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1950’s Eco Air meter ....remember those days.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola Script Trademark from 1903 on.  How to identify the different years.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Porcelain Mobil sign dated 1947 ?  Repro is what it is . - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola clock custom made replica.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola tin sign dated February 1948. Excellent condition and great border . - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Gas and oil expo Maggie Valley N.C.   
Automobilia , Coca Cola and anything old porcelain. - Advertisingin Advertising
1955 Dole super and improved  Coca Cola fountain dispenser.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Dept 56. Snow village buildings and toys.  Retired pieces.  - Christmasin Christmas
1948.... Coca Cola am cooler radio ...Bakelite and works.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. More fake signs
  2. It’s not just India. People ship these over here in large containers and sell them as the real deal. They don’t appear to be from India. I see these signs on ebay and they are from sellers in the stat...
  3. Thanks for stopping by signaholic
  4. Thanks ....shughs and trukn20
  5. Thanks lata for your comment hope u enjoyed .
  6. Thanks bigsarge for stopping by
  7. Nice collection of coke trucks and toys. They look like they are in near mint shape. Holy cow.
  8. Fake Coke signs are some what easy to spot. The real problem is fake gas and oil signs because there are not any good price guides out there. I haven’t noticed any decline in asking prices of near min...
  9. 63 oh heck you are just a kid compared to me. Nice find. 1947 is a great year for me.
  10. When I see some of these artists restore a Coca Cola script it just amazing their talent. True craftsman at work. Love the clock and what you came up with.
  11. ???? Can’t use emoticons on here and this is what you get if you try. Sorry. Smiley face is what I was trying to use.
  12. Nize ! and such great shape. Hey save some for us out there. Lol ????
  13. I love the V/8 emblem in the grille and the car. Never owned one but did drive a model T once. Top speed was like 45 mph. Cool car and love your pictures.
  14. You got lucky and found some killer items. Nice finds for sure.
  15. Those shows are full of signs and all things gas and oil. My problem is they know what they have and add 25% to their asking prices. Been to a few but most of the time come back with just a small hand...
  16. Nice nice nice. Love the oil and gas signs.
  17. It’s always nice to have a rough sign around some pistine ones to show the contrast.
  18. One of the most important plants on the planet. Not for the high it gives you but the other important medical benefits. I use the CBD oil to cure my back pains. This should have been legal back in the...
  19. Love that VW bus. Those were some crazy days back in the 60’s. Some things never change.
  20. Welcome to CW. My son and his wife are leaving for Barcelona this Thursday. Look forward to seeing more of your collection.
  21. That car show has everything which makes for a interesting event. Summer gone already .....boy time flys by when your having fun.
  22. Sometimes on the very bottom edge they will have a date.
  23. I remember a neighbor got a new 57 bird when I was just 10 years old. It was the talk of the neighborhood . Back then if anyone in the neighborhood got a new car we would all rush over to see it. But...
  24. If it were French Canadian it would say buvez. Buts it looks real IMO.
  25. Oh I forgot it’s sitting on my favorite coke piece. The salesman sample cooler .... Yeah !
  26. Glad you have posted and was wondering where you have been. Always happy to see your picks. Nice and have the same door push. It’s on my sceeen door to my garage. Keep them coming please.
  27. Congrats and looks like you had a great time enjoying my favorite hobby.
  28. Thanks for stopping by Fort Apache
  29. I’m still looking for that sign in my travels. Love it a lot.
  30. I had that exact sign and I wish today I didn’t sell it. Oh well.
  31. Thanks Trey , Purvis and gargoylecollectot
  32. Those are some really cool treasures for sure.
  33. Thanks for looking Purvis.
  34. Thanks Trey. Good pickings.
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  36. Thanks Buckethead for stopping by. Happy picking .
  37. I bought one of these clocks last year for $250 and yes it’s a reproduction but I like it . It’s well made and looks beautiful. These sell for around $350 and they are represented as reproduction clo...
  38. It’s that time of year again. Leaving today for the 127 longest garage sale .pick pick pick.
  39. Keep them coming,looks great.
  40. Thanks for stopping purvis,chrissylovescats,DaveSierra and iggy
  41. So what’s the date on the bottom ?
  42. Wow that’s really in great shape for a old Sunoco bottle. I’ve got one with the exact markings. Just not as pristine.
  43. What’s the date on the bottom of the sign. Is it like 1998 ?
  44. Nice pick and what a beautiful couple just having fun.
  45. When Chevy had the slogan “this is a quality OK used car “Ford should have come out with “our cars are much better then just OK “lol.
  46. Thanks for stopping in AnythingObscure, officialfuel and bunderbuss.
  47. Yeah size is everything. Plus the India signs are a little sloppy in their so called craftmenship. The real sign makers took pride in their work.
  48. U know today’s 18 wheelers are running on retreads . Only the front tires are not allowed retreads. That’s why you see Hugh tire caps laying on the side of roads. Never drive next to a semi for any le...
  49. I don’t really love this picture and wish it hadn’t happened. But we must not forget the past and sadly we are reliving it again. This isn’t the place for politics so I’m out.
  50. Manikin you are it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish the real from the fake. The manufacturering process is getting so good ....but thanks to Mother Nature for helping us alo...
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Camaro Z/28 and Mustangs for all ages.


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