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Jackson, Michigan

Born and raised in Michigan, worked for Michigan department of corrections for almost 30 years retired 2012, love to golf got into trunks about seven years ago.


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Mid to late 1880's oak slat Martin Maier Resurrection. - Furniturein Furniture
Another Martin Maier comes my way - Furniturein Furniture
Mid 1880's High End Barrel Top Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Mid 1880's Martin Maier Wedding Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Mid 1880's Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Another F. Eggeman & CO. trunk late 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's Martin Maier Octagon Top / Bevel Top - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's Martin Maier Bevel Top Oak Slat Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Late 1870's Romadka Brothers interior complete. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Barrel Top, Interior complete. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. To be honest, its not a trunk that I would buy to restore, its not a highly collectible or worth very much money, that being said if its a trunk that you really like, then I say go for it.
  2. Embossed alligator tin, made around late 1880's to 1900 give or take a bit, pretty common trunk made by many trunk makers at the time, with one exception, I have never seen the boat anchor slat clamps...
  3. Thanks sugargirl.
  4. Thanks GateKeeper.
  5. Thank you AntiqueToys.
  6. Thank you sanhardin,
  7. Thank you chrissylovescats.
  8. Thank you mtg 75 and Lady_ Picker.
  9. Thank you WillysVA and Longings.
  10. Thanks farmlady.
  11. thank you rocker-sd, and officialfuel.
  12. Very true blunderbuss2, thank you.
  13. Thanks fortapache, Beqachbum58, filmnet, and FatBoy64.
  14. Thanks Ben.
  15. I think I will keep that a surprise until you pick it up Damon, LOL
  16. Thanks Jim
  17. Thanks very much Drill appreciate it.
  18. Thanks again Damon.
  19. Thanks Tom appreciate it, thank you EJW-54 and thank you Damon and you are welcome.
  20. Well Damon, let me be the first to congratulate you on a job well done, it looks fantastic, I love it ! the student is going to have to teach the teacher on how you did your tin, hard to believe this ...
  21. H .C .W. is probably the person that owned it, initials.
  22. Thank Antiques7777, I have cleaned the outside of the trunk, the canvas was in very good shape and looks very good with all the grime cleaned off, all the hardware is copper and brass platted .
  23. Early 1900's to 1920's give or take a bit, monitor style, had rounded front and back top edge's, I don't believe this one was designed for the back of a car, not to say it couldn't have been used for ...
  24. Thank you sugargirl.
  25. I can't disagree with you, I have one similar that I date 1780 to 1820, so very nice find.
  26. in it's day this was a very plain inexpensive trunk and unfortunately it has very little monetary value today.
  27. I would say early Immigrant trunk, all hand made dove tail and wood peg construction, hand wrought iron work, I would say predates civil war, early 1800's give or take a bit.
  28. Barrel top trunk, I would say late 1880's to early 1890's, for me the coolest part of the trunk is the lock , I believe by the star lock co. not sure on the patent date, the cross hole latches on the ...
  29. very cool, never seen one like it anywhere, you may have a one of a kind.
  30. very unusual trunk all the way around, very nice Ben, on the top are the front and back horizontal slats grooved for the front to back slats ?
  31. ok Ben Thanks.
  32. Not sure how I missed this one but this is an awesome trunk Ben, very nice early Romadka Brothers.
  33. Nice Job as usual Ben, Yeah I'd be willing to bet you'll never find another one like it.
  34. thank you shughs.
  35. Thank you trunkman, Damon, Tom.
  36. Thanks to all for the loves.
  37. Thank you BigD and Vynil33rpm
  38. No Tom,I used citristrip stripping gel, paint comes off pretty easy on metal.
  39. your trunk is canvas covered with more than likely vulcanized fiber trim not leather, and I would place your trunk around 1890's to early 1900's. I have a Langmuir trunk that I posted on the C.W. abo...
  40. Thank you oldpeep and farmlady.
  41. Wow! 28, I didn't think it looked 34 or 36, I would plug those holes on the ends with JB weld wood dough from the inside, go over the outside with JB weld metal sand off and paint, good find.
  42. I didn't look that close at this lock Tom, I have several locks of this style on trunks and they all say patent 77 on them, so this trunk can't be any older than early 1890's.
  43. Your trunk is thin sheet metal usually coated in tin, the embossed metal is the same, and obviously wood, the trunk doesn't have a lot monetary value, cleaning and refinishing to what level is up to y...
  44. I would say mid to late 1880's give or take a bit, this style of trunk was made into the early 1900's, 1910, 1915 or so and the same hardware that was patented in the late 1870's and early 1880's was ...
  45. Thank you egreeley 1976
  46. Drill, I love looking at your work, it puts a whole different twist on trunk refinishing, I have a small Romadka Brothers trunk that is rather plain looking void of any ornate hardware and I'am going ...
  47. Thank you mtg75.
  48. I agree with the above easily 1920's and probably much later, as for the Eagle lock the 5676 is the key number for the lock.
  49. Thank you MALKEY and Lady_Picker
  50. Again, I appreciate it so very much Tom, thank you.
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E. Moyle Steamer Trunk Ornate Wood Front Barrel Top Doll Trunk 1890's-1901 Duluth 41"  Flat Top Steamer Trunk PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY - UNKNOWN TRUNK FIND I WANT TO RESTORE