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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. I am going to post a link which claims to be a digital catalog of their product archives. I DID NOT go through the links looking for this item, that's your job. Good Luck. https://www.worldcat.org/...
  2. I sure hope you have had this examined by a professional and verified. You didn't say where you found it but have you ever seen pyrite?
  3. The markings appear to show a band. I would say this is a tourist item or perhaps purchased at the PX for a few dollars as a decoration.
  4. dav2no1 Milling machines have holes and grooves to accommodate different attachments as they are needed depending on the application. I have similar smaller ones that are made to mount in the table of...
  5. I have seen them 50 or 60 years ago. I found both reference and images of various designs on a site that was pre- laser pointer archives or similar site name. The large projector pointers were also th...
  6. They were called, Projector Screen Flashlight Pointers if memory serves me correctly
  7. The military light is something I think most of us has owned or used during military service. Now the little guy reminds me if the flashlights out teachers had in school years ago. They were used like...
  8. Looking at both photos I would have to guess it is a specialty milling machine vice.
  9. As I recall these were kit dolls you bought and sewed together at home, others were made by different artists as I recall. Manikin will know for sure when she logs on here.
  10. The date it was serviced means little to nothing. The works should be and I see they are marked. That will be your best information to identify and date the clock.
  11. How many of these do you have? At 4.7g you would need 3 to 4 of these to equal one 12 ounce aluminum can. If your metal detector is adjustable tune out aluminum and run the detector over it where you ...
  12. You might have silver someone melted down at home. I have been known to melt down both aluminum and silver to make my own ingots. The problem is when you go to sell it people tend to question the orig...
  13. If you are using a precious metals test kit it won't react to aluminum and neither will a magnet unless there is an alloy mixed in. Simple test is lay it down and drag a key across it. Aluminum isn't ...
  14. Take a moment and read the rules. You don't request values on this site. Top of the page there is an APPRAISAL link for getting values. I can tell you right now an appraisal ($20) will cost way more t...
  15. Looks to be a discount store knock off of a jitterbug.
  16. Now that makes sense.
  17. Google Antique stitch ripper. I found it quickly. Patent I noted was from 1871.
  18. The elderly lady may have been 97 and also may have had a memory problem. I don't see this being that old. I didn't download the pictures and enlarge them but from what I see on here this is a couple ...
  19. You are allowed four pictures. Please post a pic of the rear so we can see what is stamped there also.
  20. My question is, how did you get them off once you escaped? Sorry I couldn't resist being a wise ass.
  21. replacements.com has over 5000 images of Belleek. You might find yours there.
  22. It is a replacement key or extra key. No number because it is a blank. Blank keys were cheaper than the name brand keys. They did the same job though. Unmarked keys are common. If it were marked with ...
  23. All of your lures are made to use with a spinning rod and reel. Photo 2 is for lake fishing, bass etc. Do a little research or join a local rod & gun club or fishing club.
  24. Looks like trout lures. Pic 1 the first two are mepps. Great lure.
  25. Please update regardless of the outcome. We are all here to learn together. What you find out may well help someone else along the way. Good Luck
  26. No man alive can simply hold an item and say this is silver. Only a test proves that. If you want accurate information Grants Pass has a historical society that would be worth contacting with the pict...
  27. 2& 3 definitely sickle bar tooth. You are right about 4 commonly used where two timbers were coming apart. I don't think I've seen #1 before
  28. I haven't seen one of these in years and never seen the brand name before.
  29. Your first picture is an old cast iron butchers meat hook. Second one is chain hook with a repair link attached to it. Last two need better pictures.
  30. Looks like a salesman for waffle irons
  31. belairranch you turn the file hanger rack so the folders sit the opposite of how they sit today. Any pendaflex file rack will do. Back then the folders didn't face front to rear, they faced you as yo...
  32. The market was flooded with these a few years ago. Everybody had to have one. I hope you didn't barter something of value.
  33. Both photo's above point to the same thing. Someone wanted to make a silver ring and found out you can't do it with a new quarter. You always get the copper in a new quarter, the old ones you got a to...
  34. Squirrels lay that way for a very good reason. On a hot day laying like that is how they dissipate heat from their body. I have gray squirrels around my place that will get on my lap and then look in ...
  35. Well, I can't say much about it but may be able to tell you how to come up with the approximate age. Take the chimney off and you may have to unscrew the wick holder and remove it. The metal parts sho...
  36. The S.P. after the name is for silver plated. The mark is well after WWII. Their products are common and usually available on eBay for a low price in good shape.
  37. This site will show you how it happened. Just scroll down and you will see one like yours. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-silver-ring-for-25-cents/
  38. You must be young. Someone spooned it. They did a crappy job but that is what it is.
  39. Doesn't look like any kind of a key to me. Looks like a turn valve for an old petcock. The wear on it is right.
  40. I fail to see any of the known errors. That includes the purple spots which are not errors.
  41. The sign tells you to not plow there. Could be anything from an underground electric fence, to telephone lines, gas lines etc under ground there.
  42. You need to join a stamp collecting site. Everything you have shown is common. Unless you have an upside down Jenny I suspect what you have are probably in the same category as these. Stamps are fairl...
  43. Really common stamps. I don't see where you posed a question regarding them. Can you be specific in what help you need?
  44. I wonder what you are trying to read that you find blurry or pixelated?? The wording seems clear here and the main body of the post says what the wording is.
  45. I remember these from growing up. They were sold by either Sears or Wards. Not sure about Wards but I know Sears has archives of all their products online for free.
  46. Translator says, Ges Gesch means protected by law or Registered.
  47. How did you happen to identify the maker? Can you show the mark on it in a photo? Interesting piece....I'm a bird lover who happens to have raised orphan owls and enjoy such things.
  48. Krispy Kream maybe ??
  49. A friend of mine had a similar clock that her mother purchased at a jewelry store in NYC in the 1930's. While the store was still in business today they had no records going back that far. We ended up...
  50. As it says in the rules, this isn't where you ask values. You could use the APPRAISAL link at the top of the page. Last time I used it the cost was $20. I suspect the appraisal would cost more than th...
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