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Dear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of thDear CW Member, My name is Jericho Mora I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Tango or Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures. I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. I love collecting and organizing pieces by decor, shape and technique, Kind regards Jericho (Read more)


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  1. are these shapes marked in the same way?
  2. 4 dimples = Welz.... Welz done!
  3. sorry been lazy but I think these are related to a zipper-type (I am developing into folders). The Zipper study is due soon. I think these may be German, Belgium or Czech which means I have no clue- n...
  4. sorry I hadn't commented. this confetti (uncased) with veining can be seen in both Kralik and Welz- possibly others too. Craigs example is clearly welz but the basket is Kralik. With the same material...
  5. for me these are spoon pulls by Welz not to be confused with spoon pulls from Kralik
  6. for me these are spoon pulls by kralik not to be confused with spoon pulls from Welz
  7. Great shots. I appreciate the pics
  8. Good work artfoot, I have a folder full or Smile Czech marks... this could come in handy someday. Ill send you the file once I get to 100; )
  9. I love these, in every color of the rainbow. I think everybody made this same type or stuff late 18th early 19 century. Harrach, Welz or Moser are my guesses.
  10. Great info, I think if we use this idea that these companies had multiple locations producing different items it might explain many inconsistencies in their glass
  11. I have looked at this shape and think it is Welz. In the Yellow "line decors" there are light medium and heavy Confetti applications. I have this shape in other Welz decors too.
  12. I’ll have to do better with the honeycomb pattern page but this is the old version and makes my point
  13. Cool decor, also believe them to be Ruckl but see that Welz and Kralik have competing decors
  14. Nice, these are of great interest to me lately... satin glass with a Ruckl feel, quite thin with no base color, the rim has a rough finish in grinding, the tones of the confetti are trasnsluscent, the...
  15. I agree, very nice piece and a mystery to me too. I don’t segregate my pieces and I have to admit I have let a few Scailmonts sneak into my collection
  16. Super stuff, I don’t want to start perfumes because it’s so addictive
  17. We know what they are but not who they are
  18. Keen observation although I think the silverized marks aren’t permanent and can be rubbed off pretty easily. Another reasons for shelf wear is the wheight and shape of vase These marks were introd...
  19. I think it’s great the way you catalogue them - based on technique and supplies
  20. Very cool shape
  21. That silver (or bronze) mark is seen on some gluechip pieces but I don’t know if it’s a 100% Kralik mark. Is my theory that the Arch mark is 80% Kralik then this one is 50% to me I do think this ...
  22. That silver (and sometimes white or bronze) is a mark seen on some gluechip pieces but I don’t know if it’s a 100% Kralik mark. The problem with Kralik is how prolific they were, widely exported, coll...
  23. Very cool, 3 is the magic number
  24. Could work with a two maker theory -especially in the zig-zag shapes. In general I’m looking into shapes or shape styles. The only thing I can add to the conversation about identity from glass colors ...
  25. Love it!! I don’t think the decor is that rare but in this shape it’s extremely rare!
  26. Beautiful colors and rye puce is a bigger size- for me a simple shape works best on busy patterns
  27. And now from your disappointment you must get rid of it and send it to me!
  28. Really great work matching the pieces with decor and shape. I wonder if the catalogs shows other pieces we believe were made by other companies?
  29. I do think the maroon with confwtti is a Ruckl decor but it isn't the same decor that is in the Tango SKLO exhibit. but just my opinion...
  30. you will never find a third shade therefore you have no choice but to sell them to me
  31. One of my favorite decors and you caught the look just right. It may appear random bu the pattern is carefully done - I hope you get more colors soon
  32. great weight to this piece- very nice cameo
  33. Crazy, I love the blackness of the decor
  34. Hey Warren, look me up next time you are out west!!
  35. did you by any chance by this in Argentina?
  36. Realy great piece of Wilhelm Kralik fron Lenora (Lenorianheim) Cir. 1920-30. great big shape and technical work and we like it alot
  37. oh geez, I can't handle this warren!!!
  38. I love this technique, Im pretty sure its Czech technique with the jewels floating in a whole in the glass... as seen in a few tango vases
  39. they made matching shapes with other colors... burgundy with red and a green with brown and blue. very nice piece
  40. love it, such a stand alone vase
  41. Great effort artfoot and great comments. This mark is of special interest to me because it resembles the style of Kralik and is seen on zipper and gluechip pieces. The problem with the mark is it stro...
  42. these were one of the very first pieces I ever bought... they claimed bohemian- it had a solid black with iridescence.... I returned it to the antique store for credit because I didn't have faith in i...
  43. Giraffe fool- yeah, one out of forty have no Iris finish and the blue is rarer than the maroon so.... this is one out of two hundred. I really like the pieces where the shape makes you recognize t...
  44. Phil, great shape and decor with a frosted finish too. I try to encourage good collectors but sometimes you see a piece that makes ya want to collect marbles or stained glass... this is one of those
  45. Thank you for the comments, Belmont- what size is your shade? Most of my shades are 5x8” (standard for bowls) but the gold one at the top of picture 3a is 7x11” . On the Kralik side I own a knuckle s...
  46. Yes, I think they are fantastic and not seen in European auctions - in fact I have never seen one at auction. Auctions in Europe are a mystery to me in general! Rarity doesn’t always align with price ...
  47. Awsome Malkey- this is the exact spirit of my posts.
  48. amazing decor, it is somewhere between older spatter decors of trophy vases and more modern tango with single color confetti
  49. common shape.... how about one of the other two?
  50. Hi Scottvez, I will try to do a shape comparisons on 2 and three... this series of glass is clear core glass with a solid covering of confetti with pelleton... predominately one color and the grinding...
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Loetz - Tango


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