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Jackson, Michigan

Born and raised in Michigan, worked for Michigan department of corrections for almost 30 years retired 2012, love to golf got into trunks about six years ago.


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Early 1880's Martin Maier Octagon Top / Bevel Top - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's Martin Maier Bevel Top Oak Slat Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Late 1870's Romadka Brothers interior complete. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Barrel Top, Interior complete. - Furniturein Furniture
Vulcanized Fiber, love it or hate it. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Barrel Top - Furniturein Furniture
BB&B Vulcanized Fiber And Rawhide Trunk 1890's to 1910 ? - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's Martin Maier Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Interior on my 1870's Martin Maier. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Lithograph's from Eggeman X Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Awesome! very nice job woolleyman1
  2. Agree with Trunkman on date early 1900's, I have learned to avoid these trunks like the plague, because i have run into to many problems with the late 1890's and early 1900 trunks having a layer of fi...
  3. You need to look for a nice lock and replace it.
  4. Very nice Tman, I love everything about it, especially how the wood slats run on the edge of the trunk, very cool, greendog.
  5. You know me Tman, not real big on European trunks a little on the bland side for me, that being said I like it, especially the double brass locks, often the lock or locks are the money shot on a trun...
  6. Thank you Rhea 19.
  7. cool, thanks Josh.
  8. Whats the dimensions on it Josh ?
  9. Funny, I noticed that not all the slats on your trunk are grooved , just the two on the top bevel front and back, MM usually used grooved slats all the way around.
  10. The rear hinges are Martin Maier, patented in 1879, any trunk with these hinges was made by MM, the bevel top or octagon top is on the rare side you don't see many, its funny I just got mine about a m...
  11. Yes, definitely a Martin Maier, looks just like the one I posted recently, nice find.
  12. yes, it was listed in the catalog as the western star model. greendog.
  13. Looking at your trunk again Drill, or should say drooling over it, I don't think people realize what a fantastic trunk this is, super high quality made by one of the top makers of the time and yet it ...
  14. The tin stamped parts that have painted gold were patented in 1880 by C. A. Taylor, your trunk is from around the late 1890's to early 1900's, The finish is called a Mottled finish, your trunk is 100 ...
  15. Thank you Mike78.
  16. Thanks Tman, appreciate it very much.
  17. Thank you getthatmonkeyoutofme.
  18. Thank you AntiqueToys.
  19. Thank you ttomtucker.
  20. Thank you usedcarlady, vintagegirl66, and Mrstyndall, appreciate it.
  21. Thank you smgreen, Beachbum58, and Designer, appreciate it very much.
  22. Thank you very much, farmlady, sanhardin, trukn20, oldpeep, crswerner, mtg75, lisa, Vynil33rpm, leighannrn, Chevelleman69, Lady_ Picker, thank you all.
  23. Very nice Drill, I have been looking for one like this for a long time, good job.
  24. Thanks shughs.
  25. To be honest with you, there's not a lot to research simply because there's not a lot of factual information out there. Your trunk is a very common style made by hundreds of trunk makers at the time, ...
  26. J.H. Sessions, mid 1880's or so.
  27. The hardware was patented by Sessions.
  28. Thanks EJW-54.
  29. Thank's blunderbuss2, appreciate it very much.
  30. Thanks GateKeeper.
  31. Thanks FatBoy64.
  32. Thanks WillysVA and Whyatt.
  33. Thank you fortapache, purvis and officialfuel, appreciate it.
  34. Thank you Drill, appreciate it very much.
  35. well it's your trunk, you can do it anyway that makes you happy, the word restore means to put back as close to original as possible, which is very hard to do, personally I would strip the paper, san...
  36. This is probably around early 1900's because of the flat stamped finger like parts used on the corners.
  37. The trunk itself is probably from around 1870's , it did have leather straps and I agree with FatBoy64, not original lock, greendog.
  38. Just a note, This style of trunk was patented by J.B. Duguid, however that doesn't mean it was made by Duguid, my label says F. Eggeman & Co. now at some time Eggeman and Duguid did become partners.
  39. mine had a complete interior with label, just needs to be refinished.
  40. Yes, that is the one,
  41. Made by, not made buy, LOL.
  42. I posted one very much like yours about five months ago, with a few differences, mine is covered with leather, made buy F. Eggeman & co. out of Toledo Ohio, a little on the rare side, mine has the X s...
  43. Thank you very much TreksofTrish, appreciate it.
  44. Thank you olga66
  45. nice job Tman.
  46. Thank you Tman.
  47. For the dark I used Minwax dark walnut and the light was just clear finish I use over the entire trunk.
  48. Thgank you MNNorth good to hear from you, and TreksofTrish, thank you.
  49. OK Elliot I see you got it on the right channel for me anyway, yeah very nice find, have been looking for one like this myself, I would say late 1880's lid lift patented 1886 if I'm not mistaken, it w...
  50. Love it Elliot, huge fan of MM, Not seeing it in the usual spot for trunks, nice find, look forward to seeing it when your done.
  51. See more


E. Moyle Steamer Trunk Ornate Wood Front Barrel Top Doll Trunk 1890's-1901 Duluth 41"  Flat Top Steamer Trunk PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY - UNKNOWN TRUNK FIND I WANT TO RESTORE