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over yonder

not really


  1. lol I have a reel to reel bought it with 10 reels thew it in the garage ,,..2 yeas ago haven't turn it on yet ..smiling but most have great sound if you have good speakers..
  3. Isn't it fun to be Santa you must have a ton of horse sculpture's form down that way .. I can see this is a keeper..later
  4. 40,000 comics... now that's not a habit ....100,000 is a sickness I'm sure I'll like your posts.....keep em coming...
  5. nice frame,....
  6. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
  7. smoke them and Lucky's ..for years ,hnmmm would kill for one now cool find Fort........
  8. So one day your going to post a picture of all your cast iron animals on your lawn for us to see all of them at once ... what a work of art that would be ...hmmmmmmmmmmmm..later bud .
  9. I can se a nomad sitting on his yak going through the mtns playing this and singing
  10. I'm sure you'll hit pay dirt here ...don't tell anyone but there's some smart folks in here .they'll kick in here some time ..good luck..stay warm ..
  11. lets light up and make some what a odd thing that is.....I thinking its Japanese but have no clue myself..good luck..
  12. ahhhhhhhhhh penguin with a cute
  13. who knew ,,,,nice .............
  14. time to hit the sack cant even write later bud ..
  15. I check this spring if he still lives there. if so I'll gab # and post it pm it but they don't have pm here llllol ... fort is here 24/7 he is the man...smiling ...and a good man .as well as you ..
  16. wow niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  17. Ya Dave ..hear we are 2021 I bought and read all the magazines that show the cars of the future that were to be ,..we the hell are at lease the older car you could work on them ..I mean I ...
  18. ice racing this Sunday be there or be square ....local pond I'll see if I can get some pics....smiling
  19. I think the company name that made these is on the plug in the belly or is it the drugs I'm on ..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  20. I posted mine for ya...what a pig
  21. good luck..
  22. well Dave ford came out with the bronco again ,,,GM should come out with a mid size and full size ...drum roll please ..aaaaaaaaaaa 1955 4x4 shot bed.. they would clean house hands down ...but they w...
  23. Matchbox Monday lol do we win a door prize .....U need a blue light special..last summer the wife and I hit this yard sale on the other side of the mount ... this guy come out as we pull in ..I was l...
  24. this would be great for beer runs....@ 1/2 time....smiling and I didnt know GM built that .. I'd take one and modify it to death nice post..bud
  25. lol Scott if you painted that white and stuck it out in the woods here the 22's would bounce right off ...just saying ..."-)) lot of detail on this one bud.. later
  26. has a lot of street lamps! how ya sleep at night "=)) nice job..
  27. very cool as always ....
  28. hmm what committee are you on ....? "you need to add some ribbons on this and where it as the lead person of the committee of flowers ...smiling '-))
  29. lol Back from The PO ..and covering the tractor for the next storm we have cumming ...well ya that's part of the picture ,,..but if you look at 1870's the market started to crash then ,,.. all around ...
  30. here ya
  31. lol one more thing I was thinking about when I was getting ready to head out ...I' m book collect of Roycroft books ..and in my collection I have some books by them where they would have booklets all ...
  32. That's great , the original was done it part's ,,, here's a snip I came across.. Original publication Like most Dickens novels, Bleak House was published in 20 monthly instalments, each contai...
  33. MartinRye, Well glad I could help a little, sounds like the folk that bound the book screw up putting it together by hand or machine ,..I didn't look for your book on Abe's but I knew you would fin...
  34. Did you look here to see if you can find one like yours ... nice find by the way I have a few Dickens,,smiling
  35. I have the same pig ...this must be his brother
  36. looks to be in mice find..
  37. Is that what they call that double talk by you I might have a copy in the Garage ..later bud..
  38. saw one of these today ... was a little bit rougher then yours lol ....nice job on yours...i think it was 15 .00 ....
  39. wonder if he was a mason ..?.. nice find..
  40. where are you getting all these good things ,..? u swiping them from that blind guy on the Conner from ( Reijmyre Glasbruk of Ostergotland Sweden was founded in 1810)...nice to know gr...
  41. don't see many Giraffe Brooches now days ..nice score..& write up ..
  42. love the colors and style of the brooch ....
  43. get a shot before diving in ... have fun wife would try to talk me into something like this ..I would look at her and say matches...and walk away.. all kidding aside ya just never know wh...
  44. way to go ...always nice to know what you have,,smiling..
  45. cute.......
  46. that car 54 ... miss that show ...! thinking out of the box...
  47. Nice one...............
  48. ya I'm grooving
  50. ya got one, and a few others .. love it ...nice boka...........
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face along hwy 14/19/60 in Wisconsin Plenti Grand vegetable crate label


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