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  1. Blondie....the original rapper (commercially successful) with "Rapture".... :)
  2. This light bulb gives me an idea...
  3. He's gonna mess up his hair with that thing....
  4. Good one :)
  5. Since I am originally from WI....I had to put this plug in....Since 1995, Wisconsin has produced the largest crop of cranberries -- currently, about 57% of the United States' total production. :)
  6. MINNESOTA MINING & MFG. ....3M :)
  7. I love seeing these big ol' steel trucks in "played with" condition :)
  8. I never thought i would see the day that I would be clicking a "love it" for one of these surge milkers. I grew up on a rather large dairy farm in northern WI with these dang things. Very labor intens...
  9. Actually the time span they made this certain model was circa 1921~1931. I guess 1929 falls within :)
  10. A fine '59 Vette in "Frost Blue". Only 361 were made in this color for '59 :)
  11. Greg, You are very welcome. The design is based on the Murray Dipside Champion Jet Flow Drive Pedal Car like the blue one pictured in the following link. The pink one is a newer version that is w...
  12. Yep....I actually have four of those bottles that is advertised on the sign. Late 30's is a good estimate :) https://www.taverntrove.com/item.php?ItemId=56859
  13. Campbell Soup Pedal Car made by Alpha International Inc., also known as Gearbox Pedal Car Company, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not very old. One sold recently on ebay for 72 dollars.... https://www.eba...
  14. Let's try this again.... https://www.acklandsgrainger.com/en/product/AIR-BLOWER-VENTURI-PNEUMATIC-17IN/p/ASIASI1000 :)
  15. Appears to be a metal venturi blower. https://www.google.com/search?q=Metal+Venturi+Blower&rlz=1T4ADSA_enUS463US466&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjiv_nJxoffAhUEYKwKHeaPBMUQsxgIKw&biw=168...
  16. Heya Scott! Hoping you are doing well!
  17. Heya roddyq...miss your posts....hopefully everything is A-OK :)
  18. The Buddy "L" No. 200 Express Truck with the rigid body by the Moline Pressed Steel Company circa 1929. Nice One!
  19. Nice '66!!
  20. Heya Brunswick, I know many people….including family, friends, and fellow workers who follow CW without being “official members” Many of them have great collections of their own. They find the site...
  21. I.m with EJW-54 on this one :) For the model years 1959 to 1962, the full size Chevrolet line-up included what has become to be known as the “Bubble Top” hardtop. This “Bubble Top” design had a thin ...
  22. yep Brunswick....I belong to other more narrowed collector blogs that have more substantial and critical dialogue ..... less or no "feel good" "loves and likes" than this one. This one is similar to f...
  23. You’ve Got to to Give it to Me ...... a concert favorite, and one that established the J. Geils Band as a great live act. Loved seeing these guys....fun times :)
  24. Owls are my fave....nice one!! :)
  25. I love your statement that they all seem special just because they are old and represent a piece of history. To me....collectibles are fun and educational. I could care less how valuable they are :) I...
  26. Wow....Nice!
  27. Wow....still in business....impressive! Nice commemorative plate :)
  28. My favorite Monkee...... Michael Nesmith.....he's also a songwriter, actor, producer, novelist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is also a notable 12 string guitarist. As a kid..... I thought hi...
  29. Your air cleaner ties in nicely with the hot licks....nice work!
  30. Caperkid's posts are deleted?? Hopefully he will come back....
  31. Interesting .....my type of gate :)
  32. Nice graphics on this old can!
  33. Nicely Photographed!
  34. I've been in the chemistry profession for 30+ years. I started out with a chemistry set similar to this back in the mid 60s. I actually developed a reverse phase ion chromatography method back in co...
  35. Yep....Jeff "Skunk" Baxter lead guitar outro (from Steely Dan) on "How Do The Fools Survive"....Nicely performed.
  36. I agree with Sheluvsjewelry.Awesome model. Hi Sheluvsjewelry....takin' a break :)
  37. Thank You for challenging me about Ken's "whereabouts". I learned a long time ago to do research before posting comments. Take a look at this link and clue me in where his posts are. https://www.c...
  38. Why? :(
  39. Don't go!! Your posts are awesome!!
  40. Very Cool!
  41. Very Nice!
  42. Great post! Very informative....beautiful set :)
  43. Your collections are displayed very well. Carry on :)
  44. I'll take 5 Qts. of 20W oil for my '40 Chev pickup....please :)
  45. Wow! Great guitar!! Hopefully the guitar and your son are doing well. Nice Post.
  46. Kerry....miss your fabulous posts......
  47. Congratulations! Ribbons well deserved. Your collections and displays are outstanding :)
  48. Love your idea of displaying your pull wagon. I have about a dozen wagons that take up a lot of room ....I'll buy up some of those wall brackets.....
  49. I dated a girl who worked at the diamond match company out of Cloquet, MN (now closed) a long time ago....second box - top left.... Unfortunately, we weren't a perfect match .
  50. Having been raised on a dairy farm and working as a petroleum chemist....a perfect display..... nice metal cow :)
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