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  1. A great parliament of owls!!! Owls are normally loners (somewhat like me....but fine with that). A group of owls are not very common....a group of wise owls is a parliament...a very fitting name:) I w...
  2. Wow...Nice! I'm sure they would be a hoot to shoot :) Seriously though....an impressive collection.
  3. The Corvette in pic#2 is very nice but not exactly factory stock. The color combo of white with a red cove was never offered. It may have been something done by the dealer or the owner. Nice looking ...
  4. Thanks for sharing your finds! I think that it is great when a fellow collector acquires their items during an outdoor adventure.
  5. Excellent color combo and structure. Looks tough... Nice piece!
  6. A real eyecatcher ..... Nicely Done!
  7. Didn't she use to wear a hat with a price tag still hanging from it?
  8. Nice Chev Tri-Fives. The Ford ins nice too. I've always been pretty fond of them. 55s are my favorites - in fact I own two. A Nomad and a convertible. I recently posted my convert - I think you may...
  9. The American red squirrel is variously known as the pine squirrel, North American red squirrel and chickaree. I kinda' like the chickaree name. Looks like this little chickaree is ready for a nut :)
  10. My favorite color :)
  11. I love owls and I love green....where is the double “Love It” button when you need one? :)
  12. A proud and happy frog :)
  13. Sorry...not a Nomad. A Nomad has two doors. Nice old 1956 Chev Station Wagon promo anyway :)
  14. It's always a plus when a Grenaider can turn his jacket inside out when finding himself suddenly caught in a blizzard.
  15. Interesting post - pipes are well described. Thanks!
  16. I myself like hot rods...I guess we have all have our opinions....God Bless America
  17. Funny.....It's obvious people "love" items on this site without reading the descriptions. You sir....are arrogant and boorish. Boo....hiss....
  18. Good decision!! It certainly is a keeper. I get a lot of replacement parts for my collection of pedal cars from the following link: https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/murray-pedal-car-pedal-car-l...
  19. Nice job Lata on the identification. Back in the 1965 McClurg's catalogue, this Murray pedal car is called "DELUXE FIRE TRUCK With Adjustable Pedals" . The description is " 45 X 7 in. Full ball bearin...
  20. That old plow sure brings up images of back breaking work - I better go lie down for a while :)
  21. Prayers coming your way Cokeman!
  22. Yep - Lots of opportunists out there on eBay.
  23. Nice Find! Thanks for sharing :)
  24. If you ever find a Lucas McCain - you can send it to me :)
  25. Very Cool! I would do the same - hang it up on a wall :)
  26. Probably Sally :)
  27. Sunny the Centrarchid. A very colorful sunny :)
  28. The silvertone crab appears very content holding that faux cultured pearl! A Very Nice Arthropod!
  29. Both very nice - my fave is the cobalt blue :)
  30. Appears to be a Chambers Stove Pot Lifter # 459 or similar https://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-2852179/chambers-stove-pot-lifter--459.html
  31. You certainly are a pressed steel artist. A Tonka - Nylint Combo with a touch of originality - impressive!
  32. The box sides turned out really well! The box sides and inserts give this Nylint F-Series Ford a great look! Nice Work :)
  33. Wow! Nice!! I collect Tonkas and Nylints from originals to customs. I would love to have this in my collection - Nicely Done!!
  34. I concur with Broochman - a stunning bird!!
  35. Excellent!! The pair are awesome!! Thank You for Posting :)
  36. Funny Toyrebel :) On the farm - we had multi ball hitches on our big trucks. Little trucks with muti ball hitches usually had sagging suspensions and burnt up transmissions.
  37. Hitch balls are used to indicate, generally, the tow rating of a vehical. If all hitch balls were the same size, the less intelligent or otherwise obtuse types would attempt to tow a trailer far above...
  38. Nylint #5200 Pickup 1963-1967 . Not sure exactly what year without seeing the decals on the side. In 1968 the "FORD" went to "NYLINT" on the front. I have a few :)
  39. That's really a nice picture! It kinda' warms the heart :) Thank You for sharing!!
  40. Excellent!
  41. There are different size balls for different weight loads. Not only are the balls different sizes, the pins underneath are different sizes as well. Again, bigger for more weight loads.
  42. Gotta’ love magic wood.
  43. Those are Huron style snowshoes - not to be confused with Alaskan style which are longer and a tad narrower. Cool set - I love snowshoeing :)
  44. Excellent! These Gilbert sets got me on my way with my career. I learned all about separating analytes with color chromatography. That led the way for me building chromatography systems including ion ...
  45. Blossoms on an orange tree do smell great! Great job on the planter!!
  46. Yep - I vote an old motorcycle helmet with the snaps for a sun visor.
  47. Fun! My wife and I have a garden statue of a Meerkat family of three. Nice!
  48. Cool little owl
  49. Appears to be a bullet weight disc sinker for fishing. https://www.fishermanswarehouse.com/product/bullet-weights-disc-sinker/110157?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6o_pl_Xt6QIVEr7ACh3UsQ-8EAQYAyABEgLxNfD_BwE
  50. It's hard to beat the Corvette's power and handling for the price. Looking Good!
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