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Collector of petroliana, breweriana, tobacciana, automobile items, pedal cars, wagons, bicycles, and real estate.


  1. Love the '51. The guy off to the left drinking a giant soda is sporting a pretty cool beard.
  2. I've worked as a bench chemist prior to acquiring my chemical engineering degree. Make sure you apply stopcock grease on the ground glass so the cap doesn't "freeze" to the ground glass inside the nec...
  3. bb2, I've tried to wearing a helmet all the time but can hardly breathe and can't see since they put some sort of adjustable strap for the back of your neck on those darn things. BTW... these Eaglets ...
  4. Speaking of working on new cars...I almost fell and broke my neck when I was changing out my blinker fluid. I slipped on the handful of muffler bearings that fell out on the ground after opening up t...
  5. Yep...definitely a nice old '59 Chevrolet Impala Convert. Possibly packing a 348 Tri-Power V8 under the hood.
  6. Rattletrap....I attached a link to keep you informed about Spur (Murphy Oil) who sold to Calumet who in now is selling it to Husky Energy out of Canada. I guess the Refinery will replace the Calumet l...
  7. I certainly remember the Archies. I actually have a 7" cardboard 45 that came on the back of a Post cereal box back in '69 :) A Good Weekend also to you brunswick!
  8. Cool Jacket. Definitely a Lone Wolf. Two of my older brothers were in clubs with specific charter colors back in the late 60s. Next to impossible to buy one. I really wouldn't want to wear it if it wa...
  9. Great ashtrays!
  10. I would definitely wear the Fred Flinstone golfing tie! Cool silks :)
  11. Pretty cool train set. Thanks for the link to see it go. I had the Sizzler Indy Eagles back in the early 70's...whish I had them now :) Good Luck on setting up one for your grandson someday!
  12. KVan54....I believe you can mark this solved....good job TallCakes!
  13. Love it again :)
  14. Simple and elegant. A very nice patina too! :)
  15. Sweet ....Very Nice Trifari Brooch :)
  16. The dependable Eaglet 58F....Nice :)
  17. Wow....104....amazing!
  18. Wow...I can almost smell that old rubber aroma from here. Cool old...old rubber coat. I would wear it in the rain :)
  19. Very nice! It's awesome that the items you donated are displayed so well for the many visitors to see :)
  20. My type of cuke trellis!
  21. Nice! You did some good wheeling and dealing :)
  22. A very nice display - I especially love the greens :)
  23. I always liked these old Budweiser bowtie neons. Pretty cool that it came from your father's bar..... truly a collectible :)
  24. Nice Job TallCakes! You nailed it!!
  25. I think I will give that first stack a try in my back 40.....woodn't that be cool :)
  26. Your current profile (cat)....very intense!
  27. I remember these! How cool :)
  28. Pretty cool piece! A very nice surprise from your wife :)
  29. Appears to be a '69 Camaro Z-28 in the first pic - NOT a Mustang as your title states. I'm sure you know that - just razzing you :) You shoe horned a 502 in it.....nice!
  30. Gotta' Love it Again....One of my Faves :)
  31. Wow....they're here...
  32. Simple and functional.... like me :) Cool little light fixture!
  33. Thoughts and Prayers for Simba, We have a green eyed gray Mackerel Tabby also....his name is Tim. My wife and I are very attached to Tim. GET WELL SIMBA!!
  34. You are very welcome Sean....Have a Great Day!!
  35. Great Condition!
  36. Nice job on the house! :)
  37. Now...this tankard is awesome!
  38. Wow! A definite steal at that price. Very nice!!
  39. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WC6EbRQmJ0 I think we all had Billy at one time....I still have mine....I'm not sure why :)
  40. Ahhh....Dr. Julius Erving...one of the Greats when watching b-ball back in my High School years :) Nice drawing!
  41. Cool lunchbox. Nice that you have the matching thermos :)
  42. Very Nice!
  43. Love the "Red Indian" logo! Very nice graphics on this can! Cool that it's from your grandpa's shop.
  44. So what do you use the bison bones for? Do you throw them at the critter if the giant sprayer doesn't work? Nice haul :)
  45. Short Answer - Yes :)
  46. It could for a stool for a novice drafter or artist/painter. It appears to be too economical to be in a medical office. I remember the doctor/dentist stool had the capability also to lean back and for...
  47. Is it comfortable?
  48. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL_GAw09YE8 A fellow breweriana collector has one of these tin wrapped cardboard signs. Cool piece! BTW....I'm originally from the Duluth/Superior area....I certai...
  49. A fellow vegetarian...nice....I need one of these tables for my vegetables :)
  50. Family items....best type of collectible to have. Nice write-up :)
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