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Vinyl records and Smalls


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 The endless picnic now Open , I Sea Me  - Advertisingin Advertising
Saw the Wood - Gamesin Games
You know what I mean  
Take the Bridge  
No Row ,Row , your boat ,,Sail ! 1957  - Booksin Books
Don’t be Chickens  - Postcardsin Postcards
Saying hello 110 years ago - Postcardsin Postcards
Give em’ Hell HARRY   
I am late for a very important Date 1905  - Postcardsin Postcards
 Rooster Eggs ,it’s where Roosters come from  - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. Hey Bud oL’ Pal
  2. Vulcanizing breeze type cool Hot coffee in a Dixie Cup ,KooL
  3. I will volunteer my services Send some over to me
  4. Kool ,,, mr. Bill Beatle bracelets Which one is Ringo . Ha ha
  5. Very nice
  6. Kool post ,,
  7. The Ravens are Staring At us From the Caves above But the Raven only Carries, the Flesh away The Soul he touches Not
  8. 1957 coloring book
  9. Ahoy oL’ palOmine
  10. 1958 Japanese Horror Movie
  11. That’s pretty kool
  12. Thank you Newfld
  13. Very nice ,,
  14. Anything ob. We also had one with hammer -bar remotes Sometimes when the phone rang the Channels changed
  15. Anything Obscure it is indeed a Zenith hearing aid.... The Quality goes in before the Name goes on
  16. The Horse is Wound up
  17. Calling all cars the Dream Bus has been Spotted
  18. Hard to find Vinyl Records
  19. Mr Springsteen can I have a bag of Jungle-land popcorn
  20. KERAMIKOS, You Win , Frank Zappa
  21. Yagattahav , when I got off da Plane I had the Flu I had flown I Flew ,therefore I am But I am not the Great I Am No, nor Do I Give thought to be
  22. The Lost
  23. Watch out for Hare on Mushrooms Hare-Larryous aren’t I
  24. Phillip Morris Philip Marlowe Phil-Up the tank
  25. The movie $.25 ,,and a roll of Necco WAFERS Or a Giant Dill Pickle
  26. A Riders on the Storm, Thankyou to You
  27. Wow very cool space penetrator It would have been cool to have one On Saturday morn while watching on T V But cool you got it now
  28. Very Kool,,
  29. Odd side stamp ,,100 years is a lot of time ,someone probably stamped that side D along the way Good shot of your finger prints also
  30. Mr. Brunswick I am not sure what you mean ,,stop it not fair ?
  31. Careful with that ax Eugene
  32. In any event Wire flowers
  33. Artfoot That’s pretty Good ,Tnx
  34. How about 2 Dukes and a Lionel And a Newport
  35. Sliders to The Edges
  36. I think kids only use there Fingers to touchscreen And add Sunscreen
  37. KooL Peace (piece) I like that you got it wrapped That’s how I got most of my paper stuff
  38. There is always the Grave Error When you love your things You begin to worship them They become Idols And the Shelves become Alters that are Admired Until you are mired in The Web oF Ido...
  39. Say baby let’s have a Babalue,, time that’s what I say Put Red Foley on next Notice the Aluminum center On the DECCA Record
  40. Way KooL !
  41. I think we must remember we have a King and the Kingly messengers He sends to us
  42. Great Goo-Glee ,Moo -Glee
  43. This Gold Box
  44. Open the Can , it is not pandora’s box But it is a Pair’O’Ducks The paradox Is in the Gold Box
  45. Nice card Halloween October 31
  46. I am here with Da Reckits
  47. I am so black and Blue The Sack on my Back is to I carried the horse till it Died You know then that O’L Horse Tried to pull me Down with him
  48. War time I guess Co. clerk has postal privileges
  49. AnythingOb I was Laughing as I read Worms and Oscar Mobile
  50. KooL Kans
  51. See more