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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


  1. Amazing work!
  2. The second image looks like a fossilized slice of pie :)
  3. Amazing craftsmanship, love it!
  4. Grreat author!
  5. Amazing work!
  6. Very detailled models!
  7. Great Machines! thank you for sharing.
  8. Thank you all, Happy 2024 full of awesome finds!
  9. Amazing! Happy 2024!
  10. Amazing Loco ! and a great restoration work.
  11. The sculptures are amazing!
  12. This set is amazing!
  13. These are amazing! your cast iron (and other metals) collection is impressive!
  14. Super cutes !!
  15. Love this Golden Racer Japanese style!
  16. Love the hand painted details, great piece!
  17. Amazing lithography! very cool toy.
  18. Great Model!
  19. I recently watched Slab City documentary, very interesting !
  20. Savannah is a beautiful machine!
  21. Thank you !
  22. This is an amazing collection !
  23. Great collection you have there !
  24. Another great Matchbox Monday post, you collection is amazing!
  25. This is really cool, love it!
  26. Its the fisrt time i see this one, really cool!
  27. Love this ones!
  28. Nice models! The metal ones, do they have any markings? maybe the brand at the bottom? i also leave this link about Rivarossi
  29. Thank you Vynil and Newfld for the kind comments, and all the other for the loves.
  30. Love the Divco! is it die-cast?
  31. Nice ones! Im so jealous about the plates in US, here in Portugal its not possible to customize plates...
  32. Really well made, great work!
  33. Trip to memory lane!
  34. First time i see a slot car like this, looks very well made and fast!
  35. These are super cool!
  36. Super cool!
  37. Amazing works, looks awesome!
  38. Another great post!
  39. Amazing models! i love to see more Dinky here in CW!
  40. Gotta love tractors!
  41. Super Cool Set!
  42. Amazing, it looks alive!
  43. Love the details, great model!
  44. Looks amazing, you did a pro job!
  45. Great piece, you have an impressive glass collection!
  46. Great model! welcome to CW!
  47. Thank you all for the loves and kind comments
  48. They are amazing!
  49. I never saw this one, great model!
  50. I love the futuristic look! amazing model.
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