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Antique glass vases  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage bohemian champagne saucers  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage cut glass footed bowl  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vintage alabaster? Humidor ? - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
French vintage glasses  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage German jug  - Potteryin Pottery
Chinese enamel or Japanese ? - Asianin Asian
Glass candlestick  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage studio pottery  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks truth great help
  2. Thanks mp I was hoping that you would know this as it’s something I’ve had for years but no one has known, so thank you again I will look them up
  3. Thanks mp, I’ve had this bowl over 7 years now and the one you found is the closest to it I’ve seen, my one has a mark which maybe a clue but it was under a old label which has worn off, but I don’t f...
  4. Wow what great information which I am sure will come in handy, Pyrex is very collectible and I am wondering if these should have had lids and are divided casserole, I guess the mark is the crown . I ...
  5. Thanks kerra great help, I had a look at others thanks to your help, seems like they’re quite a few around but like you I didn’t see the same, but interesting information about Southend,I’ve been ther...
  6. I’ve seen it and was told what it was but can’t remember if it was Pyrex
  7. Great information fhr ,
  8. Thanks tallcakes I originally thought that they was was candlesticks but changed my mind as wasn’t sure and could not find any the same
  9. Thanks mp I thought it was early as not been able to find another like it anywhere and it’s one of my favourite finds, an amazing bit of work
  10. Thanks mp I was hoping you would have a good idea of who made this, you must be a expert, but more importantly your very kind to help people out, as it’s a rare thing to find someone who offers help w...
  11. Thanks mp I couldn’t work out the age of it tho
  12. Thanks mp great help , I will read up on them
  13. Thanks mp great information and help
  14. Thanks anything
  15. Thanks Rene great help and information as always much appreciated
  16. Hello thanks for the great help and I have not come across those names before so I will have a look at their work online Thanks again
  17. Thanks mp for the help
  18. Thanks mp for the helpful information
  19. Thanks mp is this from the 70s ?
  20. Thanks mp, I have heard of the name and think it’s a good one
  21. Thanks aura
  22. Thanks vet I will try to find out more if I can but thanks for the tip.
  23. Thanks art
  24. Thanks Rene,gol , I am not sure about age but quality is good
  25. Thanks h20
  26. Thanks Rene,I didn’t realise that there was so many types of these vases, I have one other in another box somewhere this is the smaller one,
  27. I would always sell at the right price but these just sit in boxes,
  28. Thanks for helping, I have been looking at a lot of Imari images since posting this but cannot find another this shape. Painting could be better but seen much worse and a lot of the old stuff has a si...
  29. This bottle is another year older and still not found anything else about it
  30. Thanks kaudet great help and sounds interesting I am going to look them up as never heard of them before. Thanks blunder yes salt makes sense
  31. Thanks gol you could be right I think I can see a seam like it was 2 half’s joined,
  32. I am wondering how to describe this item, would you call it modernist
  33. Hello kw over the years I have collected a load of single earrings but never found one on the street,I used to look for silver and would even take singles if they was cheap enough
  34. Guessing it’s fairly old as I can hardly see the 925 which is how I normally see them on vintage silver
  35. Thanks anything that’s a good one lol
  36. Is this Japanese????
  37. Taken ages but have now updated this with the pics that might help
  38. Thanks Rene I will look up the name to see what I can find
  39. Hello no thank you for the help I will google the name and see if I can find the mark and age.
  40. Thanks Betty great help
  41. Thanks Lauren
  42. Hello cameo I’ve just seen your comment,glad you’re doing okay,I didn’t realise you was still around,I have been posting lots of stones from the collection I have but hadn’t heard from you for 2 years,
  43. I have seen a spinel which looked identical in colour to this stone Tommy
  44. Wow lit I have just checked pink tourmaline,and see what you mean, I also saw a loose stone for sale which cost a fortune.
  45. Thanks myco I have never heard of them before so thanks I will do some looking online
  46. Thanks prin I have seen blue moonstone with a hint of blue in a clear stone but never seen one like this which seems like pale blue with a hint of crystal clear stone
  47. Thanks Rene I will look up what you said to try to learn about them
  48. Hello cameo I don’t think you come on here anymore, but saw a girl in the new film aeronauts wearing a pendant what looks just like this one,
  49. Thanks stuff , I was looking up some old English pennies I had and these came up, I didn’t know they was called pennies but I realised I had some somewhere. I have a bag of old coins but have never re...
  50. Thanks collect
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