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Does anyone know who made this vase? - Glasswarein Glassware
Nice bottle, who knows more? - Bottlesin Bottles
Light green diabolo glass vase 60/70-ties - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who helps me further with my search? - Potteryin Pottery
Did somebody seen this mark before? - Potteryin Pottery
Small plate well decorated with a woman and a fish - Potteryin Pottery
I hope somebody knows more about this old vase. - Potteryin Pottery
A litho called Metamorfosi. Who is the artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Who knows this monogram - Fine Artin Fine Art
I'm looking for information on an African wooden statue - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Here you can find some inormation about your tankard:
  2. This plate wass made by Olaria António Manuel Janeiro in São Pedro do Corval, Portugal but I guess you already know that.
  3. Could it be a mirrored copy of this one:
  4. This could be artwork from Thailand.
  5. This is a print of a painting by Eric Sloane. The title is "End of Summer" Probably publish by Aaron Ashley Inc, New York in the 60’s. Eric Sloane (born Everard Jean Hinrichs) (27 February 1905...
  6. Or this: By the way. This is not Amsterdam. I think ...
  7. Maybe you allready found this:
  8. Portrait of a girl, known as 'The little princess'. painted by Paulus Moreelse, c. 1623. It is now hanging in the Rijksmuseum In Amsterdam The plate is made by De Koninklijke .Porceleyne Fles. Si...
  9. The first plate is probably an Armenian Ceramic Floral Plate from Israel. I don't know if this is an original or a copy from 1 of the arbian countries or China.
  10. Probably signed by the artist Monika Heller Cole.
  12. The theme on the lid is Chinese? I don't think so. The theme on the lid is very Japanese.
  13. I think I'm getting closer. Big change that this vase is made by Thulin Belgium
  14. Persian brass vase. Same shape:
  15. These are Chinese Opera face masks.
  16. More about the GE bowl incl. ad from the 40's:
  17. Could be a Carpet Bowling Ball. This game was played indoor and popular in Scotland between 1860 and 1880. Ceramic balls were used until about 1895 when they start using wooden or a plastic balls.
  18. Thank you kwqd for loving this.
  19. Thank you again with your suggestion. I will take a look at it.
  20. Thank you MALKEY for loving this. Thank you aura for loving this. Thank you RichmondLori for loving this. Thank you Fortapache for loving this.
  21. Thanks Lori for your suggestion. In the last couple of hours I have searched the internet in every possible way looking for a Moser vase that matches my vase but unfortunately I couldn't find one. I d...
  22. He is not alone:
  23. Could be a planter from Italy
  24. This is probably a later edition of this etching from 1843. The artist of the original etching was Paolo Toschi from Parma Italy. The printer of the original was Johann Heinrich Felsing and the publi...
  25. This lithograph was made by the Turner Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois. The company went out of business in approximately 1975.
  26. In 1945 a book entitled Fine Art Color Prints By Celebrated American Artists was published by Peoples Book Club, Inc. This book contains a print of this work by William Schwartz.
  27. It is the signature of the Dutch painter Adrianus Johannes (Arie) Zwart. Adrianus Johannes (Arie) Zwart (Rijswijk, August 30, 1903 - Laren, August 27, 1981) was a Dutch painter, who painted in the ...
  28. It could be a Vietnamese pottery piece sometimes called Dona ceramics.
  29. The vase is signed with Ulla Winblad-Hjelmqvist. Read het story:
  30. Swedish Modernist design by Ulla Winblad.
  31. They are designed by Osvaldo Cavandoli (1920-2007) who is the same man that drawn the 'La Linea' cartoon in the seventies.
  32. In most cases, careful examination of the painting on a tile - in combination with the back of the tile and the thickness of the tile, gives a good judgment of the age and authenticity. How do you w...
  33. It is a gnome that is good shaped as you can see. More fun than useful.
  34. On a French forum website they also wondered who or what VF is and they don't know it either. There they discovered that a vase marked with VF was very similar to a vase signed with Lamère. http://...
  35. It is claimed here that Faiencerie is Saint But they also don't know who or what VF is.
  36. I don't know if this also applies to your jug but this could be interesting information:
  37. I suspect this dish is from shorter & son ltd
  38. The Waterseller of Seville by Diego Velázquez. I can not see if this is a print or a copy
  39. "When Day is Done," by John Edward Costigan c. 1939
  40. This must be your vase but I see what you mean:
  41. Good that you didn't start to translate because the text is Italian and not Spanish.
  42. Nice piece of Peters and Reed pottery. Interesting information is to be found:
  43. Here is some info
  44. Here is your information:
  45. Sorry I couldn't resist so here's the translation: The ceramic company "Società Anonima Maioliche Umbre Monteluce" was founded in Perugia in 1920 by the sculptor Alberto Moroni with the funding of ...
  46. START FREE TRIAL and who knows
  47. I would say this is a tulip vase.
  48. Similar Pitcher:
  49. Time periode: 1953-1971 Red label with gold or silver trim. Reads Lefton’s Reg U.S. Pat. Off. Exclu. Japan
  50. On the left is a print of a painting by Joseph Karl Stieler. The lady is Princess Alexandra von Bayern.
  51. See more


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