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  1. Thank you for THE answer!!
  2. That R is a marker's mark I see in the 3rd picture
  3. I just read that the circle around an R came into use in 1946 by the Lanham Act. So......this case appears to have been manufactured in 1946 or later. I am intrigued by it.....obviously! : )
  4. Is it a case to put Cracker Jack prizes in??
  5. What are the dimensions Dave? Maker's mark on the other side? I like it!!
  6. My hero does it again! lol Another great sign Trey. Congratulations buddy!
  7. Wow Daddy!! "You da MAN!" Congratulations my friend!
  8. Its coming along Britt! Now maybe a damp microfiber towel and a light wipe or two?
  9. It is super cool Daddy. Thats why they call them COOLers! : )
  10. The bracket that keeps the crates up is just an upside down "V" shape. 2 1/4" long on either side. A metal fabricator can easily make one for you. The bottle opener is the common Starr X opener. Now f...
  11. I would suggest to first do like fine art cleaners do with a painting. Use a VERY soft bristled brush...maybe a make up brush? Easily and carefully dust dirt towards the closest edge to remove it. Tha...
  12. I'd sure like to see the cleaned up version! Others would too. Please do post!
  13. You should look in the lower right hand corner. A two digit date is likely found there.
  14. "Sacrifice" another room?? Sanctify another room! Must have been that darn autocorrect Kid! lol
  15. Love the car and really love the story! Thanks for sharing both!
  16. The stories of the find are important and fun Trey. The stories that sign could tell would be fun to know too! Another great find my friend!! You are getting me inspired (again) to do some more in d...
  17. Its fun to get out on the road and just look around isn't it Trey? Knowing that you already have a treasure like this sign is a great incentive! Give me a heads up if you ever get up Atlanta way my f...
  18. Trey, how did you forget that Dolly Parton is from Sevierville too?! lol Another great sign my friend!
  19. Sweet find!!
  20. Thanks everyone!!
  21. Very nice! Old cars get restored.....why NOT a cooler like this?? Merry Christmas!
  22. Did Mr Bill's dog Spot and Mr Sluggo retire down to Florida with him too, Trey?! lol Merry Christmas to you, your family, and everyone!!
  23. Santa came early Trey!! Merry Christmas to you and everyone!!
  24. Score Trey! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Dave
  25. Thank you Daddy_Nobucks! And .... Happy Thanksgiving!!
  26. Cool sign!
  27. Where are you going to hide it from her until Valentine's Day? They "ain't" exactly small! lol Nice original cooler!
  28. EXCELLENT sign my friend Trey!
  29. Thanks to all for the love! Dave
  30. Thanks Trey!
  31. Einstein said ...... "Great minds think alike," Daddy!!
  32. Improved! You sound like me though.....probably gonna try a few more things!!
  33. Agree with my brother Trey on some after pictures!
  34. So......what did you do my friend?
  35. Yes, it is very likely from the 1930's and certainly very cool too! How to clean it? CAREFULLY! Pretty much whatever you do to clean it while removing oxidation, dirt, and rust, that will also remove...
  36. Road trip Trey!! lol
  37. Great going Trey! Careful getting the pump up on that base!!!
  38. Thanks robeo! I have it mounted on a sturdy frame that I made for behind the sign. Its screwed to the sign through holes used to mount the sign way back when. I welcome all thoughts and insights from...
  39. Exactly Signaholic! "Primum non nocere!" What is curious to me is that this sign was mounted outdoors at some point and is now more than 80 years old. How has it done so well for so long and NOW is ...
  40. I'm thinking that may be the thing to do Trey. Thanks buddy!
  41. "That's What Friends Are For" Trey! Congratulations on the sign and that good friend buddy!
  42. Wow! Great find in great condition!
  44. "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
  45. Thank everyone for all of the love!
  46. Thank everyone for all of the love!!
  47. I found it through a friend Trey. Networking buddy!
  48. Thanks everyone!!
  49. S W E E T !!!!
  50. To find most recent pricing, try eBay and look in the "sold" category in your advanced search. Dave
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1952 GULF TRAK insecticide poster RARE? 3'×6' Glascock Cooler Jr.


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