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R.Lalique, first and foremost. Art Deco in its truest forms.


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Art Deco vase, come lamp base. Unknown maker. - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Margaret" vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Petrarque" vase. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco lamp base by Charles Harva - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Dinanderie vase by Offner - Art Decoin Art Deco
Fabulous Art Deco glass sconce shade. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco "HIS" bottles in gold - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco "HIS" bottles flat sided heads - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Northwoods "HIS" trio set - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Sophora" vase - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Great to see. I had all of these and the creature. Use to look forward to night time to see them “glow”. Great memories.
  2. Love this. Great find. One to treasure.
  3. Very nice !
  4. Great find. Just shows it’s still out there if you look hard.
  5. Love the effect. Outstanding piece.
  6. Fabulous colours. Great piece of glass.
  7. Thanks Catteauglass. Perhaps you could post a picture of yours ?
  8. Hi Canyonroad. It's glass.
  9. Thanks MALKEY. It's annoying that I can find no references or information about this maker. He was obviously a skilled glass worker.
  10. Sorry for the photos. I edited them, and still they came out sideways. Apologies upfront for sore necks !
  11. Nice piece. Very reserved in its styling.
  12. Thank you Malkey. Regards Chris.
  13. You are more than welcome MALKEY. Keep collecting, it focuses the mind and soul, and gives great joy to others. Chris.
  14. Now that is a nice piece of glass !
  15. Very nice, very nice indeed.
  16. Thankyou Sean, yes, Rene Lalique was a true master of glass design.
  17. Lovely piece of Deco. Great lines.
  18. Excellent vase. Great geometric pattern.
  19. Hi vetraio50, Yes, it's was one of those pieces that I saw in a Lalique book when I first started collecting, and thought "wow" one day. I was lucky to acquire this piece a few years ago.
  20. Hi Sean68, Thankyou for the comment. Yes, it is stunning, a piece I have to be careful where I place due to its weight as well !
  21. Thanks Arisellon. Your collection is awesome. I have always envied the American advertising clocks you have there. The neon and design, brilliant. The Jarvil vase was a chance find at an auction a...
  22. Thanks Arisellon. Made by Vallauris, designed by Louis GIRAUD. It is a stunning piece. Thank you for your comment.
  23. Hi Arisellon. Thanks for your comment. I agree, it 98% there, but not quite. Nice to speak to another Art Deco fanatic.
  24. Hi. Maker could be "Costabelle" they done a lot of glass with penguins.
  25. Fabulous set. Very envious.
  26. Hi. Yes, a big weakness of mine as well. Couldn't resist this piece.
  27. Thanks Jenni. Yes beautiful moulding. An unusual shape for Lalique as well.
  28. Lovely piece. Looks very much like Mazoyer in its style.
  29. Hi. Fabulous collection. How long have you been collecting? I am an avid collector of R Lalique as well.
  30. Very nice. Very nice indeed!
  31. Fabulous Art Deco design.
  32. That fish is to die for. Wonderful.
  33. That fish is to die for. Wonderful.
  34. Gorgeous glass. As before very envious. Do show us some more.
  35. Fantastic pieces of Art Deco. Very envious.
  36. Fabulous piece.
  37. Hi Vetraio50 Now that is a stunning piece. Keep hold of it,
  38. Hi. I am thinking one of the more modern Czech art glass pieces. Lovely piece however.
  39. Hi Manikin. Yes, they are pretty impressive. I always think of Easter Island when I look at them. They are also a bit of a collecting weakness of mine, last count was 16. Thanks for your comment.
  40. Looks like a Michael powolny piece to me. I have a small vase in exact colours.
  41. Fabulous items from a fabulous designer. Wonderful, Thank you.
  42. Wow ! Thanks again.
  43. Museum quality pieces. Outstanding. Thank you
  44. Once again. Stunning pieces. Thanks for sharing.
  45. Outstanding items again. Thanks for sharing .
  46. Once again, stunning. Fabulous collection. Thanks for sharing.
  47. Hi Jean. I have the exact shade. It's a fabulous piece of glass.
  48. Stunning pieces. Thank you for sharing.
  49. Outstanding find. One of those moments you have to pinch yourself, just in case it's not true. Well done.
  50. Nice piece. Definition on the grasshoppers is excellent. Thanks for sharing.
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JOBLING OPALESCENT GLASS BOWL SUNDERLAND ART DECO Mystery Studio Pottery Piece  - SOLVED - Jim Gremel from Occidental, CA


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