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Vintage silver bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Three coral stones  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage silver bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage silver bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage silver pendant  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage plate  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vintage necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage/antique ceramic pig - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Ok thanks for your help truth
  2. Only a 925 mark on the clasp
  3. Hi it’s not glass but a kind of plastic I think very heavy like a lucite type
  4. Thanks for the help and interesting link I think this one must be the dinner plate size or bigger but have not measured it
  5. Thanks Adele I had a look, I am not sure ????
  6. Thanks manikin I will look him up
  7. Thanks fhr great help and information
  8. Thanks for the help, I wasn’t sure if it was resin, but did wonder,
  9. Thanks golgatha I know nothing about them but have a collection of various ones,most of them are resin I think, but have posted some that I think are not
  10. Thanks manikin
  11. Looks 60s ?
  12. Thanks watch it does look nice,it’s been in a box for years
  13. Thanks art I will do as never heard of that name before
  14. Thanks share for your great information.
  15. The only other type I can think of would be German salt glaze,
  16. Thanks talk cakes , I had a look and managed to see a whole breakfast set.
  17. Thanks kerra yes maybe or might be a sugar bowl type of thing, I guess this was from a collection as looks like it’s been on display in a cabinet, I have had it in a box in storage for 6 years, but ha...
  18. Ok thanks kerra I thought about the stamp and I forgot about the made in England
  19. I seem to have a lot of things that are turning out to be Japanese so it wouldn’t surprise me vet
  20. Thanks I remember green stamps when I was little, but never seen one of these so glad you had hopefully someone might have more info as well
  21. Hello thanks for the help, I realised it has a mark seems like KYD
  22. I also thought the small round ones were ginger jars,
  23. Thanks watch search, I have had it around 6 years, I think it’s chinese but maybe Japanese
  24. Thanks again kerra
  25. Thanks for the great information some really interesting stuff there, Thanks Lauren found it around 6 years ago when I used to buy loads of bits and pieces,
  26. Had a quick search which led me to 16th century English pitchers and saw this kind of style
  27. Thanks art pottery I will try the search you recommend,
  28. Not sure what kind
  29. It’s metal
  30. Circa 1870
  31. Hello Ivan I have tried to get a better picture of the marks
  32. Saw a antique gold brooch with a coral center like this stone but a reddish colour kerra
  33. Thanks vet great help
  34. Thanks for the great help I will try to take a closer picture of marks to see if it will help solve this mystery
  35. It’s quite big and very heavy a mantle piece I guess maybe 8 inch in length thanks truth
  36. Thanks kerra yes set with marcasite but has lost some, looks like deco design to me.
  37. Thanks vet and Ivan for the great help, I didn’t even realise this was Georgian,I’ve had this a few years but was always out looking and buying so things would get boxed and eventually forgotten about
  38. Wow thanks val I thought it was old but I didn’t think it was that old,I think that’s a good maker?
  39. Thanks Ivan what great information how interesting and I am amazed at how old it is. WoW never heard of the maker but will read up on him Thanks again to all especially vet and Ivan for the great he...
  40. Thanks vet great help I took a better picture of the marks
  41. Hi thanks for helping out with this mystery item,I will update pics in a hr or so and will try to get closer picture, I can see a Georgian kings head mark but not sure what king.
  42. Thanks vet picture isn’t great but thanks for your help
  43. Thanks Lauren I think it’s more modern but I will try to get a closer picture
  44. I learnt something as well and have to thank parrot for the great help again
  45. Other mark looks like TC inside a crown
  46. Thanks Lauren it looks like a garnet to me and I also can’t tell the other mark as I need a strong loop but will try and take a better pic
  47. Hi parrot I have tried to take a closer picture but I can’t work what it is and I have to get another stronger loop but thanks for the great help and information. Really interesting
  48. Hi parrot thanks it is exactly the same, great help as thought it was a peeler of sorts but had never seen one before , can’t believe you found one by the same maker
  49. Thanks bobby but if you look at the end it looks like some kind of peeler as it has a very sharp end to it
  50. Hukin & Heath Ltd, ?
  51. See more


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