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  1. No room, who are you kidding. There is always room for one more. LOL Nice trunk, very similar to this one on Marvin Millers site. http://www.thisoldtrunk.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_in...
  2. Well, the bad news is that if it doesn't have something that identifies the maker like a sticker or plate with a name on it or some kind of hardware particular to a maker there isn't really a way to t...
  3. Nice job, post some more pics, if you've been lurking a while you know we love pics.
  4. Wow, that leather is really nice Greendog, great find.
  5. Great job saving that trunk from a horrible paint job.
  6. Okay, I think the covering you're talking about is something called vulcanized fiber, don't know exactly what it is really but you see it on wardrobe trunks a lot. I don't see the confusion myself, it...
  7. That's a beauty. The interior looks fine to me, a little dark maybe but that's a keeper.
  8. That's a wardrobe trunk, or the shell of a wardrobe trunk. Google 'wardrobe trunk' and hit images and you'll have an idea of what it originally looked like.
  9. Excellent work.
  10. It does look awesome. It looks like it's in pretty good shape, with a bit of cleaning it should be something that will have people saying "whoa, cool, where did you get that?". I'm afraid I can't tell...
  11. I agree, really nice transformation, as always.
  12. Without any identifying marks there isn't any way to know who the maker was. It looks like a nice little trunk though, I like the pattern on the metal.
  13. Oh cool, I would love to find one of those in the trash, or even at a reasonable price. It's hard to tell from the pics but it doesn't look too rough. I'm afraid this isn't the place to get a value th...
  14. Nice looking trunk except for that broken latch. J.S.S. would have been the initials of the owner and Denver would have been home, I guess that is pretty common for trunks.
  15. LMAO, I love how you say it is your first one. You've got the bug haven't you? Nice looking trunk, it looks like whoever did it did a nice job.
  16. There are a few places to pick up tips on refinishing trunks online if you look around. Here are a couple you might find helpful. http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/ http://www.legacytrunks.c...
  17. Very cool.
  18. Here is another with a stamp. http://www.legacytrunks.com/beveled%20top%2072860/beveled%20top%20trunk%2072860_main.htm
  19. Pretty trunk you've got there. It looks as though it will need a bit of work but if you put the time and effort into it the thing should be something you'll be proud of for quite a while. You can find...
  20. I can't get over the difference Greendog. I was watching that one on ebay and thought it would look good with some work. I'm glad it went to someone that could bring it back.
  21. Nice bonus with the new house.
  22. LMAO Oh yeah, there it is.
  23. Have you bought a trunk even though you don't have room for it or know what you're going to do with it? That's a dead giveaway. Once you get to that point you just as well start all your posts in here...
  24. You're addicted. LOL
  25. Very cool T-man, gotta love those odd ones. Looks like it was taken care of really well too.
  26. Thanks for the comments and the loves folks.
  27. Sharp looking trunk and you gotta love the background too.
  28. Very pretty, someone really put the time in to decorate that one.
  29. Very cool trunk Marvin, I like that look a lot. Good work on the article too, very informative.
  30. aroc, I'm pretty sure you're first impression is right and that those aren't coins of any kind. I'm no expert but I've messed around with coins a bit and have been into civil war store cards for a whi...
  31. Thanks for the input and the loves folks.
  32. Very nice. Did you buy it that nice or have you done any work to it?
  33. Very cool display.
  34. Nice little trunk, be careful though, they can be addictive. Try here to find out more: http://www.allexperts.com/central/howtoask.htm
  35. Really nice.
  36. Nice looking trunk you have there. You can find leather handles in several places including ebay and here: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/ Many of the places that have replacement parts for trun...
  37. Very nice, I'd love to see more pics after you clean it up a bit.
  38. outdoorsman, you might be able to find something out here: http://www.allexperts.com/central/howtoask.htm
  39. Very cool, a Palica wall trunk. I understand there should be a code on the lock somewhere. If you can find that you might be able to score a key from one of these places. http://www.stevensantiquet...
  40. Here's a good place to find out. http://www.allexperts.com/central/howtoask.htm Look for Marvin Miller, he knows all about trunks and even hangs around here once in a while.
  41. Nice looking trunk. You could probably line the bottom part of the trunk pretty easily but the lid would more than likely be a terrible pain. If you would like to save the decorations you could or you...
  42. I'm pretty sure they call these wardrobe trunks. It looks like it is in pretty good shape, I can't imagine why someone would throw it away, but in any case it's a good score for you. Better be careful...
  43. Wow, it's a Jenny Lind trunk, a fancy one in really nice shape too. Like Blunderbuss2 said, experts abound here and I'm sure they will sit up and take notice.
  44. Well, it's pretty cool, outside of that I can't tell you anything but there are a few people around here who know these things a lot better so check back.
  45. I love these, excellent work.
  46. Nice looking trunk, glad to see it found a good home. If there isn't any kind of label or something there probably isn't any way to find out who made it. Usually people here are pretty good about shar...
  47. Great looking trunk, I love it.
  48. Nice trunk, I'd love to get one of those. One of these days.......
  49. I guess cool would be in the eye of the beholder just like beauty but I think this one is very cool. Nice looking trunk.
  50. Nice looking trunk, kind of a different lock too. Should clean up pretty nice for you. I don't think the lithographs were made to order like that but who knows, if you have the money anything is po...
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