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  1. all 3 are beautiful and in my opinion specially the flower one
  2. i really love glass rabbits, the colour of this one its amazing
  3. thanks everyone!
  4. really beautiful
  5. beautiful colours, i like glass rabbits a lot
  6. white tail its everything!
  7. wow very low price for a wonderful figure
  8. beautiful blue color
  9. thanks newfld and scott for good comments as always
  10. oh my god this one its even a little better than his brother, i LOVE that pose
  11. 10/10 super beautiful, its one of my favourite of all of your collection, congratulations !
  12. 3 happy rabbits, wonderful figure!
  13. sir rabbit!
  14. oh my god so cute!!!!!!! and nice names!
  15. cute bunny! that cabbage leaf surprised me, with the original paint that must be impressive, but i have to say i like it a lot how it looks rite now
  16. beautiful colour!
  17. jscott0363, easter is a great celebration day, here on spain sadly is it not celebrated
  18. Newfld, thanks thats true!
  19. It seems that he is waiting for his head to be kindly stroked!
  20. super beautiful one, nice find!
  21. love it!
  22. super beautiful !
  23. he have the face of being a good boy
  24. thanks Mrstyndall and Newfld for your good comments!
  25. jscott0363, they look so similar, so i think yes they was made on the same place and time
  26. his face is awesome
  27. lovely bunny!
  28. beautiful!
  29. thanks Ms.CrystalShip, im little by little taking pictures of all of my collection, lately its being harder for me to get new rabbits, most of flea markets on here spain has been closed
  30. Ms.CrystalShip, interesting that of the ear downs meaning on rabbits, my rabbit i used to have as a pet long ago, he put his ears down when he was resting
  31. magnificent!
  32. beautiful cat
  33. wow the eyes, beautiful!
  34. beautiful specially the colour
  35. RichmondLori, maybe is on playful pose getting ready to jump thats true!
  36. thanks scott and newfld for your good coments as always!
  37. super realistic and beautiful pigeons, nice find!
  38. i was seeing a snail until i read it was a fish!
  39. beautiful pig!
  40. thanks scott, newfld and kwqd for the good coments!
  41. I have a thing for golden rabbits, I think it is one of my favorite colors for a rabbit and as always its fascinating to read the information and the story behind him thanks for sharing! you are...
  42. the blue one its amazing, the white one at first watch i tought he was a goat, its also beautiful too i like transparent glass animals
  43. that both are very beautiful rabbits, i have one in my collection that are very similar to the bigger one, but its not exact the same, nice finds!
  44. Thanks for the good comments !
  45. white rabbits are always so cute!
  46. super beautiful one!
  47. one of my favourite pose for a rabbit, very nice find!
  48. newfld and scott thanks for your kind coments!
  49. fhrjr2, thanks for the information, i apreciate it
  50. Hello, i'm a Rabbit collector, and i have never seen this one, its really beautiful, he doesnt have any mark on the base?
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