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The four Vanilla fudges  
They put a Hex on it mr. Heck 
I am stuck in traffic 
Cap 45  
I hope it makes sents  
Do not Pre-tend  
There he goes again ,,bell rings set of Wings  
Traffic debut album 
 I wanna be sedated but not really  
The Three  - Recordsin Records


  1. Thanks to Newfld Vet50 FortApache Daisy Watchsearcher Dav2no1
  2. Thanks also to Fatale
  3. MrToyReb good to hear from you again
  4. Welcome to Steve’s fun with sleeves
  5. So welcome to another find addition of fun with sleeves
  6. Thanks to Newfld Vet50 AnythingObsure FortApache BHIFOS Ho2cultcha Dav2no1
  7. Thanks also to Retrofutura
  8. Thanks to Cathie (I have the Reckits) AnythingObsure Daisy Newfld Vet50 FortApache
  9. Thanks two fattales
  10. Thanks to Vet50 From Newfld Searching Dav2no1 Raven Aura
  11. ShuShine thanks to Newfld Vet50 FortApache Watchsearcher Dav2no1 Retrofutura
  12. Thanks to Aura Blunder2 Newfld Vet50 Daisy Dav2no1 Retrofutura
  13. The Colaumbrella !
  14. I am not trying to be Funny ,,but Didn’t some of the soldiers use their mouth and teeth to make some of the designs that’s where the term “trench mouth” came from Wait I was trying to be funn...
  15. Thanks to Raven Aura Blunder2 Newfld Vet50 Dav2no1 Ho2cultcha Searching Retrofutura
  16. Thanks also to Dav2no1
  17. Thanks to Cokeman Kwqd Vet50 FortApache Newfld Dav2no1 Aura
  18. Thanks to Newfld Vet50 Watchsearcher FortApache
  19. Fhrjr2 we were only given half the information on the other side of the six coins they’re marked one Troy oz .999 pure silver Instead of asking the question he only had to look at the other si...
  20. I am having a cup of there Green right now Nice Tin-,Man
  21. Thanks also to Daisy
  22. Thanks to Vet50 Newfld Watchsearcher FortApache Kwqd MsCrystalShip Retrofutura
  23. Thanks to Daisy Vet50 Sean68 FortApache Raven Blunder2 Newfld
  24. Dgilmet110760,Thanks for the kind and coherent ,alphabet letters ,you assembled, for me
  25. It certainly does give U-Haul a completely different image in my mind
  26. Veerrrrry Nize Rat ya got there
  27. Thanks also to MsCrystalShip Retrofutura Dav2no1
  28. Lovely picture ,but I think the translation is “there going to have to pry , the umbrella from my cold dead hands”
  29. Thanks also to Kwqd Retrofutura Dav2no1
  30. Thanks also to Retrofutura Rambojoe Kwqd
  31. Thanks to FortApache Vet50 Kwqd Watchsearcher BHIFOS Newfld Dav2no1
  32. Hey, I have one also ,but my wife doesn’t
  33. Thanks also to Fattytail
  34. That was supposed to be edition Not addition
  35. Is this the addition that has the tourniquet in the box
  36. Thanks also mr b
  37. Thanks mr.b
  38. Thanks also to FortApache Clockerman
  39. Thanks to Vet50 Newfld FortApache Blunder2 Daisy Kwqd
  40. Thanks to Searching Blunder2 FortApache Newfld Ho2cultcha
  41. Thanks also to Searching Blunder2 AnythingObsure FortApache Ho2cultcha
  42. Thanks to AnythingObsure Vet50 Searching Blunder2 FortApache Newfld
  43. Thanks to Vet50 Searching Blunder2 Watchsearcher FortApache Newfld
  44. Thanks also to Searching Blunder2 Watchsearcher FortApache Newfld
  45. Thanks to Vet50
  46. Thanks to Vet50 AnythingObsure
  47. Thanks to Brunswick Rambojoe Vet50
  48. Thanks also to Raven FortApache Fattytail Watchsearcher
  49. Thanks to Kwqd Blunder2 FortApache Searching Retrofutura Dav2no1 Aura Vet50
  50. Thanks to Donald Fagen Aura Vet50 Newfld Brunswick FortApache Daisy Kwqd
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