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Vinyl records and Smalls


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I paint Not what I see 
My , Hot el ,,en Roma 
Ron Popeil’s big deal ,, it Slices Dices Wedges in 1969 
Stone face Still ? 
Raulbid   rabbit  
 What did you put in my cereal,,, bowl  
A thought on the After Noon  
Just drop in Hot oil  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Is there a Check at Your Name ,See clear  
All the letters ever Spoken are remembered  


  1. Hmmmmmmm ,,, I think it is a preacher the Bible is in front , of the little stand ,that holds the Bible Traveling preacher
  2. WOOps ,,in in my haste And infernal written waste I didn’t hit the love button but now I did Like a HootAnanny
  3. Excellent info, Sir
  4. My stipend ‘from the oil was my Murphy Tie pin Even though he’s siphoned Everything beneath the Terrapin We forgot what He tortoise(taughtus)
  5. The film is broken and the crowd is going wild they’re throwing popcorn boxes at the screen
  6. Wow in thermal plastic case For all eternity ,to see Into The eternal Sea and The what is
  7. A Lad insane, is what he was
  8. A Jim Day ,,ok
  9. Thanks to Vet50 Aura Newfld Dav2no1 Watchsearcher FortApache AdeleC
  10. Thanks to Newfld Dav2no1 Watchsearcher Cokeman FortApache Vet50 Shuzbut
  11. Thanks to Shuzbut Dav2no1 Watchsearcher Kwqd Valentino97 FortApache Vet50 Hoot60
  12. I don’t understand what comment number one has to do with map
  13. Very nice
  14. I wonder whatever happened to DizDave
  15. Nice ,, like golden mice
  16. Thanks to Vet50
  17. Cool stuff ,,, I was just thinking have you ever weighed your entire collection
  18. Are you the Guy that was standing in front of me in line,, at the cashier and looking at the change Holding up the line ... I used to look in the cash drawer and ask for certain coins (...
  19. I’ve never seen one before but , you left enough of your fingerprint For the CIA to run a background check haha :~}
  20. If we’re possible to get 10 Michelin stars ,
  21. I am the Donut Man you Will Listen You will follow instructions Do Not ,Make Donots
  22. Thanks also to Shuzbut
  23. Thanks also to Valentino97 EJW54 Shuzbut
  24. Thanks also to Mrcolorz Shuzbut
  25. Now your Talkin’
  26. Sorry, it looks nice ,but it’s only worth a Nickel
  27. Cool ,,,but I don’t know about rubbing Old Whiz on myself to keep bugs off I wonder why they separated KEE-POOF that way
  28. Thanks also to Sean68 MsCrystalShip
  29. Thanks to Vet50 Watchsearcher Dav2no1 FortApache Blunder2 Newfld Kwqd Sean68
  30. Thanks also to Valentino97
  31. Perhaps with stumbled upon the missing Link
  32. I’m glad I don’t have four legs because they only sell KEDS in twos
  33. Hey I just had a thought,,, what happens to phosphorescent items under a black light
  34. Thanks to Dav2no1 Newfld JScott Sean68 FortApache Watchsearcher Vet50 Manikin AnythingObsure Aimathena Blunder2 RichmondLori
  35. Nice Colors,,,all Glowing uP
  36. I say we erect a statue of Dr. Seuss so we can Tear it down That should make both the tearers and the builders of society happy
  37. Thanks also to Sean68
  38. Thanks to AnythingObsure Watchsearcher Dav2no1 FortApache Blunder2 Newfld Kwqd Sean68
  39. Thanks also to Officialfuel Sean68 RichmondLori
  40. Kool Kat
  41. Thanks to JScott Vet50 AnythingObsure Watchsearcher Dav2no1 FortApache Blunder2 Newfld Kwqd Manikin
  42. Thanks also to Retrofutura JScott FortApache Watchsearcher Blunder2
  43. Thanks also to Kwqd Fhrjr2 Ttomtucker
  44. Yes Mr. Bill if only the human race would stop racing and start ,Beings human If we stop and think let’s consider our ways Piles of Wrongs aren’t Human Rights Sorry for your lost
  45. Everything I know about it it looks pretty nice
  46. I am Bugged It listens ,it speaks but it’s not alive The Humans Toy soon grew Smarter than he To say the least It was a Beast
  47. Gone home to Phone
  48. Very kool, I never saw one before
  49. 1,2, 1 and 2 repeat 1 then 2
  50. Thanks also to couldbe Who is a Goodbee
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