiction book I read recently, where the Heroine collected broac...
  38. It’s lovely, but do you think it’s ever been used? I wonder if porcelain would be able to take the heat.
  39. Thanks NevB, I have found it now, but it is not very clear! I picked up mine in a charity shop, £3.
  40. Looks like carnival glass!
  41. You and I seem to collect the same type of glass! I've just picked up this exact same posy vase, but I can't find a registration number. Where abouts should I look?
  42. I had a look and the blue ones seemed to be called Techno. I'll post my Champagne glasses so you can compare!
  43. I have 8 of these in a champagne flute shape. I never found where they were made or how. Mine seem to be coated with some sort of flourescent paint as they can get scratched!
  44. I have updated these pin dishes, as I found a little vase of the same design with a backstamp!
  45. I've just seen a similar one on ebay, and it looks like this is a decanter, missing it's lid. I'll have to look out for one.
  46. It could also be Grainger! They make a very similar shape
  47. I've put up a picture of the H&R Daniel Cup. It is a very similar shape.
  48. I am going back to the same shop tomorrow, to see if there are any of the other cups and saucers left!
  49. You are right about one being for coffee and one for tea, and they come with one saucer between them! Those thrifty Victorians, I did find a cup in my Compendium of British cup books the same shape as...
  50. Thank you very much John, that’s great info. I’ll look it up when I get a chance! I’m busy sorting a 90 th birthday party!)
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