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Dear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of thDear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures. I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. I love collecting and organizing pieces by decor, shape and technique, Kind regards Jericho (Read more)


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  1. Thank you for your comments
  2. great post, I have seen at least three colors with labels. Gold iridescent, Black iridescent and red iridescent
  3. Fantastic piece of evidence, even if it is just in one bowl to connect the company to the retailer I feel there are many more connections. There is no problem with the dates because they are so close ...
  4. I think this decor cannot be put into one company yet, I would like to study someday soon at that museum... I look at the decor and see it as a small part of so many other mold types with pearl irides...
  5. Great work, Very happy you ended up with that variant, although I think that Confetti application can be copied I agree the green confetti is a ES decor. The pulled molten color pull-ups are also used...
  6. I think the fan vase is Kralik, the lineage start with this shape in a decor where the base is red and white globs are applied and smoothed. This decor appeared on eBay late 2020 on an owl vase (squat...
  8. Thank you for doing the tedious work, I saw a few cases in the museum of South Bohemia that show Kralik from the 1930's if memory serves me- but they own so much glass and rotate the glass as well. I ...
  9. I still think it holds up at Ruckl- they used adventurine too. The middle has a flat area that is distinctive from an Ernst Steinwald piece very similar in shape (decor is Bambus)
  10. Ales, Very interesting as usual. If you ever have a problem with shipping please let me know I can arrange something... This I say in case anybody has issues with shipping as well, we have to work tog...
  11. The facts is we made connections with decors and shapes based on what little was known at the time. If we did our job right we can move WHOLE folders of decors out of Kralik, Ruckl and Welz into Ernst...
  12. I referenced the name Ernst and Wald from a book I can no longer remeber but its actually Ernst Stweinwald and Co.
  13. oh no, they are filed in what I believe they are but if we apply the strictest standards of who made what there are very few we know for sure,,, including 80% of kralik. I am not a researcher and disa...
  14. #1 -usually lines are put in first using powders and glass sand then the bottom glass chips are put in after (overlapping the line decor) In this version the colors are put in at the same time and ...
  15. bid on this but i reminded myself no more lamps... great shape and colors
  16. yeah Craig we don't know who made them for sure it is just a grouping. I categorized glass by makers first and came up with great big grouping. that really helped with identifying rare decors. now I a...
  17. look here, craig calls it
  18. Craig you do have a related piece to this. Yours is solid milk glass - mine matches this decor... I’ll try to post a link if you don’t find it first - cool piece
  19. I love this bubble technique
  20. I think these pieces are their own thing. Very nice piece but I think the iris decor is more reflective of colors. Only 4 decors have come with with Iris marks, they are confetti, cane and confetti, t...
  21. It’s very nice I believe these are Welz but the shape is more 1920 than 1880
  22. Fantastic as always
  23. Thank you I had one and thought It was Italian
  24. I also think you can share your knowledge without persecution. I will acknowledge I have changed my position on certain pieces. I hope you dodnt take it personally when there are disagreements.
  25. you inspired this post: I am partially to blame for some mis-attributions. When we had our glass email group we wou...
  26. its addicting man.....
  27. I am seeing may black base pieces coming out of the woodwork- in many new shapes. beautiful piece
  28. Grinding not brinding
  29. Lastly although the shapes and sizes match pretty good, something about the “confetti as texture” pieces are softer, less defined- while the cased confetti all have that sharp detailed look. So are th...
  30. It’s still in limbo for me but most likely Ruckl. The reason it’s still in question is that Thomas has a soap kit with this decor in it marked with the kralik arched Czech mark- seen widely in Kralik....
  31. I think this shape has three variations 1 shape with frog 2 same shape with lid 3 slightly larger shape with flared rim
  32. Thank you Warren and Andy, now I can catalogue it properly
  33. I think about this a lot, here ate two possible techniques: Rod method 1. Gather opaque base color on punty, blow into ball then roll 2 Roll into powders maybe on a table, reheat 3 Lay out crys...
  34. Hahaha, keep the price tag on it! I like these decors, Craig has a name for the series... nice stuff
  35. I have seen these geometric bands before, many color combos in this type. This same decor (tricolor) in umbrella shapes. I’ll work on a grouping at some point - very cool piece
  36. I love these especially the base. I imagine these were a little harder to make that the ausf 157
  37. Sklo, I wish I could say the larger the vase the better the decor but this is rarely the case. I forgot to mention this vase is just under 9” tall - that is average for Czech but tall for this decor
  38. Yes, I agree so I jumped on it because -I have only seen small ones if this decor. An overall observation: The basic names we give these decor combinations (lines, confetti, spatter, honeycomb) im...
  39. Hhhmmmm, I’m not sure about the satin finish being the strongest indicator. These colors and decor are used by both companies, so certainly the shape is a sting indicator here. My approach is to look ...
  40. I have seen this decor (florettes) with or without confetti stripes. This is a very special and complex decor since there is a layer of crystal glass between the two how many layers of g...
  41. You get that one from me? I want it back
  42. Love that
  43. They come iris with canes, marquetry, confetti with pulled rod and a few others...
  44. I do appreciate the flower-form rim. Lately finding many varieties
  45. Great shots, very aquatic, I can confirm the murrines get white in the middle and the ends get soft. If I had to guess it’s the instability of green glass
  46. beautiful shape probably Welz to me because of the rim and foot
  47. I love seeing the shapes lock-in like this
  48. I learn a lot from your posts, the shape is not significant and the mark (straight line) is getting more ambiguous in my mind. I would look at the finer details like the ground rim, is the base color ...
  49. It’s a similar shape - the thickness is very much the same
  50. I would agree that this glass is Czech - thank you for the link. Great stuff
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Loetz - Tango


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