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nothing really just like collecting.


  1. thanks for the post .... '-))
  2. looking at this a voice in the back of my head started yelling awayyyyyyyy cool find ..dave
  3. what a honey ....!!
  4. sweet...........
  5. just need some and sheep smiling nice wheel..
  6. here's some parts .............
  7. hey just heard ,,..smiling know you skipped out of town owing me 10 bucks ....when ya coming back so I can work out the interest ...we'll miss ya safe , have fun,.write offend ,.. brush yo...
  8. nice gift ..............................
  9. U got a thing for pigs ....? lol
  10. looks like me in the morning another good one dave
  11. could be plaster with a metal lux paint..arts and craft class thing would have to scratch a small spot under it ti see ....? good luck ...
  12. when you take out the glass is there a little metal bucket their if yes pull it out to see if it has any writing on it....???
  13. wow nice shape ,.. you could have some one who does enameling repair it right in your house / garage ..worth fixing up.....
  14. I hope your house is on a slab ,,so the floor wont give,,,, always nice to see your posts.....
  15. I used to like wearing french cuffs when I was young .....and these cuff links would be something I would wear..plane and simple, but cool ...
  16. love it all,.. well done...hope you had one blown up to put on your wall.....
  17. very nice collection.......
  18. yes ( Thanks for your comments, Theonlyone! I really like artists who have a distinctive style who I can recognize without looking at the signature on their work. ) I feel the same way once you do a s...
  19. nice love the style..of the work...nice collection ..
  20. nice write on the man.. the painter ,and his styles changes as he grew...
  21. Yes,.. I under stand ..I was trying to check out the the cracking / cracks caused by drying out of the Ivory, but cant tell without seeing it and holding it ...but hang in there's others in here that ...
  22. very nice.............
  23. lol if its resin who cares if you poke a very very very little hole in the bottom of it with a pin ...
  24. your welcome kwqd, I like and have a Morgantown vase ..and a few others I haven't looked up as yet I like the hunt not so much gather en of info..about them ... have a good night ..
  25. thanks rose....
  26. very nice ....
  27. wow a safe inside of a safe ... you never can be to safe I guess,,,,lol I like smalls,,,,nice score, I 'm glad your going to restore it ..? great gun safe...
  28. very cute...
  29. hmmmmmmmmmm last one wont play ??? its ok here's a better one for you
  30. here's the real crew and ship ....later all
  31. Na BBC shut them down buy not letting anyone let them into ports for fuel and he gave up ya go ....
  32. those were crazy times .....nice card ..
  33. here ya go ... I make them all the time..
  34. wow this would make me smile if I found one, did you find it or buy it .?
  35. I would lay some ruff 1 x 10 x 10 boards on top and have a sweet work very nice find...
  36. lol I have a reel to reel bought it with 10 reels thew it in the garage ,,..2 yeas ago haven't turn it on yet ..smiling but most have great sound if you have good speakers..
  38. Isn't it fun to be Santa you must have a ton of horse sculpture's form down that way .. I can see this is a keeper..later
  39. 40,000 comics... now that's not a habit ....100,000 is a sickness I'm sure I'll like your posts.....keep em coming...
  40. nice frame,....
  41. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
  42. smoke them and Lucky's ..for years ,hnmmm would kill for one now cool find Fort........
  43. So one day your going to post a picture of all your cast iron animals on your lawn for us to see all of them at once ... what a work of art that would be ...hmmmmmmmmmmmm..later bud .
  44. I can se a nomad sitting on his yak going through the mtns playing this and singing
  45. I'm sure you'll hit pay dirt here ...don't tell anyone but there's some smart folks in here .they'll kick in here some time ..good luck..stay warm ..
  46. lets light up and make some what a odd thing that is.....I thinking its Japanese but have no clue myself..good luck..
  47. ahhhhhhhhhh penguin with a cute
  48. who knew ,,,,nice .............
  49. time to hit the sack cant even write later bud ..
  50. I check this spring if he still lives there. if so I'll gab # and post it pm it but they don't have pm here llllol ... fort is here 24/7 he is the man...smiling ...and a good man .as well as you ..
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face along hwy 14/19/60 in Wisconsin Plenti Grand vegetable crate label


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