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Vintage 1960's Square Pin Dishes / Trays - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Grainger Lee & Co Tea, Coffee and Saucer Set 1830 ish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Hermanova Hut Stolzle Fish Design Bowls - Glasswarein Glassware
Uranium Glass Trinket Set - Glasswarein Glassware
Josef Inwald Fish Footed Bowl - Uranium Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Old Metal Flower Spray Brooch? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sowerby Uranium Glass Vase - Pattern 2593? - Glasswarein Glassware
Aurora Borealis Flower Spray Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Riedel Glass / Crystal Candlestick - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tete a Tete Coffee Set - Continental - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. It’s very interesting, and I can see why you may have doubts whether it’s new or not! It looks like it should be old, and it may be, but the quality doesn’t look very good. I really don’t know anythin...
  2. It looks a bit like the Holly Hobby dolls!
  3. I think this dates around 1881 to 1902, and the pattern is Mona. Try looking Doulton Burslem up, and Mona.
  4. Beautiful, and the bird is a Goldfinch, if you are interested!
  5. It could be earlier than the mid 1800? The saucer is deep. It’s an unusual shape for a tea bowl. I’ll have to check some of my books.
  6. It looks like Miseltoe to me! Lovely brooch.
  7. Thank you for the loves for this bowl. I think it's lovely too!
  8. Thank you Ms.CrystalShip. Can you tell me the best way to remove the verdigris?
  9. I used to walk down the Bayswater Road looking at the paintings! There were loads of artists there selling paintings, and I guess a lot were amateurs. I like this painting, it looks very 70's!
  10. If you look up the initials they come up with Sabrina Rowan Hamilton, but her painting don't look a bit like this! I think they are lovely, and remind me of the sort of paintings used on Greetings car...
  11. Beautiful vase and great pics.
  12. Thanks Phil, I love this bowl too, though still trying to find the origins. I didn’t fail with the sofa either, I spotted a nice sofa and chair which daughter in law went to buy the next day!
  13. Love them both, but especially the glass lion.
  14. I think this bird is Barbini, as I saw one in a local antiques shop with a label on! unfortunately I've lost the pic I took of it so not positive.
  15. I just had to add the picture of this bird under UV light. I was having a play with my UV torch, to see if anything glowed that I missed, and this Heron glows with a green base, and the head, back and...
  16. 2 of them look like John Constable prints!
  17. Love the colour!
  18. Thank you again Tallcakes.
  19. Thanks Tallcakes, do you know what colour this would be?
  20. Thanks for the loves and lovely comments. I've added a picture of the vase with some flowers, and it works really well as a vase! The flowers are pathetic, but I walked round my garden, and that's all...
  21. I love it! Very different, and forget the little damage!
  22. Hi there, the pattern is Moderne. Try looking it up and it should come up with some info,
  23. Thank you Newfld and TimeTraveller. We are very proud of our young England football team, even if they did lose! I found my plate in a charity shop for £3 - what a bargain!
  24. I think Wedgwood blue is the light blue! This is the darker early blue which I call cobalt blue, but it could be just dark blue.
  25. Those were the days! We didn’t bother with the BOAC club, but I did keep all the menus. I sold them a few years ago. On our first flight out I remember we got our picture in the Daily Telegraph as bei...
  26. Thank you Tallcakes. That gives me something to go on. I didn’t know about Portuguese glass at all.
  27. Thank you, Jenny.
  28. I think I used to have one of these! When me and my sister were teenagers we had to travel from England to Malaysia twice a year and often flew BOAC. It was 4 stops on the way!
  29. Thanks for all the loves and comments, and especially thanks Tallcakes for the extra info. I must say it looks great in the sunshine.
  30. Thank you Neil, glad you like my Wedgwood. I don't think it's much collected in the UK, which makes it easier to pick up.
  31. That's so true Fleafinder. It looks much better in sun, but I am struggling with the heat! It's 32 here today, and the UK isn't used to this heat.
  32. Thanks Newfld, that makes sense. Ruby Amberina sounds lovely!
  33. Thanks Newfld.
  34. Ok, I've just found this set on Presglas. It's Walther Glass, Poiseiden Pattern.
  35. I found this about it, which surprised me because it looks older! KLM was a small pottery company, incorporated on 18 November 1998. The founding director was Karl Leighs. The business was dissolve...
  36. Hi there, I don't think it's really old. The dark blue is the portland blue, which is the more modern dark blue. The old Wedgwood tends to be in the brighter Cobalt blue.
  37. It will be the date 1976.
  38. Yes 1954 is the date.
  39. I’m afraid picture 3 was as good as I could get of the marks! I tried looking with a magnifying glass but still couldn’t make them out!
  40. I did wonder about a lid, but there is no rim or wear round the top!
  41. There is an Amy Lacombe who makes Whimsiclay Cats. I saw a couple in a charity shop and made a note of the name, but didn't buy them because they were a bit pricey. (Wish I had though!).
  42. The Uk has a lion silver mark, plus marks for where assayed and date. Registration mark should tell date the design was registered, the category, ie metal, ceramics, glass etc date etc, but the lozeng...
  43. I think it could be European, probably German. They seem to like the heavy gilding!
  44. I couldn’t find one. Would it be on the base?
  45. The carnival heaven was an interesting read! I find it very hard to believe my bowl is that old, as it’s in such good condition. I thought it would be a new piece! Thanks Tallcakes for the info.
  46. I have added a picture of one of the hedgehogs. They usually don't come out in daylight, but this one came out a bit early to try out the new dish ( which is in the Lego feeding centre!).
  47. I think I meant to say Pentagonal! Thank you Tallcakes for that link, and well found. I am not sure about there being Uranium glass made in the UK after the war. I have a feeling most Uranium was conf...
  48. I have recently found this bowl on ebay labelled Sowerby Hexagonal bowl, but at the moment I can't find any info to back this up.
  49. I like the one with the dogs!
  50. Thanks Malkey and Newfld. I think the box with the horse is Taupe! It's a bit light for brown, and not red enough for terracotta. I think the horse is after a Stubbs horse. I have a couple of pin dish...
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