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 Jim Beam 'Championship' gold ring - Advertisingin Advertising
Some native art? Toys? Trash? Trinkets, Treasure? - Dollsin Dolls
Beaded Bull Skull - Native Americanin Native American
Chinese? art - Asianin Asian
Strange Asian Art Box - Asianin Asian
Bronze lamp base - Lampsin Lamps
Painted Hardhat - Hatsin Hats
Antique Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Box Dragon   - Asianin Asian
Korean Blanket Chest/Salesman sample? - Advertisingin Advertising
Terracotta figurine? - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Thanks CanyonRoad. They were too neat to pass for a couple dollars. That bull head will make a great gift for a longhorn fan friend of mine
  2. It is likely a unit medal Eli Gray is from GRAY, Eli Private Crab Apple Aug 22, 1862 Disch. Apr 7, 1863; disabil I have no reason to think it is commemorative, It is hand stamped Do some research ...
  3. Thanks valentino97, I live in Austin. I know a guy who will die for the burnt orange :) I will post the other stuff too
  4. I bought one today at a GW (Goodwill) in Central Texas :) It is a great find.
  5. Someone told me it is an opium scale that has been framed. Is it old? does that look like an artist signature on the frame?
  6. Thanks MP. I'll keep an eye out for the missing ashtray
  7. Thanks apostada, I think I am seeing a timeline between 1916 and 1949. a near average piece maybe late Guangzhou period 1925? Is it a humidor? It could be. It has a wooden interior panels very well fi...
  8. I got one of these awhile back. I'm pretty sure mine had a red cap and a plain aluminum bed. I couldn't pass it up, It had no tailgate but it had straight wheels. :)
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Bead rats ? Civil War Badge - 76th Illinois Volunteer Infantry - Union Army Mayan or Aztec Figurine Holding an Incised Olla Asian Female Statue 4+ feet high St. Pauli Girl Meticulous Metalflake Matchbox Monday MB-14 Iso Grifo 1968 1966 P&M Canada 48"  Coca Cola button What A Maroon Matchbox Monday MB3 Bedford 7 1/2 Ton Tipper With Maroon Bed 1961 Mulch Material Matchbox Monday MB 47 1 Ton Trojan Van 1958-1962 A Manada of Quanyin Bunshudo coin themed Japanese kyusu DO YOU LIKE MY TURTLE?....he’s Italian Haute Couture


strickland surfboard can anyone tell me about it