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New finds and old favourites from of my somewhat random collection of military and antiquey things


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  1. I think I like this uniform the most.
  2. Nice set and what fantastic condition.
  3. Nice. My dad used to have a compact little cine camera. Then he ditched in the 1980s for a VHS home movie camera with a battery the size of a small automobile.
  4. Really nice. Never seen those before.
  5. If I ever fall down a cliff in California I will know where to come for first aid.
  6. Nice. I much prefer the tan shirt
  7. Looking great.
  8. I'm glad you resisted the latest fashion of turning everything into a lamp.
  9. Nice that it still has that label in it too
  10. That should keep the cats away from the fire place
  11. Nice collection
  12. A good find, although I was never really all that keen on the vehicles. I think they seem a bit crude and plasticy compared to some of the other accessories.
  13. Nice. But I think that is one I would have left in its box.
  14. I bet Carson and Timothy had the whole Tom and Jerry thing going on while you weren't looking
  15. Looking good. Are these old printers cases they are displayed in?
  16. Nice. I want a seashell bathroom room in my new house if I ever buy one.
  17. Nice rare find.
  18. Unusual and interesting.
  19. Great way to display them
  20. I had that one as a kid.
  21. Nicely illustrated book. I hate sticky labels too. You did well to get it off something so old and fragile.
  22. Nice bunch of finds. The gnome will look great amongst your daffs
  23. Nice bugs. Enjoy your trip
  24. Great to have the box too. Looks rather rare to me.
  25. One of the ugliest rear ends of any car. Good find though
  26. Nice. It looks a bit like Doctor Who's car. http://thenewswheel.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Doctor-Who-Bessie-Car.jpg
  27. It looks like it must be for some sort of whisking. Or possibly very primitive alien technology.
  28. Nice example
  29. The shell sign is an all time classic design and a great example
  30. Definitely like the look of the Robinhood castle
  31. The diagonal lines must have some significance. Have you tried holding a mirror up against them maybe? Then again the characters don't look like they would be recognisable either forwards or reflected...
  32. Whoa, back the bus up a minute. Did you say the Dimetrodon isn't a dinosuar? I've been lied to all these years.
  33. Interesting. Have you wired it up to your traffic light?
  34. Love the transporter and the way the ramp comes down. Really unusual.
  35. If I were a snooty scientist I'd be more bothered about the 60 million year anachronism of making these to go with dinosaurs, rather than the spelling.
  36. Nice logo. If I had to guess I'd say B-16-28 could be to denote the batch made on the 16th week in 1928. Maybe.
  37. Excellent collection. The rock formation makes a really nice background.
  38. Thank you Fort. And thanks Vetraio, Merry Christmas too you too.
  39. Great fire station
  40. As my Gran used to say, As long as you have your elf, that's the main thing.
  41. Nice. Not seen a collarless one before.
  42. Some really nice bits and pieces. Not sure about that armband though. Never seen one like that before and the quality of the cross isn't great. I actually wonder if someone has interfered with it at s...
  43. Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to type it up
  44. Wonderful item. Is it definitely WW2? just has the look of something older about it.
  45. Awesome
  46. Great to still have the labels
  47. Very cool. My dad had something like that. I used to take it and pretend I was someone from star trek with a hi-tech space gadget.
  48. Thank you fort. Agree it is a clever use of the packaging to make it a garage you can use.
  49. What, no Neneh Cherry?
  50. Nice radio. I would have guessed it was bakelite had you not said it was plastic.
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