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French Coca Cola Flange Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Tin Truck Toy - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Silver Clock - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Masonite Display  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Change Tray - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Mini Coke bottles  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Display Rack - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Trays - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coke Button - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Few more smalls - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Congrarts Daddy!! Enjoy, she's a beauty!
  2. Thx DaddyNB. Thought so. I guess I'm on the hunt for a 'hand' out!
  3. Thx, CokeKid. I almost pulled the trigger on one of these a while back on a bundle deal but couldn't make it happen.
  4. Plenty of certainly the theme here! A survivor!
  5. She's gorgeous! What an early summer snag!
  6. Thanks Dave!
  7. Thanks Dave.
  8. Wow...good eye. Appreciate the education.
  9. thanks for sharing and good catch. curious...what about the logo struck you as odd?
  10. Thx Daddy. I did suspect maybe it wasn't true to the piece. The cut is rather clean and wrapped around the back with unity. Guess I'm on the hunt for the bottom 3/4 now! The plan is to start acquiring...
  11. Thanks all! I'm usually a little too late to a deal like this. Sometimes lucky is just good enough!
  12. haha. thx edisonfan!
  13. Very true Signaholic!
  14. Thanks Daddy. I'm coming up dry too. Sometimes you have to just stop asking and start enjoying!
  15. This. Is. Awesome. Gives something for us young guys to shoot for!
  16. Thanks cokehenry. Edisonfan, thanks!
  17. Thanks guys!
  18. Daddy...Thanks and thanks! Great advice coming from the man with Daddy in his moniker! As a few of the earlier 20th century pieces find their way into my collection...I can't help but stop and think ...
  19. DN...thanks. much appreciated.
  20. I am finding my young collection accumulating a lot of paper. I'm gonna go on record and say I'm using this idea too! Looking good!
  21. they're 7X10. Coke...they were everywhere
  22. Beauty! I've been after the silver version for some time, as I'm sure everyone else here has/or is. Quick story. Had a silver one lined up from a guy 2 1/2 hours north of me. Negotiated fair pric...
  23. Thanks @Edison and @Daddy! Happy New Year all!
  24. They brought them aboard and pilots most certainly accounded for them during the weight and balance check before takeoff! Great looking carry on!
  25. @Daddy...haha. Looks like I'm joinging that club.
  26. Not embossed. "Trade Mark" in the C. 12"x6". My thought in picking it up is I hoped it was a sign created for a plant or other local non-highly circulated local marketing piece, but looking at it c...
  27. good looking piece!
  28. @Daddy to your point on diluting the much so metal has turned into plastic in many cases...made in China. #Lame
  29. @Daddy - thanks for the link, I use that website. I guess maybe it's just some of the other trays I have feel a little different.
  30. Beautiful pieces...and two pretzel bowls? Nice!!
  31. Thx for sharing Daddy. What a great piece! Where/how did you pick that beauty up? As for your sled sign (shown in a recent post), I'm stealing the idea and putting glass bottles on top of my sled!!...
  32. A lot of times I see the yellow carrier with such faded graphics you can barely see the logos. Maybe it's the FL humidity...Nice pickups.
  33. Thx Trevor...again, really awesome collection
  34. TGB...yes I'm a recreational pilot. Flew from Naples (35 minute flight). No private jet, rather a Cessna. And if my initials stood for JP Morgan you would be in awe of my Coke collection as opposed...
  35. @Trevor...Your rack all the way to the right...I'm looking at buying the same one right now. It's selling at an antique store in town on consignment. They are asking $350. It's in great shape, I wo...
  36. Here's what the seller just sent me..."I bought it locally from a couple in there 60's who had collected coca cola for 30 years. They had just about every item coke ever produced going back into the 1...
  37. I'm thinking the same thing. Still waiting to hear from seller to see if he can shed any more insight. His ad says he bought it off a collector. I'll share if seller has any more info.
  38. They sell today on the MORCO website for cheap. I'll ask the seller if he has more information.
  39. Was advertised as 1960's new old stock. It lacks markings that would make me think its newer (no "made in china" of (r) near the logos). By the 50 in the Celcius column is says "Made in USA 29." T...
  40. Yes, date...week of May 14th, 1906. As for where, purchased on eBay...not in a lot, all seperate buys.
  41. nice items!! looking at picking up a slightly different thermometer. love the signs! nice work.
  42. Thanks to my recent purchases, I definitely have plenty of stuffing to fill it with if need be!!
  43. thanks. daddy, do you keep the coasters as is? how do you display these?
  44. @CokeKid not sure if you do ebay, but there's at least one at auction now.
  45. These were picked up on ebay.
  46. @daddy was just looking at this exact piece on eBay. If I still lived in MI we might of got into a little bidding war. Awesome piece, congrats on the snag.
  47. Thanks all. @CokeKid, TGB would kill me to even think that, haha.
  48. @TGBWC no more pillows! As for cleaning, does gentle soap and water work well with masonite? Any other cleaning solution suggestions?
  49. great collection. how long have you been collecting?
  50. @Daddy...I just lost at the last second what I think was your 1950's cooler auction on eBay. =( I wanted that thing.
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