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My second vase from this pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Nice bottle, who knows more? - Bottlesin Bottles
Light green diabolo glass vase 60/70-ties - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who helps me further with my search? - Potteryin Pottery
Did somebody seen this mark before? - Potteryin Pottery
Small plate well decorated with a woman and a fish - Potteryin Pottery
I hope somebody knows more about this old vase. - Potteryin Pottery
A litho called Metamorfosi. Who is the artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who knows this monogram - Fine Artin Fine Art
I'm looking for information on an African wooden statue - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Nice piece. Here you can find more info: or
  2. Could be made by Gino Ruggeri . Here you can find more information about him:
  3. Find out more:
  4. Hang them on your wall and they will bring you luck. You have to use Google translate: http://blog-noriku...
  5. Could it be Roy Lucas?
  6. Here you can find a lot of info:
  7. This is the middle part of a triptych "The Florentine Fete A Call To Joy". The title of this part is Garden of Opportunity and the triptych was created in 1915.
  8. Those were the days my friend "Deep Purple" doesn't that sounds familiar. Seems that the band was named after an old song that was a favourite of Ritchie Blackmore's granny. O by the way, Georg...
  9. O yeah it is a Sèvres vase .......... but 1771? What was I thinking!!! Your vase is signed L Heri and he was working for Sèvres at the end of the 19th and maybe even at the beginning of the 20th ce...
  10. kwqd, as always, I appreciate your helpful contribution
  11. dav2no1 Thank you for helping to find the maker of this lithograph. I appreciate that .
  12. Seems they are both woodblock print by Urushibara Mokuchu (1888-1953).
  13. It has a Sèvres marks. Date letter is S for 1771.
  14. I believe this is a death mask
  15. MALKEY, as always you show that you have a good eye for beautiful art. I appreciate that very much. Thank you.
  16. kwqd, I know you appreciate beautiful things, that's why it's nice to see that you love this lithograph.
  17. vetraio50 you think it is beautiful enough to love and you are right
  18. Vinyl 33 Rpm you have watched it, rate it and come to love it. Thanks
  19. vetraio 50 thanks for another correct observation. Epsilon-Kappa I think you are right. This gives me a new insight to investigate further
  20. glassiegirl you took the time to love this vase. Thank for that
  21. blunderbuss 2 i am glad you love this vase
  22. aura, thanks you for stopping by and loving this vase
  23. valentino97 you have a good eye for beautiful stuff, thanks for loving this one
  24. Newfld, I really appreciate that you love this vase
  25. Always nice to know that you love this vase, kwqd.
  26. Thank you fortapache for loving, that is much appreciated
  27. My latest purchase
  28. This must be your lucky day: Great find
  29. John Hardy (American, 1923-2004) made this around the 1960s. A silkscreen was made in the size 28 x 22”.
  30. And he survived:
  31. This is what I have found about the original owner of the acket: ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE. III.S Excellency the Governor General in Council has approved of the following changes being made: CITIZ...
  32. Dank je yop, dat vind ik ook maar wel al meer dan 7-8 jaar op zoek van wie. The search continues.
  33. The signature is exactly the same as Niek van der Plas signed his paintings. So it's not Nick van der Plas but can it be Niek van der Plas? Wat denk je, Ren..... eh sorry Yop? Hahahaha
  34. Search more in this direction:
  35. Great find this wall plate made by Ann Wallin.
  36. It is almost identical to this painting by Hazel Holland.
  37. This is used for a 7" vinyl record cover of Let's Go To Toyland by Peter Pan Orchestra And Chorus. I don'...
  38. I have to agree with scottvez. I have seen this image before on other websites Someone even believes that she is a famous Spanish TV presenter and her name is Gloria Cámara Rubio.
  39. Here you can find some inormation about your tankard:
  40. This plate wass made by Olaria António Manuel Janeiro in São Pedro do Corval, Portugal but I guess you already know that.
  41. Could it be a mirrored copy of this one:
  42. This could be artwork from Thailand.
  43. This is a print of a painting by Eric Sloane. The title is "End of Summer" Probably publish by Aaron Ashley Inc, New York in the 60’s. Eric Sloane (born Everard Jean Hinrichs) (27 February 1905...
  44. Or this: By the way. This is not Amsterdam. I think ...
  45. Maybe you allready found this:
  46. Portrait of a girl, known as 'The little princess'. painted by Paulus Moreelse, c. 1623. It is now hanging in the Rijksmuseum In Amsterdam The plate is made by De Koninklijke .Porceleyne Fles. Si...
  47. The first plate is probably an Armenian Ceramic Floral Plate from Israel. I don't know if this is an original or a copy from 1 of the arbian countries or China.
  48. Probably signed by the artist Monika Heller Cole.
  50. The theme on the lid is Chinese? I don't think so. The theme on the lid is very Japanese.
  51. See more


Bob Dylan  sketch


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