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Central Texas


  1. The colors are great, thanks
  2. I can hear this picture, :) Does it turn over or is it a complete wall hanger?
  3. I just rescued a sweet old leather suitcase from a Goodwill. check it out :)
  4. A little dab will do ya :o
  5. Nice find :o
  6. kwqd, I once woke to a house full of smoke when my sister used her easybake oven as a nightlight and it melted :o EASY :)
  7. MishMasher, The will likely sell eventually. I have a 60's viewfinder and a couple dozen reels in a box somewhere I will pair it up with. I rescued this from a Goodwill, so they are still out there :)
  8. PhilDMorris, I went on line to find a checklist before I found one in the box :) But, in the store, Someone had grabbed a couple reels and put the projector back. I grabbed it up and walked to my c...
  9. I dug a Land Adventurer Joe from the early 1970s. Hasbro called it Life Like Hair and Beard, out of a goodwill bin several months back. I knew what i was looking at was an original Joe, When I grabbed...
  10. mp.kunst, No but it is definitely by the same artist. I had to put them side by side to see the color of the coat is redder in the online one and the signature is not in the same place, mine has a dat...
  11. This one is a closer match mp.kunst. it appears to be signed Reed with the R having a long leg. I think I'm looking for an artist named Reed who worked in watercolors around 1912 with the initials RD...
  12. I found a similar turtle at a thrift for a couple bucks. Far too cool to leave behind
  13. I fell out the passenger door of my mom's 62 Thunderbird as an infant. Maybe 3yo All I remember is slowly pulling the handle, watching as the lock button,as it moved to the unlock position. What I le...
  14. Permanently closed :/
  15. Thanks dav2no1, This astray is a bit crustier than this place. I am going to contact them though. It may be from their original place. Seems like something they may want:)
  16. Body parts are much less expensive than I would have believed. I would have thought it would cost an arm and a leg :o :) I can get the hand and arm for about $10 + shipping.
  17. Thanks for the heads up Fortapache. "life-like hair" :)
  18. I have #1 in storage. It was my mother's family's , we overwound it years ago. :(
  19. Thanks dav2no1,
  20. mp.kunst it could be. An expert thought it to be contemporary, the vendor was a veteran who bought in while deployed
  21. thanks mp.kunst I think it is aUK United Kingdom King George III US Colonial 1/2 Half Penny Coin. the back actually image searched on my laptop. Worth a few bucks I think. I paid $20 for about 3 pound...
  22. is this Chief Wolf Robe?
  23. Thanks Tamasue, I haven't checked back in a while Solved
  24. Whale bone is extremely porus. Try whale bone Hawaii as a search
  25. keramikos, the first link you sent had an image of the needle boxes. it has on that page a drawing of a very similar box with the "Aesculap," only a...
  26. keramikos, You fell down the rabbit hole there. The earlier link you sent, with the thread clearly shows the needle box with the trademark on it. It is older than I thought by a couple years but is in...
  27. keramikos it is 2 3/5ths or as wide as a bill. I like the needle theory
  28. i see the company became part of Vadsco Sales in the 1920's, then merged again. I think this is from the 20's or pre WWI it could have held a medical device, but it seems more likely it held mints or...
  29. Thanks, PhilDMorris, The broken pieces are some of the most intriguing pieces.They show age along the breaks, Like they were broken, then buried,not recently broken or pieces of the others.
  30. It has a label taped on the bottom, probably a shop price. I thought, maybe a tobacco or tea box. There are numbers on the bottom of the drawer and lid, 3 and 4. The label says 15154 GR490
  31. Thanks CanyonRoad. They were too neat to pass for a couple dollars. That bull head will make a great gift for a longhorn fan friend of mine
  32. It is likely a unit medal Eli Gray is from GRAY, Eli Private Crab Apple Aug 22, 1862 Disch. Apr 7, 1863; disabil I have no reason to think it is commemorative, It is hand stamped Do some research ...
  33. Thanks valentino97, I live in Austin. I know a guy who will die for the burnt orange :) I will post the other stuff too
  34. I bought one today at a GW (Goodwill) in Central Texas :) It is a great find.
  35. Someone told me it is an opium scale that has been framed. Is it old? does that look like an artist signature on the frame?
  36. Thanks MP. I'll keep an eye out for the missing ashtray
  37. Thanks apostada, I think I am seeing a timeline between 1916 and 1949. a near average piece maybe late Guangzhou period 1925? Is it a humidor? It could be. It has a wooden interior panels very well fi...
  38. I got one of these awhile back. I'm pretty sure mine had a red cap and a plain aluminum bed. I couldn't pass it up, It had no tailgate but it had straight wheels. :)
  39. I think it came from a slot machine cabinet. Anyone ever see it?
  40. thats why I picked them up. I thought they were aviators too, they frlt like aviators :) Now Im interested in how old they are because they predate their branded lenses. the arms are stamped USA not A...
  41. Pretty close. The head is facing the wrong way but it could be a buffalo head nickle image. That image is a composite of 3 natives, Chief Iron Tail of the Oglala Lakota, Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenn...
  42. Biden wears Ray Bans
  43. thanks fhrjr2, I could not seem to find their link and thought they were out of business. They have a FB page. Boy do I feel stupid
  44. TallCakes,, Thank you so much. Your first link allowed me to find more info and several pictures of similar carts. considering it is between 60 and 70 years old, I think it is in pretty good shape. I ...
  45. Thanks, Daddy_Nobucks and Vynil33rpm, I can see pictures now. I was not searching the right decade so my searches were flooded with other carriers. It doesn't seem to be in the greatest shape due to ...
  46. Thank you so much rhineisfine. I knew they were special when I heard their chime as I picked them up, they struck each other and they resonated for what seemed liked an eternity. Thank you again
  47. thanks watchsearcher.
  48. Can anyone tell me anything about this?
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Asian Prunus/dogwood ginger jar Carved Asian Figurine 1800'S CLOCK Roger & Smith Bear and Rabbit Salt and Pepper shakers Miniature Train Sets Natural Mecca KAABA image of Saudi Arabia on Sulemani Hakik Aqeeq Solomon Agate Stone , is it Extremely Rare ? strickland surfboard can anyone tell me about it


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