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I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things I have acquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things I have acquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they get added to and begin to form a grouping. As you may have noticed, one of my main interests is trunks. Trunk collecting began 25 years ago when I noticed an old trunk teetering on the top of a big item garbage truck. I followed the truck for six blocks until I could finally get alongside of it and flag it down. I asked if I could have the trunk and he said for the price of a cup of coffee it was mine, so I gave him a dollar and gleefully came home and cleaned it up. I have rescued over 15 trunks since then and have recently started to augment my collection through specific purchases, trying to get one of each type that I like. I will post them from time to time. What a great forum this is! Happy to talk trunks and cabbages and kings.... (Read more)


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Antique flat top trunk 1880’s - Furniturein Furniture
Rare Carpet Covered Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
French antique trunk circa 1890 - Furniturein Furniture
1885 Antique Martin Maier Trunk oak slat - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier Oak Slat Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1820’s - 40’s leather trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Antique fishing lures - Fishingin Fishing
1880’s Saratoga grade antique trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Oak Slat Trunk Flat Top - Furniturein Furniture
Vanderman Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Oh my... how beautiful!! You’ve taken this lovely craftsmanship piece and elevated it to a work of art! Wonderful...
  2. Thanks that’s lovely!!! Just for your title it should be Martin Maier Trunk (not Secor). I’m sure one of our contributors can give a name to the tin pattern.So nice to see ... thanks for posting
  3. Awesome you have the same one... would love to see a pic... particularly of the interior tray. Wish I knew more about this one but other than what’s posted that’s about it. Hard to find much backgroun...
  4. Thanks so much eye!!
  5. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments!!
  6. Thanks all for your lovely comments ! facstchr - yes this was canvas covered. Took an exacto knife around the edges and lifted up a small corner - canvas usually just pulls off! The trick for the glue...
  7. Thanks Drill! Although the link didn’t quite work out..
  8. Oh my... how beautiful... and such a touching gift.. this is over the top wonderful!! Greendog you actually out did yourself on this one — and congrats on the upcoming marriage, heirloom gift!
  9. Fantastic!! Awesome trunk Greendog... so glad it came into the right hands... these are why we keep at it!!
  10. Good quality trunk from around 1890 - 1900’s. There were still at that time hundreds of makers assembling these types of trunks with parts sourced out... so unless there is a label hard to know a make...
  11. Thanks so much Js... happy with the results... it now adorns my office!
  12. Nicely done... yes interiors are a big challenge... I just leave my trunks closed.. lol...
  13. Oh please post a pic so we can all have a look!!
  14. Ps. Not technically a ‘steamer trunk’ as those type are half size and flattop..
  15. You have a nice trunk from the late 1890’s to early 1900’s. The locks were purchased separately so you will find eagle locks of various types on many trunks. Most trunk makers did not have labels so ...
  16. It’s a great find ! Love these trunks... as you know they don’t show up too often.
  17. Thanks randallbarbera for the enthusiastic thumbs up! Considering your high quality work I am humbled..
  18. Really nice work on this... kudos.
  19. Nicely done!! Looks fabulous!
  20. Locks are so cool! Sorry I’m a bit late catching up on posts... so nice to see new features!
  21. Thanks myoldkyhome, willlovins, facstchr9455, and greendog for the great comments!
  22. The fold down front feature is unusual so that’s kinda cool.
  23. The lining looks original so highly doubtful there would be a label. Most trunks do not have labels. Greendog is right in urging caution with removing canvas from a trunk dated after early 1900’s as I...
  24. Nice find! Seems to be a standard flat top trunk from around early 1900’s. Without a label it’s hard to know what company made it as there were many. You can clean up the hardware and canvass and use ...
  25. Thanks so much greendog! I never noticed the feature of the slats right up against the ends on the top! Surveying my trunks and others I see this is an exception in design. Yh this one has a lot going...
  26. Thanks greendog... I’m with you on this. There is on this trunk a simplistic beauty that is highlighted by the high quality lock. Too bad the front panel brass buttons are missing... they would have a...
  27. Thanks facstrchr9455 for the lovely comment.
  28. Thanks Drill... I hadn’t come across this style of lock before... thanks for the comment.. finding something new is part of the fun!
  29. Thanks greendog... didn’t know there were model names for these.
  30. A worthy project and great find! The transformation will be stunning... such joy to find and work on these. Why do you call this a Western Star... is this a model name?
  31. Stellar craftsmanship... beautiful work!
  32. Thanks Im4anythingOld and shareurpassion for the great comments!
  33. Thanks eye !
  34. Thanks so much FatBoy64... appreciate the sentiment!
  35. Thanks Mike78.... appreciate the enthusiasm!
  36. Thanks so much Drill!
  37. Lovely trunk! I’m thinking the markings in the leather handles are parts numbers. Welcome to Collectors Weekly!
  38. Thanks so much Billretirecoll, appreciate the comment and visit!
  39. Wow... beautiful transformation ! Nicely done... kudos!!
  40. Thanks Mrstyndall, facstchr9455, and myoldkyhome for the encouraging comments!
  41. This is quite beautiful... amazing how you restored the fabric!
  42. Thanks Greendog... always appreciate your comments and input!
  43. Thanks Drill!
  44. It was typical to place the owners name on the side of a trunk... which would be the case for yours. T. E. Barse... looks like, with chests written underneath so I’ll makes the assumption he traveled ...
  45. Greendog what two stain colours did you use on your MM?
  46. Thanks Mike78, facstchr9455 and Greendog for the comments!
  47. Great trunk!! Marvellous to have a beveled top find and bonus interior tray. Great find!
  48. Ps. I suspect the repair label is also the maker’s label... seems he had a multipurpose label..
  49. The nickname for these in England is ‘bentwood trunks’. They are common as large numbers of immigrants used these lightweight utilitarian trunks to pack their belongings. Other than replacing the lock...
  50. Truly magnificent work on these interiors! Colours and attention to detail are marvellous... impressive work!!
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