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Sir Lance-alot loves to dance-alot  
Growing my Nose  - Advertisingin Advertising
A ride to where the  skeletons live  - Toysin Toys
 With me it’s not what you see  
Ya never know who ya Meet 
 The Columbian ,Texaco , Record Man   - Petrolianain Petroliana
What they all talkin Bout  - Potteryin Pottery
 Thoughts from a block head ,On a Sunday  
My pop is a Top - Advertisingin Advertising
The Third Heard  - Recordsin Records


  1. No ,ZIMBA KOLA for me thanks I gotta drive
  2. Nice as Mice, Bosco!
  3. Modeling clay head I made , we used to make small animated cartoons Sometimes I see rabbits This day i saw a white egret in a blue sky Out of my window
  4. What we have in mind is breakfast in bed
  5. 50 years I can still feel the mud between my toes
  6. Roger rabbit ,pink panther animator dead at 86
  7. Roger rabbit,, pink panther animator dead at 86
  8. attach a Sylvania blue dot flashbulb to your iPhone
  9. Kevin the village in the park in 1937 Rummage with Rummy
  10. Isn’t that a Volkswagen Beatle on the top of the dresser in the center 1934 (?)
  11. Yes here it is the Twelve Pack KIST
  12. Yes the human eye can be deceived Is it two punks and a trunk Or two antique dealers with your latest restoration I wonder what they want or I wonder what they have for me
  13. Wow thank you ,KERAMIKOS I would be untruth full if I told you I knew 10 percent of that information You must have a Golden excavator ( for the amazing amount of digging )
  14. ThanXs MALKEY for looking
  15. You can trust Your car to the man who where is the Star Thanks blunder to
  16. It’s the way I see it
  17. Do you know where to open a bottle or a story
  18. All right guess what time it is
  19. Wow way KooL , Can’t believe I missed it the first time around
  20. Come over and have a JAX !
  21. Blunder2 Z ThanXs
  22. ThanXs Blunder2 Bobby725
  23. A KIST thanXs to Z Mr.toyreb
  24. A cold cup ThanXs Brunswick YougottahaveS Bobby725 Mr.toyreb Watchsearcher Z FortApache Vet50 Officialfuel
  25. The rabbit thanks you ,Aura And. Z
  26. Things go better with a Coke + thanks JScott Vet50 Z Blunder2 FortApache
  27. The only problem with paper is the trees Too bad we can’t turn plastic into paper Anything venting is fine So is it Baskin and Robbins Or an independent ice cream I was in Dunkin’ Donuts...
  28. Oregon country fair 50 years
  29. The multiplying rabbits ,thank you, yougotahave
  30. Green thanXs bobby725
  31. Thankyou all 21
  32. CooL mr. BiLL
  33. JScott FortApache Z Vet50 Purvis Watchsearcher AnythingObscure TOMMY BRUNSWICK big thanXs
  34. JScott FortApache Watchsearcher Bobby725 Vet50 Thanks,U-2 Brunswick oL’ buddy
  35. Thank-you Ms.CrystalShip ,kind words Watchsearcher,than s I like pix 2 also Blunder2 Newfld Vet50 Bobby725 RoycroftB Valentino97 FortApache LaurenRedmond jscott0363 And as always a s...
  36. 7/thanks Mr. Blunder2
  37. Thanx Blunder2
  38. 1948 Lieutenant Robert Hearn An excellent read
  39. Old and Dirty but still in good shape sounds like you’re describing somebody In the neighborhood
  40. ThanX Thomas Brunswick Purvis FortApache Blunder2 Vet50 Bobby725
  41. Thanx ,but not a KIST JScott EJW54
  42. The Eagles are a great band I like them a whole lot better when Joe Walsh joined But I heard hotelCalifornia so many times I just can’t listen to it anymore
  43. Locking into thanks Z Yougottahave Newfld Blunder2 JScott Bobby725 Vet50 RoycroftB Mr. Brunswick
  44. Yes watchsearcher it is a cool needle holder thanx Z Geo26e JScott Vet50 Watchsearcher Thomas
  45. The cracker company closed in the 30s
  46. ThanX LaurenRed
  47. Hey thanks Z Geo2ge KERAMIKOS Mr.toyReb JScott Bobby Vet50 Watchsearcher Brunswick
  48. Listening thanx KERAMIKOS,and it stoned me One of my favs. JScott FortApache Bobby Watchsearcher Z Aura Vet50 Brunswick
  49. Thanks and here’s your Coke Mr.ToyReb JScott FortApache Watchsearcher Blunder2 Z Vet50 Thomas
  50. Thanks again NorthwestR FortApache JScott Z Bobby725 Vet50 Brunswick
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Elvis Decanter Elvis Presley Chalkware Statue (square base) Collectors Belt Buckle, 1946-1996 Will Rogers 50th Anniversary (1-300) #147 Frontier American Cheese & Coca-Cola