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Carnival Glass - Fenton - Ribbed Holly - Glasswarein Glassware
Second Brooch find. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Blingy Brooch and clip on Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Green Glass Vase with Lily of the Valley? - Glasswarein Glassware
Cloisonne collection. - Asianin Asian
Antique Wedgwood Jasperware Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Anne Grahame Johnstone artwork - Mary Finds the Secret Garden - Fine Artin Fine Art
Brownhills Pottery Jasper Sprig Bowl and Jam Pot- Dudson - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
2 Blingy Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Northwood Amethyst Carnival Glass - Sunflower Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Suemac, how lovely that you have a set. It is something to treasure.
  2. Thank you Tallcakes, that's a great help, and when I googled it someone called it an icecream Sundae glass, which would make sense.
  3. Could it be 9 carat gold?
  4. I thought the brooch looks like a daffodil, and the pendant is possibly an orchid?
  5. That's amazing Alex. It's reminded me I have this cutlery somewhere, and I've no idea where!
  6. There wasn’t a name on the box! It just says jewellers of distinction!
  7. Kwqd -He didn't find any cognac, but he did find Pokemon cards!
  8. Happy Easter to you Jenni.
  9. Hi there, my vases look very similar to yours, though I think they are round! I never did find the maker!
  10. 12 more days till non essential shops reopen here in the UK! Can't wait.
  11. If it is marked England, it will date after 1891. I can't make out the rest of the markings.
  12. Thank you Eileen. All our shops have been closed now for a while. I decided to concentrate on my Wedgwood Jasperware collection, mostly from eBay! Hope you are well.
  13. Wow, thanks Ho2cultcha, that's amazing. My bowl is actually bigger than the one in the sale. Mine is 12" across! (and I bought it for £25 ish in 1993).
  14. Sorry six-o-one. Things have been a bit hectic here! Thankyou, and I've marked it solved.
  15. Thank you Jenni, and a Happy Christmas to you to.
  16. Happy Christmas to you too Eileen. Tell your Grandsons to keep their Lego, then one day they can sort it and maybe make a fortune! I'm afraid I've not bought any glass for ages. I've been trying to co...
  17. I think it is issued from the Channel Islands!
  18. That's King George VI , so dates between 1941-49.
  19. It looks just like one I put on here around 2 years ago.
  20. Thanks TallCakes, that's interesting, and I assume it could be pretty old then!
  21. I have a very similar bowl, which I think may be Spanish. It's something you can look into anyway.
  22. The first one looks to be good quality cup and saucer, probably continental. The second is typical German style, probably early 20th, but I'm not sure of date.
  23. Sorry, I don't think the link worked, I'm hopeless at technology. Try searching for Global Studios Cornwall.
  24. I think it could be by Global Studios Cornwall. I have a couple of bears, with felt bases, and that was the name I came up with.
  25. They are lovely. It helps to see the base when identifying ceramics. My first thought was German, but I could be very wrong!
  26. Fantastic!
  27. I would think the 1919 is the pattern number. I like the shape of the cup!
  28. It certainly looks to be an early 1800's shape, but I don't know what the 3 dots mean!
  29. Thank you so much Tallcakes, that's brilliant information.
  30. I picked up this book recently in a charity shop (not that recently though!!). Mine is dated 1975, but doesn't have the blue swirls on the sides. Mine is a paperback, is yours a hardback?
  31. I love carnival glass.
  32. I know what you mean. I keep meaning to have a sort out, but end up knitting and reading!
  33. Everything is closed here except Food shops now. Found the Lego just before the lock down! We use Bricklink to find Lego sets, then hubby prints off the inventory, then you have to find the bits that ...
  34. I believe Petrus Regout Maastricht china was made in Holland in the 19th century.
  35. As far as I can tell, this mark dates it to 1875-1890. I think it is a coffee pot and is very pretty.
  36. It would be easier if you could turn the picture with the writing the right way round. I have found if you edit pics just a bit the turn out to be the right way up. You should be able to edit your pos...
  37. I love these old cars. I think I've got some stashed away, but all out of boxes and some are pretty battered!
  38. Love your photo. Well placed!
  39. The yellow glass looks like uranium glass and will probably glow under UV light.
  40. Are they pottery, or made of resin? Its the lines on the back that look a bit like resin, but you should be able to tell by touch.
  41. I love them. Very pretty.
  42. I don't actually know the pattern name. I found a similar one online called Hobnail Suite.
  43. The best way to get your photos the right way up is to edit them, just a bit, slight crop etc. I don’t know why but it works!
  44. Hi Jenni, I too wondered if your elephant was Neodymium. You don't need a blacklight to find out. I have a neodymium Duck, and it took be ages to realise this, but it is pink in natural light, but blu...
  45. I think we bought some like these in Malaysia, but you can probably find them in a lot of Asian countries.
  46. I think it's probably German. I think they often imprinted numbers, though I don't know enough about German Pottery to know more.
  47. Adderley is a Stoke on Trent Pottery. 1876-1905! Though I think they are still going in some form. Your pot looks late Victorian maybe?
  48. I think this is from Global Studios Cornwall. I have a couple of bears on here, and thought that was where they were from, then I saw one similar in a charity shop, with the original box, which confir...
  49. I’ve tried looking up the pattern number 9786, and nothing is coming up. I did look up the backstamp too, and this dates from 1925. Is this a mug or a cup? The pattern looks a bit like Imari, but I ca...
  50. Maybe for mustard?
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