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We deal in all types of antiques for almost a decade, we have a considerable collection of stamps, We also have potteries and other collectible items, only originalsWe deal in all types of antiques for almost a decade, we have a considerable collection of stamps, We also have potteries and other collectible items, only originals no duplicates or bogus items, authenticity guaranteed. (Read more)


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Old antique bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Art Deco Copper Dinanderie Vase by WMF, Silver rim, and silver inlaid work, 4 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Modern art marble sculpture - Fine Artin Fine Art
Chinese jar - Asianin Asian
George v king emperor - Accessoriesin Accessories
Etruscan art - Potteryin Pottery
Antique porcelain plate - Asianin Asian
Signed crystal vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Extremely heavy copper book - Asianin Asian
Beautiful English vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Yes apparently it has been repaired kwqd
  2. No one recognises this book?
  3. Many thanks for your comments learningnew
  4. Thank you sir mr apostata
  5. 15 to 20 in sir
  6. Thank you sir apostata
  7. Please have a look i uploaded a better photo.
  8. Haha thanks sir
  9. Okay mr vetraio50 your views are appreciated sir
  10. Maybe but not sure, keramikos
  11. I saw a similar version on the internet, please have a look I've uploaded that photo. vetraio50
  12. Thank you sir vetraio50, its really helpful, the plate do seems what you said according to greek mythology the vision of dark world of hades, is the plate a modern one or an old valuable Antique one a...
  13. Thank you for your comments sir BHock45, this collection was acquired by my father, they're really good pieces, i think the whole collection would be worth something, what do you say?
  14. Please have a look.
  15. Thank you so much mr BHock45 it totally helped me in understanding its use, i have other sizes and colours which im uploading now please have a look.
  16. Thank you so much Keramikos, yes the medium seems to be Terracotta, also there's something written in greek language I dont know. Its origin seems pretty much old.
  17. Thank you for your views, i saw the same as mine on the internet selling for a good price, thats why i posted this to get more idea.
  18. Is it rare or common sir? Thank you for your comment.
  19. Thank you everyone for your views, its really helpful.
  20. Thank you so much for your information. What would be it estimate worth, im curious to know.
  21. Look for how much it has been sold on ebay advanced search
  22. Thank you for your views sir!
  23. Look at the new image, it is workshop signed, thank you!
  24. How big it is size wise particularly in inches?
  25. It is a liuligongfang, please have a look at the new image i uploaded, also the poem thats on their site. Thank you!
  26. Thank you all for all your humorous, and enthusiastic comments,
  27. Your comments are really helpful and informative keramikos, it helps in deciding the correct value of anything..
  28. Haha, thank you
  29. Thank you so much sir
  30. Indeed it is madam:)
  31. Thats really unique and nice piece sir thank you for sharing it with me..
  32. Im really sorry if that made you feel uneasy or something, Actually didn't recognise you female due to your username keramikos,i am an Indian, its ok madam thank you for letting me know...
  33. Thank you so much! RichmondLori
  34. Thank you for views sir!
  35. It would be really helpful
  36. Its my pleasure
  37. Thank you so much sir, keramikos
  38. Thank you sir
  39. Thank you so much for your knowledge sir, it's greatly appreciated..
  40. Thanks renedijkstra, sir
  41. Your right sir..
  42. Hopefully sir!
  43. Thank you sir billretirecoll! Best regards ????
  44. Probably the mark got copied, your ryt.
  45. As always am grateful for your views sir! It seems kangxi to me too
  46. Not this sir
  47. I just posted it recently
  48. I've got this another repaired chinese porcelain please have a look sir!
  49. I saw rm auctions lot 952, kangxi landscape vase, I've sent the photos to the auction house, their reply is awaited..
  50. Ok, I get you sir
  51. See more


Murano Cockatoo parrot Liuligongfang Murano Chicken? (Rooster) Emblem (Coat of arms) SCHEURICH 279 38 BODENVASE. Old vintage gramophone SAN MARINO BLACK LAVA LADY PLAQUE




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