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No longer post but appreciate postings of others....


  1. I knew a girl years ago that purchased a similar item but with more of a crude design. She came to work the next morning with a chipped tooth. I am certain that she really didn't know how to use it.
  2. Not being an expert...I just think it looks cool and well made.... :) Happy Thanksgiving nutsabotas6 (Ken)!!
  3. Burpless?
  4. Nice bird....Happy Thanksgiving back at you :) @ blunderbuss2...I especially love these tryptophan loaded buzzards on toasted rye with lots of mayo the day after Thanksgiving.
  5. Personally....I prefer an expandable steel baton.
  6. Items displayed nicely...cool old Chopper 1. I've used one before and the chopper splitting levers worked well.
  7. The '50 Chev gasser is badass
  8. Mesmerizing eyes...nice work
  9. Ooops ....Jungle Pam....Jungle Pam....
  10. Jungle Jim Lieberman - one of my drag racing favorites! I burned lots of rubber back in the 70's with my buddies doing Jungle Jim burnouts. Our small town police force didn't appreciate us doing that....
  11. True collecting...the fun way. Nice finds!
  12. Yeh...now that you mention it...Roth sure did throw his foot up in the air a lot.
  13. Cool Tonka Camper. I collect Tonkas. This one was made between 1963-1967. Tonka #70 Love the Land Shark.
  14. Nice! Happy Halloween!!
  15. I believe the first pic is of a 1957 Corvette as it has fuel injection. 56 and 57 are hard to tell apart. Love the '62 Chev Apache next to the Puick :)
  16. Cute little fella' :)
  17. Nice piece!
  18. Now....that buggy is stylin'
  19. Cool fan...I have many. Cages on old fans were not put on to protect fingers - they were put on to protect the fan blades :)
  20. They look very happy :)
  21. Wow! Nice find!!
  22. Cool dino - nice write up. I could use a real one for trimming a few of my taller trees.
  23. Nice.... I prefer signs in this condition
  24. Impressive!
  25. Back in the days of good old copper and brass radiators. I had a few recored myself through the years.
  26. Very Cool
  27. Thanks blunderbuss2. Awesome gun.
  28. I would park on the roof. Cool case!
  29. A coaster wagon offered by Blish, Mize, and Silliman Hardware Company out of Atchison, Kansas back in the 1940s. The wagon featured combo bearing wheels, 10 inch size. Size of bed 15 X34 X5 inches. 3/...
  30. Cool Pics. Love the truck. Does your Johnny Lightning come equipped with a K&N cold air injection system like the real one? :)
  31. fortapache.....cool trap....what happened to Thomas?
  32. That last pic is smokin'....nice pics...looks like a lot of fun.
  33. Cool piece
  34. Awesome! That will be me in a couple of months :)
  35. Nice Trike!
  36. Ahhhh......Chromies and cherry bombs...I remember them well :) I had a '62 Impala. Cool post!
  37. Cool old sign. Love the condition of it. I'm not able to upload pictures to CW lately so I'm going to sit back and enjoy the view.....
  38. I loved it when they used to set a truck or car high in the air for advertising. We have a couple of old used car dealerships in the area with old Chevs perched high in the sky.
  39. I've had mounts made for Muskellunge and Northern Pike that I caught but never for Walleye. Walleye fillets are just too good to eat to put on a wall....IMO :)
  40. See this link.... https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/64497-limited-edition-1907-2999-pedal-fire
  41. Awesome :)
  42. Love the '51. The guy off to the left drinking a giant soda is sporting a pretty cool beard.
  43. I've worked as a bench chemist prior to acquiring my chemical engineering degree. Make sure you apply stopcock grease on the ground glass so the cap doesn't "freeze" to the ground glass inside the nec...
  44. bb2, I've tried to wearing a helmet all the time but can hardly breathe and can't see since they put some sort of adjustable strap for the back of your neck on those darn things. BTW... these Eaglets ...
  45. Speaking of working on new cars...I almost fell and broke my neck when I was changing out my blinker fluid. I slipped on the handful of muffler bearings that fell out on the ground after opening up t...
  46. Yep...definitely a nice old '59 Chevrolet Impala Convert. Possibly packing a 348 Tri-Power V8 under the hood.
  47. Rattletrap....I attached a link to keep you informed about Spur (Murphy Oil) who sold to Calumet who in now is selling it to Husky Energy out of Canada. I guess the Refinery will replace the Calumet l...
  48. Cool Jacket. Definitely a Lone Wolf. Two of my older brothers were in clubs with specific charter colors back in the late 60s. Next to impossible to buy one. I really wouldn't want to wear it if it wa...
  49. Great ashtrays!
  50. I would definitely wear the Fred Flinstone golfing tie! Cool silks :)
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