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 Keystone No. 293 Ride 'Em Fighter Plane.  - Toysin Toys


  1. Nice! A good morning to you Thomas!
  2. Heya Roycroftbooksfromme1....Thanks for the Appreciation. I know I probably would have set up a take off ramp to take this plane to the air :) I'm thinking mid 1950s for the year...https://www.worthp...
  3. Interesting and cool....nice post!
  4. Then NAPCO (Northwest Auto Parts Company) eventually became DANA...... :)
  5. Cute little fellas
  6. I'd love to go see the drag races with Toyrebel....fun times :)
  7. I believe that the title should read Polara....I had a Polaris snowmobile back in the 70s.... :)
  8. Thank You All Soooooo Much...... for the Appreciation!! bobby725 Broochman yougottahavestuff purvis iggy fortapache Toyrebel blunderbuss2 mickeysmagic officialfuel Brunswick vetraio50 k...
  9. Cool Fox! I have one hanging around my property. At first I thought I heard a kid screaming....nope...just a fox :)
  10. Still one of my favorites :)
  11. Nice post....I remember my father used a pocket knife mostly for cutting the twine on bales of hay to feed the cows inside the barn during the winter months.He would snap his pocket knife open and spr...
  12. That's pretty cool....I especially like the tomorrow land graphic.
  13. Very Nice!
  14. I'm not saying that it is one...but.... I'm with Purvis.... I remember seeing something very similar made out of used tin cans hanging in my grandfathers garage used as a flue cover to cover the hole ...
  15. I guess you settled that discussion.... Too bad there are people who can't stand behind what they claim...just like to stir the pot and leave..... Good job Toyrebel!
  16. Yikes! Runnnnnn!!! No.... actually she's kinda cute :)
  17. The old two speed rear end....just make sure you keep it well lubricated :)
  18. Nice Find!!!!
  19. My Grandfather from the "Old Country" had a Whiskey Still at his farm in Northern WI. I guess that kept him warm in the bitter winters :) I love the detail of your work...
  20. You....Mr Broochman..... have an AWESOME collection... :)
  21. People Are Strange.....Oh....Hi Mr Gumby....Where's Pokey?
  22. "The Genius" Ray....
  23. You... my friend ....are the "Master of Hubley(s)"
  24. Aspirated '34 steel 5 window...pumping out 775 HP....very respectable. Nice pics!
  25. Ahhh....the old manual transmission three on a tree....that's how I learned how to shift :) I drove a first generation C 10 similar to this one as a kid on a dairy farm.
  26. Great Toy! I work with a bunch of ex-Navy Nuclear powered sub and surface guys. The surface guys would love this! Toys from the 60s were the best. Kids actually used their imaginations. Now days e...
  27. Nope....Quality Made....it says so on the box.... :)
  28. I've used several mercury filled vacuum manometers in chemistry lab fume hoods, oil refinery pressurized applications, and finally in an electrical utility....mainly for vacuum in the main condensers....
  29. Hmmmm....I concur with your summation....
  30. Cool bike model....nicely detailed. I'm with you on the road bike preference. I continue to ride a 2001 Bianchi Talladega for tours and racing.
  31. Cool looking battle axe....but...I can't for the life of me understand why anybody would choose an axe to go into battle. I would have to believe that a warrior would have to sleep in late and arrive ...
  32. I can't figure out what that ring is for. Otherwise it looks like a multi purpose spear for thrusting or throwing. Not a boar spear as it doesn't have wings behind the blade to ensure your enemy doesn...
  33. Nicely done....Great Detail....Love the story....cracked a smile on the crack house part..... :)
  34. The one facing the wall may be a modern Bud Light football helmet neon. You can find those on e-bay.
  35. Nice Ride! Still have it? If you do.....enjoy!!
  36. Very....Very....NICE!!!
  37. Congrats!!
  38. Never knew this truck existed....pretty cool piece!
  39. Looks Great!
  40. Matchbox Monday Mopar Muscle....I just wanted to write that..... Cool Dumper!
  41. Very Cool! Love the "All I Do is Wantcha" image.....
  42. How do you clean off the rust prior to painting? I'm an avid bead blaster. Nice Job!
  43. I don't have a clue about guitars...just love the sound of them....this one really looks cool!
  44. Ooops forgot to click the "Love It".....sorry....
  45. I think the capture net just ticked off Mr. Gorilla even more...be careful Mr. GI Joe....
  46. Nice! I love the old neon beer signs. I used to collect them. I sold all of mine....wish I still had them.
  47. Awesome
  48. Not sure how I missed these....Very Nice!
  49. Definitely a show stopper!
  50. Love this!!
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