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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. I have seen little sets like this years ago in Europe but they weren't salt and pepper they were nut meg shakers. Each person had his or her own shaker beside them.
  2. These are common flea market items down here.
  3. Well tailors squares came in all sizes, starting at 4 inches. While it may not agree with your findings they were actually made in many sizes and designs. Same holds true to any trade that uses a squa...
  4. I would say what you have was called either a tailors square or seamstress square made to measure out and cut fabric. Long ago (1880's) there was a company named Stone's System that made them. Possibl...
  5. I believe the marking, "West Germany" was used from 1951 until 1955. That should help with the dating. For the maker you need to open the back panel. The works will be marked with the name of the comp...
  6. Old Walter Brennan. I have a six month old grandson named Brennan. I'm about ready to join old man Rivers myself.
  7. Stuff - I certainly believe you. The oldest one I ever worked on was 1760's in a little place called Milford, New Hampshire. It even still had the original Indian shutters built into the sides of th...
  8. Show some of those joints you are speaking of. You can replace pictures or just start an additional posting. The Roman Numerals are common even today, especially in custom post and beam construction. ...
  9. I agree with fortapache. You can buy them at the fairs here along with other over priced items.
  10. Just click on your own picture or name and go into your profile. Then click to make a new post and you will see where to post pic's. Or up top where it says "sign out" click the arrow then profile. Ea...
  11. trgrubaugh Never say impossible. If you have a picture of what was original someone, somewhere has one. I have old mirrors off dressers stuffed in closets and behind doors. I used to buy them at yard...
  12. Beckyg Never shy away from sharing information. This site is all about sharing information and learning.
  13. I would say you have a reproduction that was probably used when they put on a show for special anniversaries or 4th of July etc.
  14. AnythingObscure Without going into details, you could say I was reading Aerial maps.
  15. I have three of these that I was issued by the Army in Germany during the 1960's. Today I use them for coins and stamps.
  16. I had an item quite similar but it was a ladies hankie. Mu dad bought it for my mom during the beginning of WWII.
  17. Looks like a pastry cutter to me.
  18. I dare say it is not a Coke collectible I don't see any patent pending or trademark registration etc. Could be an off market item.
  19. I have no idea what it is, however, it isn't quite an antique yet. The Made In Taiwan NOC is a country of origin mark. That tells us it was made and imported after the tariff act (which was 1930's). I...
  20. I have to agree with scottvez. Looks pre war and the dovetails are machine cut. I see no indication of a mirror having ever been mounted on it. What few blemishes it has could be touched up with a co...
  21. Well....I have a question. When you squeeze the handles do the jaws close or open? Also can it be locked in open or closed position?
  22. I would say around 1950's and possibly Dunlap, tool for sharpening a chainsaw chain.
  23. Pretty obviously a fondue pot. California pottery made them on a wire base like this with what they called Robin's egg blue. But so did Miramar. Of the two I would guess California pottery based on th...
  24. I have a quite similar coin. My father in law brought it home from Luzon after WWII.
  25. Looks like a mid century UFO to me. Sorry I couldn't resist being a wise ass. Someone here is bound to know something. Be patient because members get on at different times of the day.
  26. It looks like it might have been a commemorative coin. You might want to research that or even possibly medallion.
  27. Well Biggin Hill means nothing except to people who live there I guess. Let me be more specific. Is it the type house that may have had a weather vane at some point? This looks like one of the arms ou...
  28. .800 would be silver. Nickel would say nickel plated or say nothing. .800, coin silver and sterling are all selling at the same rate today. Victim of the pandemic. Certainly European from the looks. B...
  29. watchsearcher - I have the basket one also for picking my oranges but it doesn't have the metal fittings. They are very handy.
  30. Was this place ever a farm?
  31. I have a couple very similar and they weren't made for any of the above. Mine screw together and have different end fittings for cleaning old black powder guns. One of mine is bamboo with brass fittin...
  32. I've hunted for over 60 years and that is closer to a wild boar then any bear I ever shot.
  33. Try looking up U.S. Army Infantry Insignia.
  34. These hung in bars on the other side of the tracks so to speak. I don't see any Bud trademark so it would be an off the wall copy.
  35. Budweiser beer ad.
  36. My suggestion is read the site rules. This IS NOT where you ask for values. At the top of the page you can click APPRAISAL and have it valued. Reading the rule doesn't take but a couple of minutes. Yo...
  37. Air Force tactical combat recon. I believe their original patch was a carrier pigeon back before WWII. You might try Military WIKI to research it.
  38. You are correct about the wood being a depth guide. It is called a rabbet saw. Used for making rabbet joints. Now days you do it on a table saw.
  39. You know, I am talking back after WW!!. It well could be these served a dual purpose. Back then there wasn't much anyone could afford to buy new. We were still taking a bath in the front yard in a cop...
  40. Well they may well be for fishing but my grandmother didn't fish and she had them in her sewing machine. She called them hem weights. All different sizes. Only thing I recall her putting them in was t...
  41. All kinds of these at the flea markets around here. This dam pandemic shut the flea markets down during the best season here in Florida. I hope they are allowed to be open for next year.
  42. That big it is more like a Mexican siesta hat.
  43. The handle of your item is split from being hit so many times which would be the case with a caulking iron. I question why anyone would hit a scraper to this extent.
  44. Depends on the size vessel and the diameter of the oakum.
  45. Looks like a size 00 caulking iron being that thick.
  46. Probably a gift shop item from the Key Stone ski resort from the looks of the handle.
  47. This is fairly new and appears to be the type clock sold to tourists in airport gift shops etc. In order to match up the cones and pendulum I would think you will need to open the back and get the inf...
  48. lp is right, it's a cork press.
  49. Looks like an old school beer bottle opener.
  50. Always flat olive drab for a war era phone. Gloss shines and reflects light and gives away your position
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