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I collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, EI collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, English and many many who made this? ;o) I look forward to posting shade images as I reshoot my collection. (Read more)


  1. Love the shade on that lamp. No wonder it flew away. ;o)
  2. Yes, please! In these most peculiar times, please shine your light, as you do. I know it is always appreciated here but perhaps even more so now. Take care. Sincerely, Lisa
  3. Thank you again, for all you share, it is so appreciated!
  4. Oh my! How lovely they are. Thank you for sharing.
  5. That is so so so delightful. Jaw droppingly beautiful. It is as gorgeous as a bloom one has been waiting for and then........... there it is. I can't believe the emotion it sparks, It isn't a shade, a...
  6. Dear Sammyz, Goodness, sorry I have just seen your comment. I will shoot the shade for you as soon as the sun shines. Hopefully tomorrow. Sincerely, Lisa
  7. Really interesting. Congratulations.
  8. Oh my......that is wonderful.
  9. Your posts are very interesting, thank you very much for sharing.
  10. Really cool, it is.
  11. Thank you, Inky. What a treat. Such beauty on a dark snowy day.
  12. What a lovely piece! I'm not sure I have anything useful to add but..... ;o) I wonder if lampwork, iridescent candlestick might help you in your search.
  13. How lovely. The hair pin is delightful. I love the bracelet and earrings too. What treasure. I hope you have many memories to make wearing them. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Lisa
  14. This is the first stalagtite shade I have seen with that ring below the fitter. How exciting! You may well find 2&1/4 fitter shades to match. Thank you for sharing your find.
  15. Dear Sheila, What a little treasure. These little figural lamps we very popular for at least two decades 1920s 1930s they were made by a huge number of companies in North America. I have collected and...
  16. How wonderful. Thank you for all you share!
  17. You are too kind. Hopefully one day I will deserve such a title.:0)
  18. update for anyone who is interested, These shades are indeed PG 2/187 and the PN II 2/177. The PN is listed in Loetz/ Series ll Paper patterns for glass from 1900 to 1914, Page 130. The decor is menti...
  19. Oh bother still no sign of your warrior. I do think that perhaps he is Greek rather than Roman. Those who know do please enlighten me.
  20. Thank you. I enjoy them.
  21. I have not seen clear ones, I will look forward to seeing them.
  22. No luck so far but I have a few more things to check.
  23. I will check my catalogues and see if I can find him. If the scale works for one of your letter openers that would be a quick fix. If not then you would need to make one. That will be much easier when...
  24. Yes, the original hangs in the A G O.
  25. Dear VintageVern, I found the copy to which you refer. The original painting by Paul Peel on which Erjy Putanu based his copy was done in 1890. Thanks to google images you can easily see both...
  26. I think Bill has it. Even if there is only one front leg, could the split pin still not clasp to it? What a lovely thing it is. Thank you for sharing your find.
  27. Fabulous lamp. What a perfect base. I would love to have one to use with so many much loved single shades in my collection. Gary, that sir, is a fabulous find. Enjoy your new treasure.
  28. It is so exciting to see another beautiful shade with both PG and PN numbers. Thank you for the work you so kindly share.
  29. The colours are wonderful. These are completely new to me. Thank you for sharing them here.
  30. Lychee?
  31. Oh boy. I just read that only 300 copies were printed. ;o(
  32. Thank you Brian. I will be looking for a copy now.
  33. Wonderful. Thank you for this interesting post. I hope you enjoy making the tail for your cat.
  34. Thank you for sharing your beautiful shade and the great research too, Brian. This has been a very informative post. Quittenbaum!! Thank you. I mistakenly thought that Musterbuch was either a refere...
  35. Yes, I too would not have imagined feeling the way I do about the duck. The movement, colour and that dear bill. Treasure! Thank you for sharing your finds.
  36. Thank you for this post Karen. It really is delightful to see and learn about this glass.
  37. Inky I was saving background patterns to see if I could find a way to help with attribution on a pair of shades, I am thinking too Baccarat because of the background.
  38. Thank you. One look and I tasted the Lemonade of childhood stands.
  39. Thank you vintagelamp. I am thrilled to have them in my collection.
  40. Thank you vintagelamp and Aura
  41. Thank you Glassie. Any thoughts?
  42. Thank you Phil. I am really wanting to hear or see how they were offered for sale. Do you know if there are paper patterns for companies other than Loetz? Does anyone share shapes for Kralik et al? P...
  43. My thinking is that the shades were made 1910 1920s but I am saying that based only on the glass and the type of glass beads used. Thank you for your kind remarks. If anyone does come across informat...
  44. Yes they do make lamp wire and even plugs that look like the lovely stuff that was used 1910. Most Lamp supply places carry it.
  45. These are not difficult to rewire. It is a good idea to rewire the lamp even though it seems to work properly. 'Nuff said. I hope you don't mind the tip.
  46. I'm glad you do. I certainly enjoyed seeing the work you posted recently, Manikin
  47. Thank you Caperkid and Kevin. It is a great summer here. The weather.... not so much but very good as far as my collection goes. :O)
  48. Thank you, sir. Do you know anything about them? Have you seen them offered for sale with a fixture? Thank you too to Karenoke and Starrynight
  49. Thank you,Johann. That is very kind.
  50. Wonderful! What a great post. Thank you for sharing.
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