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Dear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of thDear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures. I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. I love collecting and organizing pieces by decor, shape and technique, Kind regards Jericho (Read more)


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Cased cobalt tango - With Wilms enamel decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - Tango - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - Pair of tango bowls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - line decor  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Zipper #9 (heavy duty) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - #7 Meissen type - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ruckl - Zipper #3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ruckl - Zipper #2 (marbled) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz zippers - #6 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - Zipper #4 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Grinding not brinding
  2. Lastly although the shapes and sizes match pretty good, something about the “confetti as texture” pieces are softer, less defined- while the cased confetti all have that sharp detailed look. So are th...
  3. It’s still in limbo for me but most likely Ruckl. The reason it’s still in question is that Thomas has a soap kit with this decor in it marked with the kralik arched Czech mark- seen widely in Kralik....
  4. I think this shape has three variations 1 shape with frog 2 same shape with lid 3 slightly larger shape with flared rim
  5. Thank you Warren and Andy, now I can catalogue it properly
  6. I think about this a lot, here ate two possible techniques: Rod method 1. Gather opaque base color on punty, blow into ball then roll 2 Roll into powders maybe on a table, reheat 3 Lay out crys...
  7. Hahaha, keep the price tag on it! I like these decors, Craig has a name for the series... nice stuff
  8. I have seen these geometric bands before, many color combos in this type. This same decor (tricolor) in umbrella shapes. I’ll work on a grouping at some point - very cool piece
  9. I love these especially the base. I imagine these were a little harder to make that the ausf 157
  10. Sklo, I wish I could say the larger the vase the better the decor but this is rarely the case. I forgot to mention this vase is just under 9” tall - that is average for Czech but tall for this decor
  11. Yes, I agree so I jumped on it because -I have only seen small ones if this decor. An overall observation: The basic names we give these decor combinations (lines, confetti, spatter, honeycomb) im...
  12. Hhhmmmm, I’m not sure about the satin finish being the strongest indicator. These colors and decor are used by both companies, so certainly the shape is a sting indicator here. My approach is to look ...
  13. I have seen this decor (florettes) with or without confetti stripes. This is a very special and complex decor since there is a layer of crystal glass between the two how many layers of g...
  14. You get that one from me? I want it back
  15. Love that
  16. They come iris with canes, marquetry, confetti with pulled rod and a few others...
  17. I do appreciate the flower-form rim. Lately finding many varieties
  18. Great shots, very aquatic, I can confirm the murrines get white in the middle and the ends get soft. If I had to guess it’s the instability of green glass
  19. beautiful shape probably Welz to me because of the rim and foot
  20. I love seeing the shapes lock-in like this
  21. I learn a lot from your posts, the shape is not significant and the mark (straight line) is getting more ambiguous in my mind. I would look at the finer details like the ground rim, is the base color ...
  22. It’s a similar shape - the thickness is very much the same
  23. I would agree that this glass is Czech - thank you for the link. Great stuff
  24. yeah, would be cool to do a side by side... Everything being equal i would still refer to the hierarchy of identification... But maybe Meissen made all the marbled and zipper pieces on tango. I'm open...
  25. Well I’ll looks like a bow tie, two each leg dividing into two like a triangle
  26. glad to help
  27. I think there is a world of German, French, Czech, Chinese etc.... that make similar pieces but in this grouping the way to Identify them is shapes, bold tango base colors (sometimes with fine interna...
  28. The smile signature is on a footed bowl, the rugby mark has been seen on the royal blue zipper but I don’t have a picture of it and the red dime mark is also on a red marbled piece- I don’t often save...
  29. amazing piece, is your sight. please get in touch... email in Bio
  30. These first two satin flash are similar to three green one on this post above Weird observation* in Welz Satin fl...
  31. These first two satin flash are similar to three green one on this post above
  32. I hate to call anybody out on what is or isn't Welz.
  33. Closely matches this group
  34. This post is what you should compare it to... the shape and color matches
  35. Now I have seen 2 legs, 3 legs, 4 legs, 5 legs, and 12 legs!!
  36. TOD, those tall frog vases I believe are bath salt vessels- they aren’t part of the zipper series that I’m working on- that spiral zipper with black pull-ups may show up in a zipper miscellaneous post
  37. I don’t consider the four images in the first pic to be at all related the nice Sklo vase- colors are not the same, Shape is not the same and the finish is different as well
  38. I have 10 zipper designations (groups) please be patient there are more to come. This piece is a beautiful piece (I bought it’s pair) but I consider the maker unknown- three reasons listed above. Mayb...
  39. Amazing
  40. Ruckl- I have seen the shape a few times with a few decors that coincide with Ruckl
  41. Nor am I, would love to attribute them to welz but the shapes are in a unique style. To move in that direction I would love to see: 1 - one of the shapes seen in the post having a typical Welz decor ...
  42. Fantastic pics and important piece- handled pieces show a high level of workmanship and care for the art. So many Kraliks fall into mass produced “cased glass” or copy pieces to other manufacturers - ...
  43. they do look and feel very nice.
  44. very nice! Warren, do you know a similar type with blue and pink filaments in a very similar pattern?
  45. nice, looks like a slight variation from the Ball vase type
  46. amazing as always. I have one of these that I got for a song because it is not a well known decor number
  47. Yeah, but I'm told I'm losing "making sense in the brain"- could be that too
  48. although I actually think these are larger globs of color (marbles) I call them pebbles
  49. Vintage, I love that little purple one- that metal work made me think they were from the 20-30's. As far as spatter versus confetti, I would say.... Clichy in france, Spatter in the UK, end-of-day in ...
  50. thanx TOD, that red piece might not be enough... I may not be able to prove the last piece because there are many loose ends but I hope the box of examples that connect the last pic are strong enough....
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Loetz - Tango


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