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I wrote, therefore I am , He spoke and it was  
I think ,three-Four I am , but not the Great I Am  
Gone but not Frog-gotton  
His lips are moving but what is he saying  - Dollsin Dolls
In The Clouds He returns is not on the internet  
A new blue start ,turn light on  
 Happy new year CW 1908  
 Happy New Year’s 1908  - Postcardsin Postcards
 I got your card in the mail back in 1910  - Postcardsin Postcards
 My oldest New Year’s card 1906  - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. Thanks also blunder2
  2. Vacui ? But you must Realize there is no place left even for the dust
  3. Thanks also clockerman Sean68
  4. Thanks to Shuzbut
  5. Thankyou
  6. Pareidolia is what it is called
  7. Thanks to mr. uncle crswerner
  8. Thanks also crswerner
  9. Thanks also crswerner
  10. Thanks also Sean68
  11. Thanks also to Trunks
  12. Why ask for Alien Cranium ? Why a Duck
  13. Thanks also vintPiker
  14. I have always been a Parrot Head The cannons don’t thunder no more There’s Nothing to plunder I am a pirate, 300:hundred years to late Headdin out to San Francisco For the Labor Day weeke...
  15. Thanks also AnythingObsure
  16. I also Newfld
  17. Thanks also to lady Pickles
  18. Clair De Lune ,,,moonlight sonata
  19. Thanks also Major Tom and the ground control
  20. Thanks in aardvarkian to vintage
  21. Thanks to AnythingObsure Dav2no1 Vcal BHIFOS Ho2cultcha Vet50 KERAMIKOS Newfld JScott Sean68 Watchsearcher FortApache Rocky Alfie 21
  22. My parents had one pretty close to this design every time I opened the fridge (I mean icebox) I saw it Brings back memories
  23. Thanks also Sean68
  24. Nice and A tremendous bonus ,,,the batteries
  25. Thanks also Aura
  26. Thanks also Trey JDg u y
  27. Thanks also ttomtucker
  28. Very nice
  29. Thanks also JScott
  30. Thanks PhilDMorris the Bend does seem to be getting more pronounce I realize I’m going to have to address that situation before there is a catastrophe I don’t know how it happened it only star...
  31. Kool photo ,,, you’ve proven that you don’t have to get up early to see the sunrise :)
  32. Mr. Dav2no1 sorry about that posting that caused you to feel that way Bo (Burning ham)
  33. Thanks Vet50 Blunder2 Lata Blunder2
  34. Thanks to Dav2no1 Kwqd Vcal Newfld FortApache Watchsearcher FortApache Alfie
  35. Thanks also to Tom For starting frog day
  36. Thanks also vintage
  37. Thanks also manikin
  38. Thanks to Collect 59 JScott Kwqd Glenn Emily Dav2no1 BHIFOS Vet50 FortApache AnythingObsure Vcal Newfld Blunder2 Alfie21
  39. Thanks to Vcal Dav2no1 Emily2562 Newfld Glenn JScott Kwqd Vet50 AnythingObsure Watchsearcher Ttomtucker FortApache
  40. Happy frogDay to all
  41. Thanks to Vcal Dav2no1 Emily2562 Newfld Glenn 12345
  42. Koool lookin
  43. But if you must have a Cigar Hav A Tampa The hand that Shakes Is the Soul that Takes My Feat in shoes with Brand new Soles
  44. Welcome to the Machine Is it Cigar time
  45. Hear ya go Boy have a Cigar
  46. Thanks also Glenn12345
  47. Thanks to AnythingObsure Vet50 BHIFOS Dav2no1 Glenn Valentino97 Alfie Aura Blunder2
  48. Thanks m. Larry
  49. Thanks to Clockerman Vet50 AnythingObsure BHIFOS Dav2no1 Glenn
  50. I’ve never seen one before .. but I do know some people who turned to ashes after a spin of the roulette wheel
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