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Little girl with a bouquet figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Intaglio cut small trinket dish - Glasswarein Glassware
Car boot sale finds - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Toucan brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Lapis lazuli trinket box 
Two fairy brooches - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Crown Devon Fieldings jardiniere - Pearline  - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage plastic bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Two Bohemian? glass vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
My little agate trinket dish - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Superb !!!
  2. You have got a lovely garden ! :)
  3. Thank you for your comment, Vintagefran and Valentino97 !!! :)
  4. Vintagefran, I live in South East, East Sussex in a small town. Currently we have got nine charity shops, some of them better than others. In this particular one the shop assistants put everything wh...
  5. Yes, Fieldings were famous for their blush ivory pottery. They made so many shapes, had so many patterns, even today often new patterns are 'discovered'.
  6. Of course I wouldn't mind. I'm pleased you like it.
  7. Thank you Vintagefran for your interest !!! :)
  8. Mesmerising !!!
  9. Pretty! I think it's a calcite geode.
  10. Love the bright blue colour and the hand painted décor !!! :)
  11. Very interesting !!!
  12. Really beautiful !!! I'm no expert either, but 1930s was my gut feeling too :)
  13. It's a stunner !!! :)
  14. I have exactly the same thought as Efesgirl about the origin of your vase.
  15. Awesome !!!
  16. Spectacular!!! And at 01:25 in the night !!! I would take this, but I would hate winter days in the dark.
  17. It looks like a train. Maybe the photographer at the studio didn't find a doll and thought a toy train will do. That cute girl doesn't seem impressed !
  18. Gorgeous !!!
  19. You have got a lovely corner there !!!
  20. Incredible pieces
  21. These are so lovely ! :)
  22. Thank you Karen for your info. I knew it will hard to ID her, I just wanted to get more figurines like her.
  23. It is lovely.
  24. Thank you Nutsabotas6, Vetraio50, Thomas and Freon for your love click and comment!!! :)
  25. Really sweet ! It has got a character.
  26. Thanks to everybody for the love clicks xxx :)
  27. Google tabulate corals.
  28. Great steal !!!
  29. It looks like a nice piece, but would appreciate a picture of the whole item.
  30. Thank you Karen, Bijoucaillouvintage and Judy for your nice comments xxx Also thanks to everybody for the love clicks !!!
  31. This is just SOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!
  32. These brooches are wonderful !!! My personal favourite is the one which looks like a butterbur plant. Probably you are right about the era.
  33. It was certainly much loved and precious for the previous owner if he/she took an effort to glue the broken pieces together.
  34. Wonderful finds, love especially the cloisonné, but the two silver brooches are pretty too.
  35. Beautiful !!! Probably they think you are their best customer :)
  36. Thank you TassieDevil, Melanie, Mike, Racer4four, Vetraio50, Thomas, Pebble and Aura xxx
  37. It looks very interesting :) Walnut... your post makes me want to visit this town.
  38. Beautiful !!! I'm not a glass expert, but I think probably it's opaline or milk glass.
  39. Wow, I just can repeat what Manikin said !!!
  40. Efesgirl, Ken - thank you for your comments !!! Bonnie, I appreciate the info !!! :) No marks on the pendant :( Caperkid, Valentino, Hel1 and Kyra - thank you for your love clicks xxx
  41. Beautiful blush ivory vase! It's certainly in Western style. The Japanese Nippon successfully imitated this style and their ware was aimed at the Western World. But they were making porcelain. To me ...
  42. Breathtakingly beautiful !!!
  43. They are so delicate !!!
  44. She has got such a cute face... :)
  45. Lovely !!! :)
  46. Thank you Ken, Bonnie, Mike, Thomas, Hel1, Valentino and Aura for your comments/love and stopping by !!! :)
  47. Finding valuable stuff amongst junk benefits not only the lucky finder. By 'discovering' it you are saving it from being lost forever. Who knows where they would end up if some eagle-eyed individual ...
  48. Yay, I want to find stuff like this and pay little for it.
  49. Wow, spectacular piece of glass !!!
  50. Very pretty ring !!! :)
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