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Vinyl records and Smalls


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 1969 Yoko got a call ,, plastic Ono band live peace  
A few Frosty’s and the fat man in a red suit .29,,39 and 59 cents  
A few Lennon records (11) even , spoken word of John and Yoko 1980  
 Released October 8, 1971 ,, two copies original Apple release-Imagine  
 1965 sunshine peter pan records .39 cents 
 Before the gate He stood on the wet sea 
 One format three speeds 33,,45,,+78RPM’s - Recordsin Records
The 3 crosses the finish line ,at the same time ,because they are Won 1  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Three are alike ,None are different ,13 and 3 cent stamp  - Recordsin Records
The  first time I saw one of the shadow people  - Recordsin Records


  1. Maelstrom Christmas,,,Mr. Stuff
  2. Thanks for the loves
  3. Thanks for the loves
  4. Thanks for the loves
  5. JScott accidentally threw it out )
  6. Thanks for the loves
  7. Thanks for the loves
  8. Nice guitar
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