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I've always preferred the future the way it used to be.


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Fireball XL5 Funtime! - Toysin Toys
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  1. And that paint chip had fallen off the sign naturally; I didn't pry it away. There were quite a few of them there. I shoulda grabbed more, 'cause you can't go up there any more. So many motion s...
  2. I'll have a sarsaparilla with a shot of Nesbitt's, please.
  3. Also, it's so cool he had his own logo-style signature!
  4. Man! your Dad loox sharp! Happy Hew Year, Vynil! The call never went thru, but the thought wuz there! What a trove you got here!
  5. No, not THAT one! The one to the left and just above that one.
  6. HA! That Frankenstein lamp in the middle looks a little like Moe Howard.
  7. Vynil, old bean, you have the best displays! Say, shouldn't that flushing notice be next to the pay toilet sign? What's with the ONE MILLION CHICKS ANNUALLY? Can we go hang out with them? Wait...
  8. Moe! Larry! CHEEEEESE!
  9. Yeah, that's when I remember thinking "it's over".
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've officially reached 800 items! SO cool to see all this stuff and read the weird-ass stories! Carry on, Vynil33rpm!!!
  11. Yes, it's different.
  12. You used to make animated cartoons with clay? I used to do clay animation with an old friend of mine many years ago, but I never saw any of the films we made. I wonder if he ever developed that ...
  13. Hey, look! I found Marvin Gaye as a black Superman! Did you see that?
  14. "television star that will fade in the center to nothing When the switch is turned to off"... You're reminding me of when I used to get up close to the TV with my nose against the glass to wat...
  15. Vynil, old chap, I noticed something on your very cool telephone close-up. At the bottom of the dial, it says "Answer __ Ring(s) Pty Code". I have never seen that instruction actually printe...
  16. Cool calendar!
  17. Watch those hands, buddy! It's my favorite white dress and it smudges easily.
  18. Is that a 45-year-old foil-sealed bottle of San Miguel???!!! It reminds me of a Christmas party in a black light pool room, back when San Miguel was a hard-to-come-by 'special import' beer and ...
  19. Nice Disney War Bond! I recognize all those characters except for one. Who is that baby at the bottom?
  20. Very nice Shu-Shine bank! I had a friend who worked when he was a kid. He sold Michigan Mints at school.
  21. WOW! Where did that Dubble Bubble piece come from? Is it plastic? A tray? A display? So cool with the raised logo!
  22. Defend these gumballs with your life, men!
  23. Right, fortapache! Never saw one actually IN THE ACT OF BEING SHOT before. Cool!
  24. Strictly commercial.
  25. You know he was only in it for the money.
  26. Very cool mass nauticality going on in that first picture, V33! The cat, however, that's one of those damn things that you can never UNsee. Quick! Post more stuff so I can wash my brain out!
  27. Those are some great singing cowboys, Vynil33! Never seen them before. Are they MARX figures?
  28. Cool Basil Wolverton art. He did my favorite Ugly Stickers back in 1965. I have some of his music (yes, music!) on a flexi-disk. i'll have to bring it over some time so we can listen.
  29. Mmmm-mmmMM!! More orange peel oil, Mom! And don't skimp on the benzoate of soda!
  30. blunderbuss2, it's an interchangeable motor for a line of toy cars and robots (and boats) made by the Ideal Toy Corp. in the 1960s. Check out this old commercial from 1965(?) https://www.youtub...
  31. Yes, Toyrebel, the motors were interchangeable. My brother had a few Motorifics, but I was all about the space stuff. I think the Boaterifics had a different motor (called a Marine Motor).
  32. Thanks, Mr. Vynil.
  33. But what about Vince Vance and the Valiants? Playing all night out at West End...
  34. Thanks, Vynil!
  35. Yes, Vynil33rpm, My best friend and I occasionally joined in that "free comic book" activity. I'm sure that kids like us may have helped contribute to the demise of this type of equipment with o...
  36. There is NO proper way to defend against a butterfly in your space helmet, Vynil33rpm. Not even if your gun had triple barrels. ...except possibly a head-butt. Ewww!
  37. Yes it is, PhilDMorris! One of the best!
  38. Thanks, Brunswick!
  39. Hello, buckethead. Sorry for the delay. I wish I DID have this one in my collection! It would certainly be in a dust-proof plexiglass case with an externally-controlled, hard-wired light in the ...
  40. "...Have a drink, have a drive Go out and see what you can find..." So we went and found...and we found so much great stuff and had a fine time doing it, too! Good to see the great stuff again,...
  41. That was kinda tough climbing up and getting that "SIGN OF GOOD TASTE" down off those high poles, but so well worth it when we passed the place an hour later and saw that the bulldozers had flattened ...
  42. Such a cool Spooky cover! Those hippies are great! Perfect 1968 stereotypes of the times. A friend of mine used to carry comics home by the armload back when we were kids. I got all the superh...
  43. You're welcome! Glad to help!
  44. "Things go better with Coke" is 1965 or later. The "Sign of good taste" is from 1958- 1961. The Pepsi is 1953-57.
  45. What you have there, Tamals1961, is one of the Fisher-Price Adventure People from 1975 to 1983 or so. Look on the inside of his legs for the correct date. He's missing his helmet. Here's a link to m...
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