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A parrot , mimics  another's Wish, From behind the curtain ,I Am is  certain  ! - Recordsin Records
There’s no Times for Rhymes 
You can’t just let your life be - Recordsin Records
Light and Night ,fight in  Twilight, where no fence, for sitting exists - Recordsin Records
 Canasta Faster , Radio free America  - Advertisingin Advertising
Stand still and Time will  - Photographsin Photographs
If drinkin let Zellmo know  - Advertisingin Advertising
Polka Pooka  hop to you Harvey  - Toysin Toys
RoseBud  - Recordsin Records


  1. Saturday mornings with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans before the cartoons started
  2. Played for the first time It makes me feel as though I’m at recess in the first grade Smiling with childish laughter
  3. Nice lock ,, are you sure he didn’t make it on the Farm
  4. Very KooL ,but how long did it take you to set that up on the eating Table And how long before your Wife made you pick it all up ????
  5. ThanX for .... Looking at Us ? Sean68 Newfld FortApache Vet50 CarZ Aura Racer4four Nicefice
  6. Dunkin thanX to Nicefice Vet50 Newfld Yougottahavestuff Kwqd Watchsearcher FortApache Racer4four
  7. Thanks FoR lookin Vet50 newfld Ms.CrystalShip Yougottahavestuff Watchsearcher FortApache Racer4four 10/4 ,5-0 7 littles,thanx to Nicefice Brunswick
  8. Ms.CrystalShip, the young boy ,is my Dad in 1924 ,at his Confirmation The thing ,he is holding ,is a candle
  9. Sean68 Newfld FortApache Vet50 CatZ Aura To : Buds an Bunns ,thanks
  10. Very nice Great Color and Shape
  11. Very nice I can Imagine going over to my aunts house When I was (was) a Kid and seeing these hanging on the wall
  12. Hollywood Wormwood My shoes are Waxed Even my steps are Taxed I’d walk away But I can’t Pay Glad He did On that Hill About 2020 Years ago I see 20/20 now Good vision
  13. Yes 2 , 4 , 1 ! Not as good as 3 is 1
  14. ThanXs nicefice Watchsearcher Findings FortApache Bobby725 Vet50 Newfld Officialfuel
  15. Wow ,those Russians ,got to love em’
  16. As the wheel turns kinda thanks Blunder2 Trey
  17. ThanX . Blunder2 Trey Through the see of Glass
  18. I know all about it’s Origin, it’s from your basement Sorry ,,, Nice Wood ,Crate
  19. Ahoy could have been ,what we say If Edison ,hadn’t had he way.. Just picking ,myself Up . To say hello ,short you know ,, Why wait till it’s toLate Is the Earth not Trembling?
  20. Wow money back Bottle You should get 3 times your money for such a cool bott.
  21. Thanks Yougottahavestuff
  22. Blunder2 Bobby725 Watchsearcher Ejw-54 Officialfuel Nicefice Findings FortApache Kwqd Vet50 Snowman 3 Manikin
  23. AnythingObsure FortApache Newfld Bobby725 Brunswick Vet50 ThanX a Zillions
  24. Bobby725 Newfld Ms.CrystalShip(Doors)watchsearcher Nicefice finding s FortApache Kwqd Inky Vet50 A Steel toy Thanx 2 youses guises
  25. A pressed Steel ThanX to Bobby725 Watchsearcher Ejw54 Officialfuel Nicefice Findings FortApache Kwqd Vet50 Snowman 3
  26. Verrry kool
  27. Very nice 1.7 cm No drill : top of Paper : Good Weather: : Cold over cast Time :: 3:09
  28. I agree very cool I remember seeing them on Saturday night live When it was all New
  29. Thanks Vet50 Newfld Yougottahavestuff FortApache Bobby725 CatZ Blunder2
  30. ThanX mr Vet50
  31. No Nuts were hurt in the making of this Photo
  32. I am just curious how are the handles attached to the drawers
  33. Follow the map to the lubricants And Gasolines The Shamrock in Amarillo Watching the armadillos go bye
  34. I remember these ,I was a kid ,the invisible engine ,we never could afford one we had the invisible gift
  35. Space ThanXs to FortApache Vet50 Purvis Nicefice
  36. First and foremost I would like to thank Mr.Lionel Hampton AnythingObsure FortApache Newfld Nicefice Bobby725
  37. Piles of trials with smiles thanks Miss Crystal ship And Charcoal FortApache aura Bobby725
  38. How about a Christmas beer
  39. That was supposed to read I remember my rich cousin had one On his bar , at his house when we were kids They had more kids Than adults hanging around the bar-so they could watch it
  40. I remember my rich person had one
  41. ToyReb same to you ,sorry for you recent family loss
  42. St. Nick had just one trick On a night ,So cold Creaking old Bones Flame with no Heat Beyond sunlight Nose red Glow Guide the lost ,can’t see Beyond Gilded tree trunks Rudolph [ (no...
  43. Merry Christmas all
  44. Merry Christmas to all the knuckleheads
  45. Un-Beatle able veeerrrrry Funny
  46. I know Crystalship I wish they had that thrift store in my area
  47. Happy flying and a merry Christmas Vet50 FortApache Kwqd Ms.CrystalShip CatZ AnythingObsure
  48. Merry Christmas Kwqd Yougottahavestuff FortApache Vet50 KinkiPiz CatZ
  49. Merry Christmas Watchsearcher FortApache Vet50 Glassiegirl ToyReb Nicefice CatZ
  50. Thanx merry Christmas Vet50 CrystalShip Good burger 4 sure AnythingObsure Yougottahavestuff FortApache Blunder2 ho2cultcha CatZ Purvis Officialfuel
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Chimpanzee Doll from the 1950s? Gastons' Grill.... Two For Tuesday..Mr. Roth And Mr. Hagar...On 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl