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Houston, TX

I have a mish-mash of old things, phonographs, carnival glass, vintage costume jewelry and vintage compacts. Love all things old!


  1. Thanks ttomtucker, I do appreciate it for that respect also! And thanks for all the Loves: AnythingObsure TassieDevil Newfld nutsabotas6 Phonoboy rocker-sd officialfuel SpiritBear bucketh...
  2. Definitely agree with AnythingObscure! ^
  3. Thanks again scottvez, I'd seen a very similar round on an internet search.
  4. Thank you so much for the information scottvez, I wouldn't have thought to look at militaria collecting for this!
  5. Thanks SpiritBear. :)
  6. Thanks for the Loves! I probably will never have him restored, too concerned that it would be a person that hadn't worked with papier-mache and might mess him up or not use the correct paint. I've s...
  7. Thanks for the Loves! And thank you very much Parkerhouse, I'd appreciate any more information that IPBA group can pass on through you!
  8. Thanks SpirtBear, this was brand new bright green felt like you’d pick up in a craft/fabric store; not like any of the other items I have that have the older felt.
  9. Thanks Phonoboy! Yes he did, I don't have any Brunswick cabinets; but I do have some other disc/cylinder cabinets.
  10. Thanks Newfld. It is, but the giver was even more precious.
  11. Thanks nutsabotas6! I've only begun to start digging into the costume jewelry and unfortunately it appears many do not have maker's marks.
  12. Thank you Edwardpduck! I am bad about disappearing from CW for lengthy periods, but I appreciate the right direction from you.
  13. LOL! Thanks, but I was never that cool kid; quite the opposite.
  14. Thanks for the Loves! And yes, buckethead.... I've always thought it was pretty cool. :-)
  15. *CG* not CW.... LOL! Another reason we should be able to edit our responses!
  16. I definitely appreciate all information people can give on my posts! And I love CW, the purples are my faves even though most of what I have is marigold colored ones.
  17. Thank you Gillian! The simplistic ball-tipped ones seem prevalent on the repros, and some of the antique ones also. Any guides to the right ones are appreciated!!
  18. Thank you Newfld, I love older carved wood pieces. And I have a major love of the older mechanical and musical pieces also. When I fell in love with this mirror it was gifted to me later; I feel espec...
  19. Thanks billretirecoll, this one is 10 1/4" high x 14 1/2" length x 7 1/4" width (across the burner base) & 8" width (across the support feet).
  20. Thank you so much TallCakes! I looked that name up and it is indeed what I have, not the Daisy & Button description.
  21. Thanks for the information Trey and fhrjr2! And thanks for the Loves!
  22. Interesting! I don't remember seeing a Coke truck, but my half brother may have had it.
  23. Blue is my favorite as well! Thanks for the Loves. :)
  24. The date was given to me by someone on another site, I am trying to find out from people here that actually have a knowledge of vintage costume jewelry what time frame it may be from.
  25. I will try my best soon; will be out of town sporadically for almost a month. Thank you for the suggestion!
  26. I have a couple pictures that came from a street artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina +/- 15 years ago. They are amazingly well done!
  27. Only wish there was a way to ~Infinity~ Love this one!
  28. Yours are absolutely perfect and pristine! What a grand and intriguing collecting hobby to have! Thank you greatly for the re-post of your miniature pieces of time gone by.
  29. Having serious car envy!!
  30. Thanks for the loves; I have to admit I'm love old jewelry and have passed on a few to my own daughter who admires them and will inevitably have the whole mess. LOL!
  31. Thank you pw-collector for the definite answer!! And if you could bring up some of your previous pics/postings it would be fascinating. I loved this toy and the guilty pleasure of playing with the mo...
  32. Awesome! Thank you AzTom, I think that's about as close as I'll be able to get to what I have. Thanks again Dizzydave, some of those were close also.
  33. Thank you Dizzydave for the link, but unfortunately there is nothing on this one to support it being a part of a watch fob or any other accessory.
  34. @Dizzydave, looked and the bottom of the grip area is solid.
  35. Love it!! I have all the old Matchbox vehicles my kids played with daily.... Not pristine condition because the were used and loved.
  36. They probably came back 30 years later and used the same earlier design!
  37. Thank you so much TassieDevil!! You are spot on with that description!
  38. Not sure it it's the same, but I bought a couple of those for my kids in the late '90s.
  39. Back in the days that companies actually took pride in their product; both the visual aspect and durability.
  40. @Efesgirl, my ex-husband gave that to me many years ago. He picked it up along with some other items on one of his many buying trips. It most likely would have come from the eastern side of the US. I'...
  41. I received it in 1989, and just put it on a shelf with the other old items from family. As to it's age, I have not clue. But it is definitely older than 1998.
  42. I can only offer the following link to the Charles W. Morgan, the last surviving wooden whaler in the world that had deck prisms: Unfortunat...
  43. It may be possible that the blue/greenish aspects are due to copper bits in the clay...?
  44. Such an old-school 1950's look robot form!
  45. Thanks for the Loves & Comments! I have a fascination and love of the early phonographs (both cylinder player and disc) and music boxes.
  46. Thank you davyd286, for the George H. Fuller & Son Co. name to look into! I was aware of the Phinney connection, however I did not know that he provided the patented clasp for them (in theory) exclusi...
  47. Thank you so much davyd286! I appreciate the input and thoughts!
  48. It looks very much like a Selro Selini design to me. My mother must have very much liked his pieces, as she had several.
  49. Hobstar, sometimes referred to as Carnival Hobstar or Imperial Hobstar, has a large hobstar inside connected oval bands. There are fan-type elements above and below where the ovals overlap. Cookie or ...
  50. Thank you both ttomtucker & zeter! I have looked far and wide, but have not seen another lightning protector that Zeter mentioned at the top. Most that I've seen are a central unit with three pegs sp...
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