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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


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Dinky Toys nº 686 25-Pounder Field Gun - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Toys nº 688 Field Artellery Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
"Dragon" Pinball machine by Gottlieb from the 70´s - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
More Dinky Toys - Commer Breakdown Lorry - Model Carsin Model Cars
Leyland Atlantean double decker Portuguese Bus (MetOsul nº23) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Jeep (civilian version) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Isuzu Bonnet Bus, Tomica nº 6 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Iconic Lisbon Tram 28   (diecast - 1/87 scale) - Model Trainsin Model Trains
The Pena Palace (Sintra) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Phillips 66 cast iron tanker truck - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Cool Set!
  2. Amazing models, i never saw this ones here in Europe
  3. More Marklin info here:
  4. This is a beatifull locomotive, i believe this is a Pre War model Live Steam locomotive, Gauge 1, it should run with alcohol in the burner, but make sure you have it serviced before firing it, if you ...
  5. Thank you so much for the info Keramikos! i still have it, and i use it as a side table :)
  6. Looks amazing, great work!
  7. i know nothing about it, but i love it
  8. Another great model, as usual from you!
  9. Great details!
  10. Great piece! Seems to be a Hubley from 1930´s, check this link
  11. Great Piece! (it reminds me of a steam locomotive)
  12. Love it, great collection!
  13. Thank you all for the Loves
  14. Really cool sets!
  15. This is so cool, love all the details!
  16. Great Looking layout!
  17. Cool model!
  18. Beautiful !
  19. Great piece!, I am far from expert in vintage dolls, but i think she is missing the hand painted eyelashes, maybe this link can help you:
  20. Great model! built to last :)
  21. Looks amazing!
  22. Super cool!
  23. I love the Vase, now show us the trains :) Welcome to CW!
  24. Welcome to CW, i think i found a similar model of your Columbia bike, check this
  25. I love the litho work!
  26. Cool Machine!!
  27. Super cool Box!
  28. Great Models! Faller has such beautiful details
  29. Thank you DSM!
  30. Amazing piece!
  31. Amazing!
  32. Amazing model!
  33. Amazing Find! sorry, i dont know anything about Lionel Trains, they are very rare here in Europe, but its a beautifull machine and signal.
  34. Nice one Fortapache! i love to see more Dinky´s here in CW
  35. Great Machine and great layout !
  36. Just WOW! Happy New Year
  37. Amazing piece!
  38. Thank you for the feedback!
  39. Thank you Dinnages! you also have some great models in the UK, i love the Dinky´s
  40. Very Cool, this is the first time i see the "Galo de Barcelos" here in CW Here is the legend of this Rooster:
  41. Very nice! seems to be tinplate appart from the chassis
  42. Great Album!
  43. Great find!
  44. First of all, im sorry to know that your Dad has passed away... This Model was created circa 1967 for the 1967 007 Movie - "You Only live Twice" It includes the figures: James Bond (Sean Connery)...
  45. Great Marklin material, this are from the 60´s and 70´s, that crane is awesome, the Loco is the famous 3000, she featured in most of the sets available, what brand is the Fish truck? i never saw that...
  46. Nice Marklin H0 Lot!! the Italian Lima car is also cool, everything in great condition including the lithographed lines, i suppose this is a rare sight in the US? thank you for sharing!
  47. Super original!!
  48. Great Marx Lot, i love that red truck!
  49. Super cool Toy! is the pistol made of cast iron? Welcome do C.W.
  50. Great models and very usefull tips to date Lesneys, thank you!
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