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 A few more with iggy Uriah Heep  - Recordsin Records
 Diana Ross and the Supremes  - Advertisingin Advertising
Ray a drop of golden sun - Advertisingin Advertising
Here’s Mud in your eye  - Advertisingin Advertising
Inspector gadget there is no tight rope - Advertisingin Advertising
Thunder and a Big Earthquake  - Recordsin Records
 Life is a vapor ,eternity is not  - Recordsin Records
It lightens up 2 pounds less  
 Melissa Blue Sky oF Stone Mountain 3 Bears cL  - Recordsin Records
Call a  shrink for my head  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Very nice Ralph ,,But please don’t bring it to the Raccoon lodge meeting they wouldn’t understand ,, Is this another thrift store find
  2. Thanks to Vet50 Re-In-Vintage FortApache Brunswick Blunder2
  3. Thanks also to Kwqd Blunder2 IronLace
  4. I agree not my anatomy
  5. An End to Busing thanks to Re-In-Vintage Vet50 Cokeman Dav2No1 But me Kwqd FortApache Watchsearcher Manikin
  6. Ziggy thanks to Re-in-Vintage Malkey Vet50 Watchsearcher ToyReb FortApache
  7. A Shiners Thanks to Vet50 Officialfuel Watchsearcher FortApache Racer4four
  8. Thanks also igg
  9. Thanks igg
  10. Thanks to Re-in-Vintage Vet50 Cokeman Dav2no1 but someone 2me Kwqd FortApache Watchsearcher
  11. I thank Re—Vintage Vet50 Cokeman Kwqd FortApache Watchsearcher
  12. A new and belated thanks to all
  13. O ok then , good info
  14. Nice set
  15. When the eagle flies thanks to Vet50 Watchsearcher Charcoal FortApache Aura AnythingObsure
  16. Thanks to FortApache Vet50 Blunder2 Racer4four
  17. Thanks to Freiheit Vet50 FortApache Blunder2
  18. Thanks to Vet50 AnythingObsure FortApache Blunder2 clockerman
  19. I know the Paul Butterfield blues band was at Woodstock but I’m not sure Steve Miller was Do you know what day they played
  20. Thanks to Vet50 Racer4four AnythingObsure FortApache Blunder2 Brunswick Charcoal
  21. I never would have guessed,,, interesting piece nowadays they would use a Ladder though,, but that would be time consuming I guess we have more time Now That it’s forever
  22. Human experiment
  23. Lovely fingerprints by the way
  24. Thanks to Blunder2 Vet50 Clockerman FortApache
  25. Well right off I see an error you said 1986 “D”in (Denver) Philadelphia is where this is minted No D ,is that what you mean?
  26. Wow I bet there is a hippie on LSD25 under the couch somewhere
  27. I can see it’s absorbed all the love of your 75yearOld relative I can tell because it’s smiling
  28. I love these Meeses to Peeses
  29. Nice , i’m going to Texas to see if I can get me an armadillo , maybe in Amarillo
  30. Thanks to Malkey Vet50 FortApache
  31. Thanks also to MarmorealMaiden Officialfuel
  32. Thanks to Blunder2 Cokeman Vet50 Newfld Kwqd FortApache Racer4four
  33. Thanks to Blunder2 Vet50 Kwqd Watchsearcher FortApache Clockerman Racer4four Malkey
  34. Thanks to Cokeman Vet50 Newfld Kwqd Watchsearcher FortApache Racer4four
  35. Thanks to Vet50 Kwqd Watchsearcher FortApache
  36. Thanks to Malkey Vet50 Kwqd Watchsearcher FortApache
  37. Great song excellent musician You probably think this song is about you ,well it isn’t Mr. James Taylor it’s about Warren Beatty (that part anyway) it’s also not about Mick Jagger ,Kris Kristof...
  38. Thanks to Blunder2
  39. Still most KooLieO, Sir
  40. Take Tchapitoulas down to the Atchafalya river basin you’ll soon be in Lafayette near Mamou
  41. Thanks to Vet50 FortApache Malkey
  42. Hey ralph is that Flarida close to Nawlins,Luzeeanna. ? You know dats in the Soutt too
  43. Mr. Ralph I still see you are the luckiest thrift store person I have known
  44. Saturday morning watching the monkeys I am most definitely a believer
  45. Nice but Ralph ,I hope I don’t go to the raccoon lodge tonight and it’s missing off the wall
  46. Very KooLieO
  47. How about a cold frozenaited icEE
  48. S0 maybe it’s a joke Uncle Sam on Capitol Hill (Sam Hill)
  49. Nice Stuff Scout,,, but I don’t mean Scout from To Kill a mockingbird
  50. They are out There , but there on the other side
  51. See more


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