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  1. Excellent! Happy Halloween to you Thomas!
  2. Very...very....Nice
  3. I concur....wholesome....
  4. Nice one Ken...you know...are are about the best CW member on this site....love your posts!
  5. Nice collection ....Toyrebel.
  6. Yep....building on Toryebel's remark...an Engler Distilling Flask With Sidearm, round bottom, straight mouth, sidearm tubes are sealed at an angle of 75° from the neck. I used them long ago in an oil ...
  7. Gary....I concur.....
  8. My motto is to "Embrace Change". That motto works with a new mate.... :)
  9. A hare less than one year old is called a "leveret" .... not a "bunny" :)
  10. I concur with Iggy...your bottle pics are great!!
  11. It's a shame the US didn't switch to metric cold turkey. We spent too much time trying to teach conversions.
  12. Hands Down Ken....You have a GREAT collection of Trifari!!
  13. A very nice "Drove" of Hares :)
  14. Now...that's beautiful glass....NICE!!!
  15. Nicely done 1968 blown Camaro. I concur...Iron Butterfly....
  16. A setting loupe for plate cameras. Made for focus on the focusing screen at wetplate photography and also an original accessory from that time. Adjustable for different eye strengths by sliding in an...
  17. Yep.....wholesome.....
  18. Cool Signs. I'll be seeing signs like this up on the North Shore scenic trail in the area of Tettegouche State Park this weekend. Hiking....hiking....:)
  19. Nicely Done Ken....Cool '55....Your posts are top notch :)
  20. I remember standing on these while painting the north and south face sides of a qounset back in the 60s on the farm....an OK memory....
  21. Hi Lazara100....I'll try to be a bit more helpful....Cast Iron are gray in color and are Ferromagnetic; they will hold a magnet if applied to the surface. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc and is n...
  22. Never had to use one....I was an exempt throughout my career.... companies owned me :)
  23. Arlan's Department store sticker....From New Bedford Guide..."Before Wal-Mart, KMart and Target there was Arlan’s Department Store. This discount store chain was founded here in New Bedford in 1945 by...
  24. I've always liked the Standard Apple album and single labels displayed a bright green apple on the A-side, while the flipside displayed the cross section of the apple. Maybe because I like Granny Smit...
  25. One of the best known doo-wop songs :)
  26. Charlie Chaplin was probably considered one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry. His career was both filled with both praise and controversy. A very interesting man.
  27. WesternPA-Collector....you are welcome. Not quite on the screen name .... even though buckethead is an awesome guitarist. Actually.... my screen name comes from a nick name I call my dog ... when...
  28. Love these guys! Nice find!!
  29. Great Post! Very informative. These are the type of posts that CW members and visitors can use as reference. Thanks for posting!
  30. Nice One Ken!!
  31. Cool Radio! I found an original ad for this that read: The Blue Max. It's a radio. 4 1/2" high and futuristic. This see-through beauty is so intriguing, people can't keep their hands off it. Insi...
  32. Ken....your posts are always presented well and described with the right amount of information. I learned so much from your uploads....makes it fun when searching out vintage jewelry with my wife .......
  33. Beautiful....Nicely Done....
  34. I concur....how could you not Love happy bird :)
  35. Why was he called Red Sleeves?? Oh.... never mind.... :)
  36. As the old slogan goes..... “Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?”... Cool Mug :)
  37. When I think of Kansas....twisters come to mind....
  38. A very nice and dazzling brooch. I remember back in my freshman Euclidean Geometry course that some define a trapezoid as a quadrilateral having only one pair of parallel sides, thereby excluding para...
  39. Great Sign...Thank You for Sharing
  40. Sweet!!
  41. Nice '68 Camaro Convert
  42. Buddy Ls and Tonkas are fun to collect...:)
  43. Nice...it's interesting to note that the Boss 302 engine was designed by Larry Shinoda....a former GM employee :)
  44. Cool '57 Nomad....Nicely Done :)
  45. Whimsical :)
  46. With twelve sticks....it was destined to be a clock someday. Looks Great!
  47. Nice! A good morning to you Thomas!
  48. Interesting and cool....nice post!
  49. Cute little fellas
  50. I'd love to go see the drag races with Toyrebel....fun times :)
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Machinist Toolbox MAD Magazine - #89 September 1964 this is thigtrope walker Paul Klee Only colours and beauthiful things to look at. Japanese "TANTO" short sword