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Stainless steel dish marked with ostrich.   - Art Decoin Art Deco
My second vase from this pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Nice bottle, who knows more? - Bottlesin Bottles
Light green diabolo glass vase 60/70-ties - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who helps me further with my search? - Potteryin Pottery
Did somebody seen this mark before? - Potteryin Pottery
Small plate well decorated with a woman and a fish - Potteryin Pottery
I hope somebody knows more about this old vase. - Potteryin Pottery
A litho called Metamorfosi. Who is the artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who knows this monogram - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Mark was used between 1920 and 1944
  2. Not a lot of information but nice see that they made more in this pattern
  3. Here you can find ifnormation about the artist Lewis C. Spaulding the maker of this work.
  4. Could be a grinder wrench
  5. In case you want to check if this one is original:
  6. Alfie21 thank you for loving this.
  7. Same rope, same buildings but other act and better photo.
  8. When I translate the text (a túloldalon a kötéltáncos sk aláírása) Google comes up with: "on the other side the signature of the rope dancer SK". Which could mean that the monogram of the rope dancer...
  9. More of these postcards are still in circulation. Maybe this extra photo will help in your search.
  10. I'm pretty sure the painting is by Otto Hellmeier 1908 – 1996.
  11. I think it is Tonala Mexico Pottery you are looking for
  12. Japanese porcelain probably Satsuma
  13. An almost identical etching is attributed to Ernst Geissendorfer (1908-1993).
  14. This is what I could found in Facebook: Thermos Model 5454 1959 The American Thermos Products Co. Wide Mouth Vacuum Bottle No. 5454 Quart size Thermos bottles are a wonder of 20th-century design...
  15. Royal Doulton Seville (TC1085) was produced from 1972 to 1978.
  16. The first link does not work. I hope this one does.
  17. Here is information about sculptor Amilcare Santini
  18. Here you can find some info;18969375;
  19. This is what it looked like in full color:
  20. The original painting is by Swiss painter Albert Anker (1831-1910) It is titled "Sunday school walk"
  21. The mark is ‘Zhong Guo Zhi Zao = MADE IN CHINA’. I think late seventies early eighties.
  22. Here you have some links to ceramic with (almost) same pattern.
  23. Not out search but your search
  24. Very nice set of modern Italian vases but try Deruta instead of Dervta in out search.
  25. She was made in the Netherlands at the N.V. Royal Plateel Pottery Zuid-Holland in Gouda, also known under the name Plazuid.
  26. It was probably made in Asia. I see, among other things, a Lotus flower. Typical Asian subject.
  27. I believe 18e stands for 18th arrondissement i Paris better known as Montmartre. I'm not 100% sure but the address could be 32 Rue Durantin. Maybe nice to know.
  28. The mark of Rosenthal porcelain
  29. or this:
  30. Did you see this. Not the same but close:
  31. Rosy, this is Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.
  32. I believe Ferdinand Staeger made this.
  34. This ething is made Félix Bracquemond (in 1863)
  35. The original painting of this work is made by Hans Holbein the Younger. It is the Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam.
  36. It's not a tile. This is the lid of a ceramic box. Still a wonderful piece.
  37. Here is some nice info about Homer Laughlin Hudson
  38. They are not really rare but they can be pricey. Here you have another one:
  39. Looks the same to me:
  40. They are not dated so I don't know the occasion but they obvious have something to do with Queen Elizabeth II. Leather over lead with stitching.Impressed crown over EIIR to top. You could sell them ...
  41. Here is more info:
  42. It is called a Bolon. Here you can find more info:
  43. Start searching for Ashanti Akua-Bua on google.
  44. It seems to be signed by George Kitchel
  45. kwqd, great that you appreciate this candy dish with love
  46. dav2no1, I more or less expected your love for this item. So thanks.
  47. vetraio50, I appreciate your love for this dish.
  48. aura, always good to see that you love this too
  49. fortapache, thank you for the love, I appreciate that
  50. On Catawiki they think it is Dutch painter S. den Ouden.
  51. See more


Bob Dylan  sketch


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