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Lisbon - Portugal

I collect vintage toys, Windup, Die Cast, O gauge tinplate trains and HO Marklin material.


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Dinky Toys nº 686 25-Pounder Field Gun - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Toys nº 688 Field Artellery Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
"Dragon" Pinball machine by Gottlieb from the 70´s - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
More Dinky Toys - Commer Breakdown Lorry - Model Carsin Model Cars
Leyland Atlantean double decker Portuguese Bus (MetOsul nº23) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Dinky Jeep (civilian version) - Model Carsin Model Cars
Isuzu Bonnet Bus, Tomica nº 6 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Iconic Lisbon Tram 28   (diecast - 1/87 scale) - Model Trainsin Model Trains
The Pena Palace (Sintra) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Phillips 66 cast iron tanker truck - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Thank you Mr Vynil :)
  2. Beautiful doll! unfortunately i now nothing about vintage dolls, but im sure one of the comunity experts will give you more info about it, as a collector i just advise you to keep the original dress, ...
  3. Awesome mechanism!
  4. Great job! you are a skilled Tinsmith
  5. Thank you Toyrebel, i had an incomplete one from before, but i was searching for one intact, now the eternal search for a box... :) Thank you all for the loves!
  6. All American Cars are exotic to me, they are super rare here in Portugal, i would love to own a 1:1 one :) great model!
  7. I know nothing about boats, but looks very cool :) im sure someone will give you info on it, Welcome to C.W.!
  8. oh! and welcome to C.W. :)
  9. I´m far from being an expert in model ships, but by manual carvings, assimetrical distances in the parts, and the parts themselves not being an exact copy, i would say this is not a Kit, but a fully h...
  10. Nice King Size Matchbox, love the color of the tractor and the artwork in the box! great find.
  11. Thank you Racer4four and Watchsearcher for the kind comments, and thank you all for the <3 ´s
  12. Thank you Fortapache, it has an incredible art collection and furniture inside, i recommend a visit if anyone comes to Portugal, the gardens are also amazing.
  13. Thank you Keramikos :)
  14. Love all your trucks, welcome to C.W.!
  15. Impressive work! love it.
  16. Great model! the details are impressive for such a small scale, and nice box design.
  17. Sure looks old, the materials and craft also look old, just the design does not fit into any classic Roman helmets, but it could be an older version of a Murmillo Gladiator Helmet, i would contact the...
  18. It looks amazing! great job.
  19. Great images!
  20. Cool Record Mr Vynil, is this the same brand of the old Gramophones?
  21. Wow! this is a rare BING live steam locomotive the "BW " stands for Bing Werke, it should run in O-gauge clockwork tracks, its has been 5 years since this was posted but i have a few tracks i can spar...
  22. Really cool! i never saw this model before, thank you for sharing :)
  23. Thank you for the info Uniqueguy!, i did some research and i could not find anything similar, by the Litho and style looks like "Modern Toys", but its just a wild guess.
  24. Awsome model, i love the Lesney times.
  25. These are very cool, i had never heard about them before, thanx for sharing!
  26. Cool Raiway gun! , can you give any idea of scale? and do you spot any other markings in the lithography that coud help identifying it? Welcome to CW!
  27. Great machines!
  28. Impressive collection! congrats
  29. Love it! this would look amazing in a DollHouse.
  30. Great trains and love the transformer! gotta get some Lionels, they are super rare here in Europe...
  31. Super Cool!
  32. I would say Inca or Aztec, wonderfull!
  33. Thank you for the input Billreticoll, i had no idea about this formations, what puzzles me is the scale and the organic look of it, i will update more pictures in other angles so you can see what i me...
  34. Thank you Vintagelamp for stopping by and for the kind words :)
  35. Beautiful! love it.
  36. Beautiful time machine!
  37. Impressive machine!
  38. The Boss! great tracks!
  39. Thank you Hotairfan! this is one of my favorite Locos
  40. Nice ! i think its Confucius.
  41. Very cool! Confucius maybe?
  42. Love the wooden Woody!
  43. Great set! This one is from the 60´s, Brumberger made several toys like Dollhouses, Stations, Schools, Morse Code machines, Dial Phones, Banks, Projectors, Musical Instruments, etc, great find.
  44. WOW ! as a skateboarder since the 80´s i must say this is the holy grail of Skate history! great memories, thank you for sharing!
  45. Wow! the pristine condition is impressive, great post!
  46. Very nice! looks like a cerimonial (maibe marriage) Necklace, i would say the stones are Ambar, and its made of several metals: Silver, Copper, or some mixed alloy, the craft and design look North Afr...
  47. Great Set! and you are right, thats the top cover of the original cardboard box.
  48. Great update with the Box! super cool Item.
  49. This are amazing! Ives was one of the Toy Train Bosses.
  50. Really cool! i hope you find the rest of it :)
  51. See more


Nacoral Inter-Cars No.106 De Tomaso Mangusta (Spain) Karl Bub Nüremberg (KBN) clockwork trains (O Gauge) Germany 1940´s Johann Distler Tin Electric Train-set O gauge JAGUAR DINKY TOY MAR-X —— Toys ,  United States of America New York ! Antique model steam workshop Vintage Dollhouse Update Hornby Clockwork Train set 1950´s Karl Bub Nürnberg Train Set Hornby lms