Dear CW Member, I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz tango, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page areDear CW Member, I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz tango, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures, I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. What I am trying to do is share is my love of collecting and organizing pieces be decor, shape and technique; Please don't be offended if I disagree with any attribution that you may have made, Regards Jericho (Read more)


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Kralik - Caged glass #5  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Caged glasss #4 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik caged pieces #3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Caged glass #2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Caged glass (Vol 1) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Stripe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik pebbles and diamonds - a confetti decor on the fringe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik satin Tango - Tango decor on the fringe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Lines - Powder decor on the fringe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik florettes - Confetti decor on the fringe - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. great- some decors are even better on a shape you can recognize... I've gotten it wrong before when the shape was obscure and this pattern clearly resembles Welz
  2. very cool, they have a different pattern than bambus but i believe them to be kralik or Tomschick
  4. I bid it up!! probably kralik but put the glass next to satin amber from Ruckl and Kralik just to see...
  5. I’ll remind you my Jericho account are not always owned by me but kralik1928 is my personal stash
  6. Ivan, we share the same shape but with different decors - yours seems to have the glass sprinkles on the surface of the glass (uncased)- mine has the glass sprinkles in the middle of the glass (Cased)...
  7. A recent field of study... See I have the same shape in Tango
  8. Ok, I have a good pair swap- these look ugly together: 0
  9. Ok so one for me right?
  10. I do not think they are Czech 1920-30. The lip bothers me and the dispensation of clear on the foot too. If you "tap" the glass it also has a different sonic feel than other Czech... for me they could...
  11. Get another book case....
  12. When I first saw this set of blue Welz I didn't think they go together perfectly but Ive come to realize most of these types are in a folder that groups decors by the similarities- These are put into ...
  13. It took a while but I've started appreciating these pieces that have a more pale interior. Welz has such a range of working with bright contrasting colors as well as more neutral or pale colors as wel...
  14. I love Italian glass like this
  15. One of my favorite shape too
  16. best kind of Loetz
  17. Haha, just found it- send me a email if you want the pic-
  18. I'm seeing this decor more and more - they had a patent for this finish. The sticker is very rare and I believe it to be later rather than earlier production
  19. I think its Kralik because the shape has been seen with a solid foot and kralik pontil- I display my Loetz tango with Kralik of the same quality, they were neighbors after all. cool piece!!
  20. Hey can you send me the controlled bubble in pic #3
  21. mouth watering collection! As information keeps coming in.... I wish we could get the best examples they made (mostly exported) with the documentation to support it. I think it is sad that Welz is sca...
  22. Amazing amazing amazing!!! Welz is expanding like crazy in my folders of decor and finishes. so we are looking at a new finish (texture) here! I especially like the church window type confetti... Over...
  23. Glass is under continuous tension (it wants to rip apart) so a hollow interior space is dangerous to the glass especially in low temps, vibration and air pressure
  24. Agree with Manikin- We all have broken vase stories and telling people how we prefer to pack is a thing I do often- One of the ones I think would have helped here: "Please stuff the vase full of paper...
  25. you ever display pieces laying down? This would be one of the best!
  26. thanx buddy
  27. Ruckl is my guess same as the squally pumpkin types that came in orange with purple, turquoise with red etc...
  28. crazy
  29. what have you been thinking about lately (phallic and ball vases). LOL.... Ahhem, This pattern of Large confetti with small black confetti is a definite Kralik but Welz used the same pattern except ...
  30. cool pair, I will add this type of marbled decor comes in many MANY base colors
  31. AAAAAGH - your killing me with beauty. Sometimes these common shapes show the decor best
  32. Haha, we gotta have a contest about best "soccer kicked box" lol
  33. bright little thing will stand out against anything
  34. Same as 3rd pic of pebbles and powder
  35. I used to by Iris only if it was 11" or taller. This one made me reasses the decision - thanx guys
  36. Haha, it's maddening... you have put in the hours so you know.... the big picture is working with shape, decor and marks those are the big things. I believe little things sometimes get left out.... fo...
  37. ian, very late comment but very right you are!! Im uncovering many images of the confetti base (large bits of glass) and an overlay of a powder pattern (fine powder of glass).
  38. Fantastic!!!
  39. I think the indentations were made by a mold (the same as the base). Ruckl is the lead contender but everyone made confetti (spatter, frit, end of day, glass chips) glass. if the shape can give a bett...
  40. Fantastic piece, I bid on it and lost to you Alan. love it. I like the shape and the perfume like Broad-ground crystal finial!! The reason I think its so balls-out great is that the maker would have t...
  41. Killer Phil!!
  42. i'll take the one with flaw Great color combo
  43. Ian - good question! I have only seen one piece with three-ball feet sit straight without grinding; in fact I just sold a tripod piece without grinding (rare) and it sat tilted. With tripod, ball or o...
  44. very rare colors, add to that the pale green
  45. thank you, the yellow looks pale or like ivory?... both colors look rare to me. very nice
  46. Nice example, Ive seen this type of technique before where the decor was meant to be seen from both sides
  47. incredible pair!
  48. exact and to the point, very nice
  49. Add my sincere thoughts and gratitude for her collecting passion. thank you for sharing, Jericho
  50. jump in, collect something new sell something old... haha
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Loetz - Tango


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