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Not Karl or  Vladimir  
 I could’ve danced all night  
 Who is afraid of SteppenWolf  
 Atomic reader  - Recordsin Records
 Fascinating and what happened next  - Recordsin Records
 Don’t stand under tree fruit Fall  
 Duck ,Cover and plant your potatoes  - Booksin Books
Reel Glenn - Recordsin Records
 Extra large prints ,, but not Bigfoot  
Artie Shaw - Recordsin Records


  1. Wow Way kool ,, I have a few Cracker J toys but not nearly that many Good Stuffings
  2. Nice ,, I am See ing Horses now
  3. Yes I said Istanbul Turkey Too bad they don’t have Instant turkey
  4. Shahrazad thanks to all
  5. Thanks to all for looking
  6. WowZwow
  7. Most excellent !
  8. Thanks to all
  9. Big Band thanks
  10. Thank you for Exposing yourself to the love button
  11. Thanks for taking a look and hitting the LoVe
  12. Thanks to all for hitting the love
  13. Thanks everybody for taking a look
  14. Has your significant other ,told you ,either it goes ,or I go yet ,,,It’s very nice ,it’s just that it takes up a lot of room
  15. Very nice ,,,with an exuberant ,excellent find , added to my tiny verbiage
  16. Thanks also to Kwqd
  17. Any 8 to 12 exposure $0.39 jumbo prints
  18. Thanks to Dav2no1 FortApache Vet50
  19. Thanks to Kwqd Dav2no1 Clockerman FortApache Vet50 Retrofutura Hoot60
  20. It certainly looks to me as though anyone of them could swim the Bering Strait the 2.4 miles to Russia In late November To See the parted Sea Then Forget Our sandals remained dry
  21. I got mine a The local head shop ,, still have my black lights
  22. Post More do you have any with dangerous gamma rays Or even worse X-rays,,,, or the worstest O-rays
  23. Thanks to Racer4four Manikin Dav2no1 FortApache Vet50 Malkey Kwqd Mcheconi JScott Cokeman
  24. Thanks also to Kwqd Hoot60 Ho2cultcha MsCrystalShip
  25. Thanks to Dav2no1 AnythingObsure FortApache JScott Kwqd Elanski
  27. Anything obscure I agree very cool graphics On the moisture can
  28. Kool yo yo story ,,here’s mine I grew up in the St. Thomas projects in New Orleans ,,, my brother and I had to split a yo-yo he got 1/2 ,I got the other that’s where Yo came from calling ...
  29. A moving in stereo Thanks to Vet50 Dav2no1 AnythingObsure PhilDMorris FortApache Phonoboy JScott
  30. There is a story about those rapscallions
  31. Thanks to Vet50 FortApache
  32. Thanks to JScott Dav2no1 Cokeman Aura FortApache Vet50 AnythingObsure
  33. Nice Yard Bird
  34. Hey Ralph I thought you joined the French foreign Legion Kool Koke Kap
  35. Very cool my Pooka friend Harvey Your pal ,Elwood P. Dowd
  36. Love the KOOL brand penguin
  37. Very nice,,,,Interesting and informative info
  38. RichmondLori thanks for the extra special kind words
  39. Thanks to Dav2no1 AnythingObsure FortApache Kwqd Vet50
  40. Thanks also to FortApache EZa
  41. Another tidbit of information On yes fragile Cans and Brahms It’s bits and pieces from Brahms fourth symphony i
  42. $1.98 for all that fun
  43. Very cool lighter, I have the LP
  44. Wow kind of hard to see in Day Glow mode
  45. Thanks to Vet50 Dav2no1
  46. Thanks to Vet50 Dav2no1
  47. Thanks it is 1949 again
  48. Thanks to Dav2no1 FortApache Vet50 Blunder2
  49. Thanks to Dav2no1 FortApache AnythingObsure Vet50 Clockerman (it might be Yours)
  50. Thanks to Dav2no1 FortApache Vet50 Clockerman
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