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The Smashed Butts  - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
The Seeing ,blind Man and his 88Keys - Recordsin Records
 No colorful tubular glow  without these  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Well I did say in between, in between inn open24 
What is that noise Jr. ,is what I Said ! so get outta Bed  - Recordsin Records
I can’t stop I’m Hooked - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
I wish, I could only describe and nothing more, but you do too - Sewingin Sewing
 I don’t have a bulb ,but I can see the light  - Lampsin Lamps
 The way it was ,only you are there ,none else - Camerasin Cameras
 Blow it out your horn  - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments


  1. AnythingObsure did do you notice that minerals water bottle cap has a little wire to reseal it To Bottle ,,,Flip Clip
  2. For only 10 since you can make your next drink taste better
  3. Thanks to Artfoot Vet50 ToyReb Newfld Malkey
  4. Thanks to KERAMIKOS AnythingObsure Vet50
  5. KooL StuFF ToyReb
  6. While listening to Miles Davis live
  7. Cigarette and soft drink advertising cool
  8. Cigarette and soft drink advertising very cool
  9. It’s Owl trey thanks
  10. Thanks to Malkey FortApache Vet50 Blunder2
  11. Thanks to Watchsearcher Malkey KERAMIKOS (The searcher) Irishcollector
  12. Yes but that would be a hairpin turn
  13. Thanks it’s Shell
  14. Very nice Tumblr’s It reminds me though ,when my dad got gas years ago the man told him he qualifies ,for six free tumblers , he sent me out back to get the tumblers when I got back there t...
  15. My horn is the only place I’ll stuff it
  16. Seeing, is the absence of darkness
  17. Thanks FortApache Watchsearcher ToyReb ...... EYE (I) was also the needle threader
  18. AnythingObsure did you see Comment 5
  19. Certainly shows you don’t have to be a farmer to be outstanding in your field Most excellent Toy !!!
  20. Thanks Owl Trey
  21. AnythingObsure I know what the things in picture three are Because I also collect a bit of neon The metal base screws into the sign And the glass portion acts as an insulator And with wir...
  22. Thanks to FortApache Vet50
  23. Thanks FortApache
  24. skipuppy I agree
  25. Thanks
  26. Owl trey ,thanks
  27. Thanks to Vet50 AnythingObsure
  28. ThanXs to Vet50 Artfoot AnythingObsure Sean68
  29. Thanks bob
  30. I like that Artfoot How Long is a Chinaman Who is his Brother They were born Two years apart
  31. Vet 50 every time I see these I hit the Lv
  32. Thanks to Malkey Verbatim Remember when you remove darkness your left in the light
  33. Thanks bobbing is an Owl trey
  34. Thanks to CatZ
  35. Thanks CatZ
  36. Daisy1000 thanx just a couple of Rooms AnythingObsure Blunder2
  37. Thanks to Blunder2
  38. Thanks to Blunder2
  39. Thanks to Blunder2 Western PA-Coll
  40. Thanks to daisy 1000 Blunder2
  41. Thanks to daisy 1000 Blunder2
  42. Thanks to FortApache JScott CatZ Daisy 1000 Blunder2
  43. Remember with the absence of the light your left in darkness
  44. Thanks to KERAMIKOS AnythingObsure Vet50 Blunder2 FortApache
  45. Thanks for Viewing Vet50 Artfoot Racer4four Watchsearcher ToyReb FortApache Broochman
  46. Thanks to Artfoot Yougottahavestuff Vet50 FortApache ToyReb
  47. Shell time
  48. WowZ WoW KERAMIKOS I New the investigator and you would get it
  49. Daisy1000,,,,,They were made in the late 1880s,, so your dress guesstimate is pretty good
  50. All right then Groucho and a few more
  51. See more


Harris Oil can 1911 Harley-Davidson 8A Single - The Original Silent Grey Fellow What is it??? Identify this please Chimpanzee Doll from the 1950s?