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  1. We always had a print of the painting in our family, but I saw the actual picture in an Art gallery in Toronto, last year when we were visiting.
  2. Thanks Tallcakes, I have had a look, though there doesn't seem to me much about this glassworks on line. It is pretty much valueless with the damage, though I guess I could put silk or dried flowers i...
  3. I used to have some like these!
  4. I wonder if the cup is a soup bowl? You don't normally get double handled tea cups!
  5. Yes it's uranium glass. I think I have an earlier post about it.
  6. It has a lozenge registration mark. If you look it up it should tell you the age, etc, but I think 19th century. It looks similar portmeirion reproduction jugs, but I think yours is old, but I must ad...
  7. It's never a good idea to leave something you really like. I find it's nearly always gone if I go back for something.
  8. The rd number is the registration number. Davidson glass made in North East of England.
  9. It looks much better with cup cakes!
  10. It's beautiful. Love it.
  11. Thanks Rockbat, and all the other loves. I can still pick the odd one up in charity shops. This one was only £1?
  12. Yes I found that one, but obviously he has no idea either!
  13. The decoration is a bit tatty!
  14. It could be a Bagley vase. I posted a green one way back, and I think the pattern was Spinette.
  15. I think the 66 suggests that 1966 is when the brooch was made. I have a few similar brooches.
  16. Looks like an L or V Peters to me!
  17. I think the vase is Schafer Vater jasperware from Germany.
  18. I would think Little Dutch Mill is the pattern name. When looking at old teacups, it's useful to see the handle, as the shape can help with dating and I can't see the shape of the cup and handle from ...
  19. Thank you racer4racer. It is beautiful, and very heavy!
  20. There was another dressing table set in the same shop. It was a bigger set with the paler green glass, but I didn't look too close as my hubby would have blown his top if I had got yet more glass!
  21. I am so glad other people like these this brooch too. I was delighted to find this ( and my other 2 brooches) for £1 each.
  22. I carry a small UV torch around with me! That way if I see something green I can discreetly check if it has uranium in it or not.
  23. It's very pretty, but I can't read the backstamp! It's blurred. If it says made in ?(country) it will be 20th century.
  24. Glad you like them Tassiedevil. I really should't be buying more "stuff", but I couldn't resist for £2!
  25. Thanks JScotto for the dating, I wasn't sure at all what the date was.
  26. Thanks Malkey.
  27. Actually I googled Wedgwood drinking glasses and a lot came up on ebay, some like yours, so thats probably what they are.
  28. Its very pretty, and looks like the sort of designs Wedgwood Jasperware have, but in glass. Greek Classical scenes. It may be a place to start looking?
  29. Thank you very much, Cameosleuth, that is very interesting. I only bought it in charity shop so amazing it is so old. I know the others are modern - some better quality than others!
  30. The one thing I have learnt about charity shops is if you see something you like, get it immediately, or it will be gone!
  31. Did you buy them all?
  32. I think this is a piece of Heron Glass. I used to visit their Glassworks in Ulverston , Cumbria, and bought a lot of their glass. I have just had a trawl through my Heron Glass and mine is identical t...
  33. Thank you for your comments and knowledge of cameos. They are very helpful.
  34. Yes it would be 1976. I have a green one from 1974.
  35. There are 2 different colours of dark blue jasperware. The newer pieces tend to be a darker blue and are called Portland blue. Cobalt blue is the other blue and the older pieces are often Cobalt Blue....
  36. Hi there, I collect Wedgwood Jasperware, and I think the container is a vase. I couldn't make out a number on the base, but the number marked is usually the date - i.e. 69 would be 1969, so 18 would b...
  37. Thank you kairomalte for this information. It gives me an idea as to where to try and find more about this piece of glass.
  38. Actually, I have just found that the pattern is identical to the Inwald Glassworks Fleur de Lis pattern. Inwald is a Czech glassworks.
  39. It's a bit of a puzzling mark? Does it mean it's made in Britain for overseas import? Or in Italy? I do know during the Second World War British manufactures were only allowed to make decorative plate...
  40. It is marked made in England, so it is 20th century. That's as far as I can tell! It looks pretty new to me.
  41. Thanks vintagefran, I have had a look at the shapes etc of Monart and Isart glass catalogues, and so far haven't found the same shape, I will keep looking though.
  42. Thank you Malkey. I am tempted to leave it outside on the table, because it looks stunning in the sunshine!
  43. I think it's the mark for March 1850!
  44. Beautiful cup and saucer. The mark is a British Registration Mark. You should be able to look up when it was first registered etc. Its pre 1883 anyway.
  45. It would be useful to actually have a picture of the back stamp?
  46. Looks like a copy of Wedgwoods Dancing Hours figures. Lovely pot.
  47. Well I think this is Schafer Vater, but not positive!
  48. I am not likely to find any more like the bowl! it is a bit special, and I am glad you like it. I do have quite a few bits in the loft. Will have to get them out sometime to remind myself whats there!
  49. Thanks Malkey.
  50. I have still got all his LPs somewhere, and probably a book of cuttings etc. Sad isn't it!!
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