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I love birds (especially owls); I love barware; I love Deco; I love MCM. I am... Happy Hour Owls!


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Perfect Addition to My Owl-related Barware Collection      (*Swooon!*) - Animalsin Animals
My 1880s Majolica Humidor OWL... "El Tabaco"! - Animalsin Animals
Bird Bottle Opener - Antique/Vintage?  Heavy Metal! - Animalsin Animals
My new/antique OWL silver sipper spoon... julep, lemonade, tea, straw, stir, stick...  - Animalsin Animals
Immortalizing A Collection...  My Happy Hour Owls... - Animalsin Animals
Pink Glass Czechoslovakia OWL decanter drinking set shots - mystery? - Animalsin Animals
Owl Decanter Shaker - Metal - Green Glass, Music Box - Animalsin Animals
OWL Ice Bucket - Seymour Mann ITALY - Animalsin Animals
Owl Stein,  Beer Stein Stahl Bohne  - Animalsin Animals
Owl drunkard gentlemen - resin, owl, Hong Kong figurines - Animalsin Animals


  1. Precious expressions. Alike but not TOO alike... I appreciate that they're siblings, not twins.
  2. I'd love this for my owl-related barware collection... plenty of milk cocktail recipes could justify it!
  3. dav... I bet you and I are both looking for one of those famous, stylish "Hooch" owl lever-handled bottle openers! That candle is fab - looks like Donald Trump! I alerted a friend with your website...
  4. I love browsing this area... Something fabulous always turns up. Always! I was waylaid by a bit of life circumstance, and my first stop upon returning here was a quick search... let's see... owl.....
  5. Absolutely charming! Precious little show-and-tell pair. Thank you. I hate to think of their ever being separated! Okay, I just won't think of it...
  6. Spectacular specimen... I absolutely love it. Thanks for showing us and telling the story.
  7. I hope I'm not violating any rules by supplying this commercial reference. While Googling, I ran across this similar-looking bird listed as "HANDBLOWN ART GLASS BLUE OWL BIRD FIGURINE NEW N Box HUG...
  8. Oh, no, now he's calling ME! But I'm glad he has a good home with YOU! What an unusual combination of glass techniques and types, eh?? The mark is a mystery to me. I had a quick Google survey o...
  9. I'm in LOVE! I wish *I* had found him. I'm not much of a wild bird-watcher, but he looks like a Goldfinch to me. In any event, the find of a decade. WOW.
  10. Well, just look at HIM! Cock-a-doodle-doooo! Love him.
  11. HEY! Just noticed that pretty parrot in the background... I have lived for 36 years with a Patagonia Conure rooster. Well met!
  12. Thank you, thank you. We ARE our collections, I believe...
  13. It is SO worth browsing the archives here... LOVE this little guy. SO MUCH LIFE and PERSONALITY with such simple shape and color, ya know? I'd love to see one of her owls!
  14. Don't you just love it when cold, hard material is so beautifully rendered that it looks as if it must be warm and fluffy to the touch?? That nose looks as if it could wiggle when you're not watching.
  15. Beautiful. Absolutely tweakable "cheeks". I hope it finds its mate...
  16. A most charmante fellow! Lovely expression!
  17. I am unfamiliar with this genre, but... wow... The lines are so sleek and elegant, simple but really dramatic. Thanks!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all... from me, and from my little red mutt Pinkie!
  19. Great combinations: steak and fries... love and marriage... diamonds and pearls... Bars and Owls!
  20. Honestly, some of my owls, especially the figural ones, just enchant me, you know? Thinking of all the things they have "seen" (history, heritage, horrors, maybe even decades in dark boxes or cabine...
  21. I just ran across this! Great expression. YES, more details, please... ceramic? What is the indentation/aperture on the base? Glass eyes? I would love to learn more about this bird. "Jairus" is...
  22. Thanks for the lore and lesson and lovely owl image. Just enchanting, and then some. I keep managing to RESIST getting pulled into owl jewelry, but... you aren't helping! :)
  23. Aha... Austin. Well, I'm a native (displaced) Houstonian. How's THAT for a hoot, baby?!
  24. Wow! Mesmerizing... Thank you for sharing!
  25. He's adorable, first and foremost... I used to have some knowledge on the basics of old teddies, but nothing's ringing a definite bell. The shape and overall look say 'American, 1930-ish' to me'. ...
  26. Absolutely precious. I'd love to touch and appreciate all the wonderful folds and stitches while daydreaming about its history... Thank you for a beguiling fantasy.
  27. ENCHANTING!!!!! Thanks for posting!
  28. Well, I'm Mexican, so my owls and I drink Don Julio (when you're buying). Salud...
  29. Oh, I am THERE! Cheers x 3!
  30. Browsing through these old posts is sooooooooooooo worth it. WOW. This piece has it all. Little dove, wherever you are, I'm dreaming of you tonight.
  31. Now that is just plain HANDSOME.
  32. OMG, that bill is mine! I left it on a countertop at Woolworth's! But seriously, this opener is oddly pleasing as a match with the little brown cast iron birdy opener I just posted, isn't it?
  33. Thanks, dahlings! Yes, I did touch a magnet to it and it is definitely attracted. It's really quite functional... fits the palm nicely, etc., but gee, why make it so heavy?? The weight makes it a l...
  34. Thanks, racer! This style of spoon can apparently be traced back to mint julep origins in eighteenth century America (maybe beyond)... other later historical descriptors spring up here and there. ...
  35. Nine years ago? Yipes. Well, I don't know about the history or details of the crazing, etc., but the bill details and inner groove are very sweet and the head is really pleasing. Warren, if you'r...
  36. Spectacular. I am in love. Where has he been all my life? Or at least for the past four years?
  37. 66 cm?????????? Gigantic!!!!!!!!!!! That bird is an absolute spectacle. If she were mine, I'd have to name her Fanny Brice, and just give her her own room. I know, I know, I'm gushing, but, go...
  38. Thanks, friends... It really feels special.
  39. Ooooooooooooooooh! May I get one with an OWL, please????????? lol Very sexy.
  40. Hey! The "Blue Parrot" was the 'other bar', rival to Rick's "Cafe Americain" in the movie "Casablanca". I knew there was something about this bird that was rumbling around in the back of my brain...
  41. What precious little curiosities... Thank you!
  42. Well, hello there... blast from the past... I just ran across your lovely flock. HellooooooOOOOOooooOoOOO!!!!
  43. Thank you. With the package in tow, at least you'll never have to wonder if you have the correct original number! Again, a beautiful little set...
  44. Beautiful piece, and so much information and research. I wonder if I might ask... some "sake sets" have four cups... some six... I have even heard of eight. I have a little Lusterware owl set (t...
  45. I have a 35-year-old pet parrot, and he has a number of buddies who are cockatoos. This really captures the head-bobbing, boisterous, crest-stretching moves they make, it really does!
  46. I'll agree with the mesquite diagnosis, and I love it!
  47. As a relative newb to glass, I knew that "carnival glass' referred to a range of makers and eras, and i was curious to knw more. For others who may be interested, this was a helpful museum seminar on...
  48. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get ya!
  49. Ain't it the truth, bb2?? I suffer from a persistent delusion that my some inanimate objects have feelings. Like my owls. I have to treat them right. Oh, and the eyes follow me, too...
  50. I'm no expert on Germany marks, but I did find this... some interesting reading... https://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/resources/history-notes.php
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