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Vintage gold pendant  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old  vinyl box set  - Recordsin Records
Antique silver spoon  - Silverin Silver
Antique silver spoon  - Silverin Silver
Old silver spoon  - Silverin Silver
Vintage lapis lazuli necklace  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver necklace pendant  - Silverin Silver
Vintage Syrian casket  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique engraved glass  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage ceramic pig  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks Adele
  2. Any idea what year this is
  3. Thanks
  4. Oh thanks Ivan For the great help with identifying the marks on this case, stay safe,
  5. Thanks Vynil for helping me out with that information
  6. The label is red on them, I’ve added a picture of it
  7. Thanks Ivan I couldn’t find a maker as well but good to find out how old it is, thank you
  8. Thanks vet I had a look but couldn’t find a maker
  9. Thanks Ivan really good information & like Vet says interesting, I managed to see some other spoons he made and seems he made niello , I think its spelt that way.
  10. Hello Ivan thanks very much for the information, I didn’t expect anyone would have a clue, so I am shocked but very happy to hear who made this spoon and will try to find out more about him. Great h...
  11. Thanks scott
  12. Thanks tallcakes at last I’ve seen others and the same shape too, great help
  13. Thanks tallcakes for posting a link as I thought it was a one off, so it was very nice to see the cocktail shaker. Mark sounds different though as this one only says Stuart
  14. Thanks mp I just read the link
  15. Thanks tallcakes I had a look but there was a similar one but none the same
  16. Thanks Adele I will try to find something on it
  17. Thanks kerra I think it’s the 1 quart size, I guess you could make a small casserole for 1 person.
  18. Thanks mp I didn’t know, I can see it’s marked and signed but couldn’t make it out, knew it was Portuguese but know nothing about the age or maker, so thanks for helping with the name, I will look it ...
  19. Thanks kerra I would use it for soup if I was ever going to use it.
  20. Thanks vinyl
  21. I noticed about the hand painted ones being early and I can tell this one is a early example
  22. Thanks kerra I was told once that it was a bean pot, I guess that it’s a type of casserole pot rather than for soup, it’s very nice and heavy
  23. Thanks kerra great information and a lovely pot the lid has a hole in the top which is something I’ve not come across before.
  24. Brass or bronze,??
  25. This seems to be too well made to be Indian and I am leaning toward Persian, they was totally black when found about 8 years ago
  26. Thanks for trying Rene,
  27. Stone of some kind
  28. Thanks Ivan
  29. Just thought ivan this was made during the war
  30. Yes ivan it’s H.P
  31. Hello thanks for the help, I will try to get a closer picture of the marks
  32. I wonder what I have done with this as have just noticed a advert saying this has a value of $38
  33. Thanks rooster
  34. Yeah stuff not come across the name before
  35. Thanks aura stay safe
  36. Thanks malkey stay safe m8
  37. Thanks ivonne great help
  38. You have helped me and I now use discogs and have just been using a scanner on the bar code and it has been a great help as brings up all the info with google search, brilliant tool I just looked up a...
  39. Thanks I will see if it works,
  40. Thanks for your help kerra it does get time consuming posting and I guess helping is the same unless you know off hand and even then some can’t be asked to help, some people just like to watch what’s ...
  41. Thanks I will have a look to see if the 4th is there and thanks kerra I will have a look
  42. It’s a collection built up over the years when I was out buying but have not counted how many and have only just started going through them, I’ve not played them or sold any, must have around 300 cd m...
  43. Thanks kerra is there none on the site ?
  44. Thanks kerra I will try that as I have a large collection and can’t post to many but they look interesting, just looked at your link and am shocked how much some people are selling it for
  45. I have put it up but admit that I don’t know how to set it up, it has 2 hands and one of them can be turned by hand
  46. Thanks for the great help Kerra interesting information
  47. Thanks guys, I couldn’t find this on discogs which made me think it might be rare. I haven’t listened to it yet
  48. Thanks art, it’s around 6” high
  49. Thanks Indy great help as it looks almost exactly the same, Dragonware is new to me.
  50. Yes vyn just post for fun and to learn something about the items as I might not know about them. No game playing I have big collection find it easier to post pictures and get a heads up rather than tr...
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Vintage vase Old stone Antique creamer Silver Opal Brooch 1943 Steel Penny