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Vintage Hamm's Embossed Tin - Original and Reproduction - Advertisingin Advertising
2-Sided Mercedes Benz Milk Glass Lighted Globe - Advertisingin Advertising
Spinning Reel of DuPont Nylon...1954 Waltco Ny-O-Lite - Advertisingin Advertising
For blunderbuss2....Vintage #2 DuPont Dynamite Cap Crimping Tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Dupont Advertising 10% DDT Insect Dust Tin - Unopened - Advertisingin Advertising
1900s DuPont Explosives Hercules Powder Steel Letter Opener  - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage DuPont Blasting Galvanometer - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Gold Columbia Bicycle Unrestored w/ Original Tires - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
 Dupont Blasting Machine....And Boom  Goes the Dynamite.... - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage DUPONT "Prosperity Follows Dynamite Remove Stumps and Boulders" Pinback Button - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. http://thecoolgadgets.com/weather-station-sputnik-barometer/ You may be missing the stand?
  2. Thank You PhilDMorris for the Appreciation and Super Cool Comment :) Hi betweenthelens....I have a few gas pump globes that you are referring to. I've also seen globes made for other products inclu...
  3. Thank You officialfuel and PhilDMorris for the Appreciation!!
  4. Thank You oldpeep and ttomtucker for Stopping By and Tapping the Love It :)
  5. Really...Really.....Nice!!
  6. Wonderful thing to do! Your daughter has a great mom :)
  7. Awesome....pure magic :)
  8. Thank You Brunswick and KKK for Stopping By!
  9. Thank You betweenthelens, Caperkid, and Collectables59 for the appreciation of this reel.
  10. Thank You betweethelens for the Appreciation and Very Nice Comment :) Thank You AnyThingObscure and ttomtucker for Stopping By and Tappin' the Love It!
  11. I like it....fluffer. I spotted a fluffer of Leporidae hiding in the thicket enjoying the silence. See...it works :)
  12. Beautiful painting....serene.....
  13. Wow....Nice Fountain Pen!!
  14. Dang Caperkid....sorry you lost yours....I'll check to see if your name is on it....nope....sorry.....not yours :) Thanks for Stopping By! Thank You jscott0363 for the Appreciation and Comment! I...
  15. Good info....Thanks for the post
  16. ahhhh....Corduroy or "Cords"....I had all the colors. These are pretty cool. Psychedelicized.....I like that word...I'm using that word on Monday in a sentence at work on Monday :)
  17. Don't give up....take it to a jeweler like PhilDMorris suggested...it's a nice piece :)
  18. Hmmmm....a group of rabbits is called a herd. A group of bunnies is called a fluffle. I would consider this grouping a mix of both fluffle and herd :)
  19. Yours is a two draw for sure. I am looking at my three draw right now. Here is what you can try. Extend your spyglass as far as it will go. Pick a distant object and look through the spyglass. Slowly,...
  20. Thank You Manikin....a very cool reel comment :)
  21. Lisa left you.....years ago.... :)
  22. Thank You TassieDevil for the very nice comment. I guess it does look rather flashy for a fishing reel. Yep...I used to...and.... continue to fish :) Thank You fortapache, mikelv85, and Brunswick f...
  23. These are soluble effervescent tablets of the bromides of ammonium, sodium, and potassium. Today's bromo seltzers do not contain bromides anymore....they just carry the old name. The bromides were re...
  24. Oh yea, I meet up with those guys all the time at car shows. I'm more of a GM guy as I own a couple of Corvettes also. The older I get, the more I like other cars as long as they are to my liking. Lik...
  25. Every time I see this passing before my eyes..... I see a compact copperized stereophonic alphorn.
  26. Yes...it appears to be a nice smooth casting....very nice :)
  27. Well jscott0363...I Thank You Kindly :) That is a very nice comment! Yep....I feel like I kinda' cheated by posting the advert....but....it saved me from a lot of typing :) Thanks Again.... Thanks ...
  28. Hmmmmm.....nope.....no major problems with mine. Not sure what he means....it's not built to ride like a Honda Accord. Oh wait.....The only problem I continuously have is I see white smoke coming from...
  29. Well thanks nutsabotas for the appreciation. I didn't really expect any "Love Its". It's a fishing reel. I just find it as a very interesting way of introducing DuPont's use of their innovative nylon ...
  30. Nice! Yep...a first generation (92-96) Viper....soft tops only in those years. I have a third generation (03-06) Viper convert as a highway driver in the summer....fun car!!
  31. It appears that the dog smoking the cigar is cheating.
  32. Thanks Much for the Love Its. I know the tool isn't pretty....I just wanted to ensure that if someone came across a tool like this that they could do an image search and find it here on CW. Thanks ...
  33. Still one of my faves....I would have kept it :)
  34. Heya...Howya...doin' ?
  35. Thank You PhilDMorris, officialfuel, and mikelv85 for the Appreciation!! :)
  36. Thank You betweenthelens for the Appreciation!! :)
  37. Thank You betweenthelens for the Appreciation!! :)
  38. Thank You betweenthelens and AnnaB for the Appreciation!! :)
  39. Thank You betweenthelens for the Appreciation!! :)
  40. Awesome clean up! Looks Great!!
  41. You are welcome Ken...your posts are tops :)
  42. Bwah...ha..ha....Awesome!! :)
  43. Strange....I love it!! :)
  44. Great Color!!
  45. Great Collection! Nicely Displayed :)
  46. Good Morning Thomas! Thanks for Stopping By!!
  47. Yep....definitely from the 50s. I have this one and an earlier version from the 40s with her facing forward :)
  48. Thank You racer4four for Stopping By
  49. Thank You jscott0363....geeze I hope I didn't scare anybody away....just harmless displays as part of our history :) Thank You Caperkid, vetraio50, nutsabotas6, iggy, Newfld, AnythingObscure, forta...
  50. Thank You americanstationer for the Appreciation of this old letter opener :)
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