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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. You are welcome to be sure. Read your other post ( or the FAQ's) being left handed has nothing to do with it. Being rude enough to not read and comprehend says enough. Have a good day and open your ea...
  2. And all this time I thought it was because I am left handed. I never would have guessed it was all right there in the site FAQ's. Now I guess more people should read them.
  3. Try looking at them properly oriented and you may find them. If you don't know how then take a moment and read the site FAQ's. It isn't difficult
  4. Looks well made for the age and a piece to keep painters away from.
  5. This is not the place to ask for values. For that click the appraisal link at the top of the page. I will caution you that the appraisal will probably cost more than the value of the token. Years ago ...
  6. Try going on, Replacements.com. They have a list in alphabetical order of manufacturers and the pattern names if available. Good Luck. Nice looking little cup.
  7. Can't see the pick end but it appears to be an ice axe. Like ice climbers or mountain rescue teams would use.
  8. Years ago when I lived up in New England I would go to the library in the winter and get the oldest topographical maps I could find. I searched for old settlements or farms that no longer existed. Com...
  9. And if you read the rules, this IS NOT where you ask for values. Use the link at the top of the page where it says APPRAISAL. That link is there for a reason.
  10. I still say it is an upholstery hammer and even more sure seeing the claw end. You won't find one with the same handle because there are to many homemade ones. Look at both the head and the claw and c...
  11. The way this is made causes me to think it is a rustic ( poor man's ) Asian tealight.
  12. If the guy gets an accurate date, I will check my appointment book. I was probably there when the photo's were taken ;)
  13. dav2no1 is talking about a slag hammer which this isn't. Without seeing the actual claw it is difficult to say, but it looks like an antique upholstery hammer
  14. Those Daytona events can bring some surprises for sure. Glad you were able to attend and enjoy yourself. Over here on the west side of the state we are still social distancing even though vaccinated. ...
  15. Simply being marked Germany indicates it was made before the tariff act. That gives you an idea the age is as stated above. After the act it would require saying, Made in Germany etc.
  16. Platinum should have an assay mark of at least 850 and be stamped one of three ways, Platinum, Plat or PT. I would seriously doubt this contains any Platinum.
  17. Normally plenty of pine cone weights on eBay really cheap. Just get the right weight for the clock. I think mine were 2 pounders.
  18. I had one just like this one Regula works and everything. I bought it in the PX in Europe in 1967 new. I sold it on eBay a couple months ago.
  19. 100 % correct, bicycles, motorcycles, cars & trucks etc. I believe the first ones made were two piece and went to the Marke Woodchipper. Very first wood chipper ever made. My Craftsman woodchipper had...
  20. Try looking up lab stands. I have one with multiple arms I use when carving. Mine says lab stand under the weighted base.
  21. Looks like a long line of acid dribble from his ear to the date.
  22. I have to agree with AnythingObscure, I have oodles and oodles of tools I seldom use and duplicates of many. I tend to hoard them just in case I happen to need them.
  23. The wrench shown above is probably a crank wrench with a face pin spanner for the lower bracket. They are common for all types of equipment and different applications.
  24. keramikos you sound like a Trump supporter. Lets get it right, I said I have one like it that goes with my grinder. I did NOT say it is a grinder wrench. I simply gave feedback which is accurate and t...
  25. Grandpa was like me, he had an assortment of brands. Those are taps for cutting thread in metal as stated above. Very handy when needed, especially in a house with old plumbing.
  26. I have seen them up in New Hampshire back in the late 80's. The entire shop was reproductions of things like this. Every possible subject you could think of. City people gobbled them up thinking they ...
  27. I have a light duty one just like this to change implements on my bench grinder. Makes the job much easier.
  28. Imperial has their entire database of years what logo was used available online for free. I collected knives for years but have passed them on to my son and deleted my links to databases. Keep looking...
  29. May I ask who authenticated this as an error? I need their help because mine like this don't qualify.
  30. This is a neat little box. Someone used their imagination here.
  31. Those are American Optical and made up in Mass. You could write directly to them or see if they have online archives at https://aoeyewear.com. They have been in business since the mid 1800's so they ...
  32. Interesting there are no signs of wear or weathering on an item that old.
  33. This has to be a first in the category event.
  34. I believe you will find your oak cabinet is actually ash wood. Same family and often confused. Ash tends to have a darker more open grain and believe it or not frequently worth more than the same thin...
  35. Brake pliers. They come in several different designs depending on what type brakes are on the vehicle. I have 2 or 3 different pairs out in the shed. Most folks wouldn't know what they are because the...
  36. If someone knows then many of us will be learning along with you today. I will follow this one.
  37. Looks like the dome off a roof turbine. Got two on my roof
  38. Give it a coat of boiled linseed oil before you apply the hand rub. BOILED NOT RAW linseed oil. That will go a long ways toward preventing cracking and splitting and put natural moisture back in the w...
  39. Is there a logical reason for posting this multiple times? It will be seen with one posting. Other than the fact that you love it why is it posted under unsolved mysteries? You asked no question nor d...
  40. Interesting, I never happened to see a booby with feet. You learn something new everyday.
  41. It may be solid wood but the last photo shows damaged particle board with contact paper covering it.I have to agree with scottvez on it's age, not an antique by a long shot.
  42. Nice clear view of the decorations.
  43. according to railroadana it was 1916.
  44. My oldest son just left Ft. Campbell and moved down to Bragg. He was a chief instructor at the air assault school up at Campbell. He wanted to move to see about training snipers. Not sure what is in h...
  45. Glad to hear you got it scottvez, got mine a week ago at the local VA. It was quick and easy. Never have seen the VA run that smooth.
  46. Sorry, correct spelling is Aizics.
  47. That's grumpy Trumpy OK. These were made by Alzcis Mint. I never heard of it either. You can find them in both gold and silver on eBay and Amazon for a few dollars but most don't sell.
  48. Short globe with a large bail handle were used on the railroads back before and after the turn of the century. Is it marked at all?
  49. Or it could be his cab number, subway number, bus number or route number.
  50. Why limit it to a railroad? The same design hat was worn by bus drivers, cab drivers, door men, valets, bell boys, subway employees etc. etc.
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