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I enjoy pocket watches, silver boxes, and pens. I also have a small collection of stray animals, or maybe they all decided to collect the same human.


  1. Seriously awesome. Congrats.
  2. Thank guys!
  3. Can't tell you anything about it other than it's awesome.
  4. I added a pic with some effects to make it a bit easier to see racer4four, but honestly don't know if it helps all that much.
  5. Thanks Caper. I think you're probably right about the 50s. Would you mind learning Japanese real quick to translate the mark for me?
  6. The knife used by Lincoln to stab Roosevelt for getting a higher denomination.
  7. My pleasure :)
  8. That's one beauty of a snuff bottle. I'm a snuff taker myself and more into snuff boxes of the European variety, but I have been increasingly fascinated wit Chinese snuff bottles. I would be proud to ...
  9. That guy's beard is a collectors item in it's owe right.
  10. Style and function in one.
  11. The fact that it's a freedom arms produced revolver makes it even more painful. FA produced some of the finest revolvers ever made. I'm crying.
  12. Super awesomeness!
  13. Damn shame about deactivation. I NEED one!
  14. Bobby, hard to say which they prefer with a caption like, "blowing them off to the high balls"
  15. Thanks Manikin. The lamp is one piece of bronze except for the obvious glass pieces.
  16. It was suggested to me that this was Thomas Francisco's old hallmark, but I am not sure.
  17. Beautiful piece
  18. Very nice job on the horns.
  19. Thank you kyratanho, you are a genius! I'm kind of sad that I'm missing the blade. That dagger you linked is incredible!
  20. I'll try racer, maybe some kind of effects can make it stand out more. That's what it looks like to me too kyratanho, an old village or town.
  21. Man I had some crazy times at dead shows in the 80s. And even crazier times after. What a long strange trip it's been. Seeing this brought back a lot of memories.
  22. OMG Steptoe1 where are you finding all this cool stuff??!! I'm becoming jealous!
  23. Thanks Manikin, I think so too :)
  24. Yup, this would be the one that I missed. Thanks brother. Love the scene on that dial and the buck on the case.
  25. PW- I just joined this awesome site yesterday. I have to ask your advice, dude to dude, is it proper etiquette to thank every "love"?
  26. Well friend I don't have a specific answer for you, but if i owned that sweet painting I would start with Wes Talbot and see where it takes me. Best of luck.
  27. I just want to let you know that my birthday was 2 weeks ago, but I gladly accept belated birthday presents. I'm a big guy, it would fit me great! I realize we don't know each other, but you could mak...
  28. I can't tell you anything about it other than, holy crap that's awesome!
  29. No love for my love? :(
  30. Yeah PW Shreve is still there, but i feel you on the experience. People have no connection to history anymore. To many people these days history is the tweet that happened 15minutes ago. Sad. I wa...
  31. Great set of RR watches. I lucked out a couple of times over the years, Got a Waltham 1908 Vanguard sidewinder with Montgomery dial and a lovely Hamilton 990 with perpetual warranty case and original ...
  32. I love these wood slab clocks.
  33. Thank you PW. Not the greatest movement grade. but the dial is superb and the private label is special to me.
  34. That's the case of a wrist watch Steptoe1
  35. Great find!
  36. Wow! Super cool!
  37. Fantastic find.
  38. I appreciate the tip. I will give it a try.
  39. I have an idea for you steptoe1. There are thousands of lapidary clubs all across the country. There's probably one close to you. I think it would be really fun for you and them if you brought your c...
  40. definitely real :)
  41. Nice find!
  42. The only way you will know for sure is to show it to a gemologist. I have a ring with a similar stone that I know 100% is a spinel. I have posted it in show and tell so you can look at it. As for your...
  43. Sorry about your loss. The watch she left you is a Waltham model 1891 grade Seaside size 0 and 7 jewel movement. It was made in 1901 and intended to be worn as a pendant.
  44. Beautiful
  45. I see it as N. 2. Also. Beautiful piece.
  46. Looks like a lab created blue spinel to me. Google blue spinel and look at the images.
  47. What you have there may very well be a mineraloid called jet. Just search for "jet stone" and compare the pictures to your stone. If it is cool to the touch like glass it is probably not jet.
  48. It is indeed a gold stone, just like the ones on my watch chain in my profile picture.
  49. Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for you, but the design reminds me of some ottoman pieces I've seen. You may want to try searching for ottoman pendants or possibly Balkan ottoman pendants. Go...
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