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Dear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of thDear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures. I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. I love collecting and organizing pieces by decor, shape and technique, Kind regards Jericho (Read more)


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Kralik.... a strange connection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Bambus Crackle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik.... a strange connection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ruckl 1920-30's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - Bi-color #2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - Bicolor #1 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Umbrella shapes - 12 and multi-sided shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Umbrella shapes - 8 sided shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Umbrella shapes - 8 sided shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Umbrella shapes - 8 sided shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Awsome Malkey- this is the exact spirit of my posts.
  2. amazing decor, it is somewhere between older spatter decors of trophy vases and more modern tango with single color confetti
  3. common shape.... how about one of the other two?
  4. Hi Scottvez, I will try to do a shape comparisons on 2 and three... this series of glass is clear core glass with a solid covering of confetti with pelleton... predominately one color and the grinding...
  5. I am writing with the same nervousness about identity artfoot, I have a lot of stock in the glass too. All I can say is some pieces are "odd ducks" that don't have much in common with other Kralik pro...
  6. cool piece. i think this is a variation on the multi-color confetti but with a pull-up
  7. pink cloud glass sounds cool!! Thanx craig for the clarification
  8. Warren- I.m envious and speechless!! I have seen the Czechs sell pieces for others to decorate, Ive seen Czechs copy work from others....but this would show they clearly inspired others with their exp...
  9. Tomschick I think from the Tango Sklo exhibit a few years back
  10. here it is
  11. wow, puberty.... listened to that thing for a month straight!!
  12. Very cool, there appears to be an orange version from Ruckl with similar drizzles... yellow white and burgundy on orange with no iridescence tho...
  13. What a great shape. I have seen colors in tango appear more transcendent sometimes. the enamel looks great too!
  14. Thank you- no as stated in my bio every post here comes from a collection of glass images. although my pieces are scattered in here... please email me.
  15. Incredible find... I have only seen the shades befor... I can see your dilema
  16. killed me on the bidding but I love that you got it!!
  17. WOW!! This is a First- but with welz lately there have been many firsts (or great seconds) The vase is impressively tall and might be a lidded piece- this would make it enormous!! I don't even k...
  18. It just occurred to me that almost every piece here has an applied rim but many bi-Color pieces do not
  19. Thank you for your comments. As mentioned in my bio I keep two accounts - this Jericho page is of my collection of images that I use to delve into many collecting topics to help collectors and the kra...
  20. now with more NEW
  21. NEW!!!
  22. This post was rewritten
  23. New and improved !!!
  24. Revised!!
  25. new pics!!
  26. "I've organised them by shape, fanning out from the middle. Going from the left numbers 4 to 9 are definitely Art Deco, but the others have décors that come from an earlier period. I know that because...
  27. fantastic piece and its on my favorite ground color
  28. I think you are right about Kralik- Butler brothers sold them in (primary colors) green, light blue and pink with three different colored pulls- Cobalt, black or brown with marbled yellow. The reason ...
  29. very cool, now those Victorian glass applications make sense!
  30. so simple. I love it
  31. fantastic, I especially like the yellow coming through the red.
  32. Ben, Its great news but I hope you and the team continue to run it with a gentle and human approach (no AI algorithms). Thank you for pushing Collecting as an Art form
  33. Yes, also fan vases come in this decor- Colors are green confetti, pink confetti and light blue confetti. These are with marbled pulls, black or cobalt pulls... probably Kralik
  34. Thank you so much guys- I tray to stay on the more models side if Kralik and Welz (more deco instead of frilly gold leafed Victorian applications) but it’s hard to determine. I’m convened that old sh...
  35. Thanx, Eza
  36. So nice, that’s a lot of technical work here repeated with prescision
  37. Ian, share some stuff with the old-timers who are behind the times... lol... Instagram is for kids
  38. very cool, i like the even spatter 2/3rds up
  39. The first are airbrush painted inside or is the color internal, last one is a Loetz shape. nice rare colors for the marmalades
  40. Nice find, I have it in a blue honeycomb type- Many of the Welz pieces have the mold towards the bottom of the piece- yours has it throughout so rare and nice P.s. also the feet are oddly quad not ...
  41. one of my all time favorites!! great loetz!
  42. That’s a nice decanter - holds six bottles
  43. Yes, in my opinion of the French fabrication they use prefab prices, hand hammered and various welding techniques - much more envolved while most of the Kralik cages are standard metal rods brought t...
  44. great- some decors are even better on a shape you can recognize... I've gotten it wrong before when the shape was obscure and this pattern clearly resembles Welz
  45. very cool, they have a different pattern than bambus but i believe them to be kralik or Tomschick
  47. I bid it up!! probably kralik but put the glass next to satin amber from Ruckl and Kralik just to see...
  48. I’ll remind you my Jericho account are not always owned by me but kralik1928 is my personal stash
  49. Ivan, we share the same shape but with different decors - yours seems to have the glass sprinkles on the surface of the glass (uncased)- mine has the glass sprinkles in the middle of the glass (Cased)...
  50. A recent field of study... See I have the same shape in Tango
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Loetz - Tango


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