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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


  1. Railroad spike fir holding the tracks on the timbers. Very common find in some areas. AS they get loose they are pulled out and tossed in the brush, brook or anywhere and new ones put in.
  2. I used to shoot bb's at pennies and they came out just like this.
  3. Looks like African Padauk wood. It has an almost orange color to it naturally. Very easy wood to work. I still have a piece of it 3" x 12" x 49". It isn't terribly expensive and frequently used in fur...
  4. I got one of these play sets for Christmas around 1956 or 58. It sat in the original box in my mothers attic until the year 2000 when she asked me to take it home with me as I was planning a move from...
  5. Probably made by Indestro mfg. Co. out of Chicago. Might very easily be a salesman's sample.
  6. I recall having these or very similar in the 1950's.
  7. I have a bunch of 30/40 Krag live rounds I got as a surprise years ago. Never know what is in a box when you buy bulk items. My grandfather had a lever action 45/70 so I am familiar with that one but ...
  8. I have the same one I bought in Wichita when I was a county mountie out in Riley County Kansas in 76. I believe they are made of unbreakable fiberglass. You needed a donut to carry them in a belt loop.
  9. Either my eyes are gone or the bottom photos of this are nothing more than a blur. How do you happen to know this is a chief as opposed to simply being an indian?
  10. The way the spreader is bowed I would guess it was for moving barrels or kegs.
  11. I would guess this to be late 50's. Have you looked for the hardware at Lowe's or Home Depot? The one knob looks to be common.
  12. This post could be a "blast".
  13. What caught my eye is this little guy is left handed. Makes me wonder if he was made for a real life player.
  14. I would venture to say the first one is intended for veining wood moldings or cleaning them before painting. The second one is a wood carvers chisel.
  15. daveno1 don't feel bad, my sense of humus ( yes humus ) frequently puts me in the dog house. It seems not everyone gets it all the time and frequently see my remarks as sarcasm. Hell if I intended sa...
  16. I used to collect cigar boxes and still have a few. I see nothing special here but do check the tax stamps on them. Unless you have a very unusual box any value historical or otherwise is normally in ...
  17. I have seen double die coins but I don't see it here.
  18. I can't confirm or deny your plate being mismarked but you pose an interesting question. I can assure you that mismarked or error plates are in fact more rare and more collectible. Problem is setting ...
  19. Identifying the latch will only give you the name of who made the latch not who made the cabinet.
  20. I would doubt it being older than around 1915 or so. It appears to be double pressed and has double stretchers. Could be as new as the 1930's.
  21. Good thing he didn't race horses.
  22. They look like kit dolls to me. They were sold for people to build and sew as they pleased with whatever they wanted for clothes material. I recall my grandmother making kit dolls years ago. Just my 2...
  23. Old iron??? These were in style when I was young. Thanks for sharing them. Gas was 18 cents a gallon back then so you could afford to keep their bellies full.
  24. Seems to be quite a few of these online listed under different names for them. Esty has a couple just like the one you have but with a mirror on the inside lid. Asking prices are a bit high for a ceda...
  25. I would wonder why anyone would make a jewelry box out of cedar wood?
  26. Thus far I have learned that this knife was actually made in Ireland as were all Jowika folding knives. Fixed blade Jowika knives were made in Solingen. Rights to make them in Ireland were given befor...
  27. I believe the correct spelling is Jowika as it sure brings back results from Solingen.
  28. To begin with, this is NOT where you research values as stated in the site rules. There is an appraisal link at the top of the page for values. Next you need to understand that Solingen was totally...
  29. I find a good many snuff boxes that look the same.
  30. Sitting here looking at it makes me wonder if I would make more money selling it by the pound or by the page? I seem to think in terms of dollars and cents.
  31. The wife and I collected, traded and sold smoking related items for a number of years. This would be worthy of researching if you have the time. I once happened to see an old cigar box with a picture ...
  32. Yes it is a screw box but not used anymore. They now make tools that are like a tap and die set that are much easier and require less time. I got mine at Brookstone store over 20 years ago
  33. Antique Utica fencing pliers. These were before parrot bill pliers came along. Could date from 1800's. Not terribly valuable because there are lots of them around and nobody uses them anymore.
  34. Looks like a new house with more room is called for. I bet it is a bitch sleeping on that bed in the last picture.
  35. https://www.swan-brand.co.uk/support/ It took less than 1 minute to find their email for their support site so there it is. Good Luck.
  36. Before both. During the second war metal was in demand for the war effort and even castors were no longer made. The design of these wheels would suggest to me pre WWI.
  37. Millers Falls made some nice old tools. I haven't been there since the late 70's but there used to be a huge discount store along one of the canals where you could buy about anything and very inexpens...
  38. I will throw in my 2 cents. When blowing the pictures up I see some fairly good scratches like someone used a coarse steel wool on it to clean it. I wonder if an incense burner might have sat on it an...
  39. The base certainly looks pre war years. I bet Manikin could comment on the construction of the dog with an era.
  40. I suspect if you searched for an image of each name on the list it would bring back a picture of that individual jug. Then you could name them accordingly.
  41. I may learn from this post. My father in law brought a bunch of these home from WWII. He was on Luzon last but helped free all the islands. I gave them to my son in hopes he could find out more.
  42. I can't identify it but I would speculate it is a reproduction. While it shows what appear to be signs of wear, the edges are way to sharp and well defined. Just my opinion and I am sure others will c...
  43. It it is for a lathe where is the set screw that holds the carbide cutter??
  44. I could only find the names below. It would appear very early ones were nameless from what I read on UK sites. the Thin Man, Squire, Hearty Goodfellow, Sailor, Man on a Barrel, Lord Howe, Collier, ...
  45. Looks like the same faces used on Toby mugs.
  46. Hmmmm, never seen a snowplow like that here in Florida!
  47. Old chests like this were a common find up in New England when I lived up there years ago. Very heavy and well put together. They were blanket chests and normally found in the master bedroom at the fo...
  48. I love the advertising but hate fake maple syrup like this to fool people.
  49. I'm sure glad you said that lid was a place to rest a spoon. As a former ashtray collector I made a premature speculation. Thanks for clearing up the pot mystery.
  50. The way her eyes are popping out I guess someone pinched her ass.
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