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  1. In 1966, GM introduced a three two-barrel carb set up, but they did not change the name to 642. Now the first "4" represented the 400 cubic-inch engine.
  2. Bob Ross comes to mind :) ....nice brooch!
  3. Definitely 1965-66. 1965-66 were the first year for the trucks to have completely enclosed cab, "glass" all the way around rather than just a windshield. Two large faceted plastic headlights. Only...
  4. One of my favorites :)
  5. Happy New Year!!
  6. Another Winner!! A great looking horned owl brooch!! :)
  7. Happy New Year!
  8. Nice! Great that you found it for a buck....
  9. Nice! Items passed down in the family are the best collectibles to have...IMO.
  10. Cool....
  11. These Gilbert Chemistry sets were a great start for me to get into a very successful Chemist career of 35 years :) It was great that you and your mother worked on it together....great memories!
  12. Wow! Great looking piece! Cleaned up very well :)
  13. I love the old shoebox Chevy (55-57). I currently own a '55 Bel Air convert and '55 Nomad. I had a few '56s also. Never had a '57 though...cool Johnny Lightning :)
  14. Great pair Scott! I enjoyed reading the CW feature article about your wonderful collection. I like the fact that you like a range of "conditions" in your cast iron animals from original to restored. Y...
  15. Wonderful....simply wonderful....both the light green owl AND the Snowy White... :) Have a Fantastic Christmas!
  16. Nymphaeaceae
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I
  18. Looks like an upside down guitar :)
  19. Fun little Ruger....I bought my son one of these for a birthday present when they came out. Like you say, it has the appearance of a German Luger :)
  20. Have a Merry Christmas Scott!!
  21. Very glitzy....nice!
  22. Love the facial expression on this dog. Those eyes are something else.... :)
  23. Wow! Lots of great colors, shapes, and sizes....tastefully done :)
  24. A couple of beauties. A have a good friend who is a Marine Biologist. He told me an interesting fact that sharks are a special type of fish that are "elasmobranchs". They don't have bones....they have...
  25. Brrrrr.... :) Nice!
  26. Another Great rabbit! Very Nice!!
  27. Love the pig....my wife collects them....she says she loves this pig too!
  28. Badgers are very ferocious...not to be fooled with....watch this crazy guy.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA8pxzawUGM
  29. Cool! The badger is the official state animal of my home state....Wisconsin.
  30. Harry Nilsson was a great songwriter
  31. You know Scott that you have great stuff :) <kurt> :)
  32. Cool.... I was imagining more of an round patch rather than an aviator shape. Pretty neat!
  33. Fantastic! Fun!!
  34. Maybe you can post Blinky separately in a future post? Thanks!
  35. Nice find!
  36. Do you have the matching rat with the lucky coin? https://www.etsy.com/listing/774843263/2379-pair-of-iron-rats-with-ancient?ref=hp_rv-2&pro=1
  37. Richard Ira Bong comes to mind..... Richard Ira Bong (September 24, 1920 – August 6, 1945) was a United States Army Air Forces major and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II. He was one of the mo...
  38. https://www.wikihow.com/Display-the-U.S.-Flag
  39. The 21 inch Pennsylvania mower was called the "deluxe" while the 18 inch was the "exeter" in 1954. The deluxe had the 1.5 H.P. Briggs and Stratton with a recoil starter while the "exeter" had a 1 H.P...
  40. Nice! I love working on old mowers as a hobby. Is that the 18 or 21 inch? Nice old reel type mower. It’s great that you kept it all these years.
  41. Now...that's a cool cast iron piece!
  42. Great Owl!
  43. Jimmy Caruthers wore a small opening Bell helmet back in 1974. He raced midget cars, sprint cars, and Indy Cars.
  44. I agree with Nicefice....whatever he said.... Cool pics
  45. I agree with Nicefice....whatever he said......
  46. The 426 Hemi is a very nice engine. Two are very nice.
  47. Yikes at 3:13!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LabX19ocJZA
  48. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy_oWMvYFvE Not the same one...but.....turn this video up loud....it annoys anybody that is in the house.... :)
  49. That's really nice! That "rough finish" really adds to the look of it.
  50. "The gopher tortoise tastes like chicken"...no thanks...if I want something that tastes like chicken....I will eat a chicken. Since when was an amphibian a reptile? I missed that in my undergrad studi...
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