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  1. Thanks Vynil & vet, nipples lol they most probably are as I can’t think of anything else either
  2. Thanks dav glad it’s not just me that thinks it’s a ashtray
  3. Thanks vynil
  4. 7” length 5” width
  5. Thanks Jen yeah I was surprised when I found it again, I think it might be Art Deco, it doesn’t look anything like the Italian one’s so wondering if it’s English
  6. Thanks elanski I think it’s stainless steel, the strap is half missing but guessing it might work with a new battery
  7. Lol kerra you found it, great tune too . I wondered what was screwed onto the end and also thought it looked bent.
  8. Thanks newfld, it’s a great picture
  9. Thanks vet blackbirds can do that too, even heard a old woman on tv say she found a injured one when she was a child and it turned into a pet, she said it learned how to say words, I think they might ...
  10. Thanks mish I’ve not been hunting for them but every know and then I get out the collection I’ve got and flick through to see ones I’ve not noticed before.
  11. Oh thanks dav I wasn’t sure,
  12. Ok thanks kera I will do that as quite interested to find out more
  13. Ok I’ve just been looking at pink depression glass for sale and seems some sell for big money nowadays
  14. Thanks kera very interesting to read about you think she made this , it looks very old
  15. Thanks apostata
  16. Thanks apostata great help, they are not as old as I thought then, they look a bit rough
  17. Thanks apostata and M.P great help and information, this is a very well made vase, they must have been good.
  18. Thanks newfld
  19. Thanks apostata & M.P , Bulgarian troyan, Great help who would have thought
  20. Thanks apostata I was thinking maybe it wasn’t the best quality
  21. Thanks apostata great work again, I tried to take it all in, they feel like good quality
  22. Thanks tallcakes great link to them, yes dav they been in bottom box of a stack since I moved so not seen them for 10 years and I didn’t think they would be worth much but they have sold for hundreds ...
  23. Thanks tallcakes & dav , it’s a old one I couldn’t remember if they was deco or older, is it true glass is rising steadily, well certain types, I heard Italian is very hot, that’s what I was searching...
  24. Oh thanks tallcakes brilliant information, says it’s scarce, it’s a tall one
  25. LOL don’t some people know how to blow these to make a horn sound
  26. Just found another, so I have a pair of these.
  27. Oh thanks mp, just seen a pair like this one online for 695, which means these have gone up massively, I used to collect them as I liked the look of them but didn’t think they was worth anything much,
  28. Thanks newfld funny I’ve still got him out and using it as a paperweight
  29. Thanks apostata great info, I’m thinking of using it to see if it works,
  30. Yes depression glass sounds right and I think I’ve seen this same design for sale online, surprisingly they are dirt cheap.
  31. Thanks ironlace I will have a look at their stuff
  32. It feels like soapstone or maybe reconstituted of some kind
  33. Thanks apostata great information I tried to take it in and interesting to hear what the design is called, so it makes sense when I look at it now, it looked unused but had signs of age when I found i...
  34. Hello apostata I think this is English Staffordshire, I saw 18th century with this shape, but the colour on it has me confused
  35. Oh thanks leesa great help and information. I had no idea it was so old I was thinking it looked early from the sticker, also I’m not ???? sure about humidor but think I saw someone using something li...
  36. Thanks kera
  37. Thanks dav great link I’ve never seen them before.
  38. Thanks newfld,
  39. Yeah thanks Sean, the design looks the same, haven’t seen the same colour yet or shape
  40. Yeah I see what you mean, I saw a few with the same ends but different colour and shape
  41. Not heard of that Sean I will take a look thanks
  42. Yeah Vynil I don’t know what these are called , some call them chargers but that’s not the proper name, I take it you know but are a comedian lol
  43. Thanks Carmen
  44. I thought at first it was for soup but then thought gravy seemed a better use. Don’t really know lol
  45. Never heard of that dav.
  46. They are unusual for sure, look like real quality, must have caught my eye straight away, any idea what they call them and when these was popular
  47. Not Belleek it was something else , I a small Chinese vase, I’ve not seen for a long time, but it has the same look as this but this has a blue tinge the Chinese one is more a creamy colour
  48. Could this be Chinese as there is a type of Chinese glaze that looks like this, I can’t remember what it is called
  49. Thanks dav Bhifos , the marks by the handle is wh & another wh in a flag, I think this is a plated copy, the solid silver ones are big money, this is in good condition as has no dings or dents but mor...
  50. Thanks apostata great help and information, I’ve cleaned and been using this for my tobacco & it’s perfect
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