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Washington State

I recently became interested in woodworking, mostly just buying old stuff and resanding and making beautiful again.


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  1. TubeAmp, that is it exactly!! Thanks everyone. The plastic container is heavy thick plastic.
  2. Of course! My daughter wants to move there! We used to go up when you just needed a regular drivers license.
  3. Thanks for the ideas! I put in a small appliance bulb. It has to be somewhat small as a full sized bulb doesn't fit, the space isn't wide enuff.
  4. Oh! Really? Like, a soft boiled egg? Interesting!
  5. Thanks! I had no idea!
  6. I like it too! :)
  7. Aw, thanks Leta. Holding up pretty well, but every now and then I have to redo a square. It's kinda fun. It's like an always changing kaleidoscope of colors in our kitchen!
  8. No, it's actually a platform rocker. I have a glider, I know what those are. I had to look it up, as there are 3 different types of rocking chairs, and it's definitely a platform rocker.
  9. That is true, trunkman and eye4beauty. I am very new to all of this. I just got into working with wood in the last year or so. I would love to create something of my own sometime, but for now, I'm ...
  10. Havent quite got thehang g of the keyboard yet... Ever wonder if you've gone too far when restoring something old? When does it lose its authenticity?
  11. It id fun! And relaxing. I just got off work, talked to my daughter, and am now in my garage. This samsung tablet is very handy!
  12. I haven'te read everything about trunks yet, but had a few questions. The silver metal is shining thru on the hardware. Is that good.? Can torn spots in the metal siding be fixed? My goal would be to ...
  13. Trunkman, thank you so much for the link! I will definitely check it out. So far lavendar and vanilla have helped a lot.
  14. Thanks for the tips blunderbuss2. Trunkman : have any tips on the refinishing?
  15. Thanks trunkman! I just saw this exact trunk, in about the same condition, being sold on Etsy for $75!
  16. Yeah, probably. But it's way bigger than a drinking gourd! The bowl part is at least 6 inches across, and it's pretty heavy.
  17. No, no markings at all.
  18. Thanks guys. It's not going to get wet, aghcollect, as it will stay in my garage. I was thinking of putting it up on the counter, but it really does make a great seat. Oh, and yes, the space divide...
  19. Thanks trunkman! :)
  20. It's not particle board. It's wood. There is a strip of cork on the edge so maybe that looks like particle board.
  21. No, it's not veneer. I am new to woodworking, and don't know what kind of wood it is, but I have sanded and sanded, and it is NOT veneer. It's kind of heavy, just a nice plain box.
  22. Well, I'm 50 now, and just became interested in this stuff. I look at it as lucky me, I have a hobby I enjoy that doesn't HAVE to cost me an arm and a leg. :)
  23. I am new to woodworking/refurbishing/etc. I just know I love everything about wood. I took this because it looked like a fun project, and it was being given away on the curb. Someday, I hope to le...
  24. Shoot... I was hoping I could maybe make them myself if I got the right tools.... well, it may have to go in my house without the missing spindles for now.
  25. Wow, I thought mine was a one-of-a-kind! Yes, the shape is very unique. Thanks for the posts! This is my first foray into this website, and I think I like it! :)
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DRAGON TOP BOX can anyone help  what is it and is it chinese? I have had it 50 years and it was given to my mother from an old lady Is this a bottle opener?? 1923 - "The Zodiac and Its Mysteries" Primitive Shaker Dovetail Storage Box Candlebox? Franklin typewriter - 1892 Antique Silver & Crystal Matches Jar


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