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Chinese bowl’s? - Asianin Asian
Chinese pot - Asianin Asian
Antique bronze goblet  
Chinese bowl? - Asianin Asian
Vintage Japanese bowl? - Asianin Asian
Vintage Japanese bowl  - Asianin Asian
Vintage saucers - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Antique Japanese saucer  - Asianin Asian
Vintage Japanese saucer  - Asianin Asian
Vintage Japanese saucer  - Asianin Asian


  1. Did you see the bottom apostata?
  2. Thanks Dk for the extra help & information, only just seen it
  3. Great help apostata
  4. Ok thanks apostata, I will try to pay more attention, I realise I have a spoon that goes with this bowl.I’ve had this around 10 years or so. It looks like very good quality. Do you know about Japanese...
  5. Thanks apostata I didn’t realise this was posted on here already, is karako the maker or the type of style
  6. Thanks apostata for the great information and help. I have 2 of these,I will add a photo of the other so you can see the difference between them
  7. Thanks dav,
  8. Thanks apostata great help, I don’t know how you know so much about all the stuff, but so glad that you do, and are kind hearted enough to share your knowledge & help teach others Brilliant
  9. Thanks apostata great help as always
  10. Thanks apostata great information
  11. Ok thanks, it’s a lovely vase
  12. Thanks I posted a picture of the bottom now
  13. Thanks for the help again, i forget what things are once I’ve not seen them for years, and always get Chinese & Japanese stuff mixed up.getting better but still very bad, eyes are getting bad nowadays...
  14. I found a saucer that matches this cup.
  15. They say rub them on your teeth but no , I think I had a graduated natural Pearl necklace but sold it, before finding out that they was worth a fortune
  16. Thanks congcu great help I saw some that look the same, shame I only have the one, the necklaces look very nice.
  17. Thanks tallcakes for helping, it seems exactly the same, I did think it was antique but wasn’t sure.
  18. Thanks bill
  19. Thanks aura.hope you’re well
  20. I noticed that the base of my one is different & the 3 points where it has been fired is something to do with antique pottery,but can’t remember, but remember it’s something to look out for in antique...
  21. Oh thanks mp , I will look up the name and try to see if I can find anything. Great help.
  22. No nuts , I just have heaps of stuff & like seeing them in photos. & sometimes I get to learn about things I’ve found over the years. Some people come on here to look at stuff and learn too. Your a ...
  23. Thanks dav, yeah it’s a strange ring.
  24. Just rediscovered this
  25. Thanks vet great help as always.
  26. It says canada & Sarah cov on the back
  27. Marked 925,
  28. Thanks celiene, I didn’t check before putting it away but am sure you’re right, as I remember hearing that name in the past.
  29. Hi thanks for showing the link, it looks very similar, they could be plastic, feels hard & heavy like a Bakelite type of thing
  30. Thanks apostata only just noticed that you had left help on this item, I really need to search for my Chinese & Japanese stuff,
  31. Thanks newfld
  32. Thanks celiene , hopefully it is, but would someone go to the trouble to initial a fake in gold leaf, then set it in a gold shank, it’s not been checked, but I would guess it’s real.
  33. Saw some lovely looking rings when looking at alexandrite, saw a ring with a stone cut like this, it said it was Edwardian
  34. Ok newfld thanks, I wondered what it could be, i only get to see the real beauty of these stones, on a bright sunny day when I can get a good picture . I will have a look at alexxandrite
  35. Thanks anything for the extra help which was very helpful
  36. Thanks but I am totally confused by the Ten Commandments link. Can you explain a bit more please.
  37. Thanks mrcorloz, at long last someone who knows something about stones, it’s true that all the clear stones was very grubby, I hadn’t thought of soap buildup, just assumed it was years of sweat & grim...
  38. Thanks I have heard of evil eye but not come across jewellery beads so thanks for the help
  39. I have been looking at kunzite & wondering if this could be it. But have been reading about pink sapphire, I wonder if anyone knows what is closest to these stones
  40. Hello blunder , this wasn’t taken in sunlight, and cannot see any inclusions . I originally thought it was tourmaline till I spent time looking at Columbia Emeralds
  41. Thanks mrcolorz, I really do need to invest in a tester as now I have seen the price of what they could be worth,
  42. This weighs 2.15 ct
  43. Seen a stone just like this in a Art Deco ring. Also seen one similar selling as Burmese Ruby
  44. Thanks I will have a look.dav Thanks Bo
  45. I have no idea what these stones are, but I am wondering if they might have once been part of a Art Deco ring as I have seen rings with these kind of stones
  46. Could it be a spinel
  47. It may not be diamond,but must be half decent if someone set them in Gold. That’s how I saw it.
  48. It’s amazing the amount of grime on the back of old stones, most seemed to be like this. When I was reading about old rings they said, most old rings had lost their sparkle due to dirt. When you see s...
  49. Look how rough the cut is, making me think that it’s either very old or done by a amateur. Need help from those who no more
  50. Thanks flash, I wasn’t sure as this is the only one that looks like this, some other similar colours but none the same
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