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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. Not a snow bird. Where I live is known as "Heaven's Waiting Room". Came here to walk the last mile. I lived most of my life in the Monadnock Region after Vietnam.
  2. Mine is embossed on the bottom with maker, part number etc. that is how I checked it. It takes 6 or 8 D-cell batteries or a power cord.
  3. I have one the same color that came out in the 70's. Mine is AM/FM and cassette player. Mine is rather large and weighs 19 pounds. I have been offered $100 for it but guess I will pass because it is u...
  4. I didn't see anything about it in the Union Leader, they must have thought it wasn't news worthy.
  5. If a veterinarian owned it I would sooner think it is a farrier tool. One jaw is beveled and the other blunt.
  6. Thomas Sevres is the name of the guy in Bavaria who made it.
  7. Bung hole auger and reamer.
  8. bobby725 is correct. It is one of the knife guards off a sickle bar mower.
  9. I thought that was you Manikin. I would have known you anywhere.
  10. Looks quite logical. Now to find the glasses
  11. My best guess would be a wallpaper stripper with a seam roller to trim wallpaper.
  12. The color and hardware remind me of Aladdin lamps made long ago.
  13. Agree with slackjack
  14. Tech rescue lists these as having been produced in the mid 1970's.
  15. There are no civil defense triangles on it so I would think it was made after 1963. I believe (but not positive) the triangles were used from 53 until 63
  16. scottvez My comment is based on what we were taught when I worked for customs in Europe. Items modified had their value based on the newest changes and not on what a similar item all original work wo...
  17. This bench has more character than some people I know. I gotta love it.
  18. Padit Working in the shops will give you an education if you are willing to learn. Years ago I worked nights running WWII vintage six spindle screw machines making bearings for patriot missiles.
  19. I will post two links below that may help in your research. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Appareil-photo-a-soufflet-ancien-CORONET-foyer-fixe-objectif-menisque-05A27-/172276176479?rmvSB=true http://co...
  20. You certainly have my interest in this item. Learning as I go. I found these but by a different company. They were listed as a Pillar Drill and Bearing Press. Thus far all of them I have found like th...
  21. I figured you wouldn't post the pictures. Those are not carvings on the doors. They are applied
  22. Any item is only as old as the newest modification. This piece has been reworked more than once looking at the pictures.
  23. Interesting. I wonder if you could post pictures of the inside of the doors? Looks like one large and two small doors in picture # 1
  24. Not a drill, what you have is an old wood working lathe. The face plate speaks for it being a wood lathe as opposed to a metal working lathe.
  25. Tess more about them?? Do it when sober so we all understand. Tessing is like up side down pic's, takes a special knack.
  26. I would agree with bobby725. It appears to have the flip down lock to maintain the bite in the tie. Although normally you used a two man unit to lift or carry the single tongs were commonly used to dr...
  27. I believe you can rule out Stickley as the maker. I am older than this chair and he died before I was born. While this appears to be a school chair, I believe you will find it was mass produced for th...
  28. I have one here somewhere that I am sure is 1960's, it has glass that is made to look like milk glass on all sides of the bottom. The top has a very large ugly lamp shade with a three way bulb.
  29. Long ago I had one similar to this. I finally went to a clamp amp meter as things progressed so I could do it all with one meter.
  30. I have been watching this post......somehow it hits a sour note with me, hehehehe!
  31. I thought it might be a dinosaur toenail without nail polish. :).
  32. Looking at the hardware I think you had the wool pulled over your eyes.
  33. I would sooner think it is an old snuff mull. My 2 cents.
  34. I used to live just north of there so it rang a bell.
  35. Gloucester is a city on Cape Ann in Essex County, Massachusetts, in the United States
  36. He doesn't appear to be terribly old. I wonder if he might have been in training and not earned his badge yet?
  37. This one isn't old nor is it Asian but gives you an idea of what it would look like. https://www.etsy.com/listing/256013485/shabby-chic-decor-antique-gold-bird-cage?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search...
  38. Looks like the Goodell model 98. Made in 1898 by Goodell Mfg. Antrim, NH.
  39. I have modern four and six prong ones. They are commonly used on chair legs etc. to tighten them up.
  40. It is a scotch fastener, nothing to do with logs. Although it may have held a wooden hub on a wagon together. It is like a big staple that holds two pieces of wood together. You center it over the sep...
  41. Age is difficult but probably pre 1950. A company called excelsior made them of this type material with one and two pressure balls on them. They originally sold for around $4 and are worth less today....
  42. It isn't 100 years old nor is it illicit. It is a hernia truss.
  43. zimque Thanks for the link. I will print that out and enclose it when I send the game to my grandson. Perhaps one day it will help him out if he decides to sell his collections.
  44. I found many online with the same star M mark. Some on Pinetrest and some on eBay.
  45. I have been raising birds and going to bird fairs for many years and have seen this type Asian cage a few times. However, it wasn't a cage for a live bird. It was an ornament called a wedding cage. Th...
  46. If you used these to pull well points you gotta be old or they were passed along.
  47. You will find the Gerz stein marks on the link I am posting below. http://www.steinmarks.co.uk/pages/pv.asp?p=stein88
  48. I will agree with Scottvez on closer pictures. That may not actually be rust. Brass that wasn't sealed properly will form discolorations ranging from green to red and brownish. That is because of the ...
  49. Turn key can opener. I haven't seen one in years. They come in all sizes and shapes. https://www.etsy.com/listing/499434724/bulk-lot-of-79-vintage-metal-turn-key?ref=market
  50. I would agree with them being chatelaine. I have seen them made of silver in a display case with multiple implements.
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