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1920’s Mobiloil Gargoyle porcelain double sided lollipop sign.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola FAKE signs from India. ....amazing  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Pacific Grove Ca. Like living in the 1850’s. Beautiful peaceful place.  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pair of Corvettes old vs new. 2014 corvette and a 1967 corvette. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  Triple black. Concours condition.  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Ford genuine parts clock / Pam  - Advertisingin Advertising
1950’s Eco Air meter ....remember those days.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola Script Trademark from 1903 on.  How to identify the different years.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Porcelain Mobil sign dated 1947 ?  Repro is what it is . - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola clock custom made replica.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Thanks Gulf 99.
  2. It might even be a 1976 GTB with a fiberglass body. Rare car if it fiberglass. After 1976 they went to steel body’s.
  3. That’s a 1978 308 GTB. Not S. S would be a Spider model which means the top comes off. It’s also not a 4 valve V8. I’ve owned s few of them back in the 80’s.
  4. Wow that’s a beautiful sign there , nice find.
  5. That’s the exact size base with the 2”pipe thread I need. Can you call me at 770-500-8914. Thanks loads. That what I need to finish off the lollipop sign Thanks. Mike
  6. Maybe 10 cents. Sorry for the double post. Darn iPad.
  7. Yeah and coke was 5 cents back then. Walk down to the corner store for the coke with a buddy. We were like 8 years old. Now I collect the stuff.
  8. Yeah and coke was 5 cents back then. Walk down to the corner store for the coke with a buddy. We were like 8 years old. Now I collect the stuff.
  9. Happy 4 th everyone.
  10. That’s a blue flame six cylinder engine. The corvette became a true sports car when the small block V8 was introduced along with disk brakes on all 4 corners. It has evolved over the years and in 2020...
  11. Those in my book are right up there with the best Coca Cola items to collect. Right up there with the Coca Cola salesman sample cooler. You have two all time favorites ...nice pick.
  12. Looks like 1:18 scale which means it takes 18 model cars lined up next to the real car.
  13. When you see a sign in this condition it makes you appreciate a near mint sign and hard it is to find one today. They were put away and never displayed which is pretty rare or hung inside . These sig...
  14. Nice restoration especially the lettering . Cool look and unusual in my book , great find.
  15. Great clock and rare.
  16. Well that’s one I haven’t ever seen before. You never know what you will discover on the site. Cool in my book.
  17. Assume find. Just very unique in my book. Love Mobil signs.
  18. Thanks for stopping by AzTom
  19. Thanks trey.
  20. Thanks for stopping by buckethead
  21. Yep Purvis. It’s the darn bug.
  22. This is the main problem Ebay has and can’t police it. Too bad.
  23. Email me. Thanks. Mike
  24. Another great pick. Boy you are getting lucky lately
  25. Wow that’s gorgeous....nice pick.
  26. Still my all time favorite Coca-Cola collectible.
  27. Thanks for stopping in EJW-54
  28. Now you have heated steering wheels.
  29. I’m glad you leave these post up because they do help us collectors. You can never get enough information on your quest for that special item. Thanks again
  30. You are right they Are still priced reasonably today. Just picked up the same one last year.
  31. The fake sellers try to duplicate rust. But it always comes out reddish in color. There was a different amount of iron in the old signs that show very little to almost zero red color. Look for dark al...
  32. The T is outlined in black is a sure way to identify the age. You are correct sir it was around 1939 they went to a white outline around the T. Nice condition for its age. Really nice in my book.
  33. Holy cow 400 post congrats. No you don’t need another building just sell me some signs. I wish I lived down the street. Very nice collection of beautiful signs and all . Keep the post coming I really ...
  34. Thanks for stopping in Trey.
  35. Yes I guess we all have come close to being burned in the past. Heck I was lucky and stoped payment on a check and sent the sign back to seller. He later said he didn’t know either that the sign was a...
  36. Nice sign but I’m afraid to buy these signs because of so many fakes on Ebay from India. This one looks real IMO. But way too many today that aren’t.
  37. Big Boys in the Detroit area in the 60’s was a favorite drive threw . Girls girls and girls and yes the food wasn’t bad either when your a teenager. All those 60’s muscle cars making the rounds on Woo...
  38. Thanks for stopping by Edisonfan
  39. Thanks for stopping by AnnaB and shughs
  40. 26 mpg on the highway compared to 14 mpg on the 67 isn’t too bad imo
  41. Happy 420 day
  42. Thanks for stopping in nutsabotas6 and fortapache
  43. We travel to St Augustine every year. It’s the oldest town in the USA. Hot and humid compared to Pacific Grove but still very nice place to visit in February it’s a little cooler then.
  44. I don’t know about your area. But in Roswell Ga, Woodstock Ga and Canton Ga. local restaurants and breweries are popping up and young people are enjoying themselves on weekends. Families are coming o...
  45. Kids are getting bigger and so is your collection. Nice find
  46. Great condition as we all know .....condition condition condition. Lol.
  47. As a kid I drove a tractor just like this on the farm. Long time ago.
  48. Love your collection of stuff. You have room for some more so happy picking. Nice Coca Cola sign and beautiful condition
  49. Nice find great colors.
  50. Rare find for sure. Nice job
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Camaro Z/28 and Mustangs for all ages.


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