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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


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Dinky Toys nº 686 25-Pounder Field Gun - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Toys nº 688 Field Artellery Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
"Dragon" Pinball machine by Gottlieb from the 70´s - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
More Dinky Toys - Commer Breakdown Lorry - Model Carsin Model Cars
Leyland Atlantean double decker Portuguese Bus (MetOsul nº23) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Jeep (civilian version) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Isuzu Bonnet Bus, Tomica nº 6 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Iconic Lisbon Tram 28   (diecast - 1/87 scale) - Model Trainsin Model Trains
The Pena Palace (Sintra) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Phillips 66 cast iron tanker truck - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Great find!
  2. First of all, im sorry to know that your Dad has passed away... This Model was created circa 1967 for the 1967 007 Movie - "You Only live Twice" It includes the figures: James Bond (Sean Connery)...
  3. Great Marklin material, this are from the 60´s and 70´s, that crane is awesome, the Loco is the famous 3000, she featured in most of the sets available, what brand is the Fish truck? i never saw that...
  4. Nice Marklin H0 Lot!! the Italian Lima car is also cool, everything in great condition including the lithographed lines, i suppose this is a rare sight in the US? thank you for sharing!
  5. Super original!!
  6. Great Marx Lot, i love that red truck!
  7. Super cool Toy! is the pistol made of cast iron? Welcome do C.W.
  8. Great models and very usefull tips to date Lesneys, thank you!
  9. This is very cool! i would love to see it in action :)
  10. Also bare in mind that Marklin uses a 3 rail system, so only locos with a central pick-up will work
  11. Nice Marklin Set! you should be able to get the original loco easy, i think it came with the 3000, here are some some for sale:
  12. Amazing Time Machine! Welcome to C.W.
  13. Very cool set!! what are they??
  14. Great Sonic Treasures you have!
  15. Really cool trains! i never saw this models before.
  16. Amazing pieces!
  17. You are welcome :) i hope you can shows us more treasures.
  18. It is a hand carved Soapstone chess set, probably from Peru, as it depicts Incas VS Spaniards, Welcome to C.W. !
  19. Welcome to C.W.!
  20. This is "Punked" Wave Pintail Longboard, great for cruising in the beach sidewalk.
  21. Souvernires fantastiques mon Ami!
  22. Beautiful mechanism!
  23. Great Model! love your display, those cases remind me of the Ferrrero Rocher small boxes :)
  24. I found a similar one described as: "Wooden Maple Sugar Candy Mold" i hope this helps. Very cool piece! Welcome to C.W. !
  25. super cool cars!
  26. I think you should play with it :) mini bricolage can be awesome, Welcome to C.W.
  27. Nice Boxcars! very uncommon in metal, have you found out the maker, and have you built the layout for them?
  28. The Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901, your cross has the Purcell Brothers Mark - 30 years later, and it looks like contraste...
  29. Nice and rare model!! this train was produced from 1934 to 1939, i would say yours is from 34/35 because in 1935 this set was equipped with a bell and a buzzer that required a 5 rail track to operate,...
  30. This locomotive appears in the 1928 Bing catalogue with reference: 11/326/1, it´s part of a deluxe set, it hauled an express train with 2 pullmans and a luggage truck, the other 2 truck from the other...
  31. Very nice! i think they might be Venetian Beads, some of the patterns are really unusual
  32. First time i see a Hubley diecast of this scale, it reminds me of Dinky Toys, very cool!
  33. oh! and welcome to C.W.!
  34. This is a Monark deluxe Cruiser, very cool model! looks complete and the color is still great, i would just clean it and ride it :)
  35. i like the mushrooms box ! :)
  36. I love Amber too, being fossilized tree resin, usually it preserves elements from millions of year old forests, a unique glampse into the distant past, great collection!
  37. super cool!
  38. Cool hall of records!!
  39. Amazing suitcase! Samsonite always made them strong and classy.
  40. Great artwork, love that Julio Verne classic!
  41. Amazing Doll! by the thick eyebrows and other paint characteristics, i would say she is as French "Jumeau".
  42. You are welcome MicheleH, we have plenty of Marx collectors here in C.W. im sure you will receive more info on your train soon, Although i´m a toy train collector, im from Europe, so Marx is an exotic...
  43. Thank you all for the kind comments and all the loves :)
  44. Micro Pizza Hut? :)
  45. The Eegee Doll Company was founded in 1916 by Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Goldberger in Brooklyn, NY the Eegee trademark was first used in 1923. Early dolls were marked E G, Gold Doll, Gold Doll Co., E. Go...
  46. Definitely a collectable! This is a Murray Flat Face Fire Tuck, it has 2 wood ladders in the side racks (easily made) and it should also have a Red light (Siren) in the hood, yours looks very good, a...
  47. Beautiful weapon, and great display place! Welcome to C.W.
  48. Amazing details!
  49. Nice find! welcome to C.W.
  50. Beautiful set! the "warehouse" style box is very rare, the wheels do crack because they were made with an old alloy (before zamac) and they deteriorate over time, you can replace them with new replic...
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Nacoral Inter-Cars No.106 De Tomaso Mangusta (Spain) Karl Bub Nüremberg (KBN) clockwork trains (O Gauge) Germany 1940´s Johann Distler Tin Electric Train-set O gauge JAGUAR DINKY TOY MAR-X —— Toys ,  United States of America New York ! Antique model steam workshop Vintage Dollhouse Update Hornby Clockwork Train set 1950´s Karl Bub Nürnberg Train Set Hornby lms