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Race Bannon ,  Johnny and Hogee  - Recordsin Records
 That’s in the belfry Bat 
 If you’re turning into a rhinoceros  
I know you’re talking ,your mouth is open 
 Tracy squally’s what s So funny - Advertisingin Advertising
Handy Andy on the  Couch 
 What’s the fella Gotta do to get a beer around here  
Come here Big Boy  
It don’t mean nothing (nuttin) - Clocksin Clocks
 Boris ,Natasha and the fearless leader  - Gamesin Games


  1. Jonny Quest
  2. Send in the Three , if nothing else works Take Three and call me in the Morning The country needs a good laugh we certainly do have a lot of clowns
  3. Peace, Music, I came upon a child of God We are Stardust we are golden We are 1 billion-year-old carbon We’ve got to get ourselves back to The Garden
  4. Are you catching the Ken Burns special on PBS Country music
  5. Very nice I have a couple of them that are missing pieces and beat up
  6. You’re a very intelligent imbecile
  7. Very funny ,,,, but I just couldn’t take Joe or curly Joe
  8. There was one episode where all four were together after curly and his stroke he was sitting on a train and Shemp, Larry and Moe came running through
  9. Nice , Mr toy
  10. Take a look mr. Thomas
  11. Happy time before the parents broke up Sears and roebuck
  12. G I quarts
  13. NICE ,,l always love to see ,,, with the boxes
  14. Great songs ,, I remember when Paul called it quits with the band It was publicly announced April 10th 1970 John had already told The Band it was over September 1969 To bad ,, but at least w...
  15. Beer will be the urine- nation of us all Whoops I meant ruination
  16. I’ll help ,,,I love finding and going through old stuff
  17. Very nice
  18. Yes it is different and see what you mean
  19. Funny Mr. toy Reb But the best place for breakfast ham Is Hammond , La., it’s named for Ham mond (and)eggs
  20. KooL Set My great grandfather was a ham operator also Only he had a Hog Farm
  21. Very kooL my Muchachas
  22. Looks south of the Rio Grande to me
  23. Hey isn’t life a Gas and Carbon Ated Earth and Air
  24. A mister Tom Brunswick ThanXs To Z also but no Zeal
  25. Why Captain dry-land is firmament A float , I would love to see the whole toilet contraption working with Floyd the Plumber Even if it’s a Pink Floyd Or Floyd the Barber
  26. Very nice
  27. Hold your breathing
  28. Puzzling thank you to Purvis Watchsearcher MALKEY JScott ToyReb FortApache
  29. We made the tubes and Bulbs When the light went on We were in the Dark
  30. We played ball all day till I got the call from the sanitarium
  31. Without Marx or Lennon The MarX brothers Louis and David MarX Founder of MarX toys And of course John Lennon You thought I meant Vladimir Lenin
  32. With a Neon Rotating Sphere
  33. My ,Dr. Luke you have wonderful Tostados
  34. You would have been a Swell at any teen party with that record Especially if you had the K-tel record flipper RonCo ,in the shell egg scrambler
  35. I’m getting hungry
  36. I also liked it when Max interacted with Hymie And the cone of silence
  37. Tanks and Jeeps to Z Bucket head Purvis JScott FortApache ToyReb
  38. TDK Magnetic tapes Thnx Z Watchsearcher JScott FortApache Billretirecoll
  39. ThanX CZ Bobby725 Bucket head ToyReb JScott FortApache
  40. Very kool , can’t wait to see information about it
  41. The coin in picture four is clearly marked COPY
  42. Wow never saw this before
  43. Peggy Q
  44. Beamers
  45. No ,ZIMBA KOLA for me thanks I gotta drive
  46. Nice as Mice, Bosco!
  47. Modeling clay head I made , we used to make small animated cartoons Sometimes I see rabbits This day i saw a white egret in a blue sky Out of my window
  48. What we have in mind is breakfast in bed
  49. 50 years I can still feel the mud between my toes
  50. Roger rabbit ,pink panther animator dead at 86
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Elvis Decanter Elvis Presley Chalkware Statue (square base) Collectors Belt Buckle, 1946-1996 Will Rogers 50th Anniversary (1-300) #147 Frontier American Cheese & Coca-Cola