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love thrifting and the finds I come across ! Have meet some great people along the way , learning something new and appreciating artist skills .


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Fire & Light Recycled Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Abstract Art Glass Weights - Art Glassin Art Glass
Liuligongfang  Pate de Verre Glass "Sea of Happiness " - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vetri Cenedese Murano Blue Opaline Chalice Set - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Korean 990 Silver Enamel Tray   - Asianin Asian
Susan Gott "Spirit Block" Phoenix Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gold Foil and Spatter Art Glass Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Benny Motzfeldt (1909-1995)  Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Set of Stemmed Art Glasses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jeremy Diller Raku Pottery - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Wow that mirror iridescence is almost blinding ! Beautiful piece .
  2. I love the Witch Pumpkin !
  3. I have one in pink and have been looking to identify it's use as well . Mine did not come with the paper insert or box when I found it in a resell shop in MD , I thought maybe it's for ikebana arrange...
  4. That is Robert Eickholt etch signature , a very nice piece ; what are it's measurements ?
  5. Sooo Beautiful !!
  6. Their works are soft and elegant , I just love the muted color glazes ; I have 4 stemmed pieces by them all found in thrift stores in Md. and Va. and was lucky that a matched set had stickers from th...
  7. The women depicted have that Pillin Pottery look , but the ones I'm familiar with are painted glazed pieces ; and are usually marked / signed .
  8. Wow , they show off the Glass sooo nicely ; I need a couple of those too .
  9. That is a LOVELY vase ! Nice size and shapely , beautifully painted .
  10. Cool ring , looks like a face with a red stones in the crown (-:
  11. GORGEOUS !!! The faceted cuts are wonderful on that large stone , really like the setting too ; nice and open to show off that gorgeous stone . Congrats on your Auction win !
  12. I don't think this is carnival glass , it looks more art glass with the form and the polish cut rim ; I love it .
  13. Thank you all for the appreciation of the paintings , the group grabbed me right away from the thrift store shelves . Celiene , thank you also for the link ; I had looked at her works and found noth...
  14. Trojan Pottery , Bulgaria ; Peacock Eye pattern . Love it .
  15. Oh Wow ! Love the flowers pattern in the yellow , this is lovely .
  16. Thanks for the loves everyone , Malkey I like your "SPLENDIFEROUS" comment ( made me chuckle) and Thank You IronLace for the comment and fyi about "Patent" base mark on some English glass pieces . Alw...
  17. Thanks all for the comments and helpful information . I am still learning about the beautiful glass items ( where , who , when ) that I occasionally find & purchase , some I keep and others I rescue t...
  18. I think it may be a incense smoker . Does the piece come apart , the head perhaps ; should be a hole somewhere also for the smoke to escape .
  19. Church Flea Market or Rummage sales always find nice glass or pottery pieces , your finds are called Ruevens Glass I believe , I have some pieces from my Mother in law and some I've bought thrifting ....
  20. These are great ! I really love the Native American ones , so alive with color ; a nice collection pyrolilly.
  21. Matt , what is the size of this "plate" ? The filigree metal work and the enamel cloisonne with the object depicted looks very Asian , also looks hollow ; most likely just a nice display object .
  22. You really have some great pieces from your recent Scandanavian / Italian glass collection find ! The lovelies just keep coming , and yes please do keep posting ; enjoying your new collection lots .
  23. Artist on your glass piece is Paul Bendzunas , and it does look like it's missing something at the top ; especially with that handle attached . It is a lovely color , sorry I haven't a clue as to wha...
  24. WooHoo !! That's a big Beauty Kralik !!
  25. Fenton made a ruby red in this pattern for LG Wright , I believe they called it " Priscilla " ; dates from 1951 and later seen in a Fenton catalog 1963 . Nice deep red , I like it .
  26. Nice looking mandolin . Also agree w/ blunderbuss on the chair you have the mandolin sitting , it is neat ; alot of work went into it .
  27. Her web page Gott Glass calls these cast blocks "Spirit Weights" , I have one too ; red background with silver faced Hindu God ; she has her Studio in Tampa FL. . Large pieces of her works are someth...
  28. Try looking up Artistic Accents , I have a bowl and tumbler very similar ; being made in Turkey . I really like the iridescence on them , I've always got my eyes searching for more pieces when I'm out...
  29. It is a Dale Tiffany Glass Amphora Vase , I believe under Favrille on his site and purchased at retailers like Marshal , Sears , Macy ; well made and colorful piece. I have the same and love it as we...
  30. could it possibly be for knitting ? I have an Aunt that has a few of those things and she knits , crochets ; has small collection of crafts .
  31. Beautiful !! What a delicate lamp base , and in awesome condition ; congrats to you to have such a beauty .
  32. Thank you for sharing the knowledge of , yours are absolutely GORGEOUS ; I really like the #3 shape .
  33. GORGEOUS!!!!!
  35. Thanks Tallcakes for the link , I'll share w/ Mom ; she'll be excited to read she has a scarce piece around her age too ! Thanks for the loves everyone .
  36. Thanks for the friendly comments welzbub , philmac51 , jscott0363 and all the loves from all . I am new to collecting glass , having fun learning , seeing all the post from others and searching the sh...
  37. Gorgeous all the colors !!
  38. Very cool find ! I love the beads , each one with a different pattern ; they look more ceramic then plastic . SWATCH does bring back some memories of my teen years ...Thanks for sharing !
  39. Beautiful !! Looks Asian with cranes , koi and fine silver & enamel work .
  40. A nude Geisha Lithophane Cup , very nice .
  41. Hammish that base ( bottom ) of the vase looks ground flat , the decoration you speak of is the color / sheen on the vase or the extra thick areas of glass making the form of vase ? So many makers of ...
  42. A Beauty !!
  43. Beautiful color & pattern . Wow !! Finding so many pieces of the same pattern together very good luck .
  44. OMG !! GORGEOUS !!
  45. This looks Asian , like the Phoenix on a tree trunk ; great glaze colors . No marks on the piece anywhere ? Looks very well made , form and controlled glaze . I love it !
  46. this is an interesting stand !! I love it !
  47. I would dismantle them , you may find some information under the fixtures ; both are very nice .
  48. Beautiful Raku Pot Don , love those colors it gives off ; nice shape too .
  49. Love the Squirrel , too cute !
  50. I've never seen the Teal Jasperware either , how lovely !
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End tables with only carvings. What am I? Please help me identify this blanket Ruby Glasses


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