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Nice bottle, who knows more? - Bottlesin Bottles
Light green diabolo glass vase 60/70-ties - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who helps me further with my search? - Potteryin Pottery
Did somebody seen this mark before? - Potteryin Pottery
Small plate well decorated with a woman and a fish - Potteryin Pottery
I hope somebody knows more about this old vase. - Potteryin Pottery
A litho called Metamorfosi. Who is the artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who knows this monogram - Fine Artin Fine Art
I'm looking for information on an African wooden statue - Fine Artin Fine Art
Here is another one to solve. - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Good that you didn't start to translate because the text is Italian and not Spanish.
  2. Nice piece of Peters and Reed pottery. Interesting information is to be found:
  3. Here is some info
  4. Here is your information:
  5. Sorry I couldn't resist so here's the translation: The ceramic company "Società Anonima Maioliche Umbre Monteluce" was founded in Perugia in 1920 by the sculptor Alberto Moroni with the funding of ...
  6. START FREE TRIAL and who knows
  7. I would say this is a tulip vase.
  8. Similar Pitcher:
  9. Time periode: 1953-1971 Red label with gold or silver trim. Reads Lefton’s Reg U.S. Pat. Off. Exclu. Japan
  10. On the left is a print of a painting by Joseph Karl Stieler. The lady is Princess Alexandra von Bayern.
  11. Patchbox Prints 1967 Regiment of the Revolutionary War: A print of 2nd New Hampshire Regt. Continental Line
  12. There is a good chance that this bottle comes from the Netherlands because these dark green bottles in this shape were used as Jenever bottles at the end of the 19th century. https://www.worthpoint...
  13. Thank you MALKEY for loving this.
  14. IronLace, I see what you mean. Thank you for making me aware of this.
  15. Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz was produced from 1930 to 2011. The pink mark is the oldest mark dating from 1930 -1950. If you are still using this service this could be interresting to read: http...
  16. Here you can find more info:
  17. The exact pattern will not easy to be found because: "Much of the porcelain was also transfer-printed, or combined this and china painting by hand" (see wikipedia)
  18. Jon Roberton has a website:
  19. Thank you freiheit for loving this. Thank you kwqd for loving this. Thank you Vynil33rpm for loving this. Thank you renedijkstra for loving this.
  20. Thank you renedijkstra for loving this.
  21. Thank you MALKEY for loving this plate.
  22. Thank you MALKEY for loving this.
  23. Yes you're right, this was made in Italy probably Perugia.. This style of decoration is called Sgraffito. "GT" monogram most likely belonged to an importer or possibly an Italian exporter. "NY...
  24. Probably made at Dudsons factory in Stoke-on-Trent, UK for Paxton who was probably a retailer. This is called Jasperware. Seems that it was made in august 1882.
  25. This Reproduction out of wood resin from the 70’s, was done by the Polytron Corp. of Virginia from Jim Savage’s original sculpture. The Old Pioneer Woman expression would have been wrought with pain...
  26. Take a look at this
  27. Here is your drinking buddy:
  28. Etching original made by Albrecht Bruck around 1910. The subject is Hamburg Germany.
  29. Keep us informed of new developments in the near future as we remain curious
  30. This painting is re-produced more than once throught the centuries:
  31. She sells her own art stuff on eBay. So why don't you get in touch with her on facebook or eBay and ask her.
  32. Could it be Michele de Oñate?
  33. Antique Semi-Vitreous Porcelain - USA - East LiverpoolPotteries, Co from Ohio. Made in the beginning of the 20th centr.
  34. I believe the first text is Spanish. There is written "la pu te verte" which means as much as "I saw you". However, if there is written "la pute verte" it would mean "I could see you" in Spanish. ...
  35. Here is another one. It is in Dutch so use google for translation
  36. Thank you renedijkstra for loving this.
  37. Could this be holmegaard glass?
  38. Thank you SEAN68 for loving this. Thank you Karma-Sue for loving this.
  39. Almost the same:
  40. His full name is Sudhir Bairagi. Illustrations by him are often used in religions books in India and China.
  41. I have read on the internet that St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata (Calcutta), India houses many paintings of the Christian artist S. Bairagi including an impressive Christ over the city but beside that...
  42. With coat of arms of Blois town:
  43. I have taken a closer look at the photos and found that that vase of yours and that of the website is the same vase. Isn't that funny?
  44. Try this website because they think it is J Todd too.
  45. It is the coat of arms of the town Nevers in France.
  46. It is clear that this is not a drawing but an etching.
  47. It is not Janet Hilebrand who made this but Janet Hildebrand. The ArtSea Gallery presented abstract acrylic paintings by Janet Hildebrand from April 26 – May 2 last year in Sidney, British Columbia...
  48. The original hangs at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Netherlands. The title is Regatta painted in 1938
  49. Check this to date this jug: This is what someone on eBay thinks:
  50. Will be around the same time as this Stein. The same number but a different letter.
  51. See more


An old painting Giorgione's family Velsen aardewerk Kennemer Potterji  Dutch Art Deco Pottery Cream Jug Model 144 Mar-Bell Art, Belgium, Sand Stone Sculpture, Eskimo, Mid to Late 70s Montigny sur Loing, Boue et Petit vintage 50s minimalistic design sofa - KNOLL ANTIMOTT? Fred Conway titled head 1  Lain Singh Bangdel Nepalese artist modern art abstract painting 1960s Large Cloisonne Bowl - Jingfa Label looks like one to me "petite fille du Val d'Hérens" by Francois de Ribaupierre, lithograph on card From my granddaughter for Halloween Outsider Art Sculpture Who knows this monogram


Bob Dylan  sketch