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Hamilton, Ontario

Intermediate collector of Coca-Cola stuff, and tiki mugs.


  1. Thanks DN! Will advise on that "secret decoder" ;-) I love the sign and will try to get it from him. Thanks everyone for the "Loves".
  2. Thanks Bernie. Stay safe.
  3. Thanks DN! I just wish I had the funds to get a few other items he was selling. I did manage to upgrade my pretzel bowl on a separate transaction with same seller. Stay safe.
  4. Great item! Seen a couple at auctions. Two people interested and the price just got too high for me. Thanks for sharing.
  5. That is a great story GateKeeper! Thanks for sharing that!
  6. Thanks Trey! Same to you and yours. Thank you bobby! I will try putting it out this summer on a humid day.
  7. That we do Bernie. Thanks and same to you and yours!
  8. Thanks iggy! The "irradiated" thing sounds familiar, but not sure exactly. I do believe that there is science behind it. I have seen this colour before but never within my reach. Hoping a bottle exper...
  9. One of my favorites! Nice buy Bernie!
  10. Great work!
  11. Thanks EJW & Bernie! Very happy with it.
  12. Awesome sign!
  13. LOL! Good call "yghs"!
  14. Awesome sign!
  15. Thanks again Bernie! I do like this one allot.
  16. Thanks Bernie! I will as well. Maybe one will be found in Woodstock show.
  17. Nice! I think it's a bottle wash rack.
  18. Thanks Bernie! All the best this holiday season, belated Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you and yours.
  19. blunderbuss2, I believe you hold it loosely like a gun. Then you raise it up, then quickly bring your arm and hand down. Should open the end up exposing the graphic and making a BANG sound (or a littl...
  20. Thanks Gonavy!
  21. Tanks kwqd! I never seen one before.
  22. Thanks Bernie!
  23. Thanks Bernie!
  24. Awesome job, and now a great piece for the collection!
  25. Nice decorative piece from the 90’s, even 2000’s. Hope you didn’t pay too much for it.
  26. Yes, and thanks Bernie! The larger one was missing the lid and they come up for sale every now and then. Because this is something I've never seen before and looked legit, I had to have it. Small enou...
  27. Thanks 'Manikin' and 'pickr'!
  28. Awesome Bernie!
  29. Great piece Bernie!!
  30. Thanks purvis! She is a painted version.
  31. Thanks Bernie! Need to get a bunch of stuff framed.... or save the money for more Coke! ;-)
  32. Fantastic condition!
  33. Love the look of this thing! Hope to find one soon too. Nice grab Bernie!
  34. Thanks Bernie! Not mint, but close.
  35. Thanks DN & pickr!
  36. Thanks DN!
  37. Looks good to me. Love it!
  38. Thanks Manikin! I thought so too.
  39. Thanks Broochman!
  40. If only we knew to save the stuff we had as a kid. But then again, they we made to be enjoyed, and we did.
  41. Thanks Broochman & Toyrebel.
  42. One of my favourites!
  43. Yep...... Hope those who will be celebrating this coming weekend have a great Memorial Day. ;-)
  44. I did a little more digging and found just a few others. I believe I did well on this purchase as the value is almost triple what I paid. I’ll post other items I recently purchased soon. Hope your ...
  45. Thank you ‘keramikos’! The info you provided does help. I’m feeling better about my purchase. Yes, the page seen is December. Nice catch. Thanks again.
  46. Good post!
  47. IMO it is a decorative item pressed out of a thin metal. It says "manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company" which is possibly taken from a label from a barrel. It reminds me of the snap top I have for ...
  48. Thanks Bernie! I was laser focused for this one. I couldn’t be happier....until the next one. ;-)
  49. Thanks Brunswick!
  50. Thanks for the additional information Watchsearcher!
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