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Open Racer #5.....Hubley Cast Aluminum w/ Nickel Plated Driver  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. Yep...I get those darn boney beings running around in my backyard. Darn buggers tore down my bird feeder....
  2. Wow...96 and out hunting....Awesome! Happy Birthday Uncle Bud :)
  3. Full Size Early 1950's Murray Sad Face Pedal Dump Truck. I'm thinkin' you probably already knew that....
  4. Yep...happens in most all collectibles. I do most my dealings with barn finds and word of mouth. I'm not into online sales or big shows as that's where you will find most of the fakes. That's just me ...
  5. Nice to see beer signs....keep them coming :)
  6. Take a look at the manufacturer's decal on the back of this peddler..... https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/96180-fire-truck-pedal-car
  7. 1950s Garton Fire Chief pedal car....not to be confused with the 40s Garton Fire Chiefs which were totally different. This one definitely needs some different paint and decals. :)
  8. Wow! Nice old original AMF BMC Fire Chief Star grill pedal car! I restored a basket 'bout a year ago. Keep this one original...looks great!!
  9. Your postings are excellent as you include very well written descriptions.
  10. Love the old BP Tow Truck. I'm starting to pick up old matchbox items. I recently dug out some that I had back as a 60s kid. Values are certainly going up on the pre-modern. Nice find :)
  11. Like you...I was also a grade school champion dancer...I could kick up a mean Irish jig...
  12. Your mini is a Tredwell Trailpartner, made by Tredwell Mfg., Prince George, Canada. Less than 1,000 were made when the company went bankrupted in 1971. Three styles were made, a 2 by 2, 3 by 3, and a ...
  13. The '64 Cuda came standard with the 170 cu in slant 6. Optional engines included a 225 cu.in slant 6 and the 273 cu.in LA V8. This model obviously has a V8. I had a valiant with the slant 6.....the bo...
  14. Cool Vette. Johnny Lightning makes fun cars. Love the color of this '57 :)
  15. Wow! Awesome!!
  16. Just for your infomation.....I looked up my Jag with the red hubs on Toymart.com. I guess that they are quite rare and were made in 1964.
  17. Nice Murray V-Front (1960-1967). I've restored a few. It looks pretty solid.... easy restoration....have fun! :)
  18. A very nice excavator and fun write up. Question for you...I found one of mu old matchbox cars. It's a number 41 Jaguar. The box shows it as a green car with grey wheels. The actual model is green wit...
  19. Cool....nice find!
  20. I'm a big fan of Kosta Boda....very nice! :)
  21. Nice one iggy!!
  22. Owls....my fave :)
  23. Roycroftsboosfromme1....Love the '55 truck in the last pic. I had a few jeeps....mostly CJ5s and CJ7s. Currently I have a mid '60s Ford Bronco with a 351 Cleveland that scoots me through the woods pre...
  24. Hello Roy, I had to stop by as I love '55 Nomads.....that's why I own one. You should acquire one....lots of fun :) Nice Pics! Later Gator https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/253922-open-rac...
  25. Really??
  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMLZNwezGFY
  27. Never heard of it....pretty cool!
  28. Boston Bull Terriers are cool. Nice Doorstop :)
  29. Awesome! I want!! :)
  30. "At the bottom of the steps dark figures were drawn up in two lines, holding flaming torches. More dark figures came down the steps, bearing, first one, then another small coffin." Fun Post..... :)
  31. A very timely post Ken! Nice!!
  32. Not too many pig trucks out there anymore....nice one!
  33. "Rest Room"....never could figure out why it was called that....
  34. I'd ride that :)
  35. Cool cat....
  36. Set it up now and have a barn dance
  37. I would put it together...cupolas and all. Hmmm..."Lazy Days Farms"....growing up on a farm - I don't remember ever having a day like that :)
  38. Igor Stravinsky was an amazing composer and conductor....my mother was a classical pianist and remember her playing this on our Hi-fi when I was a kid.
  39. Well...did you buy it? It's a mighty fine sign :)
  40. Appears to be a mid 50s Murray pull wagon with replaced wheels. Hard to tell without decal remnants, original hub caps. and wheels.
  41. Wow! Newfld nailed it with autumn colors (my favorite time of the year). Very Nice Ken!!
  42. Man....flashlarue is quick on the draw....nice job flashlarue!!
  43. I don't care for moles tunneling through my yard....but...this guy is an exception. Cool mole :)
  44. Yes they would...Hi Shadow :)
  45. Love your current profile pic of the Mackerel Tabby.... He/she looks like my Tim :)
  46. Nice One!
  47. The Fury may be a 383 V8 Push Button Torque Flite Driver :)
  48. Third car appears to be a '62 Plymouth Fury.
  49. Hello? Hello??
  50. Oh say can you see...if you can ...then your hair’s too short.... I got in plenty of trouble for having my hair too long back in the 60s... :)
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Murray "Woody" Station Wagon Mid 1950s Mercury Monterey Dagger knife help with ID The Hobart coffee grinder/mill Alice's Cat Shirley Temple "Little Colonel" wristwatch Czechoslovakia thorn vase Vintage Porch Glider 1940s/1950s Welz Life-Light Style Vases - Spiral White Ribbons in Amber  Fowler stoneware ginger beer Government of Canada Weight? A large winged vase from Multi Glass colapsable folding sled