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 Bernie Tarpin  is not a Fish  - Gamesin Games
Play a Game ,no TV  - Gamesin Games
 Before i-Robot  left Caesar - Advertisingin Advertising
Zappa Records,  dancing fool  - Recordsin Records
Pink I think , Cule-so  - Recordsin Records
It’s too early for Drinking  - Advertisingin Advertising
A Yardstick, for a Lunatic ,on Thursday  - Advertisingin Advertising
Pop Top Fathers Day - Advertisingin Advertising
 Phony Ahead  - Advertisingin Advertising
Use your flash if you can’t see the Light - Recordsin Records


  1. Thanx they did have a good sound together
  2. Phone ing Out a thanX to EJE54 FortApache Purview Blunderbuss 2 Vetsr50
  3. A hearty hi ho thanx Anything oB Watch searcher Officialfuel
  4. I Had a blue one like this I sure do miss it KooLieO !
  5. This is So More than your Ordinary Vinyl There is no Dark Side oF the Moon Actually it’s all Dark Syd Barrett ,This is Your Life You do remember I mentioned Psychopath ,keeping them On...
  6. Ya gotta pay the dues if ya wanna sing the Blues and you know it don’t come easy
  7. Very Nice my friend!
  8. Get well and Healthy soon I need you to keep me on The Straight and narrow path FAR Away from the psycho-path
  9. Just keep on driving
  10. I’m hauling a load of nuts to St. Louis
  11. I’m driving over to play with your toys
  12. KERAMIKOS again Great Digging
  13. Thank you Mask man
  14. Do you know what year it is from I see TRADE MARK is in the tail
  15. I have one just like it in red also no markings
  16. I just can’t stop going back to look at these They YELL and Scream to my Child Hood They make me feel like every day is Recess
  17. For that kool minty taste Like the pickle selling kids
  18. R,, I think it baby Paul bunion
  19. Very nice The stuff fairytales are made of
  20. Monty Python might say Nay I say to you Don’t try to play them The person singing is probably a little horse
  21. Use Zest for Body Pests It is made with ZESTASOL for special cleaning action
  22. Thanx Richit
  23. Wow what a lucky find Anything on the bottom
  24. Thankyou,yes that is the name ,,,1977 it wasn’t easy holding on to the Postcard all those years
  25. We buy Chinese ,we all do .. I think Wall-Mart on the Border That would take care Mr. Towers wall After all it’s just a huge China Factory outlet store
  26. Merry Pranksters from years ago
  27. I can’t remember, can you tell me How to get to Sesame Seeds Or was it Something else
  28. The Flaming ???? Cowboy
  29. Hello big Boy ,,
  30. Circle the wagons and pull out the doilies The Grease heads are here
  31. Dogs on Cards
  32. I wasn't excluding any one But it would have been a different story if Little-feather had John Wayne’s Teeth
  33. Ho2cultcha, did you say Butch
  34. Who Lost there Mittens?
  35. I Eat LANCE and Dance to the Fiddle I can’t Hear it , but I can see it being Played We wrote on Papyrus ,the Last time those four Strings sounded No I don’t watch jeopardy But we may be ...
  36. CooL Bud, Yours is older , but I have matching A.M. Radio
  37. Rumor has it I come from beyond your galaxy For your Protection To bring you bravely through the Night Flight
  38. Plop into 2 /
  39. On Vinyl
  40. All busted but not
  41. Hey Richit
  42. Mr. Durable toyed rebel ,, it’s pretty funny what you did Comment with describing the Beatles as gear And then putting mouse trap on with the gears
  43. Hey Bud oL’ Pal
  44. Vulcanizing breeze type cool Hot coffee in a Dixie Cup ,KooL
  45. I will volunteer my services Send some over to me
  46. Kool ,,, mr. Bill Beatle bracelets Which one is Ringo . Ha ha
  47. Very nice
  48. Kool post ,,
  49. 1957 coloring book
  50. Ahoy oL’ palOmine
  51. See more


Collectors Belt Buckle, 1946-1996 Will Rogers 50th Anniversary (1-300) #147 Frontier American Cheese & Coca-Cola ART NOUVEAU NYPMHEA SPELTER BUST WITH RED MARBLE BASE SIGNED J.CAUSSE