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N.E. Oklahoma

Phonograph enthusiast. I also collect coins, stamps, and bottles.


5 Centimes. France 1918. - World Coinsin World Coins
1921 Victor Victrola. VV-90. - Electronicsin Electronics
Leather bank bag. - Advertisingin Advertising
Edison Disc record labels. - Recordsin Records
Jerry Lee Lewis. Sun Records 45 RPM. - Recordsin Records
Metal caps? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Home electric therapy kit. - Electronicsin Electronics
2min Columbia cylinder.  - Recordsin Records
When The Lusitania Went Down.  - Recordsin Records


  1. You are most welcome. I would love to see the results.
  2. Maybe the base to glass pull knobs?
  3. I found this.
  4. I think the prosses is a little more involved. You have to remove the excess ink. They were used in printing. I believe this may help.
  5. It looks similar to some shaving mugs, though most aren't as tall.
  6. The one on the bottom left in the top right picture is very interesting.
  7. Oil lamp is my guess. Are there any marketings?
  8. 20 Peso coin from Mexico. It's a nice off-center example.
  9. Definitely post 1929, that's when RCA bought out the Victor Talking Machine Company.
  10. It's a good song. How does it sound?
  11. Nice mid/late 20s? camera box phono.
  12. It's some type of water pipe for smoking tobacco.
  13. They do. Thanks.
  14. You're absolutely correct. Thank you.
  15. Thank you very much. I'll follow up on your suggestion. Value is of no interest to me. I just like old stuff.
  16. jscott0363; thanks.
  17. Yougotahavestuff; cute.
  18. The bag was secured by drawstrings. You can see some of it in the first pic. I believe they are cotton cords with a cotton sheath.
  19. No. If memory serves right, they preferred dime roll fist packs.
  20. I wonder how effective, if at all, the discs were.
  21. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.
  22. The second one is a lid lifter for wood burning stoves/ovens. The first one wouldn't make sense as a dent puller since it would appear to rotate. I'd say valve lapper.
  23. It is a lamp. That's all I can say. I'd take it to a college to have it identified.
  24. I'm sure there are sewing machine forums out there. Any one would be bound to have an expert among them.
  25. I'd try them on a more modern piece of equipment. Later 78s aren't as durable as the earlier ones. Let us know how they sound.
  26. I remember the first time I saw one of those. I couldn't believe it could be played. I hope someone didn't try to play them on the Edison.
  27. I have a copy of You Tell Her I Stutter. It's a fun one.
  28. The sound boxes usually have information written on them as well.
  29. I don't think it's an Edison or Victor. Is there any writing on the underside of the lid? Is there a name plate around the turntable? The motor itself could also have identifying information. It looks...
  30. Brunswick was also one of the companies contracted to build Edison Disc Phonograph cabinets.
  31. No. They are spoons. They're still in use in Asia.
  32. Roll-top ashtray. 1950s most likely.
  33. The two records on the left side in the top-left picture might be of interest. Some foxtrot sound pretty good. They look to be from the 1910s, I can't make out the record number. You may find a collec...
  34. Could it be made of clay?
  35. The Pepsi and Dr Pepper bottles are from the 40s and will have the year stamped on the bottom.
  36. Yes it is from World War II. The for victory stamp on each side of the title was printed on everything from posters to record sleeves.
  37. How big is it?
  38. Happy birthday.
  39. Nicely done.
  40. Not bad. I'd love to see it restored.
  41. Agreed. It's a sediment bowl. It maybe from a tractor.
  42. Very cool. Brunswick was also one of the companies Edison used to make his Edison Disc phonograph cabinets.
  43. That is one pretty penny. My oldest modern coin is a Dutch East India Company Half Duit from 1734.
  44. Isn't learning fun.
  45. I believe what you have is a log roller. If you Google antique log roller similar ones will come up.
  46. I can make out a 4, so it's 1940 something. Maybe 48 or 49.
  47. True Mac.
  48. Looks like Hebrew characters. Could it be Hanukkah related?
  49. Mercury dime minted 1916 to 1945. Yours was minted in Philadelphia. It is common they made 67,740,000 of them in 1939.
  50. English 3 Pence.
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