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R.Lalique, first and foremost. Art Deco in its truest forms.


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Fabulous Art Deco glass sconce shade. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco "HIS" bottles in gold - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco "HIS" bottles flat sided heads - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Northwoods "HIS" trio set - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Sophora" vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco  Dinanderie metal fish by "Rivierre" - Art Decoin Art Deco
Large Art Deco glass sconce shade - Art Decoin Art Deco
Hettier et Vincent, hall light shade. - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Frise Aigles". - Art Decoin Art Deco
R Lalique "Calypso" bowl. 30cms across - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Very nice. Very nice indeed!
  2. Fabulous Art Deco design.
  3. That fish is to die for. Wonderful.
  4. That fish is to die for. Wonderful.
  5. Gorgeous glass. As before very envious. Do show us some more.
  6. Fantastic pieces of Art Deco. Very envious.
  7. Fabulous piece.
  8. Hi Vetraio50 Now that is a stunning piece. Keep hold of it,
  9. Hi. I am thinking one of the more modern Czech art glass pieces. Lovely piece however.
  10. Hi Manikin. Yes, they are pretty impressive. I always think of Easter Island when I look at them. They are also a bit of a collecting weakness of mine, last count was 16. Thanks for your comment.
  11. Looks like a Michael powolny piece to me. I have a small vase in exact colours.
  12. Fabulous items from a fabulous designer. Wonderful, Thank you.
  13. Wow ! Thanks again.
  14. Museum quality pieces. Outstanding. Thank you
  15. Once again. Stunning pieces. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Outstanding items again. Thanks for sharing .
  17. Once again, stunning. Fabulous collection. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Hi Jean. I have the exact shade. It's a fabulous piece of glass.
  19. Stunning pieces. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Outstanding find. One of those moments you have to pinch yourself, just in case it's not true. Well done.
  21. Nice piece. Definition on the grasshoppers is excellent. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Hi lebo. No. A to be honest you should not be asking on this site. This is solely for people to show and share their items. Best regards.
  23. So it is AdeleC. I have this book, and had forgotten. The one on the book however is a little bit better than mine being coloured and with a white patina.. Thank you for your comment.
  24. Hi MALKEY Thanks for the comment. I also should have mentioned that "Sophora" is the botanical name for the Japanese Pagoda tree. Thanks also vetraio50 and miederman for your love.
  25. Hi Cpomedx. Yes your piece is fabulous. Did you have any luck finding a makers mark?
  26. Very nice MALKEY, very nice indeed.
  27. Hi racer4four. You would be more than welcome.
  28. Thanks MALKEY. Yes it does, the photos really do not do it justice.
  29. A Happy New Year to you as well. ???? Thankyou for following me. ????
  30. We still have 2hrs to go. But hey, Happy New Year.
  31. Thank you, both. Yes, I suppose she has after all, she did choose me !!!!!. Happy New year to you both.
  32. Now, that's right up my street. Nice piece.
  33. Hi MALKEY. Thank you, for your comments, it's nice to know others appreciate good glass!!
  34. Thanks MALKEY. Yes, they do. One of my favourite vases.
  35. Thanks MALKEY.
  36. Yep, if you look closely you can see individual tortoises,
  37. Yes, an thanks for the comment MALKEY.
  38. Thanks MALKEY. Who is your glass elephant by ? , Jobling ?
  39. Hi SEAN68. There is no makers mark just the normal Ikora Mark (Windmill). The attribution comes from the WMF reference book. Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year.
  40. Thanks MALKEY. I see you are also a serious glass collector as well.
  41. Hi vetraio50. I thought this one would be to your liking. Thanks.
  42. Hi. I suppose I should say, The Wife, The House, Then the collection. I have always collected, but got the Deco bug just after getting married. Read into that what you like !
  43. Sorry, 1925.
  44. Hi vetraio50. Yes, this piece was designed in 1931. Can I ask what Art Deco pieces you collect?
  45. Hi, Silverlining. Yes, that says it all.
  46. Yes,indeed. However I have first refusal on them. My colleague took them to the Lalique museum in Wingen-sur-moder in France. Apparently they still have most of the original moulds, for the vases. Th...
  47. Hi Phil. I agree with the Maurice Guirard-Rivière resemblance, as for 70's /80's this is certainly Art Deco 20's/ 30's. I googled M.Lucas and found bronzes with his signature. Thanks
  48. Hi. Purchased from a great Lalique dealer that I know. I have around 15 other R.Lalique vases that I will post later.
  49. Hi again Gillian. I will take more pictures when home. I am currently in Cyprus on hols. Have 4 more Charles Harvas, along with Mofem, L Gerfaux.
  50. Hi Gillian. All pictures are taken on my iPad. It's probably because I took the picture vertically, or portrait. Is there a way to turn? Thank you for the welcome.
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