Dear CW Member, I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz tango, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page areDear CW Member, I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the Deco style, Primarily Kralik, Loetz tango, Welz and Ruckl. All of the posts on this CW page are from a collection of glass images (for my own collection go to Kralik1928). Please email me at with any requests for pictures, I support any collector that is on a quest for images of Czech glass. What I am trying to do is share is my love of collecting and organizing pieces be decor, shape and technique; Please don't be offended if I disagree with any attribution that you may have made, Regards Jericho (Read more)


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Kralik - Pebbles and powders - Art Glassin Art Glass
Drape (pulled glass) - decor on the fringe  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Giraffe - Powder decors on the fringe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Zipper and lines - Something new! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - Pinstripe with confetti - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - A different kind of line - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass -  upside down comparisons  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz pattern - Controlled air bubbles decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass shapes - copied of inspired? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Shape Comparisons  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Fantastic!!!
  2. I think the indentations were made by a mold (the same as the base). Ruckl is the lead contender but everyone made confetti (spatter, frit, end of day, glass chips) glass. if the shape can give a bett...
  3. Fantastic piece, I bid on it and lost to you Alan. love it. I like the shape and the perfume like Broad-ground crystal finial!! The reason I think its so balls-out great is that the maker would have t...
  4. Killer Phil!!
  5. i'll take the one with flaw Great color combo
  6. Ian - good question! I have only seen one piece with three-ball feet sit straight without grinding; in fact I just sold a tripod piece without grinding (rare) and it sat tilted. With tripod, ball or o...
  7. very rare colors, add to that the pale green
  8. thank you, the yellow looks pale or like ivory?... both colors look rare to me. very nice
  9. Nice example, Ive seen this type of technique before where the decor was meant to be seen from both sides
  10. incredible pair!
  11. exact and to the point, very nice
  12. Add my sincere thoughts and gratitude for her collecting passion. thank you for sharing, Jericho
  13. jump in, collect something new sell something old... haha
  14. yes, ill do something...guys I'll post it when it comes in, I believe I have the shapes to match and the t...
  15. sweet!! I love this cobalt combination too
  16. send me an email reminder and I can send you a few more pics because I think Ive seen them signed
  17. great find, make me want to collect a few flower forms
  18. this is a very nice find. I have only seen for footed bowls before. Tango is rarely switched like that (where the base color is black and applications are red. very nice one
  19. awesome in this lime color!!
  20. love it, unique color and the handles are amazing
  21. Ruckl for me based mostly on technique and shape studies. the heavy adventurine base glass is also a signature. thats a nice vase buddy save it for me in case a disaster hits and you need money: !
  22. some of the iris have a tan spray (oxide) inside, are both pieces that shade from the inside?
  23. killer Iris Phill
  24. yeah craig, i'm thinking the last two are Welz - if it has a strong satin finish its my guess too
  25. great vase, fits in with my fan vases and welz knuckle shapes too!
  26. Lisa- this post might come down because I'm not sure about the group, the first two look Ruckl while the last two look Welz
  27. Michelle, I have a lot tango in these shapes but yours looks different, could you please measure the round part it the vase? (From the root to where the shape changes and goes straight)
  28. ima get tattoo o this!!
  29. its crazy cool
  30. I think this is kralik... although Ruckl could work too... it needs to match a known decor...
  31. I try to go about every three years with four visits to date. The last one was right after the flood, the whole first floor was in shambles, pieces were stacker touching each other and some stacked li...
  32. OH OH OH, You are obscene and you suck!!!!
  33. if you paid under $900 you did good- (send me a hint via email)
  34. krazy good piece, remember me in your will
  35. Thanx for the examples of this shape
  36. I'm thankful for your input guys
  37. Nice piece, it comes in blue and orange along with this mahogany color, the pattern is created be dunking the base color in glass chips to cover to piece then its submerged in water or possibly by put...
  38. going nutz! The top looks kralik the bottom looks Ruckl. I would say it passed through france at some point because it is common to find Loetz and Czech vases with this flat grinding and pontil
  39. Nice, these legs always have cracks- if you collect strutted or (spaceship legs) this is a common condition that I doesn't influences the price too much. I think this pattern can easily be confused......
  40. thanks guys, happy hunting !!
  41. love it!! Happy new year
  42. cool mottling, looks like clouds
  43. I think its czech, ill send you an email of likely relatives. great piece- I want one
  44. Thomas needs one, he has like 8 and plays with them, stacks them, does photoshoots- puts googly eyes on them etc... LOL
  45. WOW, incredible!! I think this shape is one of the popular with Welz. the gold looks unique but not origenal. I have a kralik caged piece with a red (lead paint) cage. I decided not to remove it becau...
  46. breat piece - based on the rim piping I believe its welz
  47. OK>>>>> I need to hold it!! I have a similar decor but with out the controlled bubble. the green metalic color is also more tight in your example. incredible decor
  48. love these fine pulled threads- great piece
  49. Haha, just trying to create interest Kralik 1925-35 doesn't get the pricing yes but with 60's furniture back in style it's just a matter of time (stupid murano!)
  50. Great decor, seldom seen
  51. See more


Loetz - Tango


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