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Beautiful 2 Rabbits - Animalsin Animals
another beautiful rabbit i found today on the flea market - Animalsin Animals
Another cute bronce bunny - Animalsin Animals
Bronze sit painted rabbit - Animalsin Animals
Super beautiful bronze rabbit - Animalsin Animals
Heavy painted rabbit - Animalsin Animals
Bronce antique bunny - Animalsin Animals
Pierre Chenet bunny/hare - Animalsin Animals
The second one of the 3 cute bunny/hares i found! - Animalsin Animals
This is one of my best finds i have did! - Animalsin Animals


  1. one of my favourite pose for a rabbit, very nice find!
  2. newfld and scott thanks for your kind coments!
  3. fhrjr2, thanks for the information, i apreciate it
  4. Hello, i'm a Rabbit collector, and i have never seen this one, its really beautiful, he doesnt have any mark on the base?
  5. oh my god, big and beautiful, one of my favourites on your collection 10/10! Merry Christmas, and happy new year for you and your family!
  6. thanks everyone !
  7. i really like him, so small + white tail = perfection i also always enjoy to read the story behind the makers and the year of where its maked, good post as always!
  8. HappyHourOwls, wow 36 years is a l0ng time he is my agapornis called Pollito he is almost 3 years old now, he enter flying by my window on a very cold snow day when he was very young, i had a lot of...
  9. beautiful collection, and beautiful display!
  10. HappyHourOwls totally agree with you!
  11. thanks scott for your comments
  12. i just fall in love with the bunny that carry the carrot
  13. beautiful view on the third picture, so beautiful
  14. Newfld, thanks you for your always good comments!
  15. true that scott, i like yours so much too, they look similar but yours seems older than mine, both beautiful
  16. jscott0363, this one is small, measure arround 7,5 centimeters long and 7 centimeters aprox. tall from paw to ears
  17. my second favourite animals are fishes, and this one its super beautiful
  18. kwqd, ops true true in spanish its bronce and i typed it witout thinking about i was typing it in english
  19. true that Newfld ! cottontails are always adorable
  20. super beautiful i love it
  21. Hello, i have similar one to yours, and in the base it have a 1994
  22. beautiful bunny
  23. Thanks Newfld for stopping by!
  24. super beautiful!
  25. sylvac beautiful bunnys
  26. thaaaat colour and cute pose! 10/10 bunnyrabbit
  27. its a really beautiful bowl, sorry i cant help you on telling more info about it
  28. cute bunny
  29. thanks Scott
  30. thanks Newfld
  31. golden and beautiful!!
  32. jscott thats true i compared mines to yours and the colour seems different, that make that sculptures even more interesting and unique
  33. thanks Watchsearcher, and Newfld for your kind messages
  34. i really love that picture of all them together
  35. hi scott i recognized them because yours, i loved them since i see them on your collection, and yes there are a crown on the bottom, that are complete masterpieces
  36. thanks everyone for the good comments ^^
  37. very very beautiful collection
  38. i love him!
  39. super beautiful
  40. Newfld, yes he is a lovebird or agapornis roisecolis
  41. its really beautiful
  42. i just fell in love with that bunny
  43. love them
  44. wow that is a very beautiful one
  45. beautiful one
  46. mp.kunst, no they are not, mines have chinese letters on the bottom, but i just googled WBI and they are very similar to this two thanks for bring me that information
  47. love them!
  48. the ears are just super adorable! my bunny seal of approval for him!
  49. cutie birdies!
  50. cute face
  51. See more


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