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durban,kzn,south africa

i love collecting bric a brac,wristwatches being my special place of interest,and i love rummaging through thrift shops,fleamarkets and garage sales,the collecting bi love collecting bric a brac,wristwatches being my special place of interest,and i love rummaging through thrift shops,fleamarkets and garage sales,the collecting bug bit me about 20 years ago,and the infection just seems to worsen with age,not that i am complaining, (Read more)


  1. sounds lovely,thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks martika,
  3. Thanks vetrio50,I am delighted to have gained this info,I am awed at your general knowledge on collectable items.
  4. Beautiful piece,thanks for explaining the alphabet and numbers,could you perhaps tell me what the ostrich represents,as I have a piece with all the above and an ostrich mark.thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Moxie1
  6. Thanks racer4four
  7. Thanks melaniej.
  8. Thanks Dizzydave,I appreciate the info,
  9. Thanks vetraio50,
  10. thanks aghcollect for loving my piece.
  11. I always said you have an eye for the good stuff sean68,lol. thanks
  12. I would not be surprised,as CERTINA is an old manufacturer, you must also understand that we in SOUTH AFRICA have only been exposed to the rest of the world market since our first democratic election...
  13. Thanks tempusfigit, this is brilliant info.
  14. Thanks Kyratango.
  15. Thanks vetraio50, I am familiar with the WMF brand,wish it was,I will look for an ostrich mark,Thanks for the input.
  16. jwendell222, THANK YOU,the site is awesome.
  17. Thanks aghcollect and Alan2310 for loving my item.I know for certain, aghcollect has a very keen eye for the good stuff,lol
  18. THANKS Geodejem,you speak for both of us,lol
  19. Thanks jwendell222,will research it , now that I have a name to go by,
  20. It does not have a cloth body,entire body is composition.
  21. Thanks Manikan,yes,it does read EFFANBEE,and forgive my ignorance,I thought composition meant stuffed body and bisque head and limbs,Thanks to you,I learnt something today.
  22. sorry folks,I seem to have posted this item twice.I blame that on my failing memory,or my over enthusiastic mind,lol
  23. Thanks folks.
  24. thanks folks for loving this.
  25. Hi aghcollect, I did say I admire your keen eye for the good stuff,lol
  26. Thanks SEAN68.
  27. Thanks aghcollect.always admire your keen eye for the good stuff,lol
  28. Thanks for loving my item folks,
  29. Thanks racer4four and vetraio50
  30. Thanks aghcollect.
  31. thanks,you have good taste VBAntiqueJewelery, lol
  32. ORIS is a well renowned swiss watch brand and have been around since the turn of the last century,your clock is from the 50 's,hence he use of bakelite.
  33. Glad you guys love it, THANKS
  34. thanks aghcollect
  35. thanks aghcollect.
  36. It looks like a piece by CAPODIMONTE,or the style in which they produce their work.
  37. The base of the canister has an italian 1 lira coin from 1939.
  38. The base of the shell casing is 7cm across and the coin is an Italian 10 lira dated 1927.
  39. Thanks to all that viewed this item and LOVED it.
  40. Thanks aghcollect,I would really like to know what the insignia means,but one fact for sure,YOU DO HAVE AN EYE FOR GOOD THINGS,LOL
  41. Thanks to all that look at my posts and love it,I truly am thankful,thanks again folks.
  42. Thanks for your input TinaL,and to all the others that did as well.
  43. Thanks for the comment,I wish I knew who made them,as they look like quality pieces,one more puzzle to my life,lol
  44. Happy festive season SEAN68,Flattery would get you everywhere,lol
  45. Thanks vetraio50, same goes to you and a prosperous new year.
  46. Thanks kerry10456,and the same to you and yours.
  47. Thanks to all that love this piece.
  48. capodimonte comes to mind.
  49. Thanks MisterEsoteric. I appreciate your eye for the finer things,lol
  50. thanks SEAN68
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