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I love birds (especially owls); I love barware; I love Deco; I love MCM. I am... Happy Hour Owls!


  1. I definitely have BIRDS on the brain. At first glance, I thought it was a lovely little mama swallow with a chick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwJr9Rniofc
  2. Thank you, New! I always love to see you checking in and taking a look at my latest!
  3. What AnythingObscure said!
  4. Terrific owl. I'm an owl nerd, for sure. The tag may say "1984" but the vibe, for me, is just gorgeously Deco morphing into MCM. Beautiful.
  5. Beautiful, indeed. And thank you for the observations and insights above. How are you doing these days?
  6. This piece... And the metal accents... Reminds me of my you-know-whos... Just sayin'! https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/305127-a-twin-czechoslovakian-mystery--owl-de Yeah, I'm a little obs...
  7. Sorry! This should work! https://i.imgur.com/SDIs28y.jpg
  8. Just for fun, I looked around for various novelty decanter ice options... nothing really similar. [img]https://i.imgur.com/SDIs28y.jpg[/img]
  9. I am mesmerized by the penguin. Perfect marriage of material, subject, pose. It's alive. I love it.
  11. TorD, PLEEEEASE forgive my further off-track intrusion. I wish this site had a message function! Concerning these fellows... https://i.pinimg.com/564x/7d/8f/eb/7d8febd3f6fed9fe68b982cd25d4f34c.jpg ...
  12. You have such a terrific fund of knowledge and references... Remember this fellow? He found a friend. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/305127-a-twin-czechoslovakian-mystery--owl-de?in=use...
  13. Say... this was the original link which truthordare produced a year ago concerning RuPink. It gives the W. Shure Catalog page we have looked at but... the print was too tiny to read. Is there a way ...
  14. Oh, mannnnnnnnnnnnnn, I LOVE all this history! LOVE it! Okay, our 14-year-old lateral thinker (see above) came over to visit with my parrot, and took another look at the RuPauls (Pink and Green). ...
  15. Thanks, keramikos... just saw your input. We're getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. So... the new photos really helped. Thanks, Betty, for this... http://www.kralik-glass.com/frametemplate.html Combining all the new info, we know now that it IS a Kralik draped piece; the cups AR...
  17. Too much fun! Isn't mind a happy place to play? You have great style and taste.
  18. I was, like... YES, there IS a cage! Now to research the sorts of drinks might have been iced down in there! More to come...
  19. Okay, I am assuming your current quarters have similar style and stock. I would like to move in. You may stay as you are a handsome complement. I will of course have to bring my parrot along, as we...
  20. Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!
  21. It's really the only solution! But it's all just too silly...
  22. keramikos... Thank you... I'll hang on to all this info. Isn't it the truth? They're really absurd. Just adds to their charm and whimsy, eh? But it is seriously comical to imagine actually ...
  23. What beverage would you DRINK out of these critters?
  24. Aren't they great? Thank you. So outrageously showy.
  25. These are just wonderful... a great match to the others. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/304004-wine-cork-duck-art--fly I could see a whole zoo of these critters. If you could ever part wi...
  26. Oh, now, this stuff is wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful! Such nostalgia and good cheer and FUNNNNN! Thanks for joining the party!
  27. Dav, would you? Please! By the way, if any of you would enjoy a fun wine site, Wine Berserkers is the best. Cordial, intelligent folks who love to meet new people. Why they tolerate me ... I don...
  28. I burst out laughing when this popped up. Cheers to you and your wing-dog!
  29. I want these; I want these; I want these; I... I... Want these. Thank you for the photos and narrative. I enjoyed everything about this post. I want these. :)
  30. ShowAndTell is always worth another browse! What a beauty, lovely as it was a year ago... Still lifting us up for a better New Year.
  31. Belongs on Vivien Leigh's mantel along with her 1940 Oscar. :)
  32. You two are sweethearts! I hereby dedicate the humidor to you, Blunders, and the furry smoke to you, New! Happy New Year, all!
  33. Some lucky Googling tells me it's Mahakala! A Tibetan deity with a lot of intriguing qualities. Wow. Now I need to find out more about this abbreviated face pendant with a rubbed-away chin... Isn...
  34. Precious expressions. Alike but not TOO alike... I appreciate that they're siblings, not twins.
  35. I'd love this for my owl-related barware collection... plenty of milk cocktail recipes could justify it!
  36. dav... I bet you and I are both looking for one of those famous, stylish "Hooch" owl lever-handled bottle openers! That candle is fab - looks like Donald Trump! I alerted a friend with your website...
  37. I love browsing this area... Something fabulous always turns up. Always! I was waylaid by a bit of life circumstance, and my first stop upon returning here was a quick search... let's see... owl.....
  38. Absolutely charming! Precious little show-and-tell pair. Thank you. I hate to think of their ever being separated! Okay, I just won't think of it...
  39. Spectacular specimen... I absolutely love it. Thanks for showing us and telling the story.
  40. I hope I'm not violating any rules by supplying this commercial reference. While Googling, I ran across this similar-looking bird listed as "HANDBLOWN ART GLASS BLUE OWL BIRD FIGURINE NEW N Box HUG...
  41. Oh, no, now he's calling ME! But I'm glad he has a good home with YOU! What an unusual combination of glass techniques and types, eh?? The mark is a mystery to me. I had a quick Google survey o...
  42. I'm in LOVE! I wish *I* had found him. I'm not much of a wild bird-watcher, but he looks like a Goldfinch to me. In any event, the find of a decade. WOW.
  43. Well, just look at HIM! Cock-a-doodle-doooo! Love him.
  44. HEY! Just noticed that pretty parrot in the background... I have lived for 36 years with a Patagonia Conure rooster. Well met!
  45. Thank you, thank you. We ARE our collections, I believe...
  46. It is SO worth browsing the archives here... LOVE this little guy. SO MUCH LIFE and PERSONALITY with such simple shape and color, ya know? I'd love to see one of her owls!
  47. Don't you just love it when cold, hard material is so beautifully rendered that it looks as if it must be warm and fluffy to the touch?? That nose looks as if it could wiggle when you're not watching.
  48. Beautiful. Absolutely tweakable "cheeks". I hope it finds its mate...
  49. A most charmante fellow! Lovely expression!
  50. I am unfamiliar with this genre, but... wow... The lines are so sleek and elegant, simple but really dramatic. Thanks!
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