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I have many small collections, from matchbooks and old hardware, to native American art, glass art, costume jewelry and fine art. All vintage or antique. I love thI have many small collections, from matchbooks and old hardware, to native American art, glass art, costume jewelry and fine art. All vintage or antique. I love the stories behind objects (when you can find it) and appreciate the details and talents behind the collections. (Read more)


Fake Pre-Columbian Sitting Female Figure with bowl - Figurinesin Figurines
Pottery - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Conorb75, thanks for the info! Your wife is a wonderfully talented artist! I don’t know for a fact that those lines are a part of her Zimbabwe background, but now that you’ve told us a bit about tha...
  2. Ms.CrystalShip, lol, that is true! Someday she will be old. ????. I agree, someone did put some time and effort into her, but when money is the motive people will go to all lengths and become quite ...
  3. Steptoe, I hope you’re doing ok and managing to take your mind off the war. I hope you don’t have any family involved over there. This is a very different brooch you have here! It’s actually very n...
  4. This one is beautiful! Too bad you couldn’t get more pics, like of the bottom and at least one other with good lighting to see more detail of the design, etc. Very nice design!!
  5. Kind of looks like Lindquist 1972 to me. Haven’t had a moment of spare time to dig deeper but if I run across anything as a possibility I’ll jump in and share what I learn. Nice piece! Good luck!
  6. Another idea on photo processing-if you’re using a smartphone to take the pics all you have to do is use your edit feature, change any one thing (and you can even change it back). As long as you use t...
  7. Sharp looking knight! Sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full hunting down more knights and a whole lot of Vikings. Good luck!!
  8. Love it!
  9. Cutest mousie ever!
  10. Fooled me! I thought the tile was original to the piece. They look great together!
  11. Sorry for the late thanks for love, jscott0363 and sherrilou!! I appreciate you all stopping by!!
  12. Lol, Vinyl33rpm! Your sense of humor cracks me up. Thanks for sharing.
  13. ho2cultcha, interesting information. Thanks for the review of this product! dav2no1, your mom was more than a master of origami, she was a master of beauty! You spoke of your mom as was, not is. I’...
  14. OMG, what luck!! Great trash-to-treasure story, or soon will be. Love all the hand-construction, heavy good wood, and copper media added! Wood kind of resembles maple or yellow pine. Was also wonder...
  15. Wish I could offer up any ID info. Love the jars. How tall are they? The mystery jar appears to have had the very faintest of what looks like a red stripe. Do you see it, a couple inches or so (dep...
  16. Oh, well that’s alright. Nothing wrong with what’s probably the original screw-on lid. Still a neat bottle! Thanks for clarifying details! Have a great day!
  17. Thanks MadamMisty! He is so adorable! Hopefully a pottery expert on here (CW) could use their expertise to shine light on age at least. There’s some really knowledgeable people here. Good luck!
  18. Thanks for the love, aura and kwqd! Vynil33rpm, thanks for your comment and observation! And for the love!
  19. kwqd, I wondered if you were a tea drinker. Now we know. ;-). thanks for correcting me on your rat. And that makes it that much cooler! :-)
  20. I’m not usually a big fan of glass animals (I know, I know, they’re very popular) but your glass dolphin really struck me! Very beautiful coloring and sleek lines. Just love it! Thanks for sharing!
  21. It has a very interesting design. I’m sure in-hand and with a loupe you could make out more detail. The more I look at the pics the more interesting it becomes. :-). Good luck with your research.
  22. Beautiful bowl!
  23. Pretty Japanese doll. I love the flowers in her hair. :-)
  24. Love this artwork! And that frame:-0. Love it!
  25. Thanks for sharing some of your collections! That’s one big collection of iron teapots! Very nice!! The ironwood rat was done very well! That tail!! Whoa!! :-)
  26. I would call these folk art. Seems mid 20th century, possibly. Pretty neat.
  27. Almost the best part of posts is when some detailed history is added. I love the history provided here. The goblet is magnificent!!! Thanks for sharing!
  28. Is this painted pottery or painted cast iron? Cute!
  29. A masterpiece! Congratulations, inky!!
  30. Love this sweet plate!
  31. Cute cast iron bunny doorstop! Thanks for sharing!
  32. Thx for the loves dave2no1, blunderbuss2, Searching1, Newfld, vcal and fortapache! I appreciate everyone dropping by! Have a great week!
  33. Love her! She’s so beautiful, especially with the colorful stones in her crown! She seems at peace. Oh, and the enameled? dark hair and eyes. Just that little bit of accent draws you in to see the d...
  34. TSelley, it definitely is marked with a copyright symbol next to it. Sorry, not knowledgeable about high end textiles so I don’t even know what CASCA is or what it stands for. Of course I googled it a...
  35. It’s an awesome piece. Obviously has some gold, even if just gilt or vermeil or plate or.. Additional pics would be helpful in trying to identify the jeweler/artist; you can post 3 more pics. If yo...
  36. Oh, I just saw this post. Didn’t realize you have a whole collection of these! Very nice!!
  37. Wow! Very special Mexican? pieces! I like the colors and the styles. How old are they? What do the insides look like? You can add 2 more pics if you want to. At any rate, nice.
  38. I’m 99% sure you already know all this bc you can see the name just as I can, but just in case, Schonwald was founded in Germany in 1879 and apparently is a top notch dinnerware china and porcelain ma...
  39. Glad you’re able to identify this bottle, and glad you still have the cork bc a lot of the time the cork is missing! Neat design on the glass!
  40. Absolutely swell way to display these beautiful pieces! Just love it!
  41. Unfortunately, I can’t help you ID this old yo-yo but it is very cool and must be from the 50’s-60’s, ya know, the atomic years based on the symbol and the fact it’s aluminum. I’ve had quite a few yo...
  42. What’s a train without a whistle?!!!! Love them!
  43. What fun! Steam whistles! Thanks for sharing!
  44. So pretty. :-)
  45. Very nice!
  46. Thanks for your reply, Steptoe1. Really interesting, isn’t it?!! If I run across a term/definition for this metalwork I’ll let you know. It’s a really unique and pretty design.
  47. Ok, sorry, not a cowbell, a sleighbell. Haha. Still wonder about its history, but I always do on all old stuff. :-)
  48. I just wonder and think about the horses who wore this, or the milk cow so you always knew where she was, and the farmer or other person(s) whose sleighbell this belonged to. Nice piece of history!
  49. What an adorable little rocker!!!
  50. From scaquarium.org “ Historically and cross-culturally, ladybugs are believed to be talismans of luck.” It goes on to comment that some people say if a ladybug lands on you you count the dots and th...
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