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shell porcelain sign mystery - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. no tesla in front of it ? lol great picture
  2. by the way if it was part of the hiroshima bomb, it would be highly radioactive, I went in japan and the hiroshima site is still quite radioactive so much years ago use a geiger counter to see if i...
  3. Hey Trey really nice sign you go there, never seen a cadillac one in person, great find
  4. nice train set
  5. hey great find, I have the exact same rounded tin sign, it came from France dated 1946
  6. no sorry but collectors searchs for original factory condition
  7. I paid mine here in belgium with original paint 230 € the equivalent of 255 $ those can be found in this range of price
  8. nice car, yes no restoration, it's only original once
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