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New finds and old favourites from of my somewhat random collection of military and antiquey things


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more of Lego Townplan set circa 1959  - Toysin Toys
Lego Townplan set circa 1959 - Toysin Toys
Even more bears - Animalsin Animals
Some more of my Dad's bears - Animalsin Animals
My Dad's Bears - The Bear Band - Animalsin Animals
More mad junk yard photos 
Photos from a mad junk yard I found 
1960s condiment set - Potteryin Pottery
Tecalemit operator badge of unknown vintage - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Streamlined art deco type sports car ashtray - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Lots to see there. I like the houses.
  2. It definitely doesn't look plastic in the thumbnails. Good detail. Quiz answer: Were you thinking a detachable magazine should never be called a clip.
  3. A proper winter wonderland. I like the gnow on the swing
  4. What an unusual looking heater. The steam punk people would be all over this.
  5. Super uniform. Looks good together and I think the red beret and canteen make it a bit more unusual.
  6. One of the best farm sets I've seen
  7. lol thanks Fort.
  8. Thats a real nice one.
  9. Nice colours. Looks a good size for one person. I would not want to fit a family of four in there for a week.
  10. Thank you Newfld & Fortapache
  11. That is a great set. In such good condition too.
  12. Yes Blunderbuss it is not far from Birmingham. It is essentially one man's collection of junk. The original owner did demolition and clearance work and salvaged a lot of items from being thrown away.
  13. It indeed has lots of character. I never understood why Britain made its number for Emergency services 999 by the time you waited for the dial to spin back round from 9 three times you could be dead.
  14. Looks like a real trailer interior. Fantastic.
  15. Vetraio50, thanks. Happy new year to you too. Thank you Fort & Keramikos, it is like that Corningware pattern isn't it.
  16. I like the aqua colour too. Merry Christmas Fort.
  17. Santa during his 1970s ABBA period
  18. Wow - you have a whole army of santa dolls. I hope they don't fight with the gnomes.
  19. Great. I would have loved that as a christmas gift.
  20. That interior with the different compartments is outstanding. Nicest one I've seen from that period.
  21. Not seen one with an anchor before. Good find
  22. Nice, usual piece of history.
  23. Nice set.
  24. gobble gobble
  25. Cool and thanks for the history lesson
  26. Very suitable for upcoming halloween
  27. Wow I love it. The box too.
  28. Nice to see some of the older cars.
  29. Always good to see old police cars
  30. Super! Very detailed for such a small scale.
  31. Now that is pink!
  32. Nice selection and I would say that is pink!
  33. Lovely barn and animals. Excellent condition.
  34. That's good Scott. In UK the knives have to be carried to meetings or camp by parents and given to the troop leader who will hand out the knives only when a specific activity requires them. Then they ...
  35. Very good ones. Are scouts still allowed to carry knives on their uniform like that in these days of health and safety?
  36. Just what I need (but maybe bigger than Matchbox size) Pickfords are still going (i think)
  37. Sorry, no you're not. I forgot it would have still been monday in your time zone when you posted it so yours was fine. :)
  38. It must be tremendous tractor trailer Tuesday You are slacking on your alliteration. But otherwise all good.
  39. Nice. You never seen motorbikes with sidecars on the road any more.
  40. Really like that Webelos ribbon thing. Never seen that before. There seems to have been a lot more variety and collectable things issued over the years for BSA than the British cubs and scouts. Or may...
  41. Very interesting kit. Note: Poisonous - It kills you if you eat it. Venomous - it kills you if it bites you. I think only 2 or 3 snakes in the world are actually poisonous.
  42. Really nice, well detailed motorbike
  43. How much of that stuff do you need before your house turns radioactive?
  44. I like the beret, not seen that before
  45. I think I like this uniform the most.
  46. Nice set and what fantastic condition.
  47. Nice. My dad used to have a compact little cine camera. Then he ditched in the 1980s for a VHS home movie camera with a battery the size of a small automobile.
  48. Really nice. Never seen those before.
  49. If I ever fall down a cliff in California I will know where to come for first aid.
  50. Nice. I much prefer the tan shirt
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