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Found a Romadka brothers monitor trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
found a dresser trunk - Furniturein Furniture
My latest - Furniturein Furniture
Something different - Furniturein Furniture
Palica wall trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Duguid wall trunk - Furniturein Furniture
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My latest - Furniturein Furniture
Another one - Furniturein Furniture


  1. That's a nice one Drill, it should be a stunner when you get it done.
  2. I'm with Drill, the metal on the slats looks great, the whole thing looks great.
  3. Like Greendog says, you can do whatever you want with this, there aren't any kind of rules to follow. There does seem to be a lot of paper left compared to others you see that age so that is something...
  4. Hello and welcome. It looks like you have a Jenny Lind trunk and I doubt it had any leather on it, sometimes they covered them with paper like that. They were popular around the civil war but I don't ...
  5. Oh yeah, that's so much better. Really great work t-man.
  6. Nice looking trunk, MUCH better than wicker.
  7. Very sharp looking interior. Which took you longer, the outside or the inside?
  8. Couldn't help but notice the use of the long S on the label, that thingie that looks like a lowercase f, that mostly went out of style around 1800 so that might help you date it.
  9. Very cool trunk, go for it.
  10. Hey Greendog, I've got an idea I'd like to bounce off of you. Could you drop me a line sometime at mbigg@live.com?
  11. wow, another nice one.
  12. That is awesome. I had no idea these existed either but it looks like you snagged a beauty.
  13. No way Greendog, I like this one. It only took me an hour and a half out of my way to pick it up so that wasn't too bad. It looks like Jim Cardoza did a Romadka monitor trunk similar to this one at so...
  14. Nice, looks like a big one. How tall is that?
  15. I like that, it has a unique look. Should look really sharp when you get done.
  16. Thanks for the tips. Those are beautiful, especially that first one.
  17. Another nice find. Your house must look like an early 1900s railroad depot by now. I'm jealous. LOL
  18. Great find, I love the big ones and the embossed tin is very cool.
  19. Oh geez, I love this one, can't wait to see how it turns out.
  20. Well, it's an old flat top trunk, probably over 100 years old but how much I couldn't tell you. Unfortunately there were a lot of people making them back then and they were made by the thousands so un...
  21. Well, that cleaned up really well, very pretty trunk,
  22. Did that come from a Michigan State fan? All it needs is a big white S on there now.
  23. I saw that on there too and noticed it was near you. I was laughing to myself thinking about how it might wind up on here. LMAO It looks like a keeper.
  24. Did you find that on Craigslist?
  25. I dunno buddy, I love the trunk but not the mottling so much.
  26. That's a beauty greendog, great to see the progression too.
  27. Oh, that's a nice one. Love the description of the trip too, been there done that. LOL
  28. Cool, you have a dresser or bureau trunk. You don't see these a lot so, yeah, they are kinda rare. Nailing down a value is kinda hard since they aren't seen for sale a lot and condition is important. ...
  29. Can't wait to see it when you're done.
  30. No room, who are you kidding. There is always room for one more. LOL Nice trunk, very similar to this one on Marvin Millers site. http://www.thisoldtrunk.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_in...
  31. Well, the bad news is that if it doesn't have something that identifies the maker like a sticker or plate with a name on it or some kind of hardware particular to a maker there isn't really a way to t...
  32. Nice job, post some more pics, if you've been lurking a while you know we love pics.
  33. Wow, that leather is really nice Greendog, great find.
  34. Great job saving that trunk from a horrible paint job.
  35. Okay, I think the covering you're talking about is something called vulcanized fiber, don't know exactly what it is really but you see it on wardrobe trunks a lot. I don't see the confusion myself, it...
  36. That's a beauty. The interior looks fine to me, a little dark maybe but that's a keeper.
  37. That's a wardrobe trunk, or the shell of a wardrobe trunk. Google 'wardrobe trunk' and hit images and you'll have an idea of what it originally looked like.
  38. Excellent work.
  39. It does look awesome. It looks like it's in pretty good shape, with a bit of cleaning it should be something that will have people saying "whoa, cool, where did you get that?". I'm afraid I can't tell...
  40. I agree, really nice transformation, as always.
  41. Without any identifying marks there isn't any way to know who the maker was. It looks like a nice little trunk though, I like the pattern on the metal.
  42. Oh cool, I would love to find one of those in the trash, or even at a reasonable price. It's hard to tell from the pics but it doesn't look too rough. I'm afraid this isn't the place to get a value th...
  43. Nice looking trunk except for that broken latch. J.S.S. would have been the initials of the owner and Denver would have been home, I guess that is pretty common for trunks.
  44. LMAO, I love how you say it is your first one. You've got the bug haven't you? Nice looking trunk, it looks like whoever did it did a nice job.
  45. There are a few places to pick up tips on refinishing trunks online if you look around. Here are a couple you might find helpful. http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/ http://www.legacytrunks.c...
  46. Very cool.
  47. Here is another with a stamp. http://www.legacytrunks.com/beveled%20top%2072860/beveled%20top%20trunk%2072860_main.htm
  48. Pretty trunk you've got there. It looks as though it will need a bit of work but if you put the time and effort into it the thing should be something you'll be proud of for quite a while. You can find...
  49. I can't get over the difference Greendog. I was watching that one on ebay and thought it would look good with some work. I'm glad it went to someone that could bring it back.
  50. Nice bonus with the new house.
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Taylor trunk for a cord circuit test set?? Mystery trunk Need help...how old? Cedar Hope Chest Vintage


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