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Jackson, Michigan

Born and raised in Michigan, worked for Michigan department of corrections for almost 30 years retired 2012, love to golf got into trunks about six years ago.


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1880's Barrel Top, Interior complete. - Furniturein Furniture
Vulcanized Fiber, love it or hate it. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Barrel Top - Furniturein Furniture
BB&B Vulcanized Fiber And Rawhide Trunk 1890's to 1910 ? - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's Martin Maier Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Interior on my 1870's Martin Maier. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Lithograph's from Eggeman X Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
F. Eggeman & Co. Toledo, Ohio  Late 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's ? Romadka Brothers Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Fancy Tin, Morning Glory Pattern. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Very nice, looks fantastic Drill.
  2. Just about the same, thanks very much FatBoy64.
  3. Thank you very much jscott0363.
  4. thank you LaurenRedmond, and as always thank you Drill.
  5. Thanks BigD338.
  6. Thanks vintagegirl and sugargirl.
  7. Thanks crswerner and MooreAntique
  8. Thank you Watchsearcher and oldpeep.
  9. Thank you vetraio50, sanhardin, SpiritBear, longings, and Beachbum58.
  10. Thank you very much, shughs, pw-collector, Ben, Designer, BigD338, leighannrn, and thanks Ben brown, that means a lot to me.
  11. Tom,the interior on this one is all paper.
  12. Thank you all very much, Vynil33rpm, officialfule, Roycroftbooksfromme, Imforanythingold, EJW-54, blunderbuss2, farmlady, valentino97, fortapache, WillysVA .
  13. Thanks for the comment Damon appreciate it, love the trunk, any time you need some help with anything just call, Brian.
  14. I guess I would refer to this as a small packing trunk, obviously European made, because of the animal hide covering, I would say your close on the date, mid to late 1700's give or take a bit, greendog.
  15. Thanks everyone, appreciate it very much, greendog.
  16. very nice Drill, has a really good look to it, greendog.
  17. Thank you SEAN68 and trunk20.
  18. Thank you mtg75.
  19. Everyone likes this one so much, I guess I had better give it a shot at refinishing it.
  20. Thank you AntiqueToys.
  21. Thank you purvis, vintagegril66 and snowman3.
  22. Thanks again for the loves every one.
  23. Thank you chrissylovescats and Beachbum58.
  24. Again, thanks Drill very much, like I said this was intended to be a parts trunk but I just can't bring myself to destroy it, I feel like I have to try, will see how it go's. P.S. I love the work you ...
  25. Thanks Drill, I thought it looked a lot like your Abe Foot trunk.
  26. Thanks to all for loves and comments, it will be a challenge for sure if I decide to take it on.
  27. Very cool Tom, never seen ones like that before, Brian
  28. this is a small packing trunk, probably used for overnight stays or short trips.
  29. The patent date is Nov 30, 69, 1869 the trunk is no older than 1869, greendog.
  30. The patent date on the lock is Nov 30 69, 1869 so the trunk can't be any older than 1869 and is probably early 1870's.
  31. No, definitely not a civil war trunk, greendog
  32. Late 1890's to early 1900's give or take a bit steamer trunk, this is a true steamer trunk although many people wrongly call all trunks steamer trunks. Steamer trunks were a specific size and shape, a...
  33. Thank you TheGateKeeper.
  34. I've had a couple trunks much like this one, same round tin hardware, probably from late 1860's to early 1870's and I will bet it was a paper covered trunk, this is a small overnight or packing trunk,...
  35. Thank you Celiene.
  36. The trunk had no interior in it when I got it, no doors, no tray, so I had to fabricate everything, I don't have any pictures of the inside before I started, I found one picture with the door open, t...
  37. Thank you very much BigD338, there are a few people on the C.W. that are very good at what we do, Jim Cardoza from HMS Trunks and Ben Brown AKA bib5859 are the two that have inspired me the most.
  38. No idea who made this one, I thought the same thing, Templar cross, some of my favorite hardware.
  39. Finished the interior on this one, done in cedar, greendog.
  40. I just work in my home, garage, outside, basement.
  41. Well BigD338, there's a lot of info on the internet, most of what I've learned has come from just rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty, trial and error, it's really not that hard, it's just a lot ...
  42. Also AnnaB, the entire trunk was cleaned with Murphy's oil soap and a metal cleaning scotch bright pad and nylon brush the rawhide and the vulcanized fiber, I almost dyed the rawhide black because it ...
  43. Also the trunk has been refinished at some point and probably covered with leather originally, greendog.
  44. No need for a C14 analysis, This is a brass bound Jenny Lind trunk, I would say 1860 to 1870, making it 150 to 160 years old give or take a bit, metal lid lift not original to the trunk, greendog.
  45. Thank you filmnet.
  46. Thank you hunterglee.
  47. No problem AnnaB, and thanks again.
  48. Thank you Mike78.
  49. Just so you know Tangoes, this is not a steamer trunk, this is a travel trunk, judging by the front latches I would say from around early 1900's or so, you need to get a square wood rod half by half i...
  50. Thank you ho2cultcha.
  51. See more


E. Moyle Steamer Trunk Ornate Wood Front Barrel Top Doll Trunk 1890's-1901 Duluth 41"  Flat Top Steamer Trunk PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY - UNKNOWN TRUNK FIND I WANT TO RESTORE