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Atlanta. Ga


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Pacific Grove Ca. Like living in the 1850’s. Beautiful peaceful place.  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pair of Corvettes old vs new. 2014 corvette and a 1967 corvette. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  Triple black. Concours condition.  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Ford genuine parts clock / Pam  - Advertisingin Advertising
1950’s Eco Air meter ....remember those days.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola Script Trademark from 1903 on.  How to identify the different years.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Porcelain Mobil sign dated 1947 ?  Repro is what it is . - Petrolianain Petroliana
Coca Cola clock custom made replica.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola tin sign dated February 1948. Excellent condition and great border . - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Gas and oil expo Maggie Valley N.C.   


  1. Happy 420 day
  2. Thanks for stopping in nutsabotas6 and fortapache
  3. We travel to St Augustine every year. It’s the oldest town in the USA. Hot and humid compared to Pacific Grove but still very nice place to visit in February it’s a little cooler then.
  4. I don’t know about your area. But in Roswell Ga, Woodstock Ga and Canton Ga. local restaurants and breweries are popping up and young people are enjoying themselves on weekends. Families are coming o...
  5. Kids are getting bigger and so is your collection. Nice find
  6. Great condition as we all know .....condition condition condition. Lol.
  7. As a kid I drove a tractor just like this on the farm. Long time ago.
  8. Love your collection of stuff. You have room for some more so happy picking. Nice Coca Cola sign and beautiful condition
  9. Nice find great colors.
  10. Rare find for sure. Nice job
  11. First post wow that’s a beautiful Coca Cola sign to start with . Welcome aboard
  12. Thanks for stopping by officialfuel.
  13. Thanks for stopping in Brunswick.
  14. Thanks Trey ....merry Christmas
  15. A year late so Merry Christmas for 2018 and a happy 2019. Wow time flys. Cool old photos.
  16. The workmanship and border color would tell me it’s a reproduction and the date makes it a counterfeit sign. If You bought that on ebay I’d report it and get your money back. Then destroy it as ebay ...
  17. Thanks EJW. It’s that time of the year again. Merry Christmas to all.
  18. That’s as fast as the 2019 ZL1 with over 700hp. You must have a ton of mods. Keep it in the road.
  19. All in the family theme song car.
  20. The real ones can fetch some big bucks when restored . I think they are cool as heck.
  21. Well you have your top down on the Corvette so it can’t be that cold lol. Take her out for a brisk run though the country side. Love your standard oil display very cool.
  22. Or turn it into a Coca Cola truck. Both would be cool.
  23. It’s got the black outline T. Nice.
  24. It’s cool when chevy59 loves this
  25. Love that sign and I had to have one also.
  26. Thanks bucket head
  27. Love those old Schwinn bikes. Never was wealthy enough to buy one when I was 12. I worked on a small farm and the owner just paid me a little to have me around I guess. So when I saved up enough I got...
  28. Thanks for stopping Zilla
  29. Cool but can’t use emoticons that’s why the ???? Sorry.
  30. Nice bikes. Really cool ????
  31. Looks like an older restoration after closer inspection. But that great because it looks good with a little petina.
  32. That right there is a super collectible bike. Really cool and nicely restored. Thanks for sharing.
  33. Man that is really nice and she looks sooo good with all your other unbelievable pieces. Just WOW. Fantastic collection and always enjoy looking at it.
  34. Reproduction signs being passed off as real are worthless and Ebay is a breeding ground for these signs. Just checked today 10/2018 and it seems like 20% of all Coca Cola porcelain signs listed are f...
  35. Thanks for stopping by vynil33rpm
  36. Thanks thrjr2 loved your story. Yes I remember those days as well. Corner stores and lots of candy and pop. Mom and pop lived in the back of the store.
  37. More fake signs
  38. It’s not just India. People ship these over here in large containers and sell them as the real deal. They don’t appear to be from India. I see these signs on ebay and they are from sellers in the stat...
  39. Thanks for stopping by signaholic
  40. Thanks ....shughs and trukn20
  41. Thanks lata for your comment hope u enjoyed .
  42. Thanks bigsarge for stopping by
  43. Nice collection of coke trucks and toys. They look like they are in near mint shape. Holy cow.
  44. Fake Coke signs are some what easy to spot. The real problem is fake gas and oil signs because there are not any good price guides out there. I haven’t noticed any decline in asking prices of near min...
  45. 63 oh heck you are just a kid compared to me. Nice find. 1947 is a great year for me.
  46. When I see some of these artists restore a Coca Cola script it just amazing their talent. True craftsman at work. Love the clock and what you came up with.
  47. ???? Can’t use emoticons on here and this is what you get if you try. Sorry. Smiley face is what I was trying to use.
  48. Nize ! and such great shape. Hey save some for us out there. Lol ????
  49. I love the V/8 emblem in the grille and the car. Never owned one but did drive a model T once. Top speed was like 45 mph. Cool car and love your pictures.
  50. You got lucky and found some killer items. Nice finds for sure.
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#5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Camaro Z/28 and Mustangs for all ages.


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