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Candy Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
 Weiner Music...1967 Promo Record....6 different music genres - Recordsin Records
Some Mobil Stuff....Pegasus Horse. - Petrolianain Petroliana
Vintage Tiki Head Plasma Lamp........ Back Home - Lampsin Lamps
1940s Reddy Kilowatt light bulb. - Advertisingin Advertising
1940's Newton's Black Airline Casting Line Spools - Fishingin Fishing
Scout Statuette...a variation to Fortapache's sent from billretirecoll - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
For blunderbuss2....as per your request....Harley Davidson Knuckle Metalwork....and look....Sonny Barger - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Sherwin Williams Store Display?? - Advertisingin Advertising
For Pre1950Brew....1930s Hamm's Beer Corner Porcelain  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Working in tech support at a commercial nuclear electrical power generating plant....I practice the basic three....time, distance, and shielding :) Cool piece.
  2. Great Album! That's probably why I own this one also :)
  3. Thank You charcoal, MALKEY, Newfld, and IronLace for the very nice comments and information! I sincerely appreciate them :) @ charcoal....nicely identified....Thanks!! Thank You for the apprecia...
  4. Hey Thomas! https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/252847-for-brunswick-thomas--robert-zimmerm?in=activity
  5. Ooooooh....I've been called worse Vynil33rpm....all in fun....all in fun :)
  6. Hmmmmm.....Robert Zimmerman....a native Hibbing Hematite. I have a 1958 yearbook with his picture in it. I know the area well......maybe I'll post it ....eventually.
  7. Thanks fortapache......it seams they are the first items picked up at swap meets I go to.... Thank You for the additional "Love It" clicks: fortapache nutsabotas6 vetraio50
  8. Welcome to the Machine.....anyway.....Wish You Were Here.
  9. Love the pins :)
  10. That was awfully nice of you Brunswick to pay tribute to an exceptional CW participant :)
  11. Thanks Toyrebel...I Appreciate your comment about the friction truck....I think so too :) blunderbuss2.....maybe.....just maybe....it appears the family moved on up Thank You for the "Love It" c...
  12. Very Nice! Not if I beat you to them..... Just kidding :) .....good luck on your quest!
  13. Lookin' Sharp! :) I especially like the iridescent silver shoes for the stardust connection.
  14. Did you score on anymore beer signs? Love to see them :)
  15. Dang! That is one beautiful sign!!
  16. Thank You TassieDevil and Newfld for the Appreciation and Comments! @ TassieDevil....yep...quite an interesting lamp :) @ Newfld....yep...I'm a fan of green....Tim the cat is my bud :) Thank ...
  17. Falstaff Americana Panorama Beer Bar Lighted Sign. There are various scenes from the East Coast to the West Coast and it takes about 7 minutes to complete a rotation. I believe it may be from the 60s...
  18. Yep PhilDMorris....5-6 inches high including the base....same as fortapaches :) https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/252403-the-saturday-evening-scout-post-the-idea?in=user
  19. Awesome Find!!
  20. Wow! Great Gift!! Kudos to Phil :)
  21. Thank You TassieDevil, fortapache, EJW-54, Brunswick, Vinyl33rpm, officialfuel, pw-collector, JohnSmith, and nutsabotas6 for the Appreciation!!
  22. Thank You mikelv85 for the Appreciation!!
  23. Cheetahs are simply amazing....these represent them well :)
  24. Very Nice!
  25. "Left foot. Right foot. Feet. Feet. Feet. Oh, how many feet you meet!” I remember reading this to my little brother :) Cool display and lunchbox!!
  26. Please excuse my ignorance on items like this...but this is really nice! Studying entomology for fun back in college....the cicada on the lid is awesome :) It is certainly a beautiful desk box!
  27. Thank You all for the appreciation and nice comments! You are very welcome blunderbuss2.....Love your bike at https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/132225-new-bike-for-anniversary-post :)
  28. Thanks Toyrebel for the appreciation and comment. Yep....Reddy was the mascot at the electrical plant that I worked at :) Thank you bobby725 for stopping by and tapping the "Love It" :)
  29. Thank You billretirecoll, Newfld. and fortapache for the nice comments and appreciation! Thanks All for the Appreciation!! :)
  30. Thank You Newfld, Windwalker, fortapache, and Brunswick for the appreciation and fun comments! Thank You Manikin, iggy, PhilDMorris, nutsabotas6, Vinyl33rpm, bobby725, Caperkid, Johnsmith, and Toyr...
  31. I'll have a Black n' Tan .....please....my fave :)
  32. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/252418-scout-statuette--a-variation-to-fortapa :)
  33. Nice One! Love the old air meters.
  34. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/252409-for-blunderbuss2--as-per-your-request?in=activity :)
  35. I'm partial to the avacado green and bright green whales....nice!
  36. I'm a fan of green....very cool seahorse brooch :)
  37. Very cool.....
  38. Yep blunderbuss2....I'm trying to figure out why I bought this....I'm glad you got a belly laugh out of this :) Have a great day on your Friendly 'fu-k'n' Island" :) Thanks for the appreciation and ...
  39. DDT.....I remember my father using it on the farm to "fog" the barn back in the 60s....
  40. Sweet.....
  41. I had Peter Gabriel on a cassette tape when it came out. I played "And Through the Wire" so many times that the tape wore out thin and finally broke :)
  42. Love the model and the Mackerel Tabby....I have two (Mackerels.....Tim and Pazzu). Notice the "M" on Bff Carlos Von-Stoffenburg's forehead....symbol for Mackerel :)
  43. Those Playmate cans are big $$$....if you can find one :)
  44. Cool old countertop balance (as bobby725 wrote)....I have a similar 2 Kilo countertop made by Ohaus
  45. You are quite welcome bobby725....you have some cool unique items posted :)
  46. Love that Pure Oil truck....I'll keep lookin'.......
  47. You are very welcome Pre1950Brew. Thanks Much for the appreciation and comment :) Happy Hamm's Hunting!! Thank You Windwalker for the "sweet....."comment and appreciation! Keep on posting your inte...
  48. I love how you captured your wife's bright smile + yourself in the mirror....pure genius! :)
  49. That's just plain.....AWESOME!! Congrats :)
  50. My favorite Pink Floyd Album....I also got to see them in concert....along w/Mr. inflatable pig :)
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