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Do not believe everything written but use it as a starting point for further research.


  1. This could be an Asian but probably Chinese armchair set with table from the 20th century
  2. Turntable spikes?
  3. 10K R.G.P. on the back means 10 Karat Rolled Gold Plate. “Rolled Gold Plate” is the term given to jewelry that is gold-filled or composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to ...
  4. It is not an exact copy of the painting Days of Adventure' by Montague Dawson in mirror image, but it does have many similarities.
  5. Frankrijk = France
  6. The mark is M. Redon Limoges, Frankrijk.
  7. I think this bowl is signed with the name Kayser. Kayser, who initially worked for himself, but at one point also for the company Sagitta from Holland. He is the driving force behind enamel painting ...
  8. Royal Navy Ship HMS Renown sweetheart brooch HMS Renown was a battlecruisers of the Royal Navy built during the First World War commissioned in 1916, she served in both WW1 and WWII, and was sold f...
  9. A real beauty. Good find. The designer of this chair is Thomas Harlev.
  10. I have seen these types of buckets and they had a lid and were intended for storing yoghurt. The ones I saw were made in Turkey or surrounding countries.
  11. The second one could be Dutch. On the other hand . when I look at...
  12. Just to help you: THREE WAYS TO QUICKLY IDENTIFY CONFEDERATE CURRENCY The Cut The South was cash-strapped during the Civil War and could not afford the machinery needed to properly cut paper mo...
  13. This is Russian. ????????????? ??????????? ?????? = Korosten porcelain factory You have to use Google...
  14. They all were in the line up during the time of John Waite solo record Mask Of Smiles in 1985 The signature in Red by Bass player Carmine Rojas. The best wishes are by Drummer Alan Childs. The la...
  15. The artist is Kamchorn soonpongsri. He is born in Thailand.
  16. This is produced by the Lavi Group Israel specialized in paintings and prints.
  17. Use Google translate for this page:
  18. You should read this:
  19. The British museum has one in their collection. The original aquarel painting is owned by the MET, NY. https://www.metmuseum....
  20. Faith.k, Thanks for the love for this Japanese vase.
  21. Why don't you ask Giacomo Della Vella? He has a page on facebook and linkedin.
  22. Thank you Deano for taking the time to love this bottle
  23. The set has 9 pieces and it looks like this:
  24. leesa3242, Thanks for the love for this small bottle.
  25. kivatinitz, Thanks for the love for this small bottle
  26. kivatinitz, Thanks for the love for this Satsuma vase.
  27. kivatinitz, Thanks for the love for this napkin box. You could use this in the future. Shall I let you know how this can be done via your email address?
  28. I was wrong. It is a 5 sen coin and I think it could be dated 1922.
  29. I believe this is a Japanese 10 Sen WW2 Coin Issued Under Emperor Hirohito.
  30. Probably painted by Andreas Marinus Rijp (AR). He started working for Gouda Holland in 1921. This decor was produced between 1910 and 1926. Your ewer was therefore probably made between 1921 and 1926....
  31. This is from Porzellanfabrik Unger, Schneider & Cie. (1859 until 1885) or Porzellanfabrik Schneider & Hutschenreuther (1885 until 1886) This mark was used between 1879 and 1886. http://www.porce...
  32. They are originally painted by french painter Alexandre François Desportes. 5 woven panels of his design came to auction at Christies and...
  33. Most likely dating to the 1940-60s. Here is a similar one.
  34. Beautiful lamp base. Yes, the lamp does indeed have the Karlsruhe mark. The factory was founded in 1901 as Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe by Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden on the reco...
  35. If a gold product bears the hallmark ‘585’, then your gold has been tested and classed as 14 carat or 58.5 per cent pure. 14 Carat Gold is a very popular carat for everyday jewellery in the USA. ...
  36. By the way, I think the image on the lid is of a Polo match. Quite a popular sport in that region.
  37. Could the front be the Si o Seh Pol bridge in Isfahan, Iran. Also known as Allahverdi Khan Bridge, or 33 arches bridge, it is a symbol of the Persian Safavid Architecture.
  38. The second photo is of Goddess Britannia so I think your coin is British. Who the fellow on the first ph...
  39. Try "Dukes Of Hazzard Power Cycle Coleco"
  40. This is Edwin Knowles China, Made In USA And a little history:
  41. This Pottery Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle was probably made in England or Scotland. More research is necessary.
  42. Let me introduce them. They are Stormer and Grasper, The Pick of The Pack. You have a print after a painting by Heywood Hardy.
  43. This page is in Dutch but it is all about Velsen pottery ceramics. You can scroll down and you will find similar decorated ceramics as on your lamp.
  44. This is fantastic, a real beauty. It is not easy to find the maker but It could be Potterie Velsen, Holland.
  45. The artist of this painting is Carl Larsson (1853-1919), a Swedish Realist Painter, illustrator and printmaker The original watercolour of his daughter under Apple Blossom (1894) is in a Private col...
  47. There is an article about him in Kansas City Journal of Sun, Oct 10, 1897 Here you can find a photo of him:
  48. As you can read, that website gives an indication of what this stein could be worth. Congratulations. You did more than well.
  49. Just out of curiosity: does the stein have storks in the side designs as was common before 1890?
  50. One more on CW:
  51. See more


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