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Atlanta. Ga


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Dept 56. Snow village buildings and toys.  Retired pieces.  - Christmasin Christmas
1948.... Coca Cola am cooler radio ...Bakelite and works.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
The honeymooners tin toy  bus from 1955 - Toysin Toys
1966 Corvette 427 / 425 hp coupe , red/red. 4 speed ...2017 grand sport 376/460hp 7 speed  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Coca Cola flange sign dated 10/56. Exc condition.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Mobilgas pump sign. 1930's - Petrolianain Petroliana
Chevrolet service dept clock  - Clocksin Clocks
1947 Drink Coca Cola bottle in the spotlight 54" x 18" large tin sign. - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola push bar - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
 1949 and its Mom, Apple pie, 4th of July and a 1995 Centennial Schwinn Black Phantom built from original equipment and tools  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thanks chevy59
  2. Not sure I would want Goofy moving my collection haha
  3. That's one of my favorites
  4. Old gas pumps make my day.
  5. Cool sign
  6. The garage looks great @ Christmas time.
  7. I see you have Clark in your pictures. Funny as hell movie.
  8. Buckethead....Even the restored pure oil trucks are asking big money on eBay these days. There is one on eBay for a whopping $3K !! I was lucky and bought a original near mint sweet heart grille fro...
  9. Nice tree
  10. Thanks for the love racer4four
  11. Buckethead thanks for looking. That pure oil truck is unfortunately restored. I've been looking for an original near mint for the past 15 years. They just aren't many out there. Most of my collecti...
  12. Thanks for looking officialfuel
  13. Nice and the movie
  14. Thanks mountain girl and farm lady
  15. Yeah Gulf. The Coca Cola salesman cooler is my favorite of all. The condition is outstanding and I've always wanted one. Still looking Happy holidays to all.
  16. That floats my boat for sure. Looks great inside with all the neon and such.
  17. Thanks pickrknows
  18. Thanks for looking edisonfan
  19. Thanks for the info. Love old radios just don't have the space. They have that really cool Art Deco design.
  20. With the original box and mint condition those go for as much as $700 on eBay today. 10/5/17.
  21. Blue moon. I meant.
  22. Great color , gloss and condition. No way that was outside. Signs like this on eBay are usually very expensive . It doesn't surprise me that once in a blue mood something shows up on eBay. Nice find a...
  23. I liked this toy but it really didn't fit in with my pressed steel collection of old toy trucks. I doubled my money and just sold it on eBay. Also didn't have room for this really nice piece.
  24. Thanks Dabby_Nobucks ,officialfuel and rustyboltz
  25. I haven't seen this globe before and The pictures are a nice touch.
  26. Sign of good taste 1957 and newer.
  27. Back in the day Sunoco 260 was the gas to put in those big block 427 Chevy's or 421 1962 Pontiac aluminum bumper Catalina's. Great find and Great sign and love the colors.
  28. Thanks. iggy and bunderbuss
  29. Thanks trey
  30. If there's a easy way to make money a few people will figure out a scam. Shill bidding is another form. Ebay motors is a prime target.
  31. Brimfield that's all my wife talks about when her parents use to go there in the 70's. Good picking is what she always says. Someday I need to experience it.
  32. Gulf 99 ..thx for the info.
  33. That's one of my favorite pumps of all time.
  34. A lot to look at but my favorite is the Mobil special gas pump. Don't see to many like that it.
  35. As a kid I watched soupy sales when it was only on in Detroit area. I grew up watching that lovable nut.
  36. Yep those are the landing lights from a 727 . Back in the day they were BRIGHT.
  37. Exact same camera my dad had back in the 50's. My dad took pictures and was very serious about always getting it out for the holidays. He had a light bar that looked like an airplane approaching the r...
  38. Thanks Brunswick
  39. 63 split window cool
  40. Wow long trip be safe and look forward to your new signs. It's alway fun seeing signs I never knew existed.
  41. Thanks .buckethead I'm glad you liked it. The other truck is a Smith Miller Mobil tanker from 1949 all original near mint condition. Keep on picking and showing your finds.
  42. Rattletrap.....I'm just the opposite because my wife got me into collecting. She came from a family that really enjoyed antique collecting. I would go along with her and be bored out of my mine. Then...
  43. Buckethead look Well I said there would be a surprise. I saw this bus last month in a antique store. It was in a case and could not see the date. I figured it was from the 90's because it was like n...
  44. Thanks Efesgirl,buckethead and ben
  45. Buckethead: I saw your post and that's a cool bus for sure. Now that I've got another CW member looking for the honeymooners bus I am worried. As Ralph would say " if you think am going to let that ha...
  46. Look it's day by day account of the crisis with declassified information that wasn't available until this was released. The facts are there and the results are there. The Russian account has been the ...
  47. The generals wanted any excuse to invade Cuba. I'm not going argue with you go watch the movie 13 days. No more from me period.
  48. Can't wait till Sunday to watch another episode. These shows are outstanding just like Norton calls Ralphie boy because of his weight. Outstanding in a crowd !
  49. I found one on eBay for $902. It's back is black so it appears to be a repro. I'm checking with the company that makes the repro spinner neon clocks to see if they make the Coke version. These repro ...
  50. They play the old episodes every Sunday in the Atlanta on ME TV. I always get a kick out of watching them. Pow !!right in the kisser. As a kid my mother never liked the show. I can see her point but ...
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Camaro Z/28 and Mustangs for all ages.


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