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Sorry Dr. Phil i am a Jammer   
 Spin to win but don’t wobble and stumble  
A bell Toll oF two Cities  - Christmasin Christmas
For the Good Children and there  Children’s  - Christmasin Christmas
 Ray Charles 1964 cool Atlantic label  - Recordsin Records
 Silver springs  send you  swimming with the fishes Diner-sores  - Advertisingin Advertising
Is this the lost and found  ,I’m trying to find the LostTimes  - Paperin Paper
Look here don’t move , you can’t have a still picture unless you stand still  - Camerasin Cameras
 It’s what can be ,generated from ,the inside ,Not what’s on the outside  - Camerasin Cameras
 Excuse me ,may I please squeeze through ,with my tubeAh  - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Odd nowadays kids just called them VeggieTales KooL Kards
  2. Thanks WhenIsrealbelives
  3. Thanks AnythingObsure
  4. beer will be the “Urination “ oF us all :~) Kool Kan Man
  5. Goodbye Christine Mc Vie —79
  6. Goodbye Christine Mc Vie — 79 years old
  7. Not only was Smokey Bare ,he was also a Bear
  8. Thanks searching for commenting great LP Yougottahavestuff Dav2no1 Vet50 FortApache Newfld Blunder2 Vcal inky Daisy
  9. Great Christmas season wearing stuff
  10. Thanks Ttomtucker WhenIsrealbelives Searching Cokeman Newfld FortApache Dav2no1 Yougottahavestuff
  11. Thanks also to everybody that was standing in the back of the room and couldn’t hear me until now
  12. Hello mr. Bill
  13. It’s funny, I had kind of the same thing , around New Year’s when I was a kid I was lighting rockets and one of the missiles lit my foot on fire I suffered from mistletoe
  14. Sounds like you’ve done almost as bad as putting the lime in the coconut and mixing them both together
  15. Find example of the Lepus Microtis ,,,, Br’er rabbit Sir Good to hear from you Been kicking the briars for your rabbits
  16. One thin Dime is all it cost Less than 2bitts
  17. Thanks Cokeman Newfld FortApache Dav2no1 Vet50
  18. Santa The Clause , kooL st. Nicks
  19. Thanks Yougottahavestuff FortApache Dav2no1 Newfld Cokeman Collector p BHIFOS Searching WhenIsrealbelives Blunder2 Vet50
  20. Thanks WhenIsrealbelives
  21. Slide to your destination in a turboprop
  22. Very nice makes me want to head there I’ve got a pamphlet that uses the same ink
  23. Ralph the bus driver ,thanks also
  24. It’s pretty cool ,is there a Year printed anywhere on it
  25. Thanks AnythingObsure Blunder2 FortApache Newfld JScott Yougottahavestuff Dav2no1 Searching Vet50
  26. Thanks Blunder2 Cokeman Newfld BHIFOS JScott Dav2no1 Searching Vet50
  27. spoken like a true minimalist lover
  28. Thanks JScott Good to hear from you again
  29. Like on the caveman’s floor KooL repTiles
  30. Thanks Reise Sherries Yougottahavestuff WhenIsrealbelives Cokeman Newfld Vet50 FortApache Watchsearcher Dav2no1
  31. Thanks Giana MZ COLLECTOR Paul PhilDMorris C Newfld Vet50 FortApache Watchsearcher Yougottahavestuff Dav2no1
  32. Thanks to all Hap Pea Thanksgiving
  33. Happy Thanksgiving
  34. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving all CW
  35. Happy Thanksgiving to all
  36. Thanks Charmsomeone Trunk Designer Chevrolet Sean68 Usedcarlady Officialfuel AntigueToys Vet50 Searching Blunder2 Collector p Cokeman Newfld P Watchsearcher FortApache D...
  37. The house is full Of Cooks
  38. PhilDMorris We wanted to take her keys ,,but her Key ring had 88 keys and we didn’t know which one to take
  39. Cool silver rounds Good enough for vampires does Donald get proceeds from these coins don’t get me wrong they’re very cool
  40. Yes but Luck is luck and Faith is faith
  41. Very cool especially since I had several wagons growing up I even had a Volks wagon,,,
  42. Thanks blunder 2
  43. Thanks to Major Tom and everyone at ground control
  44. The features Yes ,I think with some Irish whiskey and a few trips in What grows ,in the woods ,,what grows in the woods ? the woods grow ,in the woods I can understand why they would see th...
  45. Cool info about Larry Interesting -Larry the leprechaun -I wonder if that’s like Santa The Claus
  46. Thanks clockerman
  47. Thanks Dav2no1 FortApache Sean68 Newfld Cokeman Blunder2 Vet50 Kwqd
  48. Kodi +Katie are Kool Kats
  49. Nice haul. Mr. BiLL
  50. Thanks also Miguel
  51. See more


 Trying to get the same prize was  like a battle house ORIENTAL Bowl -- Unknown ???  Maker ?  Age ?