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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


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Swiss Music box with 6 melodies from late 1800´s - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
1950's Britains Milk Float & Horse - Toysin Toys
Dinky Military (part II ) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Military - Model Carsin Model Cars
Bub train set - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Matchbox Monday » Scammell Breakdown Truck (64A)  1959  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Nacoral Inter-Cars No.106 De Tomaso Mangusta (Spain) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Monday » Ford Cortina  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Tinplate Sunday - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Monday - Models of Yesteryear by Lesney (England) - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Thank you all, this was one of the most fun posts i made here :)
  2. I just saw your comment on the Dollhouse i bought as a present for my wife, you were right :) she is now totally addicted to it, i hope to see some pictures of your own doll houses, thank you.
  3. Marfinite maybe
  4. By the chips that can be seen near the tusks wholes (white material below the dark paint, ceramic), it cannot be Ebony, it might be some kind of ceramic or maybe marphinite.
  5. Nice find! especially the yellow rover with metal tires, it looks like a Lesney/Moko/Matchbox, but i dont see the mark, maybe a penny toy, very cool!
  6. Cool Board! i can see the original Independent trucks, can you take a picture of the wheels and info on the bearings? also important to know the brand of the board protections, and the status of the d...
  7. Very cool!
  8. Thank you Keramicos, and thank you all for the Loves.
  9. That Thorens is awesome!
  10. Yes! very cool :)
  11. That is a great question, ill try to find out how many different models they produced, in my other post, the Model that you enjoyed the most has a ammo box as a first trailer, then a cannon, but in ...
  12. More pics form several angles and size perspective would help, Welcome to CW!
  13. Thank you all for the loves and warm comments, might be from late 50´s Vynil, Blunderbuss, this was made in Germany, by the way, KBN stands for Karl Bub Nürnberg, most of early Geman toy makers operat...
  14. Nice compositions! is that a Corgi Batmobile in the last pic?
  15. Litholicious!
  16. Japanese made a lot of American inspired tinplate work, its very curious.
  17. Golden age for cast, now you need to hunt his smaller partner, the P40 :), ive seen a few scattered on e-bay.
  18. You mean the Bus is Japanese, right?
  19. You´re welcome :) by the way your plane in 100% original, it came only with that Flying Circus sticker in the right wing, the left wind had no sticker, i think the original propeler only has 2 blades....
  20. Your Hubley #495 plane is part of the Flying Circus Stunt plane set nº 21216, came along with a P40 Warhawk in an open carboard box, i have no idea about the date but maybe this extra info can lead yo...
  21. Superb!
  22. I know nothing about it except the fact that it´s a beauty, welcome to C.W.
  23. That must sound amazing in that Thorens turntable ! Stevie was a Wonder in fact.
  24. Awesome find!
  25. Great windup locomotive! made by Technofix, this loco is actually part of a big set with a tinplate base circuit and a goods car included. The bus has great colors and design, Japanese or American?
  26. The camera is a beauty! great items as usual.
  27. Super cool details!
  28. Cool collection, i like the Blue Bugatti, from the Spanish Paya Hermanos
  29. Willy Tonka ;)
  30. This is a cool item, i think this is probaly a race boat, wich explains the small wheels, the design looks 1920´s or earlier, could be A.C. Williams, Arcade, Hubley or even European.
  31. By the way, you should send a picture of your Mayan artifact to this guy: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, he will go crazy about it.
  32. That triangular artifact looks amazingly old! Mayans clearly observed some kind of propulsion crafts, this airplane pin was also found in Colombia:
  33. Cool kits you have there! great find, the problem for me would be to resist building them :)
  34. My Tin-O-Meter went crazy :) cool latas you have there!
  35. Great Japanese design, love the litho!
  36. These are amazing, any standard windup key for toys will do the trick :)
  37. Love it!
  38. Great model! Schuco made amazing and complex clockwork automobiles, along with great design, super collectable items.
  39. Welcome to CW!
  40. I only know that its super cool :)
  41. Slot cars have amazing details, and although im not a slot enthusiast, i like to see then burning tires in the track, these things fly!
  42. Thank you Vynil and Fortapache, its a pleasure to participate in this cool idea, i hope more will join :)
  43. Im drewling over that tinplate patrol car, never disregarding the awesome pressed steell trucks, great pictures!
  44. Wow! this is amazing, an exotic model for me :), trully American design and looks really robust. gotta love the true patine :)
  45. Thank you! (updated the post with more decent photos of this toy)
  46. Thank you Vynil & Fortapache for the kind comments and thank you all for the <3 (ready for Matchbox Monday)
  47. *Fossils
  48. Great Fossiles! First and third seem to be Moroccan Fossils, Morocco is rich with fossils such as ammonites, orthoceras, trilobites and dinosaur teeth, in portion of the Sahara Desert, which was once ...
  49. They could be O gauge figures to be used in railway models (passengers waiting for trains)
  50. Looks like a masonic design, the all seeing eye + woman riding the devil.
  51. See more


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