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R.Lalique, first and foremost. Art Deco in its truest forms.


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Art deco Elly Strobach figurine. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Signed Leune enamelled Art Deco glass Vase by Heiligenstein  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Czech glass lamp base. - Lampsin Lamps
Superb Art Deco Charles Harva lamp base. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco stoneware vase by Charles Weiss. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Retro Telenorma battery clock. - Clocksin Clocks
Art Deco ceramic lamp, unknown maker. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Charles Harva ceramic lamp. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Nouveau perfume bottle, boot sale find. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Lost my seat again ! - Animalsin Animals


  1. Now that’s what I call a great find !
  2. Thank-you all . Kevin, I am not sure you will find one. I have never seen another.
  3. Hi. I have one very similar to this. But mine is a lamp. Cool bit of nostalgia.
  4. Hello Kevin. Many thanks, the workmanship on this piece is exceptional.
  5. Hi. Used in wine making to measure the amount of sugar in the liquid.
  6. Lipplesdorf ?
  7. Hi AnythingObscure, I cannot find anything out about the mentioned dealer. There are a lot of these glass panels floating around. Mine was being listed as Lalique, which it obviously isn’t.
  8. Just found my records. Zelezny brod, Czech.
  9. Hi. I have one just like this but used as a lamp base. Probably Czech.
  10. Worth a rummage I would say !
  11. Thanks Sean68. Can’t find a thing about the maker, even asked a few well known auction houses too. Thanks to all for the loves.
  12. Thank you ArtDecoMami1933. Yes it is.
  13. Thanks racer4four. I must admit I haven’t found a shade big enough yet. Probably an all black one. Fantastic is right, I still cannot get over how intricate the modelling is. Thanks also to Blund...
  14. Very nice. A real eye catching globe.
  15. Thanks to all for the loves. Yes, I agree Watchsearcher, couldn’t resist buying it.
  16. Hello. Vase is called “Antinea “.
  17. A loyal friend. That says it all.
  18. Nice piece. Made by velux (Etling)
  19. Hi. No 1a Gift Kodak. Made 1930/1. Iconic Art Deco design.
  20. Just seen your extra pictures. Not Royal dux. Not sure of the maker of yours.
  21. Hi. If a base is attached, then probably underneath that.
  22. Nice lamps. Possibly by Royal Dux. Look for a red triangle on the base.
  23. Haven’t a clue. I am guessing black though. Thanks to everyone for the love’s
  24. Very nice vase.
  25. Great piece.
  26. Stunning piece, and an even more stunning building.
  27. Lucky you !
  28. Hello Watchsearcher. Yes they are, I have 2, the other a brindle but more on the shy side. Great companions.
  29. No 3 if interested is Faucaria Tigrina.
  30. Thanks Sean68. Yes, but I have searched and searched and found no comparable light. The maker still eludes me.
  31. Hi Trey. Never thought of that one. I agree they do. Regards Chris.
  32. Lovely piece. Perfectly proportioned.
  33. Hi. Are you sure this a signature ? Chris.
  34. Thanks Trey SEAN68 Vetraio50 Hunterqlee Newfld Iggy Fortapache For the loves.
  35. Thanks to all for the loves.
  36. Thanks. Ivonne Newfld Iggy Fortapache Vetraio50 Sean68 Hunterqlee Aura MALKEY Paris1925 Raven3766 Kwqd Trey Cathyz For the loves.
  37. Thanks to everyone for the loves.
  38. Hi kwqd. The base is hollow. No socket either. I made a wooden base to the same shape and attached a light socket to that. If I can locate it, I will take a photo of the piece lit up.
  39. Hi. Thanks for the info. Yes, Star Trek rock indeed, but this one would not move !
  40. Great to see. I had all of these and the creature. Use to look forward to night time to see them “glow”. Great memories.
  41. Love this. Great find. One to treasure.
  42. Very nice !
  43. Great find. Just shows it’s still out there if you look hard.
  44. Love the effect. Outstanding piece.
  45. Fabulous colours. Great piece of glass.
  46. Thanks Catteauglass. Perhaps you could post a picture of yours ?
  47. Hi Canyonroad. It's glass.
  48. Thanks MALKEY. It's annoying that I can find no references or information about this maker. He was obviously a skilled glass worker.
  49. Sorry for the photos. I edited them, and still they came out sideways. Apologies upfront for sore necks !
  50. Thank you Malkey. Regards Chris.
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Pierre D'Avesn Bowl JOBLING OPALESCENT GLASS BOWL SUNDERLAND ART DECO Mystery Studio Pottery Piece  - SOLVED - Jim Gremel from Occidental, CA


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