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A litho called Metamorfosi. Who is the artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who knows this monogram - Fine Artin Fine Art
I'm looking for information on an African wooden statue - Fine Artin Fine Art
Here is another one to solve. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who can tell me more - Fine Artin Fine Art
One of the mysteries from my collection. - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. At least this is or was the plane:
  2. Is it the same Haworth?
  3. This painting shows a view on Mt. of the Holy Cross Thomas Moran, (American, 1837 - 1926) painted this mountain a couple of times. https://w...
  4. It is used as book cover.
  5. Good chance that this is German. Johann Maresch used to make stuff like this.
  7. I believe this kind of face is Chinese and are used in the Chinese Opera. Taiwan is called Republic of China. China is called the People's Republic of China.
  9. They are wearing Chinese clothes not Japanese.
  10. Maybe I'm totally wrong but is this a painting by numbers?
  11. I think the birds are not Flamingos but Cranes.
  12. It is Saint Josef and made between 1964 and 1970.
  13. Could be a Moroccan glass lamp from the 70s
  14. The title of this work is THE SAMPLER' and de original painting is by LEONARD CAMPBELL-TAYLOR. The original is in the collection of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK
  15. Here you can find more info:
  16. Still for sale.
  17. Here you can find more about him:
  18. Look at this and you get more information on this print and its value.
  19. Originally made by Max Merker. Here they used some sort of printing
  20. It is Apollo, the son of Zeus and the God of music, poetry, prophecy and many more.
  21. Here is another one by him:
  22. It is similar to the "Eglise De Stains (Seine)" painting by Maurice Utrillo. That other one was sold for 170.500USD by Sotheby in 2010. I hope yours is also by Maurice Utrillo. Good Luck.
  23. Here you can find more information about the original:
  24. Could be German.
  25. I believe this is not a Crow she have tried to paint but Chimney Swifts.
  26. A.P.= Artist's proof
  27. Here you find more sculptures of Luis Moreno: MORENO. It was made in Spain.
  28. Mary Waterman Bonsall ? Needs more research to be sure because it doesn't look that old. Bonsall, Mary Waterman (1868-1959) Born, Fernwood, PA. Died Fernwood, PA. Portrait painter: Born Fer...
  29. The artist is Barbara Vassilieff. Barbara Vassilieff - Russian Born, American artist, designer, sculptress, teacher of watercolor. Studied Fine Art at National Academy of Design N.Y.C. under Rob...
  30. Bettina Steinke is the artist. The title of this work is "Santa Clara Indian Girl,"
  31. Thank you, Windwalker for loving it.
  32. Thank you, Windwalker for loving it.
  33. Here is some more information:
  34. Print was originally made by Godefroy of a painting by Joseph Vernet.
  35. You can find your plates and lots more on:
  36. More people are looking for answers
  37. Signature is correct. I think it is a real Alexander Dzigurski .
  38. Maybe you are right.
  39. VintageMisc, thanks for loving this piece.
  40. artfoot, thanks for loving this piece.
  41. You are not the only one looking for answers: If you want to know if your frame i...
  42. It is made by Jules Erbit (1889 – 1968).
  43. They are pretty new and still on sale.
  44. The Wonderful Lucasie Albino Family Currier & Ives lithograph of Rudolph Lucasie, his wife and children, between 1857 & 1872. The Albino Lucasie family were European, but P.T. Barnum, who discovere...
  45. Dallah Roundabout.Hail.Saudi Arabia
  46. It is a mezzotint made by George Keating after George Morland, British (1762-1842) in 1791.
  47. Thanks Wandlessfairy, surfdub66 for loving it.
  48. Thanks Wandlessfairy for loving it.
  49. lee120275 + Alan2310, thanks for loving it.
  50. This was maybe made by a known Filipino artist named Romeo Borja Enriquez. Born 1920 in Tondo Manila, Enriquez studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. He did the "foto oleso" in his f...
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Who knows this monogram Outsider Art Sculpture


Bob Dylan  sketch