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Vinyl records and Smalls


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Low Spark  ,high  Impedance  
A Kala fun Gus  
It don’t cost a bag of BenJamens 
Seven snaps don’t make it ginger 
Raulbit Hole  
I don’t know what he’s talking about 
Be a good Egg Ben Hen  
Stand ,,Sleep Not  
 If you have brain Fritz your in dreads with Dritz 
That Duck is Cra,ah Craaz,,ah shucks he’s goofee  


  1. RichmondLori the Organ Needles scare me also
  2. Thanks to Aura JScott Vet50 RichmondLori Dav2no1 FortApache Newfld
  3. Thanks also to Celiene ,melt is part of .49Cents
  4. Thanks also to Celiene
  5. Thanks also to Blunder2 Retrofutura Celiene - it is a bank,, Ruler is “Delta is ready when you are”
  6. Thanks also to FreshAir Celine the space bottles are 1953 syrup drink mix
  7. Slip disk
  8. Very cool when we lived life in a vacuum Tube
  9. It’s still doesn’t explain why a duck
  10. Thanks to RichmondLori for the info Also to AnythingObsure can you imagine watching him play Aura JScott Vet50 Dav2no1 FortApache FreshAir Kwqd Blunder2
  11. I grab these when ever I see them
  12. Thanks to JScott Vet50 Dav2no1 AnythingObsure Watchsearcher FortApache Newfld
  13. One year late Thanks MsCrystalShip
  14. Answer here from different post,, yes Traffic,,Steve even back in Dave Spencer
  15. Now yer Talkin
  16. Wow KooLieO ,now I know why you want to be like the guy in the multitalented musical instrument playing picture
  17. Thanks also to Cindindianapolis
  18. Thanks to FortApache JScott Vet50 MarmorealMaiden RichmondLori Dav2no1 FreshAir Newfld
  19. Thanks to AnythingObsure JScott Vet50 RichmondLori USDA DAV2NO1 FORTAPACHE NEWFLD
  20. Thanks also to Daisy 1000
  21. Thanks to FortApache
  22. I agree with Watchsearcher I would also like to see the bottom
  23. Thanks Paul
  24. Thanks also to Retrofutura
  25. Thanks also to JScott
  26. N i c e !
  27. Thanks also to Uhloddin Retrofutura
  28. Thanks also to Fhrjr2
  29. Thanks also to Artfoot
  30. Thanks also to RichmondLori Changing pockets ,for pocket change
  31. Thanks to Verbatim Aura Vet50 Raven Blunder2 FortApache Retrofutura Rhineisfine Newfld JScott Dav2no1
  32. Thanks to Peasejean Newfld FortApache Retrofutura MarmorealMaiden Vet50 JScott Dav2no1
  33. Thanks also to Retrofutura
  34. Thanks also to Blunder2
  35. Thanks also to Retrofutura
  36. Nice bonus
  37. Art it’s nice to see you put your Foot in the water again
  38. Thanks to Dav2no1 Vet50 Watchsearcher FortApache Newfld Retrofutura
  39. Thanks also to Cokeman 1959 Clockerman Collectabout 59
  40. I guess it’s just a one trick pony
  41. You win a Cigar So welcome to the Machine
  42. Thanks to Dav2no1 Vet50 Racer4four Watchsearcher MarmorealMaiden FortApache Newfld
  43. Thanks also to Watchsearcher AnythingObsure FortApache Newfld
  44. Nice ,these have me rocking and rolling in my socks
  45. Thanks also to Retrofutura Newfld
  46. Thanks to FreshAir JScott Dav2no1 Vet50
  47. Thanks also to JScott
  48. Thanks Thommy
  49. Thanks also to FreshAir
  50. Thanks also to FortApache Dav2no1 Vet50 Newfld
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