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Antique lidded urn, 
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Old small engraved vase  
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  1. It has no marks at all but nobody thought it was fake gold, just couldn’t say more than it was very old
  2. Thanks a lot mae great helpful information, I will try out your tip on how to make this vase look better
  3. Thanks kerra I think it’s from the 60s/70s , I can’t remember but it is quite old, I had no idea what it was.
  4. Thanks vynil
  5. Hello thanks ivan , just seen your help, the maker’s mark is C T
  6. Thanks for your great help, I will get it back out later and take some better pictures, I think you’re right about it
  7. Thanks for helping keramikos,
  8. Thanks clocker for the help
  9. Hi anything it’s a type of black stone, well I think it’s a hard fossilised wood which was used in old English jewellery, popular in Victorian time’s I think.
  10. I can see a brownish edge
  11. How can you tell the difference
  12. Thanks anything, nowadays if crooks get your social security number, you will be in debt for years by the time they are finished with you.
  13. Thanks anything I used to love looking for all sorts of stuff and gradually built a massive collection of bits, went through a silver phase lol, I used to find old dirty stuff no one wanted so it was ...
  14. Yeah anything not seen one, is hexagonal kind of, would hang centre & I think it was on a type of chain like a Pandora type snake style, it is around a 1 inch. It’s solid silver so heavy for the size
  15. Thanks dav it’s almost the same, hip hop ??
  16. Posted the top
  17. Wow dav looks just like those, first time I have seen another like it. Even the stone looks the same
  18. Interesting I guess the number is registered to the original purchase, which is how they can return the keys to owner.
  19. Thanks for the help
  20. I will post my hematite necklace when I next come across it, kerra
  21. Hello kerra they look and feel plastic but is very heavy, I have hematite stones in necklaces but they are magnetic and feel like stone , thanks for input tho
  22. Thanks anything, I can’t wear it as got a slim frame and it would hang off me . It’s lovely and just love the colour of silver that has a bit of age to it,
  23. Wow didn’t think that it was that old, never seen anything like it, do you have any idea of the maker, thanks
  24. Hello ivan thanks a lot for the help this pair is not a match, I just put them together as I got them together, the fork has a mark on the reverse side to the French mark you describe, seems faint tho...
  25. Most probably brass
  26. Thank you ivan I will look the name up and see what I can find out. Great help
  27. Thanks blunder
  28. Hello blunder what should I look for to check if it is fake?
  29. Thank you apostata great information & help
  30. Says MC maker’s mark but had other stuff with that mark & couldn’t find anything
  31. Thanks Mary
  32. Thanks anything yeah they will come back in fashion at some point
  33. Thanks anything, these necklaces seem to have become popular as I see a lot of people on tv wearing these kind of chunky chains
  34. It’s 23” long ,
  35. Thanks I did realise this one wasn’t antique but thought it might be 70s or 80s.
  36. Thanks racer
  37. Thanks Vynil & day
  38. Was part of a bundle, thanks for the link, wow they are expensive,
  39. Nice colour
  40. Wow just been looking at some of these old posts to see if anyone had posted any information that I might have not seen. Can’t believe the colour of this stone, still not sure what it is
  41. Anyone able to help with this mystery item
  42. Hello thanks for your help, I have only just seen your reply, I am not sure about the age but think it’s quite old going by the clasp
  43. Oh thanks kunst, great help, I found this around 8 years ago, didn’t think it would be that old
  44. Hello thanks all for helping with information about this item.
  45. Just had a look at these on eBay, seems this is quite a good example from what I can see
  46. Hello still hoping to find out more about this mark and surprised it’s been on here 4 years
  47. Thanks a lot apos for the great information
  48. Not sure what else you can tell by looking at the bottom? Maybe someone can help explain a bit more
  49. Just done it and noticed in the photo it looks like has what might be a mark of some kind
  50. Ok I will now
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