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R.Lalique, first and foremost. Art Deco in its truest forms.


  1. Possibly Art Deco. Lovely doors whatever they are. Great find.
  2. Bargain.
  3. Hi. Possibly a mirror ?
  4. Believe it or not, I picked up a 300 series Siemens Chinese red phone the other day at an Antique fair. It has a couple of tiny chips, but otherwise sound. Tentatively I asked what he wanted for it, ...
  5. Goodness knows how I missed this post. Great selection. Chris
  6. Sorry, also should have mentioned its post 1945, as the R is not present on the signature. Regards Chris.
  7. Hi. What a find ! Vase is called Bagatelle. Lucky you.
  8. No, both are ceramic. One is twice the size of the other one.
  9. Thanks all. Still unable to find anything remotely similar though. Regards Chris.
  10. Thanks Sean68. Must admit these bottles are a bit of a weakness of mine !
  11. Yes indeed. Very nice.
  12. What a great pump. Oozing Art deco. Love it !
  13. Great find. Green with envy !
  14. The cocktail shaker is a beauty. Love the feel of the room.
  15. Many thanks PhilD Yes, its a stunning, and I think one off piece. Chris.
  16. Lycoris radiata. Very pretty.
  17. One of the rarest patterns. Kandina is the pattern name. Where did you find this gem ?
  18. Stunning piece. And what a bargain !
  19. Hello. Are you still collecting ?
  20. Thanks PhilDMorris. I admit I have a weakness for collecting these bottles. The boxed set of 3 being a great find.
  21. Now that’s something special.
  22. Stunning. They don’t make them like that anymore !
  23. Now that’s what I call a great find !
  24. Thank-you all . Kevin, I am not sure you will find one. I have never seen another.
  25. Hi. I have one very similar to this. But mine is a lamp. Cool bit of nostalgia.
  26. Hello Kevin. Many thanks, the workmanship on this piece is exceptional.
  27. Hi. Used in wine making to measure the amount of sugar in the liquid.
  28. Lipplesdorf ?
  29. Hi AnythingObscure, I cannot find anything out about the mentioned dealer. There are a lot of these glass panels floating around. Mine was being listed as Lalique, which it obviously isn’t.
  30. Just found my records. Zelezny brod, Czech.
  31. Hi. I have one just like this but used as a lamp base. Probably Czech.
  32. Worth a rummage I would say !
  33. Thanks Sean68. Can’t find a thing about the maker, even asked a few well known auction houses too. Thanks to all for the loves.
  34. Thank you ArtDecoMami1933. Yes it is.
  35. Thanks racer4four. I must admit I haven’t found a shade big enough yet. Probably an all black one. Fantastic is right, I still cannot get over how intricate the modelling is. Thanks also to Blund...
  36. Very nice. A real eye catching globe.
  37. Thanks to all for the loves. Yes, I agree Watchsearcher, couldn’t resist buying it.
  38. Hello. Vase is called “Antinea “.
  39. A loyal friend. That says it all.
  40. Nice piece. Made by velux (Etling)
  41. Hi. No 1a Gift Kodak. Made 1930/1. Iconic Art Deco design.
  42. Just seen your extra pictures. Not Royal dux. Not sure of the maker of yours.
  43. Hi. If a base is attached, then probably underneath that.
  44. Nice lamps. Possibly by Royal Dux. Look for a red triangle on the base.
  45. Haven’t a clue. I am guessing black though. Thanks to everyone for the love’s
  46. Very nice vase.
  47. Great piece.
  48. Stunning piece, and an even more stunning building.
  49. Lucky you !
  50. Hello Watchsearcher. Yes they are, I have 2, the other a brindle but more on the shy side. Great companions.
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Curtiss JN(Jenny) Bi-Plane Model Pierre D'Avesn Bowl JOBLING OPALESCENT GLASS BOWL SUNDERLAND ART DECO Mystery Studio Pottery Piece  - SOLVED - Jim Gremel from Occidental, CA


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