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No where to run ,unless you the flying Nun 
Glory Dazed and  Tierney  eyes (in the) - Toysin Toys
 Moon dogs make me Dizzy ,NiteOwls keep me up all Day - Electronicsin Electronics
 There’s no monopoly just  monogamy  
Father  seven and his 8 Milla MeetAs one  millimeter  - Camerasin Cameras
I am a bit Blue ,even my shoes ,Souls ,,walked away ,so Stand  - Advertisingin Advertising
A spiniest Lad about Town ,Mon’Sewer ! - Recordsin Records
 Wrecking the records and not my final vinyl  
 I think we’re throwing it All away  - Model Carsin Model Cars
 The duke but not John Wayne  - Recordsin Records


  1. Ronn Records ,, started by Stan “the Record Man”Lewis out of Shreveport ,Louisiana
  2. Thanks to AnythingObsure Vet50 Kwqd Cokeman Charcoal FortApache SixOone
  3. Also thanks to Lata
  4. Thanks to cokeman
  5. MoeNoWannabePoNoMoe
  6. Hey brother do you have an extra ,terrestrial thanks FortApache Brunswick Charcoal Tnccardz7282 Blunder2 E.T.
  7. Bell & Howell thanks To AnythingObsure Vet50 Cokeman Blunder2 FortApache Brunswick
  8. Thanks to KERAMIKOS Vet50 Cokeman Charcoal Blunder2 AnythingObsure FortApache Watchsearcher
  9. Thanks to AnythingObsure Vet50 RichmondLori Watchsearcher Blunder2 FortApache Cokeman Hoot60 MsCrystalShip
  10. Fox Photo
  11. Girl you’ve got control on me Cause I’m so dizzy I can’t see Like a whirlpool it never ends
  12. I don’t know what kind of needlework it is but I know your great grandmother was a pretty cool lady
  13. Also thanks to Blunder2
  14. KooL Owl
  15. Cool plate Mr. terra-cotta and his four little pigs
  16. Thanks to Valentino97 Watchsearcher Vet50 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60 Brunswick Blunder2 AnythingObsure MsCrystalShip
  17. Thanks also to Kwqd
  18. Thanks also to Kwqd SuperDuty900
  19. Thanks also to Kwqd
  20. Thanks to Six0one AnythingObsure Vet50 Manikin Watchsearcher FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60
  21. Thanks to Six0one Cokeman Vet50 Manikin Watchsearcher FortApache RichmondLori Lata Hoot60 TheGateKeeper
  22. Thanks to Aura Vet50 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60
  23. Wait for the ugly cousin
  24. Thanks to AnythingObsure Hoot60
  25. Thanks to the Cokeman 59 And the masked men and Women
  26. Thanks also to ToyReb MsCrystalShip
  27. Thank you Mr.Malkey
  28. Who are the more famous guests on the record
  29. Thanks to Watchsearcher Lata RichmondLori Vet50 FortApache
  30. Nice ‘oL bean
  31. Also thanks to Kwqd
  32. Also thanks to Truthordare
  33. Also thanks to Michaeln544
  34. KERAMIKOS thanks for the link,,, I also figured a little bit older but as you found out ,that isn’t so ... I knew it was an anything of great value I was just trying to figure the age thank you
  35. Yep Texido Junction thanks to KERAMIKOS Vet50 Blunder2 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60
  36. Thanks for AnythingObsure RichmondLori FortApache Watchsearcher Blunder2 Vet50
  37. Thanks to AnythingObsure Vet50 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60
  38. Thanks to Vet50 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60
  39. Hello bob ?
  40. Thanks also to Brunswick
  41. Thanks also to Manikin
  42. Thanks to Cokeman ToyReb Vet50 RichmondLori Hoot60 FortApache MsCrystalShip Aura
  43. Jesus will never leave you or forsake you Do not be afraid ,do not be discouraged.. Stand
  44. Thanks to Artfoot ToyReb Vet50 FortApache RichmondLori Hoot60 Aura Broochman Blunder2 Cokeman MsCrystalShip KERAMIKOS
  45. Thanks to Broochman Vet50 AnythingObsure Cokeman FortApache ToyReb RichmondLori Hoot60 Blunder2
  46. Thanks to Broochman Vet50 FortApache ToyReb RichmondLori Hoot60 KERAMIKOS Blunder2 MsCrystalShip
  47. I am in with the gang Willy
  48. Sorry no selling Allowed
  49. Nice beer bottles I don’t see a corona beer bottle though for protection against the coronavirus
  50. Thanks to Cokeman Vet50 FortApache ToyReb Broochman RichmondLori
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Eye Eye Nintendo Vintage playing cards 1957 - "True Men Stories" Pulp Magazine Harris Oil can 1911 Harley-Davidson 8A Single - The Original Silent Grey Fellow What is it??? Identify this please