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1954 Atomic Disintegrator by Hubley - Toysin Toys
SA-107 Battery Powered Submarine - Made in Spain - Toysin Toys
 Early Tin Clockwork Wolverine Submarine Wind-Up  - Toysin Toys
Audubon Nature Program Fossil Collection - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Tin Marusan Battery Operated  USS Nautilus (SSN-571) - Model Carsin Model Cars
CO-OP Combination Hermetic Electric Fence Controller - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950'S Plastic ROCKET BANK 10" Fosta USA - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
1960s Midnight Owl Radio by Waco Japan (Bubo) - Animalsin Animals
1950s Shlitz Ruby Red Bottle and Can - Bottlesin Bottles
1946 Stromberg Carlson Dynatomic  1500-H Bakelite Tube Radio - Radiosin Radios


  1. A very nice photo!
  2. Cool little fox! A red fox has been hanging around my property - he sure is a noisy fellow :)
  3. Sorry - You may delete my comments - I don't mind at all.
  4. There appears to be a third generation 1977-79 Square Body Chev in the background as you look through the back window......
  5. 1956 Chev. 1955 had a one piece emblem mounted below the horizontal line of the front fender. 1956 had a two piece emblem mounted above the horizontal line of the front fender. Cool old truck.
  6. Appears to be the "lion crest" logo for Hamm's Beer.
  7. Old tins are fun to collect - easy and they don't take up much room :)
  8. That is a very cool stamp!
  9. Thank You PhilDMorris and fhrjr2 for the nice comments! @PhilDMorris-yep- I concur-all four descriptions rolled into one :) @fhrjr2 - you are very welcome - Thank You for stopping by!
  10. Thanks to AnythingObscure and Toyrebel for the nice comments! @AnythingObscure - funny :) @ Toyrebel - yep - Hubleys = Quality :) Thanks All for the additional Loves
  11. Thank You RichmondLori, yougottahavestuff, Iptools, and keramikos for taking the time to comment on my post! I do appreciate that. @RichmondLori - yep - memories :) @Yougottahavestuff - not sure -...
  12. Wow! An original one!! Nice!!!
  13. Thanks Much Vynil33rpm for the kool comment - yep - just can’t relate an owl to this item :) Thank You All for the Loves. I do appreciate them.
  14. Thanks Much Vynil33rpm for the kool comment - yep - just can’t relate an owl to this item :) Thank You All for the Loves. I do appreciate them.
  15. That is one good looking clock! Nice!!
  16. Thank You All for the additional Loves - I really do appreciate them.
  17. Thank You Ms.CrystalShip for the comment! I'm sure he would have :) Thanks All for the Loves. I do appreciate them!
  18. This place reminds me of an old local rural tavern that had an old visible gas pump out front. The place served as a local tavern/hardware/ grocery store for the local farmers,pulpwood harvesters, and...
  19. Thanks Vynil33rpm - one of my problems is that my collecting goes in all sorts of directions. Owls are still my favorite. Thank you for the willingness to take them off my hands - very generous :) ...
  20. Nice Murray pedal tractor - looks to be restorable. Parts and pieces are readily available by searching the internet. I use Speedway motors for decals and parts when undergoing a restoration. https:/...
  21. That is really cool - Thanks for sharing!
  22. A very nice nod to your late father :)
  23. Wow! An octopus brooch - never though I would ever see one. Nice - Castlecliff did a great job creating this!
  24. @fhrjr - funny :) I would read each edition of Boy's Life cover to cover including the ads. @ fortapache - Thanks for the "great post" comment. I appreciate it. Thanks All for the additional Loves.
  25. @ Watchsearcher - yep-I felt privileged to have the only real fossils in my neighborhood back then - at least that what is thought back then. Thanks much for the comment and love it. Thanks to Newf...
  26. Love the Crush bottles. I have a wood crate and a bunch of old crush bottles. I never drink soda pop but always thought the old Crush stuff was cool. I had an old orange service truck called "Big Oran...
  27. Hello! A very nice find. Careful on asking for values on your items as it is against CW rules. Are you going to put this together? I have quite a few pedal cars. You will probably going to get a lot m...
  28. I had the same cookie jar at one time. It ended up on the floor broken after trying to get the last cookie out of it. Oh well - the cookie tasted good.
  29. Any Owls?
  30. Thank You Lata...glad your Tin-O-Meter went crazy :) Thank You All for the Loves. I really do appreciate them.
  31. Wonderful owl vase...thank you for posting
  32. Thank You PhilDMorris for the Very cool comment. I do appreciate it. Thank You bobby725, glassiegirl, and PhilDMorris for the Loves.
  33. Thank You Manikin for the fun comment. Yep - I got jolted a few times :)
  34. Great pictures! I loved growing up on a farm. We worked hard and we played hard. A very gratifying lifestyle in my early years. Thanks for posting.
  35. Thank you all for the loves. I really do appreciate them.
  36. Thanks AnythingObsure - honest- I never encouraged kids from the city to do that :) Thanks Again.
  37. @Vynil33rpm - dang it all - you are right! No wonder I wanted it - Thanks!!
  38. That's quality Stuff that Snuff - And Endorsed! Good stuff.
  39. That Reddy Kilowatt Neon is Awesome!
  40. A very unique piece....I have never seen a model submarine crafted out of a bullets and casing. Nice!!
  41. Beautiful!!
  42. Awesome ring-so sorry I missed this. Very Nice!
  43. Nice Picture - Looks like a lot of fun!
  44. Thank You All for the Additional Loves.
  45. Thank All for the additional Loves for this Radio.
  46. A very nice owl pitcher!
  47. Turmeric - love the stuff - in tea or in scrambled eggs.
  48. Owl Bank....Very Cool!
  49. Oops Great owl and parrot :)
  50. Great owls....Love ‘em :)
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