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Vinyl records and Smalls


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 Crystal  packed for Travel  
Pinched on the Bus ,so took the Cabbie  
Wipe da Feet on da Rug  
What’s in the Box Bob ?w 
No X Ema, Hey it’s eczema relief ! 
Sky Lit , Travelers Delite  
Three for a Dollar one Free-dom - Recordsin Records
 James Cagney ,, Yule tide  Brenner  - Booksin Books
Lost mail Man ,one year ! - Postcardsin Postcards
No Brakes for Great Uncle Zellmo ! - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. N I C E !!!
  2. What a deal ,,was that Salvation Army in Beverly Hills ?
  3. Nice mix Of mic’s Mike
  4. I Wanta ,go to LATA’s ,he’s Gotta, nice Stuff
  5. MATCH-BOX Mandane Monday
  6. Yes toyrebel,, The Pigs Love Looking at the night sky for the Aurora BOAR-alis It’s so in lightning for them Aurora borealis Piles of Smiles
  7. It’s good you’ve been able to keep it I’d hate for you to have to DRUM up another key
  8. Very Nice Tinplate examples ,all of OZ salutes you tin man They’re Very KooL !
  9. Nawlins is correct terminology
  10. They sell them all over in New Orleans gift shops,,, mardi Gras
  11. Well loved ,,,when I first saw it I thought of the David Bowie narrative THE velveteen rabbit
  12. Very nice
  13. Way KooL ,,,it’s BOSCO !
  14. Can’t help ,,,but I like the way it looks
  15. I think they may have been retired ,,because a slight bump to the machine And FREE comic books ,,,,, The comic would bounce off the Corkscrew The harder the bump the more Free books ,,I know this...
  16. I don’t know what it is but it looks cool
  17. Very nice my Friend ,,a smile is on the face of Sid the Mad Man as he Laughs Due to the official KooLness of the graphics
  18. Hey I have a Victor Victrola ,bring that fish we can listen and eat De Fishola
  19. One of Favorites,,saw them 3 different times , I have all there vinyls Including the awful terrible LOVE BEACH that they had to release to Honor a record company contract
  20. I don’t know anything about it never heard of it’s a beaut cool car ROLL TIDE ,,Unless you’re an Auburn fan then sorry about LSU
  21. When I find things I am interested in ,first thing I do ,pick it up and look at the bottom
  22. Maybe take it uptown or downtown I guess it must be a joke that I don’t get There is no H Who doesn’t have their head on straight
  23. Steed Etched in cobalt blue Still in time Lungs never filled Your beauty is not ,for field this way Not to Tarry with burden Breath taken ,still The price paid To Graze on Glazers Fei...
  24. 1936 Keystone Model K-8 wind-up 8mm movie camera Still works
  25. Very informative my friend thank you But Bill retired ,you’re not retired if you’re working like this Digging up this information ,,keep digging,just don’t get in the hole
  26. I like the way it looks ,but is attached to that large piece of concrete .. hope you didn’t carry it on your bicycle home
  27. I have an unused beerBottle label like that playmate label
  28. I’m sure it’s extra Stout by now But probably smells like old trout
  29. Take a Moment to morn As the buglers horn sounds They didn’tjust kill ....... A large part of our freedom was stolen Is this the same feeling as the Men ,farm boys ,Boy Scouts going into...
  30. Any makers Mark ?
  31. For Bears family Post Kitchen
  32. Still love THOSE WHITE tires
  33. St Joe is still in business and they stilllook just like that
  34. Happy birthday to your wife I know she’ll like it if she doesn’t I’ll take it
  35. Mr. Buckethead HEAR is a little Pink
  36. A number one Very nice
  37. Sorry the only help I can give you can help take it off your hands I think it looks pretty good
  38. KERAMIKOS explanation was given See message number 3....
  39. Very nice about it when it first came out on vinyl and I still have a couple copies
  40. Very nice ,,but I think I can see the face of Jesus in theSign shape Wrinkle
  41. KERAMIKOS it was 1964 my Mother was White . Pearl ,moms friend was African-American Sit down together at the Walgreens lunch counter Sugar, sweet-low and other sweetener ...... EQUAL -(persons...
  42. Rolling Stones sticky fingers
  43. Roddyq I had to look back to see if you saw the green hornet and Al Hirt , my brother would say the round mound of sound Being from New Orleans I’ve collected just about every Al Hirt and Pete...
  44. Very nice I love those tires also
  45. Howdy ,,Toy(Jonny) Rebel Nice trucks ,,,, keep on Truckin
  46. Sign is very nice I don’t know if Copenhagen is the best CHEW ever made Ask Mr. and Mrs. CHEW back in Hong Kong.. they will tell you their child is the best CHEW ever made
  47. Penny is they for size comparison
  48. Yes Ray-man ,how do you With Triple Barrels ?
  49. I’ve never seen this feature before it must be foreign
  50. If you end up pulling too much hair out and you’ve just got to get rid of it I’ll take it off your hands .. It won’t give trouble anymore Nice smoker stand Just put your smoking jacket o...
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Santa Fe Super Chief Sign


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