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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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Another piece of Vermont history/Folk Lore - Photographsin Photographs
Who knows what a "TOWN FARM" is? - Photographsin Photographs
1942 Navy induction photo - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Something is out of adjustment?? - Christmasin Christmas
1918 Sears Roebuck Refund - Paperin Paper
WWII Sterling ID Bracelet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Baseball cards - Baseballin Baseball
Levi Strauss Type 3 Jacket - Advertisingin Advertising
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25 year old wood - Furniturein Furniture


  1. This should help: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/264835-f-miller-oak-bar-keg?in=all
  2. Ok, I take your word for it, I didn't see the assay mark but my eyes are old and fading. Good luck with it.
  3. Costume jewelry by Sandra Miller Burrows, Hawaii, 1975. It may or may not be silver, is there a .925 assay mark?
  4. It is not a first edition. Originally this book came out in the late 40's by a different publisher. You can find it on eBay, pintrest etc for a few bucks asking price. This appears in not good conditi...
  5. I was in Webelo's in 58 or 59 right before boy scouts. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Glad you didn't say she is a ding-a-ling ;)
  7. If you didn't pay anything to enter the contest then nothing lost. How are you going to authenticate it as a prop? I have seen props and all of them came with a certified letter of authenticity.
  8. It got in a fight with a clothes drier and came out second best. Good example of why you empty your pockets before doing laundry.
  9. I still have a 1930's or early 40's Sprite wooden case out in the shop. Going to give it to my daughter in law who just bought a 1930's house in Georgia.
  10. Be aware that without an assay mark this may well be silver plated.
  11. You should be able to find the maker mark in the International Silver makers Encyclopaedia. Is there an actual silver assay mark or are you assuming it is silver? The link below will help. https:/...
  12. Must be the funny weather. All of a sudden everyone is seeing error coins every time they get change.
  13. For $3 it is a good investment but may take time to resell.
  14. It looks like a plunge dagger. Perhaps researching vintage plunge dagger would yield something useful.
  15. Looks like a kitchenaider. It is a sliding ruler that was used by a cabinet maker to lay out cabinets in a kitchen. Anymore most of us would just lay it out on the wall or floor with chalk lines so it...
  16. My eyes must be bad also. Share with us what you are seeing that you consider unusual.
  17. There is an APPRAISAL link at the top of every page on here but BEWARE, the quality of their appraisals is NOT worth $30. When it was just Barnaby's it was $20 and worth it but this new group working ...
  18. Does look like a briefcase except the way the lid closes. Could be a carry case for a clarinet, flute etc.
  19. Odd you were directed here because there are hundreds of them online for sale. They aren't selling but there are sure a bunch for sale. From what I have read I must assume 1972 is the year made and 43...
  20. Learning time I hope. Certainly unusual.
  21. If you read up on coke it will be obvious to you it is a fake item. Not made by or for coke. Their moral standard wouldn't allow this type thing.
  22. These were free in Tetley Tea for years. I have over 100 of them around here somewhere packed away. Very few have any value but a easy to collect. I got all of mine free.
  23. Celiene the Mayan's did in fact migrate to Mexico and sell their wares from there. There quite a few there actually. Google it if in doubt.
  24. When these first came out they were called library desks. Mine was made of mahogany. I wouldn't give this as much age as inky does, in fact decades less. Just my 2 cents worth.
  25. Made for export and/or tourist trade. Probably around 1950's - 60's
  26. Around here we have everything from pink flamingos to storks to Ibis. Putting a plastic bird in your yard is a sign of a cheapskate wanting to impress someone. Usually seen in the ghetto.
  27. I know it isn't what you can hear but I am older than this item.
  28. LazyBoy read his post again.He answered your question 7 year ago when he wrote it.
  29. I didn't bookmark the link I was on but Gragg was also producing Windsor chairs. The article was a mile long and took time to find reference to Marsh. The article was actually written about the elasti...
  30. A bit from the web on Marsh getting rights to build the Windsor chair. on July 25, 1810, Gragg sold partial rights to his patent chairs for $500 to the New York chairmakers Charles Marsh and Joseph...
  31. Looks like it got caught in a coin counter machine.
  32. Sure looks like a modern pendant from here.
  33. Yes it is pegged. That is a sign of old world craftsmanship, although some of us still peg our creations together. Looking at the under side of the seat it appears to be fairly close grained and could...
  34. This is a job for Manikin when she signs on.
  35. Obviously a mafia car with the window shot out. The world hasn't changed a bit.
  36. Invert your picture to a negative and you should be able to read most of it.
  37. From the official list of Boy Scout camps, scroll down to Washington and you will find Camp Baldy and not much more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_council_camps_(Boy_Scouts_of_America)
  38. If you have never used one let me give you a tip. It IS NOT intended to do the entire melon. You slice off a piece an inch or so thick then use this. It is for making party type bits of watermelon. I ...
  39. I enjoy seeing old records. I have one LP it is a KISS LP. I have sold it 3 times on eBay and it keeps coming back. Twice the people moved with no forwarding address and the last time I got it back wi...
  40. It was imported after the tariff act because it says MADE IN. Therefore it isn't an antique but that is just an age. It could still have value to someone. You could try finding it on replacements.com....
  41. Someone was watching over him. May he rest in peace.
  42. Sorry, dav is right. Age is catching up with me rapidly. Time for me to shut the hell up.
  43. PS: the additional numbers are for plant number and style number.
  44. I would read it 4/8/62.
  45. Well to begin with looking for a Mickey Mouse watch is basically a waste of time because everyone and their uncle made them. Search for SII marketing International and you will find your watch. Took m...
  46. I sure remember these.
  47. Told ya Manikin would know, she is a doll herself.
  48. Manikin may be able to help when she logs in
  49. google for International Encyclopedia of Hallmarks. It will come back as having numbers leading the url. It is a great site for any country marks.
  50. Well perhaps not where you are from but I have turned many different metals including titanium for patriot missile bearings and Chrome molybdenum is referred to as socket metal. I just googled socket ...
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