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Old stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old big stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from a ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old bead  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Old stone from ring  - Gemstonesin Gemstones


  1. Thanks Lauren
  2. Hello cameo I’ve just seen your comment,glad you’re doing okay,I didn’t realise you was still around,I have been posting lots of stones from the collection I have but hadn’t heard from you for 2 years,
  3. I have seen a spinel which looked identical in colour to this stone Tommy
  4. Wow lit I have just checked pink tourmaline,and see what you mean, I also saw a loose stone for sale which cost a fortune.
  5. Thanks myco I have never heard of them before so thanks I will do some looking online
  6. Thanks prin I have seen blue moonstone with a hint of blue in a clear stone but never seen one like this which seems like pale blue with a hint of crystal clear stone
  7. Thanks Rene I will look up what you said to try to learn about them
  8. Hello cameo I don’t think you come on here anymore, but saw a girl in the new film aeronauts wearing a pendant what looks just like this one,
  9. Thanks stuff , I was looking up some old English pennies I had and these came up, I didn’t know they was called pennies but I realised I had some somewhere. I have a bag of old coins but have never re...
  10. Thanks collect
  11. Thanks kJ great help and I didn’t see any that colour so glad you cleared that up,
  12. Hi mj I looked at topaz and this one seems a different kind of blue, but i think I have a few stones that look like topaz and I may have posted them before, thanks for the help
  13. Purple sapphire?
  14. Thanks
  15. Thanks mj, I will try and Get a better picture as the background is a bit blue , I will check the tests for topaz to see if it is
  16. Thanks bill
  17. Thanks Ho2 I couldn’t remember the name of them
  18. It’s only marked 925 on the inside, I think the H on top of G is part of the design, not sure as I did not see it till you said
  19. Thanks anything it’s a man or big woman size, and is different sections each is a G I’ve also not seen one before but it’s old and has a feeling of quality about it,
  20. Thanks Val
  21. Thanks Amy it’s over a 100 grams
  22. Thanks watch good tip about the pin.
  23. This is a very unusual bracelet truth, I have never seen one like it , the amount of work in the design is amazing and looks like it was done by hand,
  24. Thanks truth I couldn’t see anything else but the numbers I thought I saw letters but think it’s just engraving, I will double check tomorrow in the day light
  25. Great help bill I’ve not had one before I have only heard the name, looks totally different in sunlight which is the last picture
  26. Thanks bill I will have a good look at the site
  27. Thanks bill
  28. Thanks truth I thought it would hang from a chain
  29. Just seen some Val amulet pendants,
  30. Thanks for helping, would it be worn like a pendant
  31. Thanks kerra
  32. OMG fhrjr2 just followed your tip and unbelievably one end started turning, amazing I am posting the results for you to see now.
  33. Thanks I have added a picture of the size 4 1/2 cm
  34. Thanks kerra for helping
  35. I did have the same thoughts of it being dyed but have never seen the inside of a coral bead, maybe dyed coral ?
  36. Thanks kerra I have never heard of African trade beads before
  37. Thanks kerra
  38. Thanks I will measure it and weigh it
  39. Thanks vet I can see you still have that sharp eye for quality. Hope you’re well and happy hunting
  40. Thanks mj
  41. Thanks val I don’t expect I will ever get round to taking them somewhere as they have been sitting in a box for years , just trying to learn a bit about them,
  42. Thanks wsk I need a ultraviolet light, I was told good jeweller can spot real gems from sight, I post pictures of these gemstone in the hope one may frequent this site.
  43. Ie when a stone passes fog test, I think they might have a chance of being real, I think all the ones posted have at least passed, that test
  44. Thanks welz I am going to buy a gemstone tester as it’s not possible to identify stones by pictures but it helps when collectors have a idea what a stone could be as i then can conduct home tests so i...
  45. Thanks tommy
  46. I didn’t think it would be worth much as it’s only small, I am amazed that they managed to cut it so neatly, stunning workmanship
  47. Thanks for the help I have heard of spinels but hadn’t considered them but they sure do look similar, thanks great help
  48. Thanks truth my interest in stones has grown since I bought a collection and started cleaning them, now I am trying to learn as much as I can
  49. Thanks truth as I wasn’t sure as tigers eye I had seen before was different
  50. Thanks truth could be amethyst but I have always seen amethyst a darker purple, but have read they come in many shades, not enough experience to tell tho
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