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Atlanta. Ga


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Vintage Shell 50’s 16 gallon grease drum and vintage 60’s Duncan-Miller model 50 parking meter  - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Just sitting in my garage in Atlanta area.  - Advertisingin Advertising
1956 VMC 44 coke machine. Restored and keeps the coke bottles ice cold.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
40th Anniversary  2006 Shelby GT-H. The H stands for “Hertz rent a racer” back in 1966.  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1950’s style Smith Miller Union 76 B Mack gasoline truck  - Model Carsin Model Cars
50’s Tokheim Mobilgas special gas pump .  - Petrolianain Petroliana
1920’s Gargoyle Mobiloil lollipop sign.  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Smith Miller mobiloil tanker. 1958 Mack truck B61 model.  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1940’s Steelcraft  Bus designed by the famous industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1920’s Mobiloil Gargoyle porcelain double sided lollipop sign.  - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Pretty cool gas station. I always enjoy your creative old displays. Love the oil and gas collection and Coca Cola fits in nicely.
  2. Very cool little mr electric fella.
  3. Wow what a gorgeous home you have. It has stood the test of time. Because you have taken excellent care of your place. I especially like the pictures of your back yard you posted 8 months ago. Bee yo ...
  4. Nice snag on ebay for sure. Looks great.
  5. Last time I was in Hawaii I noticed lots of rusted older pickups. You are lucky that pump wasn’t rusted real bad. That must have cost a bit to ship to the states I’d imagine . Nice find for sure.
  6. Can’t wait to see the mobil sign hung. That’s a beaut.
  7. Unbelievable cool signs. This place is being flooded with glass and figurines.
  8. IzEnglish …sorry about you losing your mom. Maybe the lamp will give you fond memories about your mom. It’s a cool lamp for sure.
  9. Watchseacher hey thanks glad you enjoyed the lamp. Yes it’s fun to have in the man den . However not making any money on parking fines it seems.
  10. Apollo 1001 …hey that’s a great idea when people start drinking all my wine or beer. I’ll put in 25 cents and when time expires off they go to jail. LMAO.
  11. Thanks BHIFOS
  12. Sorry for the bad seller. Buyer beware and at least it’s not a fake.
  13. My favorite gas and oil signs ….great pick for sure
  14. Wow that scissor lift really gets the job done. Look forward to seeing each and every cool piece installed .
  15. WOW. Those are some beautiful big old signs. My kind of place and really cool in my book. Just outstanding display of nostalgia and puts a smile on my face. Good times for sure.
  16. What ever happened to Frank. He was special IMO. The brothers are ok but not the same.
  17. Nice find there Trey. Love my Chevy especially my C8 mid engine vette. Boy that’s one heck of a collection. My favorite is your mobil gas. Pump.
  18. Thanks daisy 1000 for the love.
  19. Merry Christmas Trey. Great wife that found you that. Super find for sure.
  20. I had a Pam clock from the 50’s that didn’t work. I used a hair dryer to heat up the old oil inside the clock. It worked like magic and it’s worked well for over 2 years now.
  21. Cool I enjoyed your collection
  22. Boy your cute kids are growing up mighty fast. Pretty soon they will be bigger then your signs. Nice pick for sure.
  23. That toy truck is made by Lincoln mfg. Yes they are hard to find in any condition. Nice pick.
  24. Looks good Trey. We will have to try that show in the future. Have done the show in Maggie valley a few years ago. I hear this show you were at is much larger.
  25. The 63 corvette was a game changer back then. Today it’s 63 all over again with the C8. Back in the saddle again my friends.
  26. It’s really hard to find a lighted old plastic sign without some small cracks. Nice pick for sure.
  27. Beautiful girl you have there. Keep the sunny side up and enjoy another 14 years. We all will be watching every year.
  28. Where on earth do you find such treasures. One lucky guy and skilled picker for sure. The scene is amazing and so relaxing to look at. I could sit out there for hours.
  29. Nice pick for sure. You are one lucky guy when it comes to finding gems.
  30. Like people have said those globes are to die for. Great condition for sure. Two on top of that. Not one but two. You are a lucky guy. Your collection just keeps on keeping .
  31. Nice collection there Trey. Wish I had some of those Coca Cola signs in my garage.
  32. One of my favorite gas/ oil signs. Nice pick
  33. Old beverage collectibles are like real estate. Except it’s condition condition condition that helps in appreciating in value. Check out the coke price Guide for a explanation on this matter.
  34. I agree with the above. Plus the rust is dark brown . Most metal made these days will show orange rust when people try to make a sign look old.
  35. Thank you health workers wherever you are. Hats off to your fortitude and dedication in these trying times. Don’t know how you do it day after day.
  36. Yep lots of early muscle cars were striped down to save weight and had dog dish hubcaps. The more plain Jane the better for winning at the drags back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.
  37. Cool car to enjoy around town in. Especially since you won’t be getting any speeding tickets from the law. But officer the top speed is 35mph. Just kidding nice ride for sure.
  38. Yes Michael I agree GM hit a grand slam with the new Corvette. I bought a 2020 Z51 coupe last March 2020. Got lucky at a small dealership. While people got their corvette built before me. I didn’t hav...
  39. Michael I was wondering what you thoughts were about new mid- engine C8 ....not your car.
  40. Thanks for looking. Newfld
  41. Looks like the paint helped preserve the great sign you found. What a great collection you have put together. Cool corvette also. How do you like the C8 ?
  42. Thanks..... pickrknows for looking.
  43. Officialfuel Vetraio50 Cisum Daddy _Nobuck Thanks for all the kind remarks.
  44. Thanks Trey for stopping by
  45. Yep it’s getting harder and harder to find original old gas and oil signs. Lots of reproduction signs out there. For the person wanting to decorate their game room it’s the inexpensive way to decorate...
  46. Wow those are hard to find in that condition. Mint
  47. Anythingobscure Now that’s funny.
  48. Thanks Trey
  49. Love those Chrysler 300’s.
  50. Happy 5th Trey. Sorry I missed the 4th but what a cool find for sure.
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1970 two door Thunderbird unrestored original Thunderbird manufactured in either Windsor or Detroit. Camaro Z/28 and Mustangs for all ages. #5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign


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