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Vinyl records and Smalls


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Make Room for The Elephant  
What s Go ing On in the Garden To Day  
Fore Yue ,Mizter Toy Reb ! 
Toy Time has been declared  - Toysin Toys
Yellow Rose  
Do not adjust, We will  
The Brisk Mind and Luck of the Dice ,it’s a Game ,gently down the Stream ! - Gamesin Games
My Great Uncle Zellmo ‘s Ship , The Nep-Tunes - Toysin Toys
To Protect Earth - Bottlesin Bottles
The Eyes have it  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Now welcome to the Man-A-Chine
  2. Look Santa I want Acorns
  3. Grade A grader
  4. ToyReb for you
  5. Of course I do the Deputy Dawg show
  6. I also thought 1845 But didn’t want to say
  7. It doesn’t look like a hologram so I think it’s really there
  8. Gerard Sez get on the team
  9. KERAMIKOS,Yes and don’t forget the Giant navel Orange in first To Stretch the fibers of the wool Sock so they can fit more in it
  10. The leaves have turned golden
  11. Is it getting icee where you are
  12. I didn’t know looking at a piece of Steel could make me So Happy ,Painted, Formed So Bent and Shapely !
  13. Let me see this is to let the household know contents Uneatable Or to place the Tounge of the village Liar Or to be placed near sleeping Mat After all night Village Celebrations
  14. Space items the final frontier Way kooL Young Man
  15. Pressing Steel, and Luck
  16. KERAMIKOS look at Picture 1 and 4 Look at the Windows ,they got Shorter On the side Same Windows shaded On Pullem face
  17. ORANGE covers ?
  18. Milk /(white) Glass Santa Can-dial Man
  19. KERAMIKOS,Wait a minute I was not in locker room I was Hitchhiking from New Orleans The football teem on a loosening Night,, love the Pullem Investigating you’ve done
  20. C.Ship ,yes a little like EZ rider meets Hot Springs H.S. Football
  21. Ms.CrystalShip,, Thankyou for Tucks Postcard info I didn’t know about Lost art during WW2 bombing Of Card factory P.S. those Tucks were art
  22. Jim it’s a light Bulb That’s what you meant?
  23. Where’s the Fire Pee Wee
  24. No Peeping, under the tree
  25. I am trying to determine the age 27 inches wheel to wheel 3 Feet front to back
  26. It looks like what is known as the Truckster ,Beverly hillbillies
  27. Steel and Glass
  28. Very nice Set Don’t forget ,,how to Hypnotize you Friends
  29. Hey wait a minute Mr. Reb. I only count 149
  30. KERAMIKOS I enjoyed the investigative reporting on the Pullem hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas My Hot Springs Story is I was a 16 y.o. Longhair For no particular reason I Hitchhiked to Hot S...
  31. My Buddy is a TONKA
  32. One of my favorite buddies
  33. Nice Mr. Toy
  34. Very Nice
  35. Westinghouse
  36. I remember a Friend , always joked About attaching a bowling ball keychain He’s not with us anymore he fell off of a tall building They still don’t know how it happened
  37. Seven maids are Milking Hap B Day You can’t hold down The Fort
  38. W A R ! The good War is the band
  39. Stick them any where ! Hey wait not There
  40. Hit the Road Jack ,Frost
  41. Thanx for the Loves on the Milk Glass Santa Hoe Ho
  42. Deepseas72 I live in Metairie La. I know this Mickey D. Kinda Funny to see address It is a suburb of New Orleans
  43. Cool cards ,,I remember the Streetcar Bench Backs You can Still ride them in New Orleans on St. Charles St.
  44. KERAMIKOS if you look close in picture 1-2 you can see a tin Pin ,,,War why can’t we be friends
  45. KERAMIKOS,,KooL song ,Why Can’t we be Friends
  46. Long Beach , California
  47. Cool picNik time
  48. I got the Willies
  49. ThanX Brunswick Newfld Deepseas72 Ejw 54 Vetraio 50 Fort Apache Ho2cultcha ToyReb (nicks done it Again)
  50. KERAMIKOS it’s funny the way you never forget all the way cooL Music, it plays in the head (no Ears needed)
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