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N.E. Oklahoma

Phonograph enthusiast. I also collect coins, stamps, and bottles.


Jerry Lee Lewis. Sun Records 45 RPM. - Recordsin Records
Metal caps? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Home electric therapy kit. - Electronicsin Electronics
2min Columbia cylinder.  - Recordsin Records
When The Lusitania Went Down.  - Recordsin Records


  1. No. They are spoons. They're still in use in Asia.
  2. Roll-top ashtray. 1950s most likely.
  3. The two records on the left side in the top-left picture might be of interest. Some foxtrot sound pretty good. They look to be from the 1910s, I can't make out the record number. You may find a collec...
  4. Could it be made of clay?
  5. The Pepsi and Dr Pepper bottles are from the 40s and will have the year stamped on the bottom.
  6. Yes it is from World War II. The for victory stamp on each side of the title was printed on everything from posters to record sleeves.
  7. How big is it?
  8. Happy birthday.
  9. Nicely done.
  10. Not bad. I'd love to see it restored.
  11. Agreed. It's a sediment bowl. It maybe from a tractor.
  12. Very cool. Brunswick was also one of the companies Edison used to make his Edison Disc phonograph cabinets.
  13. That is one pretty penny. My oldest modern coin is a Dutch East India Company Half Duit from 1734.
  14. Isn't learning fun.
  15. I believe what you have is a log roller. If you Google antique log roller similar ones will come up.
  16. I can make out a 4, so it's 1940 something. Maybe 48 or 49.
  17. True Mac.
  18. Looks like Hebrew characters. Could it be Hanukkah related?
  19. Mercury dime minted 1916 to 1945. Yours was minted in Philadelphia. It is common they made 67,740,000 of them in 1939.
  20. English 3 Pence.
  21. Very nice.
  22. It's a multi tool for wood work. If you image search antique multi-tool similar ones will show up.
  23. That is a collar die clash. This happens when the die strikes collar die collar die leaving an imprint.
  24. Nice collection. I like that Franklin stamp.
  25. Glass blowing jacks or tweezers?
  26. The first one is a reamer. If he was a Cooper the hammer could have been used to fit rings on barrels, and the reamer for the bunghole.
  27. I would think so. I know the 78s go for quite a bit, especially Elvis.
  28. Thanks. Brunswick. It's one of only two Sun 45s I own. The other is Johnny Cash's Hey Porter.
  29. Very cool.
  30. Thanks bobzerkcollector.
  31. Found you. Nice post.
  32. Ham bone.
  33. I am glad to hear that. The only lube the gears need is a dab of all purpose grease, or even just petroleum jelly. Email me some pics. I'll asist you if you need it. Stay away from 3 in 1, it gums up....
  34. Nicely done.
  35. I think I found it. Philco Model 37-116X Hi-Fi Console Radio with Standard Tuning
  36. I don't think so.
  37. Hard to tell at that angle. I'd say the car is from the 1910s. Do you have a shot of the front end?
  38. The first one is a spoke shaver. Second one maybe a wire strecher. The other two are beyond me.
  39. Complicated little machine isn't it.
  40. It would have had a sponge disk on its end originally, if my assumption is corect.
  41. Looks like a turn of the century electric therapy part used on the temples. Odd find.
  42. The phone number is a good start. You could narrow it down, I'm sure four didget numbers didn't last to long. My guess would be 1920s-30s.
  43. It is beautiful. I hope someone here can help you.
  44. Thanks for taking a look Spirit Bear. As I said, I haven't a clue. They could be completely unrelated to bottles. I do think the round one is cute though.
  45. What are the dimensions?
  46. Are the wires cloth insolated?
  47. Any component electrition should be able to tell you if it's safe or not. If it turns out not to be safe and the wires are original don't rewire it, just let it be.
  48. Blunderbuss is right. The wires go to the brushes. If the brushes are in decent shape they can be rehabed. Please don't throw out the motor. There are professional antique fan restorers out there, but...
  49. Looks to be late 40s radio phono combination. 78rpm records only. Change the needle after every use. I can't make out the logo. Dose it work?
  50. Great find.
  51. See more


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