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N.E. Oklahoma

Phonograph enthusiast. I also collect coins, stamps, and bottles.


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Falcon pipe.  - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Lateral record adapter. - Electronicsin Electronics
1917 Victor VV-IX  - Electronicsin Electronics
Old stereo viewer.  - Photographsin Photographs
Boy Scouts stuff. - Booksin Books
Aluminum token.  - US Coinsin US Coins
1929 U.S. 2 cent stamp. - Stampsin Stamps
5 Centimes. France 1918. - World Coinsin World Coins
1921 Victor Victrola. VV-90. - Electronicsin Electronics
Leather bank bag. - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Nicely done. About how tall is it?
  2. Looks like a Pilliard motor. I have one similar that has a tiny two main springs. Does it say Swiss made anywhere?
  3. I'm thinking Trajan Dupondius.
  4. Is the edge completely smooth, no lines?
  5. There are people I can ask, if you give me permission to share the image.
  6. Part of a kerosene lamp pulley?
  7. How big is it it? It reminds me of smashed pennies, could it have been made from a penny?
  8. That's cool, but does it cross-stitch.
  9. Cool find. I've never seen one like it.
  10. Looks like a trip wire, or door gun.
  11. Some sort of insulation cutter?
  12. It looks like it would hold some sort of daily planner, notebook, or address book?
  13. Beautiful toning. I don't think it'd be worth sending off.
  14. You can find similar ones if you do an image search for handheld wood auger.
  15. I would assume 1920 is the telephone number. If I'm right, It shouldn't be hard to get an approximate date, knowing that they used a 4 digit phone number and knowing the name of the city.
  16. It looks like someone shaved it down and put it inside the rim of a penny. How odd.
  17. That is one pretty T!
  18. I agree. Looks more like ink bleed than misprint.
  19. I've heard good things about non pumice Goop. I've only used a water damp cloth to clean antique wood finishes, then I wax after it's completely dry.
  20. Looks 1933 - 1962, according to logo style.
  21. It looks like a BNW - 1909-13. I don't think the decal is original.
  22. I love how mechanical those old radios are.
  23. Those have an interesting sound.
  24. That is really cool.
  25. Those have a nice hard surface that produces great volume and a clean sound.
  26. Very cool.
  27. Until 1929. Interestingly, Edison continued to make cylinders along side Disc production.
  28. Thanks. I did have to remove some material to fit it in the tone arm, other than that, the finish is original.
  29. Like most collectors, I started with Wheats, and I still love them.
  30. The recording surface is actually made of an early plastic, and the core is wood flour and China clay. They were recorded vertically as well, unlike 78s that were recorded laterly.
  31. New to me.
  32. My father had one on his tractor. They're pretty convenient.
  33. I believe those are shellac 78s.
  34. The finish looks perfect.
  35. It's a neat piece. I like it.
  37. The formations look more crystalline than gold would. I think it's Iron pyrite. Cool find.
  38. There are many collectors who post on YouTube. If you're curious, you can search the song title and you might get lucky and hear the record you have. Merry Christmas.
  39. What a find! Do you have the appropriate machines to play them? If the Columbia cylinder matches the box, it's a 2 minute wax, and can't be played on a 4 minute machine. Indestructible made 2 and 4 mi...
  40. It looks like clay to me.
  41. Your missing the wire card holder on the right side, it should look the same as on the left. They are fun, aren't they?
  42. Thanks, kwqd.
  43. It's all there. I use it occasionally.
  44. Cool. Do you have any cards for it?
  45. Looks like a model 200. Early 20s. It has been refinished. They are interesting machines, capable of playing vertically and laterally recorded records with the appropriate stylus.
  46. Neat machine. There are a few things to keep in mind, unless it's been rebuilt, you'll likely need to rebuild the sound box. You can probably get away with just replacing the diaphragm and gaskets. T...
  47. The company also made records and phonographs.
  48. It looks like someone was playing around with machining equipment. Post mint damage. Not an error.
  49. I agree, buggy step.
  50. The use of the P mint mark on quarters started in 1980. A die crack would make sense.
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