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New finds and old favourites from of my somewhat random collection of military and antiquey things


  1. Great looking knight
  2. Great find
  3. Will you ever build a full model railway?
  4. A quality old tractor
  5. Fantastic cars. I love the paint on the 3rd one.
  6. Oh thats a good one. Very cool croc
  7. Ace Pumpkin. Happy Halloween to you and the kitties
  8. Nice ones. 50s and 60s cars had the best colours. And who doesn't love white wall tryes.
  9. Looks fantastic
  10. Never seen or heard of one before. Interesting old car. You might like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=tU1UbyWyfuo
  11. That's an unusual idea. Doesn't look like a barn find though. Not enough mice living in the seats
  12. If it comes with a free kitten, what's not to love?
  13. Nice model. What happened when the plane finished its mission? Did it just land near the ship and bob about in the sea until it could be winched back on board? Seems like these pilots got a bit of a r...
  14. Love the spilt window corvette
  15. Long for a bayonet. Nice to see a proper old thing on CW
  16. Pirate flag! Is is one eyed Willy?
  17. very nice. a lot of detail for something so small
  18. Knowing my luck I'd get stuck behind the lot of them on the road.
  19. What huge tusks! Wonderful
  20. Lovely retro colours
  21. Great box and graphics. Potato head always makes me smile.
  22. That's a nice one. Is it a Norman Rockwell?
  23. Awesome dino. Cookie seems to have found a new friend. I wish we could travel back in time and see what animals like Carnotaurus really looked like and what colours they were.
  24. Hard to tell the age isn't it because people change the contents over time. Maybe immediately post war? The really old ones used to have all sorts of potions and lotions that you would never be all...
  25. Looks like a well stocked kit.
  26. Is that how he arrives? With no inner packaging like his retail box?
  27. Congratulations on the new fuzz balls. I look forward to a new extended game of spot the cat soon when they get a bit better at hiding.
  28. Have you done a post for the Wallys service station? That looks cool .
  29. Its not in bad shape. Personally, I like it just the way it is. Just need to find a bell for the font.
  30. It's pretty. Don't think I've seen a full double sided one before.
  31. I'm starting to think there must be a 2nd, much well hidden cat.
  32. He has a good detailed head and face
  33. A great full and complete foot locker, even if it is a new one. Mr Jingles needs to practice hiding a bit more. I can see him in the 2nd picture.
  34. "slow children playing" Well if they moved a bit faster perhaps they wouldn't get run over
  35. Box and car look good. It does rather look like Herbie. Especially with the racing number on it. I should buy a Herbie for my VW Beetle collection. Which reminds me, I should post my VW Beetle collect...
  36. Looks pretty big. How long is it?
  37. You have a nice little battle group forming up there
  38. 9 year old me would definitely be stealing that and running the house with it pretending its a laser gun
  39. Definitely a trophy. The hallmarks are for Birmingham 1928. I can't make out the makers mark but it looks like it starts with a W. If I were going to guess I'd say its for golf. But that's purely ...
  40. The stickers are in excellent condition for its age.
  41. A fine old sign. Hopefully all your visitors will know where to park now. That Stop employees working sign could be taken two different ways............
  42. Neat. I hope you do find time to read it one day
  43. Don't knock the Snuffleluffagus. He used to be my favourite.
  44. He looks pretty good. Will you assemble him?
  45. It's exactly what it says it is really, A half ounce silver round made by Baird and Co, who are bullion dealers in London. The also refine gold and silver and sell their own bars and coins. That's t...
  46. Nicely modelled animal. And you are right the Eocen is very much the forgotten time span.
  47. Unusual to see one that has caught its prey. Good model
  48. The lawn boy is looking great
  49. Adds an interesting look to an already interesting looking alley. I like it.
  50. It's a great one. Looks like you've got the wrong title at the top though.
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