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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. Well Phil if "HELL" is a swear word I hope you don't go to church because they use the term there almost every Sunday. When these chairs were made both UK and USA had restrictions on oak for furnit...
  2. Lady you need to study hardwoods. I'm 70 years old and that ain't for a minute Oak. But it is worth more. You need some lessons. Have a good day.
  3. When you take a picture DO NOT have light coming in behind the object you want a picture of, that only puts the item in the shadow and hard to see. You want the light coming from behind you so it illu...
  4. We used these ice fishing in the 50's but they were made well before that. Getting a date for it shouldn't be to difficult. Some of Perfection's early lines were called lamp heaters because they used ...
  5. TubeAmp that makes sense because a clean cut wasn't needed but the thickness of cut limits it to thinner material.
  6. The cog grippers make me think a harness makers shear.
  7. I just looked it up and this card was mailed a month after US troops landed on the beaches of Oran during operation Torch. They landed November 8th, the card was written Dec 9th and mailed Dec 10th.
  8. I wasn't sure if there is a category for post cards so posted it under military was era because it was sent home by a GI.
  9. billretirecoll I don't think that is an artists signature. I sooner think it is a commemorative item in honor of Tekakwitha and the series of symbols below the name would identify the artist and ite...
  10. Last name spelling varies from site to site.
  11. Pope Benedict XVI named 17th century Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha the first Native American saint.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-copper-moonshine-still-very-early-condensing-funnel-cap/261831712968?hash=item3cf662e0c8
  13. I had to think a minute. This one is missing the condensing funnel that mounts on the top
  14. You never took a bath or scalded chickens in this. The top is missing but it is part of a still.
  15. Lots of young city people here. That is part of a moonshine boiler for sure.
  16. I have a Bucks County area oil painting my mother in law bought years ago when she was teaching school in NJ. She brought it to Florida and tucked it away in the attic. Mine is a similar scene but muc...
  17. Image at the top changes so you may need to wait for it to change
  18. I don't know the artist or location, however I made one observation. There is a worn walking path along the canal. Years ago a work horse or mule would pull a boat along a canal. Here is a link that e...
  19. I agree scottvez, possibly plated but the only clear picture is the last one and it isn't great. In looking where the solder joints should be it looked a bit sloppy for silver. Clearer pictures and th...
  20. Pictures are blurry but they look like pewter to me.
  21. Not sure where Mongolian got involved but I would say it is an old spatzle maker.
  22. Keep in mind old people buy new things.
  23. You have good badges but unmarked badges. Private company badges bring considerably less but they are nonetheless collectable. If you could associate this badge with John P. O'Neilll it would be price...
  24. SpiritBear you must be as old as me, we also dunked them in mercury which was allowed back then.
  25. You didn't give any dimensions, weight, material it is made of. My thought is if this was a garden ornament the wear and weather would take a toll on it and age it prematurely.
  26. Any input, positive or otherwise is appreciated.
  27. I had one like this when I was a kid growing up in Vermont, same color and all. My point here is it originally belonged to my grandfather when he was growing up. He was born late 1880's so I have to a...
  28. Common wrench and commonly called a monkey wrench. However it has nothing to do with a monkey, it was invented by Charles Moncky.
  29. Not re purposed it was made this way. The pressed leather gargoyle seat was popular right up into the 50's. The plain crest board tends to make me think you are a bit generous with the dates you menti...
  30. Probably an SMS. eBay is loaded with them.
  31. If the mercury spins as liquid passes through the outer bowl I would think the mercury acts as a type of centrifuge to disperse contaminants. I seem to think this type affair was used on old tractors ...
  32. nutsabotas6 That is the reason I haven't used mine. One day I imagine someone will throw them away or wonder what they are.
  33. I have a couple newer Disston saws but haven't used them in years. My other saws have the starter tooth on the top of the blade. Taken care of they last a lifetime.
  34. That or temporary relief from hemorrhoid itch :)
  35. SpiritBear the COO mark is post 1931. The trademark is Bremer & Schmidt. Look it up. Where does Nippon 1920 fit in? You lost me with that post.
  36. Modern conchos. These snap on rather that being riveted or screw back.
  37. cameosleuth the people I give things to don't have the best but they make the best of what they have. I am sure they appreciate the thought. This one will have a new owner in the next day or two. The...
  38. The number 13 is the series number. This could be 1940's all the way to 1972.
  39. The mark is Bremer & Schmidt
  40. It has the words Made In so it is post tariff act. That makes it 30's or newer. I would expect post WWII.
  41. I think you have the order of events a bit mixed up. Stickley bought out Simonds in 1898. Simonds then bought Hayden Couch and chair company and named it Brown & Simonds. Then in 1901 the company was ...
  42. Very nice piece and not really that bad of condition given the age. I had over 400 matchbox cars and some never opened. Couple years ago I donated them to go for Christmas gifts. Next lifetime I will ...
  43. It is called "sleeping pig piggy bank". There are several for sale online.
  44. cameosleuth thanks so much for the input,it is appreciated. I doubt anyone would be upset by me wrongly thinking these were hat pins because I don't sell them I give them away.
  45. I think picture four answers the question if that is a sticker on the chair.
  46. Billretirecoll I believe his words were "quick and quiet"
  47. billretirecoll I had a collection of pre war Soligen knives I gave to my oldest son a couple years ago. He started collecting when he was 10 years old and a knife is his weapon of choice. After 17 ye...
  48. billretirecoll Solingen was where really fine knives were made before the war. They got pretty well bombed out and I question some of the stuff coming out of there anymore, quality wise.
  49. Looks like it might have been a depth gauge. I have a modern tire tread depth gauge that is quite similar but much cheaper material.
  50. I have seen the different cement animals but never one this well done. Most I have seen just had left over old paint on them that wore off quickly. Someone really took time with this one.
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