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New finds and old favourites from of my somewhat random collection of military and antiquey things


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1930s Silver Sugar bowl - Art Decoin Art Deco
US WW1 M1917 helmet - 77th Infantry Division - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war part 11 - KFZ Dienst pennant - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war part 10 -  East Berlin Passport - Paperin Paper
Germany during the cold war - Part 9 - East German Stasi Uniform - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war - Part 8 - The Berlin Wall  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war - Part 7 - Russian Made AK47 and Bayonet.  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war - Part 6 - East German Volkspolizei metal sign - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war - Part 5 - West German border State Sign - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Germany during the cold war - Part 4 - East German Border crossing sign and border marker Sign. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. He is great
  2. The catalog itself would be quite good to have now too
  3. Nice old phone. Are you using it as your home phone?
  4. Very unusual. Makes me think of the Green Man.
  5. You've done great with these photos. The Joes don't look out of scale in the real world at all
  6. Looks like you are fully equiped for the weather
  7. fine looking display
  8. Those are great old photos. The Brontosaurus one has a real depth to it that makes it appear the swamps and jungle stretches on for miles.
  9. Nice that they put a target on the roof for bombers to hit.
  10. That cookie tin just keeps on giving
  11. I Always prefer them with the neckerchief
  12. They don't look to be too sure what to do with that breakfast.
  13. Does look a lot like Pinocchio. I wonder if the company who made him had a deal with Disney to make Pinocchios and used the same head mold for this elf. Hard not to find the cat in photo two, with ...
  14. A fine swordfish saw. Happy new year. Hope 2020 brings you lots more exciting finds.
  15. You definitely struck gold with that suitcase. Well done.
  16. Neat. It certainly does look retro doesn't it.
  17. Nice find
  18. They make a good pair.
  19. Looks great. I bet Santa would rather deliver in that than his sleigh.
  20. I am a bad human because I forgot your birthday. Hope you had a nice day. I'll take you for a drink at the Fox and the fan to make up for it. That sure sounds like the name of a British country pub.
  21. Very cool. Never seen that before. Seems like a fancy version of battleships.
  22. Interesting to know, thanks freiheit
  23. S&B is for the maker Slack and Barlow, of Sheffield, England. Never seen 'EPRS' marked before, normally you would expect it to say EPNS. Its strange because it looks like there is something under it ...
  24. Freiheit - My interest mostly started while studying for my degree which covered a big section called total war and social change which focused heavily on Germany in the 20th century. I find interesti...
  25. That is a Kent Ambulance Service vehicle, from where I used to live in SE England. Not sure why they seem to have the Alps in the background of the picture then.
  26. I've seen museums with less. Super collection.
  27. Thanks guys
  28. Great collection. The victim in the cage looks like Wonder Woman.
  29. Wow looks like it has never been out of the box
  30. Hi Blunderbuss, Not many fakes yet, apart from the more high end medals and officer's daggers. Something particular to the late communist era are the huge remaining stockpiles of unissued uniforms and...
  31. Thanks freiheit and fhrjr2, and thanks for the extra info.
  32. The horns on top of the cab are a nice touch
  33. Looks like a lovely thing to have. Shame it had to go but appropriate it was sold to a stamp collector.
  34. Definitely looked like a real one from the thumbnail. Nice find.
  35. Nice, and I see the hidden cat. Is that the correct hat for the airman? It doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the uniform
  36. Both look good and nice accessories. Do their uniforms fit GI Joes?
  37. excellent looking uniform.
  38. One of the more unusual things i've seen on CW. Very interesting.
  39. I like the chain idea. It suits the display.
  40. I do like two tone paintwork like the station wagon
  41. very realistic. Love the movie Theater
  42. Awesome collection. The rectangular canteen is unusual, Think I've only seen round rounds before. Is it a newer one?
  43. Cool. I have the later one that doubles up as a wire cutter.
  44. Superb collection
  45. Really unusual. I love it.
  46. Wow that atlas moth is huge.
  47. Cool. Never knew there was an 'official' Scout bike.
  48. Nice set with a super amount of accessories.
  49. He has a great shop. Thanks for sharing.
  50. Love the box. That thing that looks like a phantom pair of legs is very strange.
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