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Summerville , SC

I'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can be reached at chaderichseI'm a collector and dealer in Summerville SC. My personal collection includes vintage Coca Cola, vintage wood radios and advertising. I can be reached at chaderichsen@gmail.com (Read more)


  1. Looks freaking awesome Dave!
  2. Nice condition!
  3. Great find!
  4. Glad to see you could come up for air and score this :) Nice flange Dave!
  5. Outstanding Spriteboy42!
  6. Like them all Dave, nice finds.
  7. another amazing find!
  8. outstanding once again!
  9. Super great button CokeKid. You must be thrilled with the new signs for your expanding collection!
  10. score another!
  11. Outstanding!!!!
  12. Nice Parrish calendar. How did you come to own it?
  13. It is an original cardboard display from early 1950's. Typically they sell between $50-$75 depending on condition. https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/262137997122
  14. Nice find and one on my list as well someday.
  15. Looks good Dave!
  16. Looks better than your original mockup. Nice sign for entering the cave!
  17. Outstanding!
  18. Outstanding once again and great comment from Rattletrap.
  19. outstanding!!!!
  20. Super jealous Trey!
  21. Keep'em rolling...outstanding!
  22. Nice find Trey!
  23. Outstanding find, lucky pickup Mr. NoBucks.
  24. Super fantastic find....
  25. Looks outstanding on the building!
  26. $8 dollars ...WHAT! Time well spent, much better than making small talk with the moms.
  27. Hey LizAU! It's a metal 1950's Coca Cola 3' button sign as you mention. Collectors like them in all sizes as signs are hot right now. Condition rules and yours probably is in good to fair condition. ...
  28. Why-contact me if interested about value. Chaderichsen@gmail.com
  29. Dug back in the past to comment of this gem. Nice tractor and hard to find in good condition.
  30. super cool picture pickrknows.
  31. Coca Cola cooler is an Acton No.1 from what I can see from the late 1950's. Top is part of the origional cooler and it called a sandwich tray.
  32. Wby - Might think about The Coca-Cola Archives.
  33. Love the old Arcade tractors!
  34. Wby- thank you for sharing. I'm going out on a limb to say this is the most valued Coca Cola sign posted on this site. Going in your personal collection, auction or maybe that collector mentioned? :)
  35. Outstanding, outstanding and outstanding! How did you find this sign?
  36. Nice door push. Agreed, remove the Budweiser sticker. Typically I place those on my forehead when consuming said beverages.
  37. Beautiful Model A and visible pump. You give inspiration to medium level collectors like myself!
  38. Contact me if you watch CW. I know it's been 5 years since you posted this box.
  39. Hey Lee - I've been to your warehouse and bought a couple items in the past. Nice looking sale and will have to stop by. -Chad
  40. X marks the spot in your collection. Corny...yes but nice sign!
  41. Like it, nice tractor.
  42. Great snag Trey and perfect picture!
  43. Officialfuel - Beautiful sign and outstanding collection displayed professionally!
  44. Who let the dogs out....Eagle eye Dave! Nice spot and informative information.
  45. Sweet push bar!
  46. Yes, 1920's and in very good shape. With the image being printed with a light foil the back usually scratches easily. Nice find!
  47. Nice sign and the frame is outstanding.
  48. Quality collection with incredible condition items. Always fun to see your hard work and hobby displayed.
  49. Cokeoramic display Mr. Nobucks!
  50. Looks incredible!
  51. See more


Coca Cola cooler Coca Cola Cooler Box Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDV 1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler  19?70's? Coca-Cola Cans Coca-Cola 1939 Westinghouse Jr


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