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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. I will take your word but the grain and color of the item shown don't come close to being beech wood. If you are happy so am I. Thanks for sharing it, it shows old world craftsmanship seldom seen anym...
  2. This is a little short for a knife sharpener but just about right to touch up the edge on a lathe turning gouge, which is a half round chisel.
  3. Did he give you any idea what era it might be from? It doesn't look anywhere near sturdy enough to be a stirrup. Then again I have been called ancient and I am not as sturdy as I once was.
  4. Anythingobscure we had a Jacaranda tree that did the same on our driveway. I went to Sears and bought a big shop vac with a 2 inch hose and used that to clean the mess. Vac the lawn and driveway
  5. Old wooden boxes are handy for sure. I still have half a dozen of them out in my shops. I use them for storage also. I brought them to Florida with me from New England. City people see them and make a...
  6. Bobby725 good observation, kudos
  7. I have to love this piece. I can tell you that the person who built it was one of two things. He was either way the hell older than me or he had the best master out there teach him how to fake an anti...
  8. Very nice. I have Austin Productions Towering Spheres from the 80's. Many of their sculptures are quite scarce.
  9. The design of it certainly would fit in as a collection plate. Silver ones can bring a nice tidy sum to a collector. Even the scrap silver price would be pretty good with sterling bouncing around $12 ...
  10. Unusual to say the least. I need to follow this post and see what info comes along.
  11. You came to the right place for this. There some really good folks on here that collect barbed wire. May take awhile for them to get on and see it but they can set you straight.
  12. I saved each of these pictures to disk and blew them up. Doing so convinces me even more that this was made with a pour mold and not carved. Examine the area around her feet and toes, they are not wel...
  13. Watchsearcher that is where I am going also. Especially with the rotary grinding. Dimensions and weight would have helped. I believe it is synthetic material.
  14. Almost every ancient civilization going back to years BC have had Gods of tobacco and or smoking. Perhaps the carving is intended to depict one of them.
  15. I wonder if you could tell me how much it weighs? Also the rotary grind marks on the bottom of a well polished alabaster piece are a bit unusual.
  16. Mrstyndall I sometimes get that message if I try opening an image without closing the first one I opened. Other times I don't get the message but nothing happens until I close that image I have open...
  17. Watchsearcher is right with everything he said. They are also used under the leg stretchers to pull the legs in. This is one of the better installations I have seen. Someone took the time to make a ke...
  18. The bottom sticker looks to be paper and it has the COO on it so I would think it to not be terribly old and probably mass produced for export. The color and grain of the wood looks like it could be P...
  19. Swing top bottle also called a flip top, usually made in Europe. The emblem on the bottom appears to be the international symbol for honey. You are holding is sideways. The large end of the emblem is ...
  20. They were fashioned after the ulu on a bigger scale. The ones you found were probably the ones that looked like a flat shovel. There are two other names for it, I believe fleshing knife. Can't bring t...
  21. Believe it or not they played this game when I was a kid. One difference though. We got to look at the try of stuff then close our eyes while they removed one item and shuffled the rest. We had to gue...
  22. That is correct but don't believe the ad about the distilled water. Garage I worked at we used water from the faucet. Never had any complaints. There were others made like this with little beads insid...
  23. Not a spoke shave it is an blubber spade. Would have had a wooden handle. Heavy metal so the weight would help make cutting faster and not break.
  24. They look like the ones that used to come on a flask. They pushed down over the cap.
  25. Bb2 that is common for blondes.
  26. You might benefit from this site. http://www.largeletterpostcardsite.com/index.html
  27. Here is USPS rule on post cards and flats https://www.umkc.edu/finadmin/mail/documents/USPS%20standard%20dimensions%20for%20postcards%20letters%20flats.pdf
  28. Well....what are the dimensions?
  29. There is a lady on Facebook named Jodie Elizabeth Smith that does stained glass work. I believe she is in the Carolina's or Georgia. She is a bit eccentric in a way but if you posted a picture for her...
  30. I would guess 1970's. The hardware looks to have been made with a hydraulic press punch stamp. The carvings don't show any signs of chase marks which suggests they were done with a routcrafter, which ...
  31. Certainly looks like she would have fit right in during the 60's with all the burn the bra and hippies.
  32. Looks to be a lance tooth blade and the handle I believe is reversible to aim up or down. For cutting wood on a saw buck.
  33. Pictures are terrible with a bad background. Aside from that it basically looks like a star adjuster that was used doing brake jobs years ago. Some used a pointed end while others used different width...
  34. Here is an example: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/FANTASTIC-ANTIQUE-VINTAGE-HAND-FORGED-SAW-WREST-SET-SETTING-OLD-TOOL-/223317380949?hash=item33fec0cf55
  35. It is a saw rest or gents saw rest. Google it and you will find it. Quite old but not terribly uncommon and not worth big money.
  36. I wonder if you could tell me if the very top of this opens to reveal a storage area?
  37. Irwin tire tightener, August 7, 1855
  38. Alabaster this size is translucent. Because of the nature of Alabaster if it isn't marked it would be impossible to date it. It could be 6 months old or a hundred years old. Really old Alabaster tends...
  39. Is it sharp? Lots of different sizes there. Maybe used for circumcisions??
  40. I use cast iron all the time. I have large and small, round and square. Yours needs to be seasoned which is easy. Just google how to season cast iron cookware. It will look like new in no time.
  41. Quite possible it is an original but one more picture of the back would have helped. These were mass produced after the war.
  42. I hadn't noted the numbering in small print at the bottom. I would say a reprint.
  43. Now that is a card worth collecting. Is it used? Any stamp on it? Written on? If this is original it is a keeper.
  44. Well, if you intend collecting post cards first thing is the content or image. Age isn't always a concern. These are pretty generic mass produced cards of a limited location. Nothing much historic in ...
  45. They also remove the old rings. I only have more modern ones but the basic design is the same.
  46. hunterqlee is right piston ring expander.
  47. Even though I clicked Love It.....it got me detention for using one. My math teacher didn't have a sense of humor. Worst of it is my dad had a worse sense of humor.
  48. I remember these being in gas stations back in the 50's and 60's. Where I grew up gas stations were the only places with a vending machine and they cost ten cents but you got 2 cents back for the empt...
  49. I agree with Blunder, plus there are no signs of wear and there should be. This item appears to be Bolivian Rosewood which was not and would never be used as a ramrod. Doesn't matter how long it is or...
  50. I was thinking it is part of a finial that would would slide down over a rod on a lamp, old parlor stove etc.
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