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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


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Dinky Toys - Connaught Racing Car No.236 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Volkswagen Beetle by Dinky Toys - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vintage French Table Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Vintage Dollhouse Update - Dollsin Dolls
Urban Dinkys - Model Carsin Model Cars
Clockwork articulated Bub Circus train set - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Antique Dinky Firefighters - Model Carsin Model Cars
a Dinky a day keeps your $ away - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Monday (Dinky Matchbox Fusion) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Toys - Citroen Ami (Meccano - France) - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. love those animal designs!
  2. Model of Yesteryear Extravaganza! great models and great colors.
  3. Super Cool Item! congrats for the picture.
  4. Love it!
  5. Nice Budgie! the condition is exelent, great model.
  6. Now this is a propper restoration, great work! Awesome Machine!
  7. Thank you Vynil33rpm and Nicefice, please do, Dinkys are so scarce here :)
  8. Also made by Meccano
  9. Thank you Vynil33rpm, exactlly this one, very cool model! carefull with that white stuff in the zamac metal, could be zinc pest, thank you for showing it :)
  10. Thank you for the kind comments and loves !
  11. Made a bit of reserearch and i did not find anything like this, but sure is cool!
  12. Thank you Fortapache & Toyrebel, i would enjoy some fellow Dinky hunters :) hop aboard!
  13. *Green car , sorry
  14. I just spent 5 minutes in the first pic, so many cool stuff! tell me more about the diecast red racing car on top of the frame on the right :)
  15. Impressive Marklin collection you have :)
  16. Beautiful machines!
  17. Amazing work, well done! Welcome to Collectors Weekly.
  18. Thank you Watchsearcher for the kind words, you are correct, i gave this house to my wife 3 years ago, then she just took it from there :) i like to help in some of the work im finishing the kitchen t...
  19. We sure do :)
  20. You have a Gorgeous Collection, Congrats!
  21. Wow... beautiful time-travellers.
  22. Simply Marvelous.
  23. True! Keramikos, nice find!!
  24. Thank you Elisabethan!
  25. Probably the coolest sign ever !
  26. Doesnt get better than that! Sublime piece.
  27. Wow! beautiful machine...
  28. Just Super Cool!
  29. Amazing Sign! those must be a rare sight
  30. Now i see... :) Great Sign!
  31. Thank you for sharing that story Geodejem! so you actually were involved in the Corgi manufactoring, thats too cool :) I must agree with you, "House Meccano" made the best Toys.
  32. Thank you Sean68!
  33. Your set is: Royal Marines Band, Marching BTSC-SET109, or a sub set, because this set should have 31 elements, maybe in the website you can find the exact one.
  34. Nice Lead Soldiers!, this were produced by WBritain. Company History: The story of the most famous toy soldier company of all time, W.Britain Limited Whether you have ever collected toy soldier...
  35. Yes we do, Very cool items, Welcome to Collectors Weekly!
  36. Thank you Trey, I´m Sure Shell loves you too :) great collection you have!
  37. Cool lot! what are they? Buragos?
  38. Cool Truck! i bet you could ride on it no problem!
  39. Beautiful beast !
  40. Awesome model! so you actually have a Meccano :)
  41. Thank you Toyrebel, Karl Bub made some amazing clockwork and electric trains in O scale, most of them in lithographed Tinplate or pressed steel, older models are casted iron, he was a big player among...
  42. Thank you Vynil33rpm, Dinkys are one of my favorite collectables, no restorations made appart from replacing rubber tires, i like them with personality, and finally i had some time to photograph them,...
  43. What a Jewel, great piece, congrats.
  44. Amazing!
  45. Beautiful piece!
  46. Super Cool!
  47. Love that Orange! Hubley is a rare sight in Europe...
  48. Really nice! this are rare "Sevi" wood toys from the 1930´s, i do not believe Sevi made sets for railways, they mostly did farm animals, buildings and figures, but due to their scale, they can be used...
  49. Thank you MrVynil, i guess they must be really rare in the US market, like Hubleys for us here in Europe, we should trade ;)
  50. This is a really cool lithographed pre-war O-Scale Hornby train set, it was made in the 1930´s by Meccano Supposedly in England, it has 2 Pullman passenger cars named "Washington"(yellow) and "Madis...
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