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  1. I think you will find that this is Henri Heemskerk for Scailmont, Belgium. Very similar to Barolac
  2. Riihimaen Lasi Oy, Riihimaki, Finland
  3. I agree with Ivonne, but not a guess :)
  4. It is Riihimaen Lasi Oy. Nanny Still design pattern number 1456. Designed in 1966, produced 66-68.
  5. Sommerso, is a technique, not a factory, TGC ;) It is incredibly difficult to pin down a factory without a signature, or label. It is definitely a quality piece, but having visited Murano myself, it i...
  6. If anyone will know, it will be Glen Thistlewood. She runs a FB page and I am sure the members there would love to see your plate and will hopefully be able to help with more information too. https://...
  7. Possibly Jefferson Opalescent swung vase.
  8. Hmmm, maybe not. Will keep looking though.
  9. I think I may have found them, firebird
  10. It will be a long trawl, but is a great site for identifying glasses. Once you have the pattern name, you can search for the best place to buy. Della x
  11. If you look around the edge, near the bottom, but on the side, it should say Wade in tiny capital letters, at least on the back 3 anyhow, as they are Wade Whimsies for sure. Della x
  12. Dugan 'Wreathed Cherry'. Della x
  13. I can't see the mark, but as you have the glass in hand you can see better if Edinburgh Crystal 'Appin' is a match. Della
  14. Sorry, just because someone attributes a piece to a factory/designer, on Ebay, doesn't make it so and I would not put this piece to a Scandinavian factory of any kind. I will check on GMB when I retur...
  15. Agree 100% with TallCakes. I have lots and lots of Carnival Glass, all documented on and a majority of it has mould marks, which is quite acceptable. Della
  16. I think it is a Davidson 'Ripple' vase, one of the few of Davidson products to also be registered in Australia on February 14th 1939. Catalogue number 741. Della
  17. Imperial 'Ripple' vase; Della x
  18. That's brill news, Rose! And really good of her to respond to your mail. Still curious as to what the other word says. Possibly one of those future 'Eureka' moments, haha. Thanks for letting me (us) k...
  19. Will do, Rose. Good luck! Hopefully you will get some information of her.
  20. Maybe this Bonny Houston? She has a contact me button, maybe worth a shot? x
  21. Made me chuckle, shareurpassion .......
  22. Looks very Majolica in style and colour. I love it, it's fun x
  23. I would look towards Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). They made some amazing figures like theses. Della
  24. I really don't have a clue, sorry. Glass is my area. I just knew of a very good site for identifying silver and gold and have time on my hands to help. Della
  25. I see a Red Setter :) :)
  26. You are most welcome, LuxuryPVB. Della ;)
  27. Whiting Manufacturing Co, New York. More info here Lovely item!
  28. I believe this is a Francis Dyer Whittemore weight:
  29. Hi, Your plate is Sasaki, Japan 'Wings' pattern in lead crystal.
  30. Looks very WMF and it is beautiful!
  31. JJ is an importer, not a producer. Lovely little bird!
  32. Hi Skippy, Your bowl is beautiful. I would guess a centrepiece. The hallmark R925 guarantees it is made of genuine sterling silver. The R stands for 'rivestito', Italian for 'covered'. The sterling...
  33. I would say, Murano, considering there is aventurine (goldish glitter) in the cushion under the millefiori (thousand flowers, a name for the lovey canes). There is a great Paperweight forum on www.gla...
  34. Could you possibly post a photo of the base, please? It tells an awful lot about where it may have come from. TIA Della
  35. Still #mrsgreen ;)
  36. Riihimaen Lasi Oy pieces, my favourite producer, ever! Stunning pieces! #mrsgreen Della
  37. I live in the UK, chuck, in South Staffs (but from further north originally). It's been beautiful here today ;) Della
  38. Have you taken it out into the sunlight? I still say Zelenzy Brod Sklo and more than likely Miroslav Klinger. I love it! Della
  39. I would say ZBS for the left one, Ian. Is it neodymium/alexandrite glass too? Della
  40. Excellent sleuthing! I've had my large bowl for about 8 years and never knew who was responsible, so thank you!
  41. I'll also take a punt and say your split top vase is probably made by Formia, Murano.
  42. Hi Martika, Great pieces! Your bulbous vase looks good to me for a Percy design. There is some information about the sticker and G Hardy Co Importers (where this sticker came from) and the companies ...
  43. English, Davidson 1958, I believe.
  44. Davidson "Jacobean" or Inwald "Lord" (aka Milord). Hard to tell as the pattern was widely used by many companies. Davidson pieces normally have a Rd number, whereas Inwald pieces tend to be finished t...
  45. Love, love, love it!
  46. There is one here, but a solid colour I know what you mean. I have hundreds too and have started selling things off. I can't hold information like I u...
  47. Most welcome! A lovely vase too and quite collectible in its own right.
  48. From the shape and colour, I would say V Nason, Murano, Italy.
  49. The stamp is for Bristow Studio Art Glass. You can see the mark here: I believe it is by either Tim, or Karen Bristow.
  50. Your vase is Polish. Zabkowice, designed by Jan Sylwester Drost, late 1960's
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