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My Collections: Art Glass, Brass, Lead Crystal, Candy Dish, Stamps, Coins, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Tea Pots, Rocks & Minerals, Trinket Boxes & Costume Jewelry. I loveMy Collections: Art Glass, Brass, Lead Crystal, Candy Dish, Stamps, Coins, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Tea Pots, Rocks & Minerals, Trinket Boxes & Costume Jewelry. I love old things! (Read more)


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Champleve Pill Box? - Asianin Asian
Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Bag Replica - Bagsin Bags
9 Inch Polished Brass Drum Sextant - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
CVA Brass Gun Powder Flask - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Cut Crystal Ball - Glasswarein Glassware
Fancy Hat Trinket Box - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Watering Can Trinket Box - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Crystal Cream Dish? - Glasswarein Glassware
Crystal Sugar Dish? - Glasswarein Glassware
Corn Salt & Pepper Shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thanks for all the info everyone. I really want a silver one now!
  2. OMG, soooo cute. I love me some Cloisonne! This little Ducky makes my heart pitter patter. Awesome!!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Thanks, I think it is quite lovely.
  5. Yes, I have a very large one too in the last picture. I also have pieces from chandelier's hanging also. I love the rainbows they make!
  6. I will do that, thanks for the info. It doesnt look like Murano to me either. It was bought at an Antique store near me with another green vase I posted recently. I think this one is really cool.
  7. Thanks racer4four, I like them a lot.
  8. Cool thanks for the info!
  9. Happy New Year to you too vetraio50!
  10. Thanks y'all!
  11. I got an email from a relative that said it is Roberto Moretti.
  12. Oh... so cut; A nodder!!! Thanks ThriftStoreAddict!
  13. Mine soes have a little yellow tinge but not much wear on the bottom.
  14. It looks like both of those!
  15. Thanks antiquerose. They are twins!!
  16. Thanks Master!
  17. Love it!
  18. Thanks y'all!
  19. Thanks y'all!
  20. Thanks y'all!!
  21. Thanks everyone, I think it is pretty cool too!
  22. Awesome czechglass5, thanks for the info.
  23. Thanks Master, I think so too!
  24. Thanks JImam I crack myself up sometimes!
  25. It is decorative and a paperweight!
  26. The Italian stamps are Fratelli Bandiera. The reference is to the brothers Attilio (1811–1844) and Emilio Bandiera (1819–1844) who were Italian nationalists and martyrs during the period called the R...
  28. WOW, thanks vetraio50. I think stamps are interesting and some are very pretty.
  29. Thanks guys, I think they are beautiful.
  30. Isn't he cute? I love it too!
  31. True it is tedious to identify. I also have a bunch from other countries. I want to find someone to go through it and appraise it for me. Good luck. What book is it if you don't mind me asking?
  32. OMG Awesome!
  33. I have all of these stamps and thought I could look and tell you something more about them. I do know the 5c stamp in the 3rd photo is from 1938-39. And I think the Italian ones might be from 1940, bu...
  34. I'm gonna go get my book out and see if I can give you any further info.
  35. I have the same ones in my Grandfathers Stamp Collection. But I don't know much about them. Mine are all unused.
  36. thanks lentilka11 yes i
  37. Well then you already know that Egypt is the place to be! LOL....
  38. Thanks Efesgirl, I think so too!
  39. Thanks Master, you too!
  40. Happy New Year to you vetraio50!
  41. You too Alan2310! Happy New Year!
  42. Thank you Antiquerose, Happy New Year to you!
  43. Yes my mum-in-law had some awesome baubles in deed Wandlessfairy! I feel very lucky to have some of them now! She was a beautiful person as well. Way too young when she passed: she was only 58. RIP Su...
  44. Thanks Antiquerose, you too!
  45. Thanks!
  46. Merry Christmas to you too jscotto363!
  47. You too Sean68!
  48. You too vetraio50!!
  49. Thanks everyone!
  50. Sweet!
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1920 Coca Cola change tray


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