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Jackson, Michigan

Born and raised in Michigan, worked for Michigan department of corrections for almost 30 years retired 2012, love to golf got into trunks about six years ago.


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Early 1880's Martin Maier Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Interior on my 1870's Martin Maier. - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Lithograph's from Eggeman X Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
F. Eggeman & Co. Toledo, Ohio  Late 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1880's ? Romadka Brothers Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Fancy Tin, Morning Glory Pattern. - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1870's Martin Maier - Furniturein Furniture
Late 1880's Martin Maier - Furniturein Furniture
Possibly early 1870's Martin Maier. - Furniturein Furniture
1900'S Boyd, Boyd & Boyd,  B. B. & B. Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. It was very common for trunk makers not to use labels, most trunks that don't have labels and have no identifying hardware such as a Martin Maier or Romadka Brothers, its impossible to say who the mak...
  2. I do, for this trunk your looking at a starting price of 800 dollars, depending on the level of restoration your looking for, greendog.
  3. Hey Mike, not a big deal, but just so you know for your self, this is not a steamer trunk, most people call every trunk a steamer trunk, this is a travel trunk, steamer trunks are a specific shape usu...
  4. well the alligator tin was patented in 1885 and 1886, which puts it mid to late 1880's the cross slat design was patented in 1880 and was more common through the 1880's but the horizontal slat trunk w...
  5. Hey FatBoy64, for some reason I can't send you a message, it won't let me, try sending me one at, Brian.
  6. I would say 1890's to 1900's without a makers label hard to say who the maker was, this style of trunk was made by hundreds of trunk manufactures during this time period, greendog.
  7. P.S. not a steamer trunk, this was a travel trunk, steamer trunks are short flat and rectangular in shape, greendog.
  8. Pictures are to close to get a good look at your trunk, but it looks like an embossed tin barrel top trunk from the late 1880's possibly in to the early 1890's, cool East lake lock on it, without a ma...
  9. Nice job Ben as always, like you said, challenging, most people don't understand how hard it is to get paint out of leather, wood or fabric and have it look good, but you did a fantastic job!, it loo...
  10. Also note the only gold paint is on the handle caps, everything else is brass, greendog.
  11. Thank you TheGateKeeper, and Keramikos, greendog.
  12. Thanks Drill, greendog.
  13. Thanks Ben, greendog.
  14. Thanks Tman, greendog.
  15. Thank you much Lady_Picker, greendog.
  16. No disrespect to you Tman, you know better than that from me, I'am just not a LV guy, don't understand all the hoopla about LV's, every LV looks the same and there way over priced, give me a full blo...
  17. Thanks everyone for the comments and the loves, greendog.
  18. Thanks Mike, original brass buttons in good condition are hard to come by, sometimes you come across them on E-bay, I don't like the reproduction ones, they don't look like the original ones, I have ...
  19. Thank you very much Elisabethan from Sweden, appreciate it very much, greendog.
  20. Thank you officialfuel, greendog.
  21. Thank you Mrstyndall, greendog.
  22. Thank you sugargirl, greendog.
  23. Thank you very much jscott0363, greendog.
  24. Thank you farmlady, and thank you CollectorsWeeklyStaff, greendog.
  25. Thanks very much trunkman, greendog.
  26. Thanks Tom, greendog.
  27. Thank you truthordare, aura, EJW54, greendog.
  28. Thank you aura, Manikin, ho2cultcha, greendog.
  29. Thank you hunterglee, Newfld, ho2cultcha, DistinctivelyMe, Drill, blunderbuss2, fortapache, JonB, Johnsmith, bib5959, WillysVA, greendog.
  30. Not sure if this was meant for me, but no I have not, greendog.
  31. Thanks leighannrn, greendog.
  32. Thanks Drill, I agree very unusual , rare lithographs in a rare trunk, greendog.
  33. Thanks Sewing53, greendog.
  34. Thank you FatBoy64, greendog.
  35. Thank you WillysVA, Mariecollectorholic, blunderbuss2, greendog.
  36. Thank you keramikos, greendog.
  37. Thanks Tom, yougottahavestuff, officialfuel, SpiritBear, Vynil33rpm, greendog.
  38. Thank you RonM, greendog.
  39. I hope that you get to feeling better soon Tom, best wishes, Brian.
  40. Thanks Tom, yeah I was actually pretty lucky on this one, the lady wanted more than I wanted to pay, after negotiating with her she came down 75 dollars it was still more than I wanted to pay and told...
  41. Thanks Tom, greendog.
  42. Hey thanks Tom,yeah like I said, not real fancy but in great condition, greendog.
  43. Very nice trunk Tom, glad you got it, always good to see something different, greendog.
  44. Dam Tom! thought you fell off the face of the earth, but I see you found some more great trunks, very nice Romadka, have been looking for one like this myself, this one is in very good condition, gre...
  45. Thank's Drill, appreciate the info, greendog.
  46. That's pretty funny,I was looking at this one real hard FatBoy64, but I just couldn't get myself to make the five hour drive to get it , love the hardware, send it to me, greendog.
  47. thank you vetraio50, greendog.
  48. Thanks Ben, yeah come on down, I would like to see your trunk, send me some pictures, greendog.
  49. Thank's sugargirl, greendog.
  50. Thank's Marvin, appreciate the comment, thanks for taking a look, greendog.
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E. Moyle Steamer Trunk Ornate Wood Front Barrel Top Doll Trunk 1890's-1901 Duluth 41"  Flat Top Steamer Trunk PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY - UNKNOWN TRUNK FIND I WANT TO RESTORE