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  1. they would have a guy holding it with a thing on top...while the surveyors shot the grade like dave said kind of ..smiling best guess...
  2. cool post....
  3. het dave nice one,..went on you other page very nice ...hope sale are up ..smiling ..I have a couple of things made from lave from the Islands they grind it up and put it in a mold ,.. u think this w...
  4. G Whizzzzzzz,. cool stuff
  5. lol Vynil33rpm,a great man once said one of these days Alice ....right to the moon...
  6. nice collection I had one bought it in the 70's I forget what model but was a good bush rifle for those little mule deer's out west...'-))
  7. does the penis pasta come with condoms...Just asking always trying to save buck ..U know me ... lol
  8. like a tin can in the wind .,,,So where you keep yours Nola...?
  9. yes yes I know your saying to yourself so does Ruckl Welz ahh but not as much ...smiling ...
  10. and legras puts a lot of yellow in their end of day glass...just saying ...'-)) later
  12. first thing tat pop into my thing on my shoulders was "Legras" but there's a lot of space there as well..... nice colors..
  13. I always thought it had to do with women U Know buss fuse.... '-P
  14. Fess would still be alive if they finished the Autographed by fess Parker puts it in the cool factor group....yip.
  15. no wonder I can't find any,.. you have them all ...nice collection.
  16. I'm amaze the tails hasn't been broken...nice score..
  17. looking good..which end is the bar going to be located ..?
  18. I saaw a bunch on the Bay .. one was numbed I/259 and said was made in the 40's might check out the bay for bits of info....good luck .. is yours numbered...?
  19. Nice score ...Mr...
  20. Nice score..Dave
  21. Nice looker...great info...
  22. Here's a little reading I found online tells ya all about them. I have a few Philistines books myself..
  23. Don't take that down to Tijuana.they'll steal it, love the spare-tire, a year huh
  24. try this... '-))
  25. This is some special...nice score.
  26. write and send a picture to murano.... they should be able to help
  27. murano mermaid
  28. this is so funky ...ya just have to love...
  29. Pretty neat
  30. put in boiling water to heat soup / coffee,.. one would think ..
  31. aint that somthin...sure enough tis cool
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